“I’m Homeless. Can I Make Money Online?”

" I'm homeless. Can I make money online?" Yes, if you have the right attitude and mindset towards making money. The chances are often slim to none for many homeless people because they're looking for some cash to pay for whatever they need, not wealth in the long term. 

Believe me, I've been there. You'll be wasting your time while you blindly keep Googling the phrase "make money no money" - you're never gonna find anything. You need to get two things sorted first; 

  1. Get your social identification clear, and 
  2. Understand WHO is paying money and WHY you deserve to receive it.

You may be feeling 'lost' right now because luck is not on your side. But deep down, you know you want to start rebuilding your life - to get to a better place than you are at right now. Read on, because the following lists will help you stop wasting any more time and turn yourself a person "who attracts money" (without being spiritual!)

homeless make money online

STOP - They Are Unreal

First of all, let's look at the for 4 main things that you should stop believing immediately. If you look at the list below and think, "I'm sure some of them are real because I know someone who's actually earned a lot of money from it...?" Forget it - that 'someone' was either simply telling fibs, or simply dreaming.

#1 There's NO Quick Buck Scheme

You may have seen some ads that say "make money within the next 48 hours", "you only need 7 clicks to make X dollars", etc. You may already know that some of them are likely to be scams.

The truth is, they are ALL scams - no single exception, believe me. I'll tell you more about it later, but there is NO such magic exists anywhere on the internet. You'll only be wasting time wondering if those schemes are credible or not. They really are not!

#2 Clickbait Spammers

You may have received emails (or hundreds of emails) in the past that say;

  • "Congratulations! You've won X dollars!"
  • "Withdraw your money now!" 
  • "Your cash gift is waiting" etc, etc... 

Never, ever trust a single word that they say. These are technically not 'scams' (because their intention is not physically to steal money from you). This is a 'clickbait' technique - just to draw your attention and get you to click the link. 

If you click one of those links, you'll be directed to a signup form and, if you sign up with them, you'll start receiving even more similar emails. You'll never ever win anything, and there's never, ever a gift to you.

#3 No One Is A Charity

If you're searching for someone to "give you" money - you are wasting time too. No point telling them how miserable your current living conditions are, no point asking them for mercy. The statistics over the past decade show that 99.993% of people don't believe strangers who approach them and claim to be in financial trouble.

It only makes sense because obviously online - they can't see you. You might not be homeless, you might be a scammer, they don't know.

It means that if you message someone on Facebook or contact someone via a website and ask them for money because you're homeless (or in need of money for any reasons), only 1 in 14,000 people may consider donating you some money online. 

Which is better, send a message to 14,000 people to receive a miserable fifty bucks donation, or learn to make a decent online 'business' for the long term?

#4 Surveys-For-Cash Are Useless

Did you know there are two types of online survey schemes?

  1. Real survey schemes - Legitimate survey schemes are not designed to pay decent money. Barely $0.50 for answering a 15-30 minute survey. It's just a tip to say "thank you" for participating. Because they're looking for opinions from a large number of people. They don't want you (the same people) to spend all day answering questions to make money.
  2. Fake survey schemes - If you see any surveys that claim to pay a lot of money (e.g. $10-$100 per survey), or opportunity to win an expensive item (e.g. $500 shopping voucher)...these surveys are ALL fake. All they want is your personal data. You'll never receive cash or win anything. Stay away!

So What's The Best Way?

The easiest way for anyone to start is without a doubt, affiliate marketing. It is a way to make a commission by recommending products on behalf of merchants to web users. It's considered 'best' because;

  • You can start now, and start for absolutely free. You'll need to pay for some web tools along the way, but relatively at low cost.
  • You can make money anonymously if you don't people to know who you are or you want to use a pseudonym and an avatar. (Although it's easier to gain buyers' trust by showing your face.)

The 'disadvantages' may be;

  • It won't happen overnight - it will take time before you make your first $100.
  • You need to work persistently on a daily basis (if you can!)

The main thing is to keep believing yourself and keep learning, and anyone (that's YOU) can make a success. I'll talk about it again in a while.

ClickBank is a good affiliate network, so is Amazon Associates. You can perhaps sign up with ClickBank and see what kind of products are on offer. It's absolutely free. 

Get Your Address and Bank Account

So you have an opportunity to make money as an affiliate, but you know this by now... If you don't have a bank account or card account, there's virtually no way you can make money online - or you can make money but can never receive it. The internet cannot pay you in cash!

Commission Payment

And if you don't have a bank or card account, you need an address to open one. So inevitably, if you don't have an address, the first thing you really need to do is to go to a nearest homeless shelter for help.

For all sorts of reasons, you may not want to do that. You may feel that the shelter will take control of you, you may not trust the safety condition, you may not like dealing with people there...

But if you think this way; all of this is for you to eventually make a living online and to get your own ultimate freedom... You know that a homeless shelter is the best place right now to help you take the first step to rebuild your life. Then you know you can do this - just to get an address, so that you can have your own card account.

Once you get the shelter's address, you can create a debit card (prepaid card) account for free. Why do you need a card again? So that affiliate networks can send your commissions to your card account. Applying for a debit card is much easier than applying for a bank account, you see.

If you live in the USA, check usa.visa.com, you'll find a few sites that allow you to create a card. Some come with $5-10 preloaded as a bonus (it depends on the offer). If there is a bonus credit, you cannot normally withdraw it right away, but it will come in handy later on.

Find Free Access To A Computer

You're likely to need access to a desktop; google "free computer access near me", and you'll find the nearest library or museum that allows you to use their PCs with internet access for free.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

You can start promoting affiliate products for free. The main 3 free methods are; Youtubing, blogging, or on social media. Again, none of these methods will give you an instant benefit. Because they're free, means they're all competitive. But free also means there's no time limit, so you can start right now and start posting (video, blog, or social posts) whenever you want, as frequently as you want - so long as you are determined to carry on.

  • YouTube - You could start just by using your smartphone if you wanted to. Although along the way, you will want to explore a video editor tool to increase the quality of the video. When you're uploading your video to YouTube, you can add your affiliate link to the description box and direct the viewers to a product page. (When they make a purchase, you'll receive a commission.)
  • Blogging - To this date, blogging is still considered as the best affiliate marketing method. You need to be able to write, and for numerous technical reasons, it's best to use a desktop, although you can start blogging on your smartphone. 
  • Social Media - you can promote your affiliate products across social media. Bloggers and YouTube marketers have various social media accounts and cross-promote themselves, so you should really open your account if you haven't already; FacebookInstagram and Twitter, at least.

Also read: How NOT To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Life Is For Giving

Many new affiliate marketers fail to make money because they don't consider any factors outside the basic concept. "Promote products. Hopefully someone will make a purchase. So I can make a commission." Basically, it's all "me, me, me".

Now, this may sound so harsh to homeless people, but I'm not being sarcastic or trying to be mean in any way. 

People understand how difficult to sleep rough, without a decent living condition and all. Many people donate money and food out of mercy. Plus, there are charity groups who help you. You might say, they're patronizing, you don't want them to help you. Yes, you may be right. But those people care about you and make donations, whether you refuse to receive them or not.

Naturally as a homeless person, you become used to a 'taking' environment and you don't have many opportunities to give, selflessly. If you want to make money online, you need to forget about YOU and start thinking about THEM.

You deserve it

What I mean is, if you start affiliate marketing, you should ask yourself questions such as;

  • WHO is going to pay for it?
  • Can they afford it?
  • WHY would they pay for this product?
  • WHY would I deserve to receive a commission?

Why You Deserve Money

So when do you deserve money? That's when you become helpful. When you promote your affiliate product, you wholly think about the audience (who is interested in the product). 

  • Does this product really work? Check the reviews and see what the users say about the product.
  • Is it worth the money? Compare the price against food bills, rent, etc. Is it affordable for ordinary people?
  • Is there anything negative about the product? Tell the audience your honest opinion. If your negative opinion stops them from buying it, then be it. You're not getting a commission at this occasion but people will trust you, find something else that you recommend and make a purchase!

As an affiliate, you're not 'selling' or 'advertising' but you're helping. People pay for the value that you provide, you see.

Free Resources

[1] Wealthy Affiliate allows you to create up to 2 blog websites for free, also to receive the basic training from here;

[2] Thrive University also offers online business training for free. Partly the access is for the paid members only, but there's a lot of useful resources for free members - there's no time limit, and no commitment is required either.

Thrive University

“I’m Homeless. Can I Make Money Online?”

So to summarize - take the following 3 steps. Not exactly easy steps, but yes, you can make money if you achieve these 3 essentials.

  1. Get yourself sorted a bit - go to a shelter, get yourself a card account if you haven't, and use a free computer.
  2. Learn affiliate marketing.
  3. Forget about taking money from others but start helping others.

Remember - you ARE smarter than you think. Your life may seem at a standstill right now, but start rebuilding it one day at a time, and you will get there. Keep trying. Never forget that!

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Ray Alexander

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If your reason is to pay the bill, you will never make money. You have to enjoy what you do. As an affiliate, dropshipping, whatever. When you enjoy your job and find passion in it you start making money. If you are desperate, there is no chance.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Michael, I absolutely agree with you. You have to enjoy what you do, and the money will come to you. I believe it that way! Thanks for your comment.


Hi Ray, great insights. I used to have a few friends who were homeless and I reckoned the problem that they had was they didn’t even try to find something constructive and positive. There was no hope. As long as they are determined to get a so called normal life then, it will not take anyone to start again.

It’s ok when you are young for may be 2 – 3 years but you cannot go on feeling sorry for yourself and do nothing. Your article is inspirational, I think every homeless person should read it. Thanks Ray, good job. Ben

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. Yes, you have to be positive about your life in general, to even start planning your finances. Making money, not hoping someone to give you money.


Another thing is online games and casinos. They say you make 6 figures and all but they eat your money that risks you bankrupt. A few friends of mine get addicted on the edge of being thrown out their home.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Hamza, thanks for your comment. You’re right, gambling addiction is a huge problem. But the problem is a whole different issue that they have to tackle elsewhere, and I don’t think I can help them fix it (addiction). Plus they have money and a card account to bet online, so I didn’t include online games/casinos in the post on this occasion. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

Digital Marketing Guru

Good post. Everything this guy says is true. Too many people try to sell themselves and have no consideration for others who are at the receiving end. It doesn’t matter if you have a place to stay or sleep on the street. If you have the decency to help others then that’s where people start to pay for.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, that’s right. Especially when you feel lost, look around you other than to look at yourself, and see if you can be selfless.

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