Legendary Marketer Review – Love It Except For One Thing

If you've been looking for an honest Legendary Marketer review, you're in the right place, because I can tell you what exactly you will learn from this training course and how you can use it to become from zero to 'beyond' successful in digital marketing. There are of course cons as well as pros - not every single method suits your personality. And no, Legendary Marketer is not a scam.

Legendary Marketer Review

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Legendary Marketer

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Free - up to $2,500


Overview: What Is The Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a set of online marketing courses. You first learn how you can use sales funnels to gradually sell 'high ticket' items as an affiliate. Then you learn about the traffic - how to use paid advertising services and how you can put some of your profits aside to spend more on advertisements.

Other training includes Email marketing, video marketing, SEO, as well as motivational guide-throughs to build up an entrepreneurial mindset.

With the "Business Blueprint" ($2,500), you'll be provided with "done-for-you" funnel templates (for ClickFunnels) and plenty of email swipe templates. Plus you'll get to learn how to be a coach/consultant, and how to host a live mastermind event.

Legendary Marketer Review

Why Is The Legendary Marketer Good?

Selling 'high ticket' items doesn't just mean selling expensive items straight out to earn large sums of commissions - that would simply scare potential buyers away. It's about how you create a 'value ladder' to introduce one product to the next one, then to the next one. Upsells, basically.

Many product reviewers often flatly disapprove some products or schemes just because they are 'upsells' along the way. Sure, as a user, upsells can be annoying. Immediately after you purchased a product and you are about to enjoy the contents, more expensive products pop up one after another. That's not the way anyone would want to see the upsells.

On the other hand as a seller, upselling is the way to make real profits but you can easily miss the chance by throwing all the related products in one funnel at the same time. The timings and how you scale up are the keys that you get to learn from Legendary Marketer.

Who Is David Sharpe?

I first watched the founder/CEO of Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe speak on the video and within 10 seconds I was drawn to his warm sincerity. I don't want to sound spiritual without showing proof, but his eyes were telling me something - this guy's been through a lot of stuff in life. It turns out David is a self-confessed ex-drug addict and, I see how he's resurrected.

David came clean in 2008, co-owned an MLM program Empower Network with another man called David Wood but left the ownership before the network went bankrupt. In 2017 he set up a new online training program named "Duplicate Dave". Legendary Marketer is his latest successful training platform that also offers affiliate programs.

As well as mentoring the Legendary Marketer members, David hosts mastermind events mainly in the USA and Canada.

How Is Legendary Marketer Structured?

Anyone can join Legendary Marketer for free, and there are 6 following programs on offer;

  1. The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge (free)
  2. Legendary Marketers Club ($30 per month)
  3. Traffic Rolodex Bundle ($247 one-off)
  4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500 one-off)
  5. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500 one-off)
  6. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500 one-off)

As you can see, the last two programs are about learning to become a consultant and hosting events respectively, not much to do with online affiliate marketing. But if you purchase No. 4 (Marketing Business Blueprint) during your free 15-Day challenge, you can get them for free. It means you can get 4, 5 & 6 altogether for $2,500.

Having said that, they're not cheap - I'll now explain what you'll get from the free "15-Day" challenge program, and also a summary of other programs.

[1] The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

Price: Free

Here's what you're going to learn during the 15 days;

  • Day 1: The Secret To Starting & Scaling A High-Ticket Business - the basic guide but what the successful sales funnel structure should look like, and beyond. Also a video by Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels owner) who explains this.
  • Day 2: The “Core 4” High-Ticket Business Models Online - the extension of Day 1, explains the 'secret' a little more in detail.
  • Day 3: Watch Me Build A Business In Under 30 Minutes - actual demonstration of creating a sales funnel (using ClickFunnels).
  • Day 4: How To Master The Inner-Game of Wealth - David talks about how you can set your mindset. Also your task to fill in the "Clarity Process Questionnaire".
  • Day 5: The Big Day - Developing Your Business Plan! - you will receive ad templates, email swipes and phone/video scripts in PDF files for free. Here, you'll be invited to purchase the Business Blueprint Bundle ($2,500).
  • Day 6: You Got Questions, and I Got Answers! - there are actually a lot of testimonial videos by the existing users.
  • Day 7: When Should I Quit My Job To Build My Business Full-Time? - more testimonials. You'll be persuaded to buy the Business Blueprint.
  • Day 8: What Are High-Income Skills and Why Do You Need Them?
  • Day 9: High-Income Skill #1 - Lead Generation
  • Day 10: High-Income Skill #2 - Copywriting
  • Day 11: High-Income Skill #3 - Sales and Presenting
  • Day 12: What, When and Where To Outsource
  • Day 13: Using “OPM” To Build Your Business
  • Day 14: 4 Ways To Avoid “Wantrepreneur Syndrome”
  • Day 15: Your First Sale and the Journey Of Your Success

The free 15-day challenge teaches you how you build your sales funnels, the right way to structure them, copywriting and buyers' psychology, plus how you set the right mindset. You'll also get some useful templates for free. But there are a couple of negatives;

You need to speak to your 'advisor'

Your 'business advisor' (automatically assigned) will call you on the days 3, 4 and 5. Without speaking to them, your next session won't be unlocked.

I've said this many times before and I'll say it again - I don't see the point of speaking to someone on the telephone when you're learning an internet business.

Yes, from the business advisor, a.k.a Legendary Marketer's affiliate's point of view, their goal is to get new members to make a purchase. The best way for them is to talk indecisive people into it using a verbal conversation technique. But telephone calls are intrusive (even booked in advance) as far as online businesses are concerned, and I don't like this arrangement for that reason.

The "challenge" process is slow

Everyone digests information at a different pace. But I find the challenge too gradual, too slow. If I joined a new learning program, I would be excited about it and spend at least half a day to take as much information as I can, explore the new dashboard and see what else is on the way. Unfortunately Legendary Marketer doesn't allow you to do that.

You can take Day 1 & 2 on the same day (about 1 hour 40 minutes of video in total), but you need to schedule a call with your 'advisor' before the access to Day 3 is unlocked. Same for Day 4 and 5 - you need to speak to them before the next module is open. After that, you don't need to speak to the advisor. If you have a question you can send an email to them, but you are only allowed to do certain small tasks per day.

Of course, this "challenge" program is free - take it or leave it if you don't like it. Put it this way, this is ideal for new online business hopefuls who wish to learn one of the most powerful and proven affiliate marketing methods. 

“Hidden Money Checklist”

You'll get to download some useful text files during the 15 days, and one of them is this 5-page ebook, showing 38 "creative" ways to fund your business. You get to download it on the 13th day. Some of the listings are certainly useful if you're looking to take up a loan. But the list doesn't advise you much in detail (such as interest rates, how trustworthy the lenders are, how realistically you can borrow)

Other suggestions are useless, such as "borrow from life insurance policy" (don't do that!) Stock dividends (if you owned a share stock, you'd already know what to do with your dividends!) Ask a friend or family member for a loan (as if you never thought of it!)

The 'checklist' may contain good information, but I wouldn't suggest that you consider borrowing money just to use it towards Legendary Marketer. Unless you're absolutely confident to make an ROI at that point.

[2] Legendary Marketers Club

Price: $30 per month

Every week, you get to learn secrets from one of the tutors Matt Heltzel and some other actual 6/7 figure marketers on live webinars by asking questions and receiving real-time feedback. For example sales techniques and how you can develop YouTube subscribers quickly.

If you've missed the live webinar, the replay will always be available. You will also get access to some valuable interview videos.

Traffic Rolodex

[3] Traffic Rolodex Bundle

Price: $247 (one-off)

8 x different individual courses that teach you how to use advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks including Instagram and Twitter. You have to have landing pages that are compliant with the advertising rules. So the training is essential if you want to avoid having your ads disapproved and wasting your time.

[4] Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Price: $2,500 (one off)

The Business Blueprint includes;

  • Done-for-you ads, emails, funnels and tracking systems.
  • Full service payout system
  • Sales team to close sales for you
  • Affiliate marketing (choosing niche, setting up affiliate accounts)
  • Email marketing
  • Getting traffic to your offers
  • Other monetization tips
  • Including Legendary Marketers Club (live weekly classes)
  • Including the Traffic Rolodex (advertising training courses)

[5] Coaching/Consulting Business Blueprint, and [6] Mastermind Events Business Blueprint

Price: $2,500 each

With [5], you'll learn how to make money by taking your expertise and becoming a coach/consultant, while with [6], you’ll learn how to plan, host and profit from your live event or mastermind.

But you don't have to buy them separately - as mentioned above, at Day 5 of the 15-day challenge, you'll be encouraged to buy the [4] Marketing Business Blueprint. [5] and [6] are included in this bundle.

Which One Should I Go For?

Although these programs are listed separately, you can get all [2] - [6] for the price of $2,500 on Day 5 of the 15-day challenge. It may be a lot to pay but this is the most cost-effective option.

The sales video on Day 5 says the bundle is only available for $2,500 "for the next 24 hours", but if you know a little bit of internet marketing, you know this is just a scarcity technique - it will always be $2,500. You can always go back to your 'Challenge' dashboard, click Day 5 and purchase the bundle for that price whenever you're ready.

In all honesty, if you go for cheaper options ([2] or [3]), I think you'd rather regret it later on. You will receive extra support and advertising technique respectively, but without the core part of the training, you'll feel you need to learn how actually takes you to market your funnels successfully.

The "Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint" bundle [4] might come with extra bonuses that you may not need (training to become an event coach, motivational programs, etc), but it includes all the steps and the resource templates that you can actually work on daily. This is the one you should get, as long as your budget allows.

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

Who is Legendary Marketer For?

I've read some others say that it's suitable for intermediate/advanced internet marketers who are already making some level of success, but I disagree.

I don't think Legendary Marketer is for a total novice (those who don't know the term 'affiliate marketing', for example). But it is suitable for any newish internet marketers who have not had their breakthrough yet. Because some contents are useful but basic, and why you may have not seen your success yet (what you may have done wrong) is explained frequently during the courses.

Extra Tools That You Need

Legendary Marketer does not have its in-house tools - which is a good thing. It recommends you to use;

It's good because both ClickFunnels and AWeber are undeniably two of the most-used tools among affiliate marketers (also GetResponse). If you're not familiar with them, done-for-you templates are provided, so you can start easy. And as you become used to them, you can take your skills with you.

What I mean is frankly, everyone uses ClickFunnels and AWeber. So whenever you participate in other partnership (=affiliate) programs, often you'll be provided with designated templates that allow you to load onto your ClickFunnels or AWeber account automatically. In other words, these two tools are universal therefore handy.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate (referral) program that Legendary Marketer offers is one of the driving factors to keep the members in. You can be a 'basic' affiliate for free and your commission rate will be around 10% of the product per sale. Or pay $29.95 per month to become a 'pro' affiliate and receive around 40% commission per sale. The commission rates vary depending on the product. Pro affiliate members can receive advanced training, email followup message templates and private traffic sources.

Help and Support

You can ask any questions to your 'advisor' while you're on 15-day challenge, but it's best to join the Facebook Group where you can receive support from David as well as from other members. The group currently has some 18,000 members.

Refund Policy - 3 DAYS

This is an interesting one - if you've once purchased Business Blueprint ($2,500) and changed your mind, you'll only have 3 days to claim a full refund. I take this policy very positively - it means Legendary Marketer requires your commitment, David Sharpe doesn't want time-wasters.

So many people in general, often join a training course but don't get started right away or get bored by the 2nd day. Do nothing for weeks and claim a refund just before the expiry date. 3 days is sufficient to make a decision if what you purchased really is not what you had expected.

Whether you agree with me or not, the cancellation policy is 3 days, not 30, so don't rush into it if you don't think you'll have enough time to focus on learning in the next few days.

Whereas with Legendary Marketers Club as a subscription service, you can claim back within 30 days of your first purchase. 3 days thereafter (i.e. from the 2nd month onwards, you can claim back within 3 days of the direct payment going out.)

Legendary Marketer Pros and Cons


  • You'll get to learn how to sell 'high ticket' items as an affiliate most effectively.
  • Free to join and learn online business techniques.
  • Useful templates and scripts are provided. 
  • Facebook group for help and support.


  • Not exactly cheap - Business Blueprint bundle for $2,500, plus web hosting, domain and email marketing service.
  • You need to speak to an 'advisor' on the phone.
  • Some modules may not be applicable to you (e.g. event coaching training) although they're optional.

Legendary Marketer Review - Conclusion:

You will learn very good affiliate marketing 'value ladder' technique as well as technical skills to build an essential platform from Legendary Marketer. There is no time limit with the Business Blueprint bundle, so you can learn any time of day at your own pace.

From the volume of content, I think the price of $2,500 is reasonable. But it's up to you to make a decision - try the "15-Day Challenge" for free and see if it fits you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Josh Cunnings

The idea of selling high ticket items is good. But when he says high tickets, he means coaching services and events of which ordinary affiliates don’t get opportunities to promote.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Josh, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s not exactly easy to sell really expensive event packages, but that’s the whole training that Legendary Marketer offers is about. There’s a lot to learn!

Peter Collins

The webinar and free access are only the beginning. You don’t see 1/100th of it. Pay your money and they can help you. You cannot get what you want for free.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. Yes what you say is true, but the problem (with a lot of free training course trials in general) is that they don’t offer factors that are good enough to persuade the users to join.


Hi Ray, great review. I have also tried Legendary Marketer’s free 15 days challenge and my findings are not totally positive. I was a little underwhelmed by the content. Sure, David sounds like a helpful guy but I felt I wasn’t getting any eye opening advice. The videos were ok. Also I appreciate it’s split over the course of 15 days but there was only a little task to do each day. Often there was just the video to watch then I had to click to unlock and wait for 24 hours.
My advisor was helpful. He knew the training course inside out and he was very enthusiastic but not pushy. Will I buy it, probably not, but my impression is it’s great for newbies.
Thanks Ray!

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Tomasz, thanks for sharing your experience. It’s great to know that your advisor was helpful but you weren’t particularly impressed by the Challenge overall. Yes, most days are “just watching the video” – I still think the quality is high though (as in, good advice from David) comparing it with some other free courses. I appreciate your comment. Thank you!

Terrence Goodie

Hi, I know what you say about the sales person encourages you to buy it but it depends from person to person. The thing is 2500 dollars for the complete bundle is the best value. I suggest that you don’t spend little by little and go for the bundle. It’s beneficial in the long run.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Terrence, I agree with you, it doesn’t come cheap so you need to make a careful decision, but if you were to spend money you might as well all the training materials for $2,500 other than to spend here & there. Thanks for your comment.


I checked Youtube for Dave Sharpe and thought his videos were quite good but I don’t know if it’s worth paying so much money it’s only online marketing. People usually start for free. Too much spending will get you in debt.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Mike, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’re right, it’s an expensive purchase so you need to plan well during your free 15-day challenge. Not to be persuaded easily. It’s your commitment is all that matters!


I was a little underwhelmed as I see Russell Brunson’s video which is good but it’s just a training material from another course. Also Rich Dad Poor Dad is an old book that I read as a kid. It’s an alpha-male world almost as if to say Legendary Marketer is exclusively for men.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Bonnie, that’s actually true about the book, outdated as far as gender equality is concerned – released 20 years ago! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

Vinay Patel

Legendary Marketer is No. 1 program for both new and experts. It is definitely suitable for anybody who wants to succeed in online marketing. If you don’t know what kind of marketing method works for you then you should try Legendary Marketer. It will give you the best guidance. The method is suitable for all the people in any age groups, gender and it’s available in anywhere in the world. I recommend Legendary Marketer 100%.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Vinay, thanks for your comment. It’s nice to hear such a positive recommendation from a user. Thank you.


This is interesting because I have tried Super Affiliate Network before and I was forced to make a phone appointment then I gave up. I agree with your opinion. I really do not like the idea of speaking to someone when I try to learn online marketing. I am not totally against it if you like the idea but I just don’t.

I was interested in Legendary Marketer for similar reasons that you have but as soon as I knew about phone appointment, no thank you, I don’t like it. I am not good at speaking to people especially on the telephone. I don’t want to do this.

But I respect this membership is legitimate and proven. Good luck to whoever joins.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Bernard, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. Some people who cannot physically speak choose to learn online business because it allows them to communicate using other means, but when they’re expected to speak they just have to leave there. It’s all up to your choice, I guess. Thanks for your comment.

Frank Sœlema

This is a very good review. I have never heard about David Sharpe but it sounds like a good system for me to learn in the future. If someone suggests I will reference to this page.
I have book marked this page for the future to look into it. Thanks.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Frank, thanks for your comment. If you’re interested, you can always join and try the free course. Any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me at any time.

Joe Bragg

Hi, good review. I have seen many similar make money online products and spent thousands of dollars on training but I find David Sharpe one of the most credible tutors. I’m planning to attend his event in the future when he comes to MA.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Joe, thanks for your comment. I’ve seen some videos of David’s mastermind events and think they’re great too. Let me know of your experience when you’ve attended!

Kamir Nussi

I just joined the free 15 days trial challenge. It was easy for me to understand but I’m stuck on Day 2 already because I have to book a call. I think your review is very close to how I feel. I think David Sharpe is a very good teacher but I’m not so sure about talking to somebody on the phone. I hope that they don’t push me to the edge.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Kamir, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. Yes, it’s a little annoying having to speak to someone on the phone but only for 3 times, and you can get going until the end. Whether to buy the full product or not, you can decide at any time. Just don’t get easily persuaded, the decision is all up to you. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Jono Cair

I know this guy he used to be so scammy but he is better. Changed his tactics a few years ago. When I first saw Duplicate Dave but it was not as impressive. Look what you find now.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Jono, thanks for your comment. I don’t know what Duplicate Dave used to be like, but he’s genuinely helpful and this is a great program as far as I’m concerned.

David Wahauru

I have been trying affiliate marketing for 1.5 years but have not seen success yet.
I like the idea of receiving a good coaching service but 2500 dollars is far too much for me. I cannot afford to pay so much at one time.
Paypal credit does not apply to me. Maybe if the price comes down I will wait.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi David, thanks for your comment. The price is in a way, for your determination and commitment. But not everyone can afford that kind of amount so easily and it takes a hard decision. It also means the free 15-day challenge wasn’t good enough to convince you at this time. Keep that in mind though, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

digital marketing jorda

thank you for the inspirational review. i have bookmarked your page so that i can come back to learn some more. there are many things i can learn from your pages this is so special. I will look into legendary marketer review so that it will be useful in the future for everybody.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi, thanks for your comment. I hope the post helps…! Any questions don’t hesitate to ask at any time 🙂

Sam Lewis-Jones

Hi, many people seem to have positive opinions about this program but I am not so sure. I was underwhelmed by the content of 15 Day challenge. I know it used to cost 7 Dollars and I got it for free. But it was not worth paying money for. Like you say the advisor is just a sales person. The information I got was nothing out of ordinary.

I concluded that I should not pay for the expense 2500 Dollars course because the taster program didn’t convince me enough then why should I?

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your opinion, I appreciate it. I personally find good information from the Challenge, but you got the point, it’s not for everyone. At least it’s free to give a try.


Your message is just about right. Having to speak to someone may not be for everybody but there are many LM graduates who earn thousands each week. The current members who earn thousands from it’s AP.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Mick, great to know that you’re up for it and believe this program. I wish you all the best with every success. Thanks for your comment!


I’ve seen this one before but it was long time ago. Maybe it was made by different person I don’t know.

I just started my free course. It’s interesting to me but now I have to book the next call which I don’t like. Maybe I will stop because I don’t want to give my phone number to them. I have too many people call me for the sales.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Davide, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes that’s what many of us feel, but after 3 calls you won’t get fussed anymore. I think it’s worth completing the 15-day challenge. Good luck!

Bree Gaell

Hi, I am looking for a way to get extra money. Maybe this is good and easy.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Bree, Legendary Marketer is ‘easy’ to follow. If you’re willing to put in all your effort, it will definitely guide you to achieve your business goals. Thanks for your comment. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Make money online

Dude, event hosting and phone sales techniques are good. They can change your mindset dramatically. You just don’t know it you get used to it. David himself said he was uncomfortable in the beginning. You give it a try then see if you can change and you will be thankful for that afterward.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Everyone has a choice of working style, but neither event hosting nor telesales is related to internet marketing. If they’re interested, I too believe that Legendary Marketer is equipped with great resources.

Deev Cheung

I see many people promote it on Facebook, no not again…then I can see so many reviews also. I’m guessing affiliates make good money from it. This is on the very expensive end but if it works I guess it’s worth checking out. I’m not there yet.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Deev, thanks for your comment. Yes, there’s a monthly contest going on, so the power affiliates are very keen.

Stephanie Mall

I have been in the business for over 6 years and the only way to jump across the line to make 5, 6 figures on a monthly basis is to get involved with MLM, or network marketing. If you don’t like networking with others you are not going very far. Sadly it’s the truth from my experience. I don’t know what other methods to recommend.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Stephanie, thanks for your advice. Programs such as Commission Hero allow you to earn big money online without networking with others – 5 figures per month, I’m not there just as yet, but I’m getting there! I appreciate your comment!


First you have to get your site sorted then learn about lead generation, email mktg etc. You just have to follow the steps and ask q & a’s at fb groups then you will stay focused. Good program.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Tymon, thanks for your comment. Yes, David himself is hands-on helpful in the Facebook group too.

GBG User

I’ve known Dave Sharpe for many years. He is a clever guy , and honest. Very open about himself. after all these years he knows that direct communication is the best way forward to make millions whether you like is or not. He didn’t perform as good as he does now. You have a lot to learn from him.


Good post. keep up the good wrk 👍

Nadine O'Shea

When I first saw Legendary Marketer I paid $7 for the 15 day challenge. I was inspired by Dave Sharpe’s advice but was not particularly impressed by the volume of testimonials I found too many and repetitive. By the end I found it too selly I thought I couldn’t go through all it. No doubt it’s a good training course I am considering to take it again.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Nadine, thanks for sharing your experience. It can be a little hassle but once completed you might change your mind. Let me know how you feel if you give it a try again.


Hi, Legendary Marketer is proven to be one of the most successful affiliate programs because I make good full time income from it. I started as a standard affiliate but the commission % was low then became a pro member. Now by selling 1 person I get $1000 which is higher than any other mmo programs that I know. he key is to use FB ads and if you know good solo ad sellers you might be able to achieve that I’m not sure. I recommend it definitely. You will not regret it once you start it.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Syed, thanks for sharing your success. That’s exactly what we all want to hear! I wish you all the best with continued success!

Tilma Kasi

I see that it works & you can have 6, 7, figures with it. But It didn’t work for me. My coach was totally helpless. His best advice was that I had potential because I had an Instagram account. How the hell does that make!?
Then I was not ready to pay 2500 dollars yet because I wanted to complete my 15 days challenge. When I told him he seemed annoyed. Maybe it was just unlucky to have a bad coach.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Tilma, thanks for sharing your experience. That’s one of the criticisms of Legendary Marketer that I seem to find often. I feel exactly the same as you about the “challenge”. It encourages you to join the Business Blueprint at Day 5 but I felt that I hadn’t been convinced as yet at that point. Pretty good information towards the end of the 15-day period though.

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