Passive Profit Pages Review – Too Many False Claims

Updated: September 5, 2022
by Ray Alexander

If you are looking to check a Passive Profit Pages review, then you have already saved yourself from making money online mistakes. It's only targeting get-rich-quick dreamers, the advertising method is outdated and totally illogical. The tactics are very close to an "advance-fee scam", where you pay first in exchange for a higher return. 

Have you ever received such an email? A wealthy prince of some country is releasing millions of dollars and you're entitled to receive a portion of it, but you have to pay a lesser amount of money to him first. You wouldn't believe any of it, would you?

Imagine someone who calls himself 'Bill' comes up to you on the street and offers an opportunity to make a lot of money. But he never explains what it is. He seems very nice. He asks you to pay him $17 first, then you'll make a lot of money. He offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee but refuses to tell you where he lives or where he really is. Just Bill. You wouldn't get your wallet out, would you?

Essentially, that's what The Passive Profit Pages is doing to you.

Passive Profit Pages Review

Product Name:

Passive Profit Pages

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Affiliate marketing




$9 - $17



It falsely claims to provide software that generates an unrealistic level of income without any effort on your part. Landing pages like these will only be effective when used in conjunction with a lead generation form. I would not recommend it to anyone who’s looking for long-term success in affiliate marketing.

What Is The Passive Profit Pages?

This Passive Profit Pages includes pre-made web page templates, specially made to promote ClickBank affiliate products. The owner says that these pages will get anyone to start making hundreds of dollars per day immediately after the setup. Unfortunately, this is a false claim for a few reasons;

  • He never mentions how to drive traffic to the pages. Without driving traffic, you'll never make a penny. And to drive traffic, you'll have to either put in time and effort or buy premium traffic services/ads.
  • The method does not generate leads. It means that paid traffic is likely to be wasted. (Visitors rarely make any purchase upon their first visit.)

The Passive Profit Pages (PPP) seems to be sold at different prices - a one-time fee of either $9 or $17 - depending on where it's advertised.

There's no doubt that Passive Profit Pages target users who still believe that there's some kind of "money loophole" online. I don't believe you're one of them, I believe you want to find the most suitable way to make money online and you are ready to put in your effort. I've picked up some factors that indicate that PPP is not a genuine online business-related product which I hope will help you make the right decision. 

Passive Profit Pages Review

The Video-Only Sales Page

The sales page of Passive Profit Pages has just a video and nothing else. The video is 15-minute long and doesn't allow you to fast-forward or rewind, so you cannot skim through or hear the bits you missed again. A signup button will only appear after about 10 minutes. 

What it means is that the sales page is designed for passive viewers who would just sit through and aimlessly watch without questioning the content. 

If you are sensible enough, you should be bored by the video content after a few minutes and closing the browser. Because the seller spends too long talking about so-and-so making so much money, he just never gets to the point, i.e. explaining what it is.

When I see a video-only sales page, I usually download the video and get a transcript, so I can skim-read the content instead of watching the lengthy video. Video downloader software and transcript generator are available online, respectively. So if you're interested in any video content but don't have time to sit and watch through it, that's one way to find out the content quicker.

The Seller Is Hidden

Transparency and trust underline every business in the world. No matter how a product appears to be good, if I can’t find who’s behind it - the creator, owner, or seller - then I don’t take any of it seriously. 

The Passive Profit Pages has no information about the seller. They’re using a fictitious name in the video, obviously hiding something.

Fake Testimonials

The people who appear in the video aren’t real users. They’re just actors hired via Fiverr. “Spokespeople”. They get paid for pretending to be representatives. They say anything that they’re told to say for the money therefore ethically wrong. These people are partners in crime. 

Passive Profit Pages Fake Testimonial

Anyway, these are not even “testimonials” because none of them says anything that adds value; frankly, stupid.

"I honestly didn't think it was possible to make money like this, especially from home. I thought, like, six-figure salaries were for bankers and Wall Street guys, but I easily make as much as they do, thanks to Bill and the tricks he has up his sleeve."

Creators and service providers usually ask some of their users to leave a testimonial, because that will give them extra credibility. What should be said in the testimonial is entirely up to the users. But it should be something that adds real value, such as HOW the product/service has helped them, and WHAT makes it different from other products/services.

With Passive Profit Pages, all they (the fake users) say is, “I got so much money and it’s so easy, wow.” I mean, there’s no logical explanation whatsoever that even children wouldn’t believe what they say.

Shoddy Story

Well, firstly, a success story only sounds credible when told by someone credible (i.e. real person). And the story should be about how they turn their life around. They might talk about how they once hit rock bottom, but that's not directly relevant as far as a make-money-online product is concerned. Users are interested in the method the creator used to achieve their success. 

The sales video of Passive Profit Pages is 15-minute long. And the seller spares 4 minutes for sharing a fake sob story, followed by a miracle story;

  • He was running a cafe, but one day Starbucks appeared two doors down the road, took away his customers, and eventually made him bankrupt.
  • He heard about "incredible software that makes money on the internet" and tried many but none of them worked. He felt hopeless.
  • One day he ran into his old customer 'Tony' at a grocery store. He told him about the software he got from somewhere, that made him hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, requiring him barely an hour's work a day.
  • Tony let him join, and he suddenly saw $5k sitting in his account in the first week.

So the seller's saying that he's not the creator of the 'software', nor is his old customer Tony. They just found it by coincidence. There is no motivational factor or any lesson to be learned from this story.

Imagine you are a job interviewer and he’s one of the candidates. You need to know what kind of value this guy can contribute to your company and he’s telling you all this irrelevant information. You would never hire him, would you? So why should you listen to such a trashy story when trying to learn how to make money online?

Solely Focused On "Money"

This is probably the most critical point. Well, two points. 

First, there’s no such thing as “easy money”, you know that by now, don’t you? Never trust anyone who tells you that you can make money “easily”.

Passive Profit Pages Make Money

And second. Would you work as a ‘hitman’ - kill someone if you were to get paid millions of dollars?


For the majority of us, a career is a good part of our life. Money is important, but it’s something that you earn. Ultimately, you want to make a living by doing what you want to do, and you want to take control of your life, not your work to take control of you. Isn’t that right?

The seller of PPP completely ignores this. He’s targeting people who forever fantasise about "free money", not people who are serious about learning how to make money online.

That’s why inevitably, the entire content of this sales video is focused solely on financial freedom, which is totally unrealistic.

“Quit Job, Luxury Lifestyle” Scam

Similarly, a typical sales tactic that scammers use is to repeatedly suggest that they’ll get you to leave the job you hate and have a sports car, family vacations, and a very healthy bank account over and over again. The Passive Profit Pages’ sales video is full of it.

“I have a brand new car, and I still have over $300k in my bank account, my financial problems are now a distant memory. I really can't believe what my life is like now.”

“Imagine yourself still stuck in the same dead-end job, working to somebody else's schedule, having no free time and pinching pennies just to get by.”

“After just a few weeks, Stephen made enough money to quit the job he hated. Now he takes his family on at least four vacations per year.”

“Imagine yourself one year from now, living the life of your dreams, seeing the world in first-class style, living life on your own terms.”

You see, fantasy is only a fantasy. These words are only trying to encourage you to buy the product. They’re not helping you to make the right decision - whether the product is worth paying for or not.

No Traffic, No Money

Pre Made Landing Pages

Now, the Passive Profit Pages may provide pre-designed page templates for affiliate marketing, but that’s only the very first step. Before you can even think about making money, you need traffic, i.e. get people to visit your page. And that will cost you a lot. 

There’s no magic here. Ways to drive traffic have been discussed for many years. 

  • Use paid traffic services (solo ads) - It’s only effective if you generate leads and start email marketing. PPP doesn’t include this feature, which means the use of paid traffic services would be a total waste of money.
  • Use paid advertisements - Ditto as above.
  • Organic traffic (free) - Pre-made pages never rank on search engines because of copied content. So it doesn’t work with PPP.
  • Promote on social media (free) - It’s a waste of time. Nobody will take pre-made pages seriously and it may harm your social reputation.

So as you can see, the Passive Profit Pages on its own will not help you make any money. You’ll have to build leads first. 

How feasible is the seller’s claim to make hundreds of dollars within a day or two? I don’t think it’s feasible at all. It may have worked 10 years ago when there was less information on the internet, but it would be a highly unlikely event now.

Done-For-You Website Templates

There are hundreds of ready-to-use landing page templates out there. All you have to do is to insert your ClickBank affiliate ID, and your pages will be ready to promote. But that’s just as good as it gets. As I just said, you’d have to add a lead generation form and continuously pay to drive to make it work.

But there are a couple of other reasons not to use DFY (done-for-you) templates, you know. Because;

They’re All The Same

Similar page templates have been around for a long time because millions of affiliate marketers have been copying them and copying the copies over the years. You and all other PPP users are trying to promote the same pages that people have already seen. 

It’s not like you’re selling consumables such as batteries or detergents of the same brand sold by multiple sellers. You’ll have to have a unique platform to sell information products sold via ClickBank.

You’ll Never Learn 

When things are all done for you, what are your next steps when you look at long-term success? Nothing. Affiliate marketing is a business, not a quick solution to your money problems. Don’t just enter your affiliate ID in the box and expect magic to happen. You need to learn the mechanism behind it!

For that reason, there’s no sustainability in DFY pages. I would strongly suggest that you use a decent website builder. 

Passive Profit Pages Review - Conclusion

While the affiliate marketing industry is increasingly becoming competitive, ready-made page platforms never work on their own. 

What’s more concerning is how the seller of Passive Profit Pages is taking such deceptive sales tactics. Nothing the seller says seems credible, not only because he’s incognito but what he says is far too childish to believe. I wouldn’t waste money on this product.

Landing Pages for WordPress

Are There Alternative Ways?

Of course there are. Creating a website is one part, and becoming a trustworthy affiliate marketer is the other part.

Create an Affiliate Website

Out of all kinds of website builder programs, I strongly suggest that you use WordPress because it’s the most popular one, the market share of which is said to be 43% of all the websites, according to W3Techs. With a good page builder plugin, your site will be fully customisable, allowing you to create any kind of site you want from templates. Not too technical and there’s plenty of training available.

Build Trust

“Gain trust from the audience” - You may have heard that may times before, it’s stupidly easier said than done, and it’s ironic since many marketers promote affiliate products anonymously. 

You know what, there’s no difference between building trust from your friends and building trust in business. It’s about providing your unique quality. Be yourself and help others by using the way you think is the best. The first thing you ought to do is to find the most suitable affiliate niche for yourself. So how do you do that? Join me from the link for free. You’ll learn all about it. 

Any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
September 2023: $6,750.00

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