List Leverage Review – Turn 1 Lead Into 1000’s?

By Ray Alexander

If you’ve been looking for a List Leverage review to find out whether this is the right way for you to make money online or not, I can tell you the method is definitely legit. But like all other MLM programs, there’s always an underlying question to be answered; Is the product good enough to generate sustainable income, or will you have to rely on the complex referral system?

The tagline reads “Turn 1 lead into 1000’s”, but it doesn’t really explain the rationale behind it. Of course, every lead generation page should turn one into thousands if you carry on promoting it via traffic service. It claims that List Leverage offers revolutionary software to achieve it, but I think we all know there’s no such thing. So today I’ll discuss what the product offers as well as the compensation plan in this List Leverage Review.

List Leverage Review

Product Name:

List Leverage

Website URL:


Affiliate Marketing / MLM


Matthew Neer


From $49 per month


What Is List Leverage?

In short, List Leverage is a web hosting plan with lead capture pages. The basic plan ($49 per month or $398 per year if paid in advance) will give you 3 x ready-made lead capture pages. 

It also offers an approx. 42-50% referral commission each time you get someone to join, as long as both you and your referral stay as active members.

Of course, the lead capture pages themselves cannot make any money on their own. You do need to drive traffic to the pages to generate leads, and you need an email marketing service to send emails to the leads to make it work. So List Leverage encourages you to join;

  • Traffic Authority - priced from $144 to $8,397
  • Sendshark (email marketing/autoresponder services) - $25 per month

So the bad news is, you’ll have to sign up with 3 programs, List Leverage ($49), Traffic Authority (monthly subscription of $144 or $220 per 170-190 clicks), and Sendshark ($25) = it will cost you at least $218 every month, depending on how many visitors you want to send to your pages.

But the good news is, Traffic Authority and Sendshark also offer a multi-level of referral commission, so there is a potential for you to make profits if your downlines all follow the same method and join all 3 programs.

List Leverage Review

Who’s Behind List Leverage?

The creator is Matthew Neer, who has previously sold other successful internet marketing programs such as $5K Formula System, The Speed Wealth System, Income League, Viral Cash App, etc. List Leverage is Matthew’s latest product. He has teamed up with Greg Chambers and Doug Wellens (Traffic Authority) and Joel Therien (Sendshark) to run this method as a package.

How Does List Leverage Work?

The most common affiliate marketing “package” that any internet marketers sell is a landing page (otherwise known as “lead capture page” or “squeeze page”) and web hosting bundle. They may provide training videos or guidebooks, recommend some solo ad traffic sellers and an email marketing service, usually AWeber or GetResponse

List Leverage is no exception. The method is to;

  1. Use its already designed lead capture pages, included in the monthly fee.
  2. Send traffic to the pages by using the Traffic Authority to generate leads.
  3. Use Sendshark to store the list of leads and to send email campaigns.

What makes List Leverage different is mainly;

  • List Leverage does not offer training (apart from the webinar package, which is sold separately) and
  • Rather than selling some of the best selling affiliate products, it’s heavily focused on the compensation plan (promoting List Leverage itself). So it’s designed to automatically make Matthew and other owners (Traffic Authority and Sendshark) make money every time a user makes money.

The Other Required Tools

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot start making money just by paying the basic monthly fee to List Leverage. You need to drive traffic and you need to have an email marketing software. So List Leverage encourages you to use Traffic Authority and Sendshark respectively. They are fairly well-known services and certainly legitimate, but neither of them is my personal favorite. I’ll explain.

Traffic Authority

The traffic that this company sends is 100% USA and Canada based, which is good. I’ve never used the service myself, so I cannot say this absolutely for sure but based on my solo ad experience and on looking at the pricing plan vs delivery time, here are my immediate thoughts.

Traffic Authority Price Plan

Firstly, they’re expensive. The lowest plan is $220 for up to 190 clicks, i.e. $1.16 per click. If you use a service such as Udimi, you can buy as low as $0.50 per click for 100% T1 traffic.

Secondly, the bigger the package, the more discount traffic sellers will usually give, but with Traffic Authority, for example Titanium package is $4,297 for 3,800 clicks, i.e. still charges $1.13 per click.

And lastly the delivery time. Regardless of the size of the traffic you buy, it will be delivered over 7-14 days. It means your order will be “placed on the top of the rotator” and prioritized if you buy the largest package, while it will be treated as the lowest priority if you buy the cheapest package. 

What it means is that visitors (your potential leads) will view ads by Traffic Authority and click to view multiple squeeze pages. If you buy the cheapest package ($220 for 190 clicks), you’ll be at the bottom of the list, so by the time they visit your squeeze page, they’ll show little interest. Because they’ll have seen and opted in with many other similar pages by then.

So if you buy a small number of clicks, you won’t get as many responsive leads. It’s not always the case, but it’s generally the case with a big seller such as Traffic Authority.

Anyway to sum up, Traffic Authority is too expensive, in my opinion.



While Sendshark… I like the service, I love the cost ($25 per month up to 50,000 subscribers, pays up to 50% referral commission), I think Joel Therien is trustworthy. Its anti-spam policy is trustworthy… 

Unfortunately based on my experience, the deliverability rate has proven to be too low. All my emails ended up in the spam folder and that’s a shame. No point sending thousands of emails if none of them reaches the recipients.

Additional Upgrades

List Leverage offers the following upgrade options, and each option pays a referral commission accordingly.


15 x additional high-converting squeeze (lead capture) pages. $97 per month (pays $50 referral commission per month).

From a niche affiliate marketing point of view, I personally don’t think it’s worth paying extra to receive so many squeeze page variations. At least at the beginning, anyway.


1,000 x email marketing swipe file templates. One-off payment of $247 (pays $125 referral commission).

My personal opinion, again from a niche affiliate marketing point of view is, 1,000 templates are far too many. If you are a total email marketing newbie, all you want is a few sets of followup emails that are immediately usable. It’s quality that counts, not quantity.


Over 30 hours of content by affiliate marketing insiders, interviewed by Matthew. Plus bonus webinars, 'How To Flip Domain Names For Thousands', 'Internet Marketing Conspiracies' etc. One-off payment of $497 (pays $250 referral commission).

It’s a lot of money to pay though. People run live webinars to deliver the most up-to-date information and also to provide an opportunity for the viewers to ask questions (although List Leverage has a Facebook group for support.) You don’t have to pay $500 for a set of recording videos “for life”.

Having said all that, if you don’t pay for any of the upgrades and your direct downlines do, you’ll miss out on your commissions - that’s multi-level marketing for you!

Will It "Turn One Lead Into 1,000's"?

Well, I'll tell you two facts about list building. And you'll know this tagline doesn't really mean much, or misleading.

#1 Anyone Can Build A Large List

The first fact is, anyone, any system (or program, whatever you call) can turn one lead into thousands. How? Pay! Like I mentioned earlier, the basic membership fee of $49 will not help you build even one lead on its own. You have to buy traffic packages via Traffic Authority.

To build a list of 1,000 leads via solo ad traffic, you'll have to buy at least 2,000 clicks (2,000 people visit your site and 50% of them sign up with you.) 50% opt-in rate...I'm extremely optimistic here. If only 25% of visitors sign up, you'll have to buy 4,000 clicks. Let's say 2,000. With Traffic Authority, you'd have to buy Platinum Package ($2,197) or higher to achieve this. 

#2 Solo Ad Traffic Is Hit & Miss

The other one is, it's not the number of leads. It's how responsive they are. With paid traffic service, it's always hit & miss because the majority of leads can be non-responsive at times, and some leads can be bots. 

Every time I mention bot traffic, I seem to upset some solo ad sellers ("I don't sell bot traffic! All my traffic is real humans!") But the fact is, they don't know. They never know, because bots can opt-in, fill in their fake names, sign up with you, and when you send followup emails, bots can open them and click the links. Any traffic sellers can unknowingly sell bots - not all of them, of course. Some turn out to be bots. That's a fact.

Also the leads you gain via traffic sellers are not niche specific but more generic. They can be "freebie chasers", "get-rich-quick dreamers", or "miracle diet dreamers" who have no intention of spending a dime. Again, not all of them, depending on where they first opted in.

What I'm trying to say with this 2nd point is, I wouldn't rely on traffic providers 100% if you want long-lasting, responsive leads. You should consider learning other means of driving traffic, e.g. CPA ads such as Google and Facebook, as well as an SEO strategy to drive organic traffic.

List Leverage Pros and Cons


  • It’s a legitimate list building program.
  • You'll get to use 3 x ready-made lead capture pages, already hosted.
  • Referral compensation plan.


  • Focused on its own compensation plan; you're not really learning the basics of affiliate marketing.
  • The promotional method is not new.
  • It'll be costly to make it work.
  • Traffic Authority and Sendshark are not the best in the market.
  • “Turn 1 lead into 1000’s” is misleading.

List Leverage Review - Conclusion:

I think the idea is good; 3 services (lead capture, traffic, and email marketing) combined together. By promoting List Leverage as a package you'll have a potential of multiple referral commission income sources. But to qualify, you'll have to pay a lot, each service is not the best in the market, and the method as a whole is not particularly new.

For that reason, I think the system as a whole is one-dimensional. You may potentially spend thousands of dollars before you start making profits - it's a gamble. And because of the lack of learning materials, you cannot take the technique with you and start creating your own in the future. Not for you if you are looking to create a sustainable online business, in my opinion.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Your analysis is a BOMB! I seriously appreciate every single word – almost divine! I wonder though, "Are there any real MLM that works?"

    1. Thanks Yungh! The whole idea behind MLMs is team building – you help the company (or the product seller) make money by getting others to promote it, so there are two things to clear; (1) you need to believe in the company/seller and (2) you also need to train your downlines…find others who are also willing to sell. Like the job of a missionary. If you’re good at both (1) & (2), I’m sure you’ll find a good MLM and you’ll make it work! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thank you for your information. Your blog is packed full of it and I read it literally every day. I like particularly List Leverage Review – Turn 1 Lead into 1000’s? Because it made me happy that I was able to find reasons to allow me to earn the first pretty good money. Everybody should start reading your website blog to learn everything to do with online businesses. Thanking you for giving good knowledge always.

  3. At one time hundreds of affiliate marketers were trying to sell List Lev. Now it’s died down. Fb community is tiny by the looks of it. Normally any new MLM with a big prelaunch campaign are short lived. LL is no exception.

    1. Hi, thanks for the info and for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you on the point that many MLM schemes seem to come and go pretty quickly. None of them is “revolutionary” as they claim, it never seems to worth gambling on any new MLM. That’s what I personally think. Thanks for your comment, appreciate it.

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