Five Minute Profit Sites Review – Don’t Buy It, It Doesn’t Work!

By Ray Alexander

Five Minute Profit Sites another all-done-for-you affiliate marketing package. Don't buy it. My "site" doesn't work, I've sent messages to the support twice a day for the past 4 days, haven't had a single response. If it worked, it would have been...just okay. The method is the most commonly used one by millions of instant affiliate marketers for years & years. So if you have zero experience, you may learn some of the basics.  

The thing is though, before you join, a chatbot will ask you whether you've ever tried to make money on the internet or not. But regardless of your answer yes or no, you'll be invited in. If you do have some experience, you'll probably already know a lot about this particular method. So I hope my Five Minute Profit Sites review will help you check if there's something you've never come across before. 

If you've ever bought an affiliate marketing product before, I have a feeling that you'll be unlikely to see anything new in this one because I've seen a number of similar (or almost exactly the same!) products sold via ClickBank over the past years!

Five Minute Profit Sites Review

Product Name:

Five Minute Profit Sites

Website URL:


Affiliate Marketing




7-day free trial, $17 per month thereafter


What Is The "Five Minute Profit Sites"?

Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS) is currently sold via ClickBank and it provides a squeeze page (landing page) that allows you to build leads and promote ClickBank products in the wealth niche. The price of $17 per month includes domain name and web hosting. It promotes a solo ad traffic method and you need to use GetResponse (email marketing service) to make it work, both of which you'll have to keep paying separately.

The members' area is very easy to navigate, the instructions are in video format and extremely clear & easy to understand. You are offered a 7-day free trial and GetResponse also offers a 30-day free trial, so you will be able to get the feel of it for free. 

Is "23 Minutes" All It Takes?

Before you join Five Minute Profit Sites, the chatbot on the invitation page asks you if you have "23 minutes" to spare, and it also tells you that you can start using the software on ClickBank in under "5 minutes and 14 clicks." None of these numbers actually means anything. It's a "random number technique" that marketers often use just to draw attention, for example;

Fieve Minute Profit Sites Review
  • "Make $457.16 per day!"
  • "This made me look 3 years 5 months younger!"

It will actually take a lot longer than 5 minutes to sign up with ClickBank and get yourself an affiliate ID. As for the actual work, you will have to spend a lot more time if you want to make the most of this method. You'll be using solo ad traffic, but there are a lot of traffic vendors who try to take unfair advantage of customers - unfortunately, but that's the fact - so researching to find good traffic sellers is a pain. You may need to spend a lot of time monitoring the traffic and communicating with the sellers.

How Does It Work?

Here's what you do with Five Minute Profit Sites;

(1) Build Your Site

  • Step 1: Connect with ClickBank - If you haven't signed up with ClickBank already, sign up and set up your affiliate ID. Come back to FMPS and insert your ID in the box. That's it.
  • Step 2: Get Your Domain - There are 3 x random domain names in the drop-down menu. Choose one that you like. What you're promoting is in the wealth niche, so they all sound more or less the same. 
  • Step 3: Add an Email Service - You must use GetResponse to make it work, so if you haven't signed up, you will have to. GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial, and $15 per month thereafter (discount is available if you pay annually in advance). Get a code, copy it, come back to FMPS and paste it here. 

The instruction video is there for each step. Each one is no more than a few minutes and extremely comprehensive, so I believe a complete beginner will have no problem following the steps.

After the 3 steps, you are supposed to be able to view your own site. It's now supposed to be ready to use. Unfortunately, my site is completely blank, have already sent messages to the "support" more than half a dozen times, haven't had any response. It's completely unusable, therefore I have no option but to contact ClickBank customer service and cancel my membership before the money goes out from my card account.  

(2) Send Solo Ad Traffic

Now all you have to do is (if your site works!) pay for traffic. It's easy to say it but all FMPS offers is 6 x training videos. You'll have to apply what the tutor tells you - he recommends you to use Udimi, a solo ad marketplace - do your own research to choose your favorite vendors, pay them and get traffic sent to your webpage. The videos are;

  1. Introduction to Solo Ads (4.5 mins)
  2. Solo Ad Services (7 mins)
  3. Solo Ad Strategies (6 mins)
  4. Getting Ready For Traffic (3.5 mins)
  5. Other Solo Ad Sources (7.5 mins)
  6. Ad Swaps & What's Next (8 mins)

The last one "ad swaps" can only be done when you've built thousands of subscribers, and also when you've mastered the email swipe writing technique, which isn't really taught properly on FMPS, so I wouldn't say the last video is totally useless, but it's just guidance-only.

Can You Make Money with Five Minute Profit Sites?

Can you make money with Five Minutes Profit Sites?

Firstly, the sales page is certainly misleading. You won't just get this product and automatically start earning thousands of dollars of profits daily. The ClickBank's snapshot is also misleading because it's just showing gross revenue, not a net profit. With this method, you'll have to spend a lot of money to drive traffic to your page. But this screenshot does not tell you how much was spent. 

Put it this way, it easy to earn that kind of money with ClickBank with just basic knowledge if you spend as much money on solo ads. You could even make a million dollars every day - just spend two million dollars in traffic, you see what I mean!

Secondly, solo ad traffic is a real hit & miss. If you don't know what a solo ad is - a "solo ad vendor" has a large number of subscribers. When you order traffic, say 100 visitors, they'll send 100 of their subscribers to your page. What I mean by "hit and miss" is that, no matter how reputable the traffic vendor is, the visitors they send can sometimes be non-responsive. A good visitor will be interested in what you offer, subscribe with you, and make a purchase of the product you're promoting. But a bad visitor can visit your page and simply close the browser. They may subscribe with you but never spend money. They can be children. Or bots. We'll never know.

No Support, Fake "Success Coach" and Unknown Owner

I get the impression that the owner created this product Five Minute Profit Sites just to make initial sales and upsells, and abandoned it. The FAQ page is reasonably clear, which is okay. There's a "chat" feature, but it's generated by a chatbot that only provides a few basic information, if you have any other questions you'll be directed to a support ticket page. I find it nothing but annoying because it's just too simple and basic, not really functioning as a chatbot. 

You can either send an email to the support directly, or send a support ticket via a web form. Each time, an automatic response will be sent to your inbox saying a support agent will get back to you within 1 business day. But as I've mentioned earlier, they never seem to respond.

Five Minute Profit Sites Fake Coach

"Katy, your success coach" is fake - it's just a stock photo. And the owner is unknown. The video tutor calls himself "Chris Parker" but neither he nor his name appears anywhere on the site, so I guess either the tutor's under a pseudonym or someone else is using his video and selling the product incognito. Licensed or unlicensed, I don't know. 

The Bonus Download

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

FMPS members will be provided with a bonus ebook titled "How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time". This is a 36-page general guide to productivity. How to beat procrastination, tips to help you prioritize including "learn to work with your biological clock", "delegate", "break down big jobs into manageable pieces", and so on.

It's actually a PLR product that you can download elsewhere for free (google the title and you'll find it), so not surprisingly, it isn't good quality. For example, it simply lists up affirmations and never tells you when or how to use them, what kind of effects they should help you achieve.

Another thing is, this ebook is named under Five Minute Profit Sites with its own logo (as if it was created by the owner) but the original PDF has a master-selling rights license, not private label rights, so the seller shouldn't have really been allowed to change the design. Well, I don't suppose anyone's policing it, but that's just what I've noticed.

How Much Will It Cost You?

How much you'll be spending with this method all depends on how much you're willing to spend on solo ads, and how fast you want to build a list of leads (subscribers). Firstly, you'll be paying;

  • $17 per month for web-hosting, i.e. this product, Five Minute Profit Sites
  •  $15 per month for GetResponse to start with.

The prices of solo ad traffic totally vary, and I can only give you an optimistic scenario as well as an unlucky scenario.

  • Scenario A: Seller A charges you $45 for 100 clicks (visits), and 40% of the visitors sign up with your list. It means you'll have paid $45 to acquire 40 new subscribers.
  • Scenario B: Seller B charges you $150 for 100 clicks (visits), and only 20% of the visitors sign up with your list. It means you'll have paid $150 to acquire 20 new subscribers.

It means;

  • Scenario A: You'll have paid $17+$15+$45=$77. You'll have to keep sending campaigns to your 40 subscribers on your list to make sales of at least $77 to break even.
  • Scenario B: You'll have paid $17+!5+$150=$182. You'll have to keep sending campaigns to your 20 subscribers on your list to make sales of at least $182 to break even.

Whether you buy FMPS or any other similar product, this is the kind of thing you need to do to keep track of your spending, as long as you keep using solo ad traffic services.

Five Minute Profit Sites Pros and Cons


  • 7-day free trial, low monthly cost thereafter.
  • Video tutorials are extremely easy to understand.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • My "website" doesn't work - all blank!
  • NO support, no response.
  • Most conventional affiliate marketing method - already competitive.
  • It doesn't provide email swipe templates or teach how to write swipes.
  • It will cost you a lot more, endlessly on solo ad traffic.
  • Solo ad traffic method is not always reliable.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review - Conclusion:

If my site had "worked" - if I was able to actually view the squeeze page and test the traffic, I would have been able to share a lot more views and probably given 2 - 2.5 stars for the comprehensiveness of the training but the method itself being ordinary. But it does not work, and the support is non-functional. All I can say to you is, don't waste your time. Don't buy this product.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Yeah don't try this kind of s***. The name Five minutes profit is laughable, it's about time Clickbank started to take care of buyers more and ban scammers like that , do something like from ip address. Good at admin? but just wasting their time unnecessarily setting fraudsters free out of the cage.

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree – unfortunately, silly little programs with no support like that still exist and they’re not controlled. At least ClickBank is still trustworthy as far as the refund policy is concerned. Thanks for your comment, appreciate it.

  2. Hi Ray, thank you for your Five Minute Profit Sites review. I appreciate your honest opinion about solo ad marketing traffic. I've never used solo ad services before and I found it truly informative.
    I was wondering why the seller's hiding his ID, I tried to check www. five-minute-profit-sites. net but it said 'sorry it's already sold out' so it seems clear that he only wants to sell it with a help of Clickbank affiliates but doesn't want anyone else to know about it. I really don’t understand why is he selling something that doesn’t work? If it doesn’t turn out to be useful, then everyone will ask for a refund, surely? There are so many scam products and I don’t know which one to trust. Your opinion really helps, Ray. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Clair, good to hear your thoughts. I agree with you, I suspect that this mystery seller’s intention is to sell it via affiliates to solo ad audiences, many of whom are blinded by unrealistic income claims, and also they often don’t even bother checking the refund policies before they make a purchase. I also agree with you that this kind of product will make us even more suspicious of any ClickBank products over time. Thanks for your comment, Clair!

  3. It sounded legit to me first. I’m pleased I didn’t sign up just because it was free. You saved me from wasting time & energy thanks for that.

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