Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 Review – For Action Takers

Updated: June 12, 2021
by Ray Alexander

If you are looking to make a decent regular income online and particularly by building a good, responsive list of subscribers, the Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 review may be useful to you. It’s an email marketing course for affiliates by a reputable expert in this field. No, it’s definitely not a scam, in fact, this can be a shortcut to success for you if you are seriously willing to work on the method.

It does say you’ll only need 60 minutes per week, I’m not sure such a small amount of time is all you need, perhaps for quick learners, yes. The following Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 review will reveal what the course is about, what you’ll get inside, which will help you decide whether this is feasible for you.

Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 Review

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What Is Elite Traffic Pro 2.0?

Elite Traffic Pro is an online marketing training course by Igor Kheifets. It follows the proven formula that’s used by the top super affiliates such as John Crestani, Anthony Morrison, and Igor himself. The 1.0 version was focused on how to drive leads through a webinar funnel.

Whereas version 2.0 teaches how to build a good, responsive email list using a “value bride” and a simple lead page. It doesn’t require users to create a webinar, meaning the training is accessible by a wider range of affiliates. It’s primarily about lead banking, which is the way to promote your affiliate products by other affiliates and generate leads at the same time. It also teaches secrets on lead verification to avoid any fake traffic source.

Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 is a video course with supplementary text. Plus a coaching service that helps you learn how to handle good lead generation techniques and make money by email marketing, all proven by Igor himself. The bonus materials include lead page templates and email swipe templates. 

Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 Review

Who Is Igor Kheifets?

Igor Kheifets is an email marketing millionaire. I’ve known him for 4-5 years now - not personally, but have purchased traffic from him several times, and have always appreciated the responsive buyers that his solo ad service sent me. I’ve also admired the way he acquires new leads, which I’ve learned a lot over the past years, which is also revealed in this course.

Igor Kheifets

What I like about his teaching style is that he’s very focused and straightforward. No nonsense, no ambiguity, so you know exactly what you should be doing. Very level-headed, and perhaps it reflects his successful lifestyle - that’s what you need if you seriously want to run your email marketing business, isn’t it? But it doesn’t mean he’s “too serious”, he’s a very friendly guy.

Personally, I find Igor talks a bit too fast at times, though he always talks very clearly. I think only because I’m laid-back & semi-retired, I can’t always keep up with young people’s fast pace, that’s all. Anyway, if you don’t understand something, you can always rewind the video, read the text version and make a note, or ask him a question, so that’s not a problem.

Igor is also known as an author, published a book “List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire” in 2019, which is currently rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon based on 40 reviews.

You can also subscribe to Igor's YouTube channel to know more about him.

Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 Main Contents

The course is about the most effective list-building while making money by promoting affiliate products. The main contents are;

  • Traffic generation - The importance of generating good leads and building your audience.
  • Bribe giveaway - What kind of "bribe" to give away to attract target leads, how to create a giveaway page with your landing page.
  • How to sign up with an email autoresponder to deliver your value.
  • Lead bank - How to get someone else to create your value giveaway, how to find the perfect lead bank, how to contact them.
  • Tracking links - How to create and manage email opt-in tracking and postback tracking using ClickMagick.
  • Lead verification - How to verify lead email addresses, spot bot traffic easily, and automate the job to generate real responsive leads and save the cost up to 50%.

How Does It Work?

Here's what you can get from Elite Traffic Pro 2.0.

  • Step 1: List-Building Funnel - Without a high-converting sales funnel, you can't build a successful email list. Igor will build you a list-building funnel. 
  • Step 2: Autoresponder - The funnel needs to be connected to your email marketing service and, you should be sending out follow-up messages automatically. Igor will connect your new list-building funnel to your email autoresponder.
  • Step 3: Follow Up Sequence - What you say in your emails, particularly in the first 7 emails you send to your list is important. Igor will set up your follow-up sequence.
  • Step 4: Quality Traffic - The right type of traffic and audience will put you on the fast track to success. Igor will buy traffic for you from trusted sources.
  • Step 5: Coaching - You can use Igor's proven templates, swipe files, ideas, and daily email plans. Igor will coach you on how to monetize your email list.
Build Email List

What Niche Is Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 Suitable For?

It works with any niche. Make money/business opportunity, health, fitness & wellbeing, technology, personal development and spirituality, education, love & relationships, technology, games, cryptocurrencies, finance, network marketing...etc. It's hard to find a market where this traffic source doesn't work.

Bonus Products

Igor Traffic Rolodex
  • Complete sales funnel - 1-click install affiliate funnel is done for you.
  • Lead Page Swipe File - Landing page templates across many niches that you can use.
  • Email Templates: Email swipes that you can use for your campaigns.
  • 60 Second Lead Pages - A good lead generation page should persuade visitors to opt-in in less than a minute. Page templates that are proven to convert.
  • Checklists - Value bribe checklist to make sure you have the right lead magnet. Lead page checklist to make sure your landing page is legally compliant and ready to use. Traffic-scaling checklist to ensure your page is performing well.
  • 6 Figure Offers Rolodex: Some of the high-converting product offers that have made Igor this year.
  • 6 Figure Lead Flips: Learn how to take your leads and flip them for profit.
  • Lead Bank Rolodex: A list of lead banks (CPA networks) that you can work with.

The Common “Criticism” 

I often see some people “criticize” any make-money-online course that teaches how to use paid traffic - solo ads, CPA (cost-per-action) ads, or PPC (pay-per-click) ads, simply because it will continuously cost you money. To avoid that particular criticism, many courses also teach a free traffic method, i.e. to use social media. 

But the truth is, you'll never receive good results from free social media campaigns compared to paid traffic methods. There is no quick magic trick where millions of other affiliate marketers promote their own stuff day-in, day-out. Likewise, organic traffic is great once it starts to drive, but it takes months of hard work before you see the first positive result. Affiliate marketing is easy to start, free to start, but it's a business model. Igor clearly says "free traffic sucks" - If you're not prepared to invest your money as well as your effort, it'll be a long haul. 

Is Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 Right For You? - Refundable Deposit

Refundable Deposit

In order for you to determine whether Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 is for you or not, you can pay a deposit first, schedule a call with Igor's team, find out how determined you are, and if you change your mind at this point, the deposit will be refunded to you immediately. Here's how it works;

  • Pay a refundable deposit of $100 and schedule a call.
  • The Elite Traffic Pro team will call you back to find out two things;
  • Firstly, about you. You'll be asked a couple of questions about your current situation, previous online experience, and your goals (personal and professional).
  • Secondly, about the course. You'll be able to ask questions about the coaching program to understand whether or not you'd like to commit to working together.
  • You'll find out more about how to get started, and if, for any reason, you're not excited to work together, you'll receive your deposit back right away.

It means that you should be able to clear your mind and identify what you really want from this program, and if you really want it, so you'll avoid wasting your time by regretting it later. The $100 deposit I think is fair, because this is also to avoid wasting Igor's time.

Is It Suitable For a Beginner?

If you are a total novice who knows absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing or about generating leads, ETP 2.0 is not for you, but if you were, you probably wouldn't be reading this. Otherwise, I think it is indeed suitable for beginners. 

It's not the level of experience that you have, it's how willing you are to work on it, which you can actually test yourself.

Join the free webinar from the link below and see if you understand 1/2 of what Igor says. When you are ready, click to "submit a $100 deposit and application" - you don't need to pay the deposit at this point. But you'll be asked to answer the questionnaire. See if you can answer it all. If you have no knowledge or experience (in online marketing), you can say so. That'll help you make the decision.

Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 Pros and Cons


  • Igor Kheifets is a renowned affiliate marketer and teacher.
  • You'll get to know the best secrets to build a list of real, responsive leads.
  • Great ways to scale up the level of profits from email marketing.
  • Plenty of done-for-you templates to use, allowing you to start promoting products quickly.
  • Perfect for action-takers. 
  • 100% refundable deposit.


  • May not be affordable for some.
  • Plus, you'll need to set some money aside for paid traffic.

Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 Review - Conclusion:

There are a lot of courses that teach how to use a sales funnel (build a list of leads and sell affiliate products at the same time) but the majority of them simply tell you to "send traffic" which is the crucial part and they don't teach you how to find quality sources and how to closely monitor it. Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 is focused on that very key part. So you'll save a lot of money on traffic AND make more money by selling more products.

The done-for-you templates will save you from having to create your lead pages and email swipes from scratch, which is a great plus. But a "done-for-you" doesn't mean you don't have to do anything. You'll have to work hard to follow the steps. Elit Traffic Pro 2.0 is definitely for an action taker who wishes to see positive results quickly by email marketing. Recommended.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Thank you so much for your review. My knowledge of Igor Kheifets and his reputation is excellent. It is so true what you are saying that you should learn how to make money online by following someone successful and following exactly how he/she does it. It’d be great to learn it by rote, but the courses are far beyond my budget. I still haven’t decided whether to take it or not. Can I get my refundable deposit back as soon as possible if I decide not to proceed with the course?

  2. How i become used to Elite Traffic Pro. It has always be my dreams of making money online.
    i went to the internet for research, i saw many affiliate programs on the internet, i said let me give something different because i lost my job for covid and life has been so tough to carry on for all sorts of psychological reasons.
    Because i have been scammed for so many times but I never intended to quit,
    I have now finished the 3rd phrase and I can safely say it was my greatest achirvement. i saw a light at the end of the tunnel I can tell you. He was also very helpful and gave me extra tips without paying any money. Elite traffic Pro 2.0 can picked you up wherever you get stuck and assure you the lifeline that you are looking for. I am to following the entire program now I am so convinced. Thank you for your Elite Traffic Pro review. Hts off to everybody who is involved. Contact me if you are interested in making money on the great internet.

  3. I heard that Igor Kheifets had a very difficult childhood as he grew up then hard times without enough money when he was younger. People looked down on him for his poverty situation BUT, he turned all the frustrations into the fuel and made it to the success. The rest is history. Igor Kheifets is a typical example of beliefs that can turn anything into gold. I admire him.

  4. You can become a member of the Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 today the same way I was inspired by.
    I was very dubious at first thinking it was another scheme only already successful people make money,
    but my friend told me it was legit, I decided to join.
    Once I became a member and cast as many questions as possible. The instruction I received &
    I followed were clear. I am so happy to be with Elite Traffic 2.0.
    If you want to become rich and realise the dream you always wanted come true then
    I recommend you to spend some time and money on Elite Traffic. It’s about time.
    Join me

    1. Hi Drew, thanks for your comment. I see how happy you are with this program, and wish you all the best of luck. Sorry I had to remove your affiliate link (as per our legal disclosure.) All the best!

  5. Hi Ray, it’s good to see your positive review because I love this guy. I read List Building Lifestyle book recently and found it truly inspiring. For someone who’s been trying to get somewhere, trying all sorts like ecommerce and blogging, I was thinking Igor is the one I should follow and nail his method myself. I knew about ETP1 but wasn’t for me but v2 sounds like I can follow. I see it’s pricey but I’ve been saving quite a bit now 🙂 I’ll definitely give it a go next month when my contract’s ended and I’m ready. Thanks Ray!

    1. Hi Ben, good to hear from you and I’m glad to hear that you like Igor’s book. I remember you said last time your blog wasn’t working, was wondering what you were up to. I hope this time it will work. Let me know how you get on, thanks for your comment!

  6. Hi Ray, I read your post with great interest. I'm always apprehensive about buying an expensive training course in case something doesn't work out, maybe I'm not one of those what you call action takers. I don't want to take risks. With that said I understand that this tutor is a living proof, I see the success is guaranteed if you follow the exact steps. It's good to know it's suitable for basic beginners also. Thank you for your review, it's good to know good affiliate trainings still exist!

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see exactly what you mean, you do need to make sure the learning platform you’re going to follow is easy enough to follow and manageable without any pressures. That’s what the free webinar is for, really. I appreciate your comment, I wish you all the best.

  7. How you described Igor is spot on. I admire him for his 'whatever it takes' attitude and teaching style.
    I also used his traffic many times before, it was always trustworthy and quick delivery.

    1. Hi Alex, he will because that’s the promise he’s making. He’s a multi-millionaire, he wouldn’t run away with a mere $100. As I explained above, it’s all about how seriously you want to learn the method and work on it. The webinar will give you a chance to find it out. Nothing to lose, I believe. Good luck! Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hi Ray, I messaged you before to ask advice. I didn’t get a reply so I was wondering
    if any different methods were suitable for me. I understand money is in the list it’s
    very important but I’m not prepared to work on it for a long time. Is there a way to
    add a list with little or no money, or is there a way to get some funds first then to
    use it to build a list? I just need a short-term solution. I understand that for a long
    term I need something like this but it’s just I’m short of money. Thanking you in advance.

  9. Hi Ray, thank you for the useful review. I've never heard about Igor Kheifets before but he sounds like a very helpful tutor. I must try his method because I have been trying to build my leads for a while without a success.

    I like the sound of refundable deposit and I also agree with you that it seems fair. I have encountered a lot of people who just try to get any information for free then disappear. No one wants time wasters like them. $100 deposit will show their commitment, and it's a good security for both parties.

    Your pros and cons are so clear, I hope anyone who is truly interested to receive this training will be happy.
    I will watch the webinar when I have time. Thank you for your article, very useful.

    1. Hi Clair, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, as you say, the deposit system will give good assurance just to those who are seriously willing to put in the effort. Let me know what you think when you’ve watched the webinar. I wish you all the best, thanks for your comment!

  10. Good review. You are right about the common criticism. Some affiliates try to divert people to their favourite scheme and come up with any criticism about all other schemes when it comes to training programmes. In this day and age what do they think they can drive traffic, nobody waits for years. I’m interested to know how to avoid bot traffic and fake traffic as I get loads on a daily basis. It might be worth investing money in this. Thanks.

  11. Hello sir I need your help I am a novice in your internet marketing. I will would like to know what stage remains to be taken. How can I get bonus from Elite Traffic and Is there any way I can ask a brief explanation on the business. Thank you very much.

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