How Can Videos Help Grow Your Business? Expert Tips

Updated: June 15, 2021
by TJ Salvatore

The demand for entertaining and informative videos is growing at the speed of light. Changing online consumer habits and the power of video marketing are driving a dramatic increase in the number of videos uploaded on the Internet. Today, video content is considered one of the most promising communication tools. 

According to Facebook statistics, over the past year, the daily viewing time of Facebook Live broadcasts has quadrupled globally, and the time spent watching videos on Instagram has increased by as much as 80%. The growth in the popularity of video content will most likely not stop there. 

How Can Videos Help Grow Your Business

Advantages of Video Content Over Other Formats

Why does video perform better than other content? The thing is that people have been attached to video since the advent of television. Nowadays, when information consumption is as great as ever before, the majority of users continue to actively watch video content and spend at least two hours a day on that. This makes YouTube more popular than any social media or other sites.

The obvious advantages of video content have caught the attention of marketers, who are now actively using it to promote products and services on the web. The following are the advantages of the video content format that marketing uses to solve its problems:

  • Video is changing consumer behavior since it is easier for people to watch a video than to read a post.
  • Internet access speed is high enough to watch high-quality video on a mobile device. This makes videos ready for viewing anywhere, anytime, and for every user.
  • Social media uses video to boost their audience engagement rates and prioritizes reach over other forms of content.
  • Bright, entertaining, and visual presentation of information through video contributes to the max involvement of the audience, makes communication between consumers and brands better, thus, boosting the content effectiveness of targeted actions also increases.

All of the above indicates that video content has already become a new language for business interaction with its consumers. Its popularity will only grow. More and more companies are incorporating video marketing into their promotion strategies.

Key Trends in Video Content Production

Top Video Trends

The above does not mean that it is worth producing and posting some videos on the network just because it is trendy. The video content that you produce should be quality and serve a particular purpose; otherwise, it will hardly perform well. To create in-demand content, you need to take into account the existing video content trends of 2021. Here are some of the top video trends that are currently driving the digital marketing environment:

  • 65% of users are looking for a solution to their problem on YouTube. They are interested in videos that contain instructions or an explanation of the reason. Educational content is a good way to build relationships and trust with prospective buyers.
  • People are much more willing to watch videos on mobile devices. This is facilitated by social media as they are interested in posting video content. You need to take this into account and choose the appropriate video formats, as well as provide subtitles or explanatory captions to the content you produce. Keep in mind that people often watch videos on their phone with the sound turned off.
  • Naturalness attracts attention. Such videos not only look professional but also establish a closer connection with users.
  • Micro video is becoming the mainstream format. Short bright videos are what an Internet user is ready to watch today.
  • Interactive video technology enables viewers to actively interact with content. A tooltip that pops up in it directs them to a specific action. After the pandemic, short, interactive product advertisements with the ability to make a purchase without leaving the viewing area are replacing impulse purchases in the checkout area of traditional stores.

If you follow all the trends above and have powerful video editing software at hand, then there is no chance for your video content to fail. Whether you need to blur video, add effects, add titles, add music, or crop video, this can be easily done with special video editing software.

How to Create Professional Video Content

Have no experience in video production? Struggling to create an awesome marketing video and have no idea of what to start with? It may seem impossible at first, but with a better understanding of the business, it will be easy for you to create a professional marketing video that engages your target audience from the very first seconds. Here is how it works.

STEP 1 – Identify Your Customer

Who will you create your videos for? Is it an 18-year-old student, a tech-savvy user, or a school teacher? Pay attention to user gender, age, occupation, and interests. It is also important to focus on the goal of the content you are working on – what problem you cover in your video, what is the value for the viewer, and what you are going to achieve.

STEP 2 – Determine the Video Format

Choose the most appropriate type of video content – presentation, tutorial, interview, webinar, or product review – that will help you build brand awareness, captivate customers, and influence people to take action.

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STEP 3 – Determine the Platform Where the Video Will Be Published

Today, the choice of platforms where you can place video content is very wide. It starts with the world's most popular video hosting YouTube and ends with a dedicated section on your corporate website. You shouldn’t forget about social media networks either. The audience of such sites is growing every day. And not taking advantage of their marketing potential would be just a sin.

STEP 4 – Define Performance Metrics

To understand how well your video performs, you need to analyze your KPIs. Pay attention to the percentage of completed views, the number of visits to the site by links under the video, check the bounce rate. Still, you create videos for a particular purpose.

Final Say

There are many types of lead generation video content that can expand your sales funnel and promote your brand on the web. To make things easier for yourself, choose a few forms of content to get started. Over time, you will learn what works well and what doesn't. Track content performance metrics and determine which channels are driving the most leads. By continually creating new content and posting it on social media, landing pages, your own or affiliate blogs, you will attract more leads and increase your conversion rate. 

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