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Updated: May 20, 2019
by Ray Alexander

EasyHits4U is another traffic exchange site that's been in operation since 2003. The site does look awfully updated but according to its own real-time stats, there always seem to be around 800-1,000 members online. Today for my EasyHits4U review, I'll take a sneak look around to check what kind of sites are registered and what they're up to.

EasyHits4U Review


You can join EasyHits4U for free, and for a free member the only available option is a 'surf to earn credits'. Every time you view another member's website for 20 seconds, you'll earn 1 credit. And that credit can be used to display your own webpage for 20 seconds to another member.

You can also buy credits, starting from $3.95 for 500 credits.

Another premium option is to buy a package, starting from $9.95. For this price, it will allow you to have

  • 1,100 surfing credits (1,100 total users view your webpage for 20 seconds), AND
  • 5,500 banner impressions and 5,500 text ad impressions (11,000 total users view your ads for 20 seconds).

The 'total' number of users is not the number of unique users, so I can't see it worth paying money for. I'll talk about this later.

EasyHits4U Review

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Surf For Credits

EasyHits4U provides a fair 1:1 exchange ratio. Basically every time you view another user's webpage for 20 seconds, you'll receive a chance to get someone else to view your webpage for 20 seconds, which is nice and simple.

But it also offers 2:1 exchange ratio option, and the purpose is unclear - really, unclear. I've asked the support about it, it took them a long time to understand my simple question, and they're now 'working on it'.

The two surfing options that EasyHits4U is offering right now are;

  • 1:1 - view one site for 20 seconds and get one credit, or
  • 2:1 - view two sites for 15 seconds each (30 seconds) and get one credit.

The site FAQ says, "if you want to earn cash" you're advised to use 2:1 surfing option. However the support confirms that your surfing credits cannot be exchanged to cash. So perhaps the system's not been updated for a long time.

Surf for Credits

It's easy to start. First, go to the "Websites" menu and add your webpage URL. You can add as many pages as you like, and they'll be displayed randomly. Then click the "Start Surfing (1:1, 20 sec)" menu at the top. You'll be directed to the traffic exchange page, which looks like this;

EasyHits4U Surfing

The top frame has a timer, and another member's webpage is displayed underneath. This example is that someone's promoting ClixSense with their affiliate link. So if I found it interesting and signed up with ClixSense directly from this page, I would be this member's referral.

How Effective Is A Traffic Exchange?

You know that, don't you? You hardly receive benefits from any traffic exchange sites. Three obvious reasons.

  1. They don't boost traffic to your site as they say, there's never gonna be a boost. If there is, it's temporarily and only for 20 seconds each. It doesn't do your search engine rankings any favors.
  2. You might think they could give you a great opportunity to make your site known, but no one in the same circle will be interested in anyone else's businesses. It's like #follow4follow on social media. Everyone wants to promote their stuff and no one cares about what you promote. Wrong audience, to simply put!
  3. Websites in traffic exchanges are often trashy - not all of them, of course! But many of them are sites with outdated design or spammy banner exchange sites. There's no way these sites can get organic traffic, so they come to a traffic exchange hoping to get a few visits. Unfortunately EasyHits4U is no exception. I can see a lot of decades-old "make money just by clicking" landing pages.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Banners and Text Ads

You can also spend money to have banners and text ads within the EasyHits4U traffic exchange screen. You pay for the number of impressions. For example if you pay $9.95, you're entitled to receive 5,500 impressions each - it means your banner and text ad will be displayed 5,500 times for 20 seconds each.

It may sound like a lot of times, but remember, at the time of writing this, I see the stats say there are 1,089 users logged on right now. If I bought 5,500 impressions, that would only be 5 times of current users in theory. These users would view my banner for 5 times x 20 seconds, my text ad for 5 times x 20 seconds and my $9.95 will be gone.

The 'impressions' are simply the number of times your banner/ad is displayed, not the number of views by 5,500 unique users. And when I say 'view', I very much doubt anyone will actually even notice your banner/text ad display. In traffic exchange where nobody's proactively looking for a business opportunity, your ads will very likely to be overlooked. There's only one thing that most of the users are focused on - the 20 second timer!

Premium Accounts

There are two monthly premium options available.

  • "Premium" $7.95 per month - 500 credits, 2,000 banner impressions and 2,500 text ad impressions. The timer will be reduced to 15 seconds (instead of viewing each site for 20 seconds).
  • "Ultimate" $19.95 per month - 1,000 credits, 5,000 banner impressions and 5,000 text ad impressions. With 10-second timer.

Considering the banner/text ads won't be effective, if you were to spend money on EasyHits4U, you'd be better off buying credits on ad hoc basis, i.e. $3.95 for 500 credits, $5.95 for 1,000 credits.

Referral Program

You refer someone to EasyHits4U, and each time your referral surfs 100 sites you'll receive $0.10. Also if they spend money on EasyHits4U premium plans, as a free member yourself, you'll receive 10% as well. If you ever go premium, you'll receive up to 40% of whatever the amount your referral spends.

EasyHits4U Review - Conclusion

I would rather recommend LeadsLeap if you are interested in what other entrepreneurs are up to. You'll also see some scammy sites in the traffic exchange platform from time to time, but you'll definitely get to see more "up-to-date" users on LeadsLeap. It also offers a variety of useful tools such as link trackers, ad bars and popup generator that you can use. EasyHits4U being almost solely focused on traffic exchange, I feel the idea itself is a little too outdated.

Having said that, it's totally free - there's no reason why you shouldn't join EasyHits4U and see how you think!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
May 2022: $6,310.00

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Hi, me too I prefer Leads Leap. I also used Traffic G before, that is another bad one.
    Leads Leap is much more up to date and it has also been updated recently for better traffic exchanging experience. I recommend it better.
    With Easy Hits 4U I rarely see any useful websites. I don’t personally like it.

  2. Hi, Ray. I have every reason not to use traffic exchange. Because when I had a website with Wix I only had a few visitors each day.
    I started to use a few traffic exchange services because i wanted more people to know my website. Then people started to copy my site. After that my website ranking went down very badly.
    One of the traffic exchange was Easyhits4u. I don’t know who damaged my website, I don’t know through which service, but I will never do it again.
    Thank you . Maria

    1. Hi Maria, thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry to hear that – it is hard to protect your site from copycats! Have you given up your site? If you need any help in building a new one, don’t hesitate to let me know. I can give you a hand. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Ray, I agree with you totally. EasyHits 4U is not up to scratch. I know it’s one of the oldest traffic exchange sites but the registered users are all behind. Plus the support is not as knowledgeable. My impression is that they are just hired agents reading the manual. They don’t even understand the questions sometimes. I’m extremely unimpressed. I agree with you Ray, I prefer LeadsLeap. Seb

    1. Hi Seb, thanks for sharing your experience with EasyHits4U, actually that’s exactly how I felt when I contacted the support! But it’s free, and it’s an outdated system, perhaps that’s what we get… Thanks for your comment, all the best!

  4. Personally, I have been using Udimi for several years now. Udimi is a great place to buy solo ads. I always choose only proven sellers, they will deliver targeted traffic for the niche that I need. For example, I bought 300 clicks and got 64% opt in and 18 sales.

    1. Hi Robert, that’s a great result. I too recommend Udimi Traffic – the results depend on the vendor though. At least they target general public for you, much better than traffic exchange, the majority of the target audience of which can be your competitors. Thanks for sharing your experience, I appreciate it!

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