The Super Affiliate Network Review [Extroverts]

Updated: May 19, 2019
by Ray Alexander

My Super Affiliate Network review will show you how it's only suitable for a certain type of people - those who want to spend a lot of time talking and listening to digest information. Extroverts rather than introverts.

I was genuinely interested in the training materials that the Super Affiliate Network was providing. I paid $1 to receive the first few modules, all of which were not really training but more like a 'kick-ass introduction' to get the starters hyped up. It wouldn't let me go any further unless I give them my phone number and book a live session. The earliest available session was 4 days away.

The Super Affiliate Network Review

It means that if you join the Super Affiliate Network today;

  • You can't do much apart from watching what seems to be endless (2.5 hours of) introduction videos.
  • They won't let you pay more than $1 to learn any quicker.
  • They'll make you wait for 4 days.
  • They have your credit card detail, and
  • Meanwhile they want to speak to you on the phone. 

I really don't like that. It's not my thing.

I hear that the founder Misha Wilson is successful in the internet marketing industry and honestly, I wanted to find out how the Super Affiliate Network (SAN) could help new affiliates to get their business started. I don't think it will - not at a speed that you would expect.

Big Words, Confusing.

The homepage ( may look great, but you'll soon notice that it actually tells you very little. Big words, lots of big words, such as

  • "leveraging the most cutting edge digital marketing tactics and strategies",
  • "a global community of Entrepreneurs scattered across the entire world with one common goal", and
  • It provides "a laser targeted education, a second to none community and direct mentorship programs for anyone who resonates with our vision."

Basically... It's a digital marketing training course? In fact it doesn't mention anything about affiliate marketing.

It also mentions "Email Marketing Mastery" and "Cutting Edge Traffic Training". So the homepage clearly expects people to know these very basic jargons. Traffic is not about road traffic, right?

"Click here to sign up for FREE" - so I click, enter my name and email address, then I get this.

Unlock discount

A video-only invitation with a countdown timer.

Okay, if you know what the word 'traffic' refers to (i.e. if you have a basic knowledge in online marketing), you know most of the video-only sales pages out there are scams, right? Although I know The Super Affiliate Network is a legitimate training course, and I also know how reputable/respectable the founder Misha Wilson is. 

Unfortunately I don't understand what Misha is saying. In fact I picked 3 things from his approx. 4 minutes welcome message;

  • This is a digital marketing training course.
  • 100% free (really?)
  • "The Profit Boosting Bootcamp" is sold at 98% discount.

At this point I don't really understand the link between the "Profit Boosting Bootcamp" and "Super Affiliate Network". I don't understand what I'm actually going to learn either - I personally think it's a bad sign because it means the actual training is also likely to be incomprehensible.


Huge Discount

How does anything that adds up to $4,165 can be sold for a dollar? He also keeps saying "98% discount" in the video but underneath the video it says 93% discount. Is it just a typo?

Anyway, I don't want the Profit Boosting Bootcamp. I want the Super Affiliate Network. So I close this browser and log on to my "100% free" dashboard.

It turns out that all I can see is the title of each training module, and my profile while I'm a free member.

What's pretty annoying is, each time I click a menu item, instead of showing a message that says "this module is locked", it opens up a new tab, asking me to log in again. So I put my email address and password to log back in, only to be directed to my profile page. Before I know it, I have 10+ new tabs open, all of which are my SAN profile page.

There's nothing to do, so I pay $1 to see what the Profit Boosting Bootcamp is like... It turns out the "Bootcamp" is part of the Super Affiliate Network. It's the first few modules.

Modules 1-3 ("Profit Boosting Bootcamp")

The Super Affiliate Network has 15 modules. For the first $1, you'll receive the first 3 modules. Actually you can proceed to module 4 and beyond, but I really wouldn't.

It's up to you - you might enjoy it. But here are the reasons I decided not to proceed.

  • As I mentioned in the beginning, module 4 is a live session (15-20 minutes). You have to wait until the next available date and also have to give out your phone number for whatever the reason. I don't believe in an online marketing course where somebody can call you on the telephone anytime they want.
  • The module 1-3 are video lectures only, and there are merely the introduction.
  • Some parts of the lectures don't make sense. He talks about franchise business (Starbucks, McDonald's) and how successful they can be. Later on he says he doesn't recommend it because it will cost you too much.
  • He keeps saying "I will teach you about traffic/email marketing etc, later on." But he never says HOW. Will he actually teach us anything practical? Or keep talking about a general theory just like that? Any supplementary text? He never reveals.
Live Session

By the way I also noticed that the live sessions are only available in the evenings - you can specify the time but only around 7pm - 9pm local time. Personally it's the worst time slots of the day - the restricted availability is making it even more intrusive for some starters.

Module 1: How To Unlock "The Millionaire Within"

55-minute long, motivational video lecture, basically says "Have a rich person's mindset. Believe that you can do this."

There are also 17 lines of get-rich quotes in PDF format ("17 Differences Between The Rich and The Poor") that maybe you can print that out and put it on your wall? The quotes include;

  • "Rich people are bigger than their problems. Poor people are smaller than their problems."
  • "Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money well."

Module 2: Greatest Opportunity On Planet Earth

56- minute long video lecture, explaining how vast the online business industry is, anything can be sold online, the importance of finding a target audience, the importance of traffic and email marketing.

Also a link to a Franchise Direct page, and it tells you to learn the average cost of starting a successful franchise model business. I signed up for Super Affiliate Network, why do I have to read this page? Very confusing.

Module 3: The Ultimate Lifestyle Business

26-minute long video lecture. Misha explains any of the following business models; franchising (because it costs too much), e-commerce, real estate, network marketing, selling ebooks/information products. So he recommends affiliate marketing - that's all he says!

To summarize, what you'll learn for $1 is;

  • Get yourself motivated.
  • You should start online marketing because it's popular.
  • Traffic, targeting audience, and email marketing are important.
  • You should start affiliate marketing.

Where Are The 'Bonuses'?

It says in the homepage, "Register today and receive; Bonus #1 - Kick Starter Training Series, Bonus #2 -Traffic Generation Training", but where are these bonuses? Looks like they're simply referred to the first 3 modules but have isolated titles. Again, confusing.

I'm really not keen on the decorative expressions that are used on each title - opportunity on planet Earth, unlock, ultimate... These words may sound great in a book's chapter title, but for training modules they don't clearly represent what they're about. You want to know what you're going to learn, you know what I mean?

It's like when you ask someone where their customers are based, and their reply is "the Planet Earth" instead of saying "globally / all over the world". Makes you think're that kind of person.

Claiming the 'real value' of these modules being as much as $4,165 is grossly misleading. Considering the fact that you can get the same information for free by googling, $1 is just about an appropriate value for these modules in my opinion.

Super Affiliate Network Is NOT an MLM/Pyramid Scheme

Do you know, I've checked quite a few other Super Affiliate Network reviews, and a lot of them are simply copying Jerry Huang's review without even signing up themselves, which is...bad.

Check Jerry's product reviews if you haven't, they're always trustworthy. But since he wrote his SAN review, looks like the referral commission structure's changed.

The affiliate agreement states "The SAN runs a powerful single tier affiliate program" and also says that the "promotions are optional". The commission percentages vary from 33% to 90% depending on the type of membership your referrals take up. But how aggressively it may have encouraged the members to recruit others in the past, I can tell you that the Super Affiliate Network is no longer an MLM.

Membership Costs and Upsells

So far no upsells. None! It wouldn't let me pay more than $1 even if I wanted to!

But of course I haven't seen everything, and I never will. According to other reviewers from 2018, the SAN had a more complex membership structure. Maybe there is along the way, but I'll never know. (Writing a review without seeing everything? Yeah. Better than copying someone else's review from last year and showing it as if most up-to-date!)

Anyway, the fact that SAN is keeping the pricing structure secret (not telling the newly joined members what their future costs will be), I think is sneaky and sly. I really don't like that!

Using Solo Ad Traffic Services (Is Good)

I've also noticed that other reviewers flatly criticize SAN for telling the users to use solo ad traffic services purely because they are costly.

I disagree on that point. In the SAN's defense, using solo ad traffic is one of the vital options to make money over a short period (and that's how I make my money too). If you want to make money quickly, you have to spend money. If you don't want to spend money, go for a content marketing method (learn SEO technique) like the other reviewers and be patient. 

Again I cannot fully comment without knowing how and on what level SAN is teaching solo ads - do they recommend a particular solo ad vendor or network? Or do they merely introduce the method?

Having said all that, I too would recommend you to learn content marketing for sustainability, while solo ad is not. It means if you entirely rely on paid traffic, you'll only have a chance to make money while you're using the traffic service.

The Super Affiliate Network Pros and Cons


  • Motivational
  • $1 trial.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Suitable if you like chatting.


  • Invitation is misleading and confusing.
  • A lot of talking.
  • Video-only tutorials.
  • The pricing plan is hidden.
  • You have to give your phone number.
  • Contents are not organized. Titles with 'big words' are confusing.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Conclusion:

The first few 'trial' modules were so full of talking but very little to learn. There were too many titles and references that are misleading and confusing. The trial modules actually discouraged me from going any further. I wouldn't continue even if it was free. Therefore sadly I couldn't recommend the Super Affiliate Network to you.

It may be suitable for people who wish to learn internet marketing through chatting and also those who feel they need someone to motivate them. But then I would say to them;

  • Will you be able to work on your own initiative, or will you always need someone to keep motivating you?
  • You might enjoy interactive with others talking/listening real-time, but do you really understand what they say, or is it a false sense of understanding? Can you explain it in your own words?

Make Money from Content Marketing

If you are interested in making money by content marketing - more specifically, blogging, then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate like many others do. The quality of training is far better than the Super Affiliate Network - the volume, clarity and the support availability (literally 24/7), and it's not intrusive.

You can join free, and the free membership includes "actual" training, so you can build your website for free while you learn the basic tips from the first 10 modules. Join me if you're interested, and if you have any question, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me from here!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
January 2024: $7,250.00

About the Author

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Ray,

    I guess I came across an old ad or variation of SAN, as I paid $47 and accepted a $20 up-sell. I didn't do my due delligence until after I bought, got suspect after the Personal Success Advisor didn't show up for my call this morning. Going to see if I can get a refund. Learned a hard lesson.

    1. Hi Rocco, thanks for sharing your experience. The “advisors” are only humans, they may have simply forgotten to call or couldn’t get through for whatever reason. Anyway, if there are other reasons and you feel you didn’t receive what you had paid for, indeed you should be entitled to a full refund. I hope everything will be sorted out for you. I wish you all the best!

    2. Hi Ray, I’ve heard about the Super affiliate network for a long time and have never heard a single good word about this program from anyone unless they are affiliates. I see some good points in your review. I understand solo ad traffic that costs extra that others slate but I agree with you it’s only fair. If you don’t have patience you have to pay to get traffic. Not just this program but other training programs teach that way.
      I just checked Misha Wilson’s explanations but I don’t understand him either, he sounds like a very helpful guy but he never says what the program really is about, then I’d be really wary of it. Good review, Ray, thanks.

      1. Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. As I said in the post, I’m sure the program may help some types of people (extroverts!) who want to learn via interaction other than to “learn from home and to work from home”. But my experience at the entry-level wasn’t so positive, unfortunately.

    3. I was exactly at the same position a couple of months ago. Phonecalls? What for?
      The person I spoke to was totally useless. He said do you have any question so I said no. Basically that was it. What a waste of time and resources.

      1. Hi Gregg, thanks for sharing your experience. I see what you mean, a phonecall technique really isn’t one-to-one coaching, but simply a sales call. That’s how you persuade others to join and I’m not against it, though it’s not my thing. The problem is that the guy you spoke to made you feel that he was wasting your time, proves that he wasn’t a good coach, nor was he a good salesperson.

    4. This is scam. Don’t be involved with it. It will charge you thousands of dollars.
      Luckily a kind gentleman told me the truth so I could cancel my membership.
      If you continue you will have no help but to pay so much money.

    5. Hi, recently I was interested in Super Affiliate Network. Do you allow a traffic exchange site ?
      I am interested in traffic exchange to call visitors free.
      If so, can you please tell me how to start in Super Affiliate Network ? Thanking you in advance .

      1. Hi, thanks for your comment. No I don’t think they do. As I explained in the post, it’s an affiliate marketing training course. You can start by signing up, obviously. Good luck to you.

    6. Be careful of this man because i know him. I know someone who spent thousands of dollars and went bankrupt. Not only this system but he sells so many other things they are all similar. My friend bought them all because he was persuaded not because he was willing to pay. the poor man has ruined his life to this system.

      1. Hi Diana, wow, sorry to hear about your friend. No one should force anyone to buy products, and your friend must have been in a vulnerable position whatever had happened to him. Though I believe Misha is a respectable entrepreneur himself, your comment’s been noted. Thank you!

    7. Hi Ray, I think I’ve checked this one before but I just checked it again.
      It looks like a legitimate system because its not video only and it has all the explanations.
      The only thing is nobody is leaving a comment on this guy’s blog. Maybe there is no connection in between him and the members?
      It’s a shame they have to speak on the phone when you want to work online.

      1. Hi Zak, thanks for your comment. Comments seem to be closed on Misha’s blogs. He may be too busy to check and answer each one! Yes with many MLM’s you’re expected to speak on the phone, which I’m not a fan of!

    8. I have also checked your other review of Super Affiliate Network. If only 2 people make a success out of some 40000 people then it’s effectively saying there’s no chance for anyone. Then how can this be so possible to convince more people to join? Maybe that is what all the reason for such misleading video if my guess is right.

      1. Hi Jonothan, thanks for your comment. I think you’re right, often network marketers deliberately use shiny objects to let any people join, then talk a lot. Through lots of talking, the new members will hopefully forget the initial shiny promises.

    9. Hi, Ray. Thank you for a great review. It is a shame that you have to contact someone before you can proceed further with the training. It should be good for some people but I don’t like to be persuaded this way.

      I want to learn more about solo ad traffic marketing. Is it risky? How much do you have to spend before you can make a good income? If Super Affiliate Network is not your recommendation, do you have anyone or know anyone that provides training service?

      1. Hi Tito, buying solo ad traffic involves some level of risks, yes. You have to have a good lead generation page first, and it depends on the niche you promote too. Contact me and let me know of your site URL, then I can advise you. Thanks for your comment.

    10. always wealthy affiliate members who criticize all the products without using them this is another fake review.

    11. It’s a scam. lucky you only paid $1 he will charge you 10k or more an you will make nothing. He doesn’t make much money from it desperate to get more people to buy this crap.. don’t be scammed I tell you.

    12. Hi Ray, I have heard about Super affiliate network over & over again in the past 12 months. It doesn’t seem as if it delivers what it promises to do especially it sucks up so much money out of your pocket before you can learn something practical. Thank you for your review. It’s definitely something that I never join or recommend to anybody.

      1. Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. I prefer to learn things at my own pace, and I prefer training materials that provide information methodically. Unfortunately SAN is not the case and for that reason, if you’re like me, I would recommend it to you.

    13. Every1 supports different system. This is only 1. If u dont like it u can find sumthg different man. Not d best coz I spent a dollar I aint goin anywhere its a trash .

    14. Super Affiliate Network is a scam. I spent over 2000 usd then it took me over a week to get my money back. It shouldn’t be allowed to make people pay so easy in the first place.

    15. Hi, I have heard about Super Affiliate Network before. It was notorious. I didn’t like the idea of up-sells. Some review helped me to stop thinking about joining. I didn’t want to go in debt by joining Super Affiliate Network.

      Now you tell me it’s only $1 to join but it’s not good enough information to learn. Once again your review helped me not to try. Maybe there are still a lot of up-sells if I continue.

      Thank you for your review. It is very useful for me.

      1. Hi Mikhail, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Upsells can be totally ignored if they’re merely supplementary products, but most of the time they’re marketed as essentials and made hard for users to ignore. I didn’t get to see any of them during the trial period though. I wish you all the best, thanks for your comment.

    16. Super Affiliate Network is not for people who want to learn SEO technique. It is all about how to make money online quickly including using solo ad marketing methods. Unfortunately it does not work if you are not patient. But if you are patient enough you should be receiving a good SEO training course. This is not ideal.

      1. Hi Janet, thanks for your advice, I do agree with you. SAN is not for content marketing hopefuls but to those who want to make money by networking with others. Though Misha does say it’s not about network marketing. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

    17. Hey, good review. I think I signed up about a year ago then immediately got my money back. It didn’t offer $1 trial before so this must be a new thing. What I didn’t like was like you say, I wanted to skip what I thought was irrelevant to me some knowledge that I already had, and move any further but it didn’t let me. I would have expected it to improve but from what you say it doesn’t seem like. Good luck but not thanks from me.

      1. Hi Takeshi, thanks for providing useful information. I guess it’s more accessible now to a wider audience since it’s offered for $1. Personally I felt that the initial training was so uninviting, I had no choice but to cancel the membership. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

    18. Hi, super affiliate network offers an awesome commission system. It pays my bills and it allows my family to have a comfortable life. Everybody should follow super affiliate network to make money. It is my no 1 recommendation .

    19. Hi, I know exactly what you mean about people who talk before they think.
      Every time I watch a Youtube video it stars with an advert. All of them say how to make money online. No selling, no networking, BS. I know they are going to talk about affiliate marketing but they never say.
      Those adverts waste your time. I think this Misha Wilson is the same. He talks a lot about generic ideas but hardly tells you about the core of the training. I don’t like that kind of people.

      1. Hi Freddie, I see what you mean! Certain people feel they need to be constantly motivated by listening to others talk. I think SAN may be suitable for them. Thanks for your comment!

    20. I watched the video and did not understand at all. I feel like asking for my $1 back. I did not think it was worth paying money.
      I did not like that you have to write a reason to move on to the next level. I think it’s a strategy to keep people in.
      I canceled my membership after 2 days.

      1. Hi Orianna, yes the videos are hard to understand at times. It would have been nice if there had been a roundup summary underneath. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

    21. Hello Ray, thank you for such a thorough review. I read it and found it very interesting.

      From what you say, it does not look alike a scam, but it does not deliver how it’s promised in the beginning. The users might feel that they were fooled by it.

      Personally I don’t like to hear too much of success stories and motivational persuasions. I would rather like to get straight into the training.

      Now I know what Super Affiliate Network is like, if any of my friends ask me about it, I can tell them not to join because it’s not what it says.

      Thank you so much again for your review.

      1. Hi Pedro, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too would like to receive training that is practical right from the start, although the tutor shares his knowledge with us which we should appreciate. Thank you, I wish you all the best!

    22. I consider myself an introvert. I hate anyone who talks something before they think. I’ve not tried san but I don’t think I can stand it. Good warning, mate. It’s defo not for me.

    23. I’ve seen almost exactly the same sales page and training course as this a few years ago. You say this guy is respectable and all but I think he got the idea from somewhere else and add some talking to make it look like his original.
      It’s not even affiliate marketing training, it’s just the name so that many failed affiliate marketers might try.

      1. Hi, thanks for sharing your thoughts. While I still respect the quality value, there are many reasons that I don’t like about this training style as I mentioned in the post (it stops you from learning at your own pace, for example).

    24. Hello. Me too I was first interested in SUPER AFFILIATE NETWORK but I decided not to buy it because what I was going to learn was not clear to me.

      When I looked at the home page, I was interested in the professional look. Also I was interested in some motivational words. But without knowing what kind of affiliate, I hesitated for a long time. I read several reviews including your review. This does not sound right for me.

      1. Hi Morten, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes I’ve checked some other reviews written recently, and it looks like SAN is done now. By the way if you are looking to receive any specific training, contact me and let me know, I can help!

    25. hey guys
      do you know if they teach instagram / social media following strategies ?
      facebook group step by step?

    26. I don’t trust this guy. He’s released 3 or 4 training platforms already bt they’re also schizo one subject to another he jumps. Don’t waste money believe me.

    27. Hi Ray, I’ve had a problem with SAN as well. I just cannot seem to find myself focused on the training, because of the very different, American mentality that I’m not very used to. I think it’s very powerful, but it’s much more dominance focused when I wanted to receive the training at my own pace. Hope it makes sense. I’m desperate to learn SEO and get my website sorted first. Could I please ask for your advice, if you don’t mind? Thanks!

    28. Good review. I appreciate your honesty. All I want to learn is an honest affiliate marketing method. I don’t wish to receive any kind of motivational support or franchise business as an option. I have never heard of this company or this tutor before, but if I come across I am prepared to keep myself away. Thank you for the good review page. Keep going.

      1. Hi John, thanks for your comment. The franchising option, I really don’t understand why it’s being introduced first then not recommended as part of the training. It’s a little waste of time there? But that’s just my personal opinion.

    29. There are more super affiliate network reviews than san itself lol. Very few reviewers on google praising it obviously the affiliates. If I was a complete novice I would still believe what this guy says. The videos too long.

      1. Hi Jake, looks like it. One program, many reviews, it means everyone’s interested! I agree with you, I feel each video tutorial is far too long, very friendly but very hard for me to understand. Thanks for your comment!

    30. Hi, there are so many affiliate marketing trainings out there that are in fact not trainings.
      They provide a few ebooks and videos but only talk about basics.
      I think this one is the same. There is not enough information.
      I tried but quit because I didn’t learn anything.

      1. Hi Berr, thanks for your comment. It’s a shame though, what seems to be a reputable training platform but some users feel they’re not learning anything much from it. Although SAN I believe is more than just a few ebooks and videos? Perhaps the actual content is not as much as anyone would expect.

    31. Hi Ray. I think Super Affiliate Network is going downhill because I remember last year someone complained severely about their pyramid scheme and since then they changed the system.

      Reading your experience I can see why the pricing structure is hidden and a lot of stuff don’t make sense because before people complained about everything. They make it purposely unclear. Thank you for your great review as always. Hitesh

    32. It’s a scam. I don’t know how they allocate personal advisers but mine was a useless liar who didn’t teach me anything. I had to report what I was doing but nobody was interested so what was the point. I asked for my money back but they didn’t refund. I’m warning you.

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