EarnCashTo Scam Review – Don’t Waste Your Time!

Updated: July 4, 2021
by Ray Alexander

If you're looking for an EarnCashTo review to find out whether this scheme is legit or a scam, that's exactly the right thing to do. Because I can tell you this is one of many fake "get-paid-to" sites that you could waste days for nothing. You'll never get a penny out of it, in fact, this silly site will do you nothing but harm. If you want to know how this site "works" to deceive users, read on. I hope this review will help you stay away from not just EarnCashTo.com but any other similar sites in the future.

EarnCashTo Review

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What Is EarnCashTo?

EarnCashTo.com claims to be "the #1 influencer network" and promises to pay high rates of reward for doing ridiculously easy tasks, such as;

  • $25 as a signup bonus.
  • $20 for downloading an app each time.
  • $20 for completing a survey each time.
  • $5 for promoting EarnCashTo on social media or YouTube.
  • Post your referral link on social media, you'll get $2 each time your social follower clicks.
  • $10 if your follower subsequently signs up with EarnCashTo.

The tagline is "Make $250 today - Earn money at home/work/school". Every time you complete a task, $5-$20 will be credited to your account, which will motivate you to do even more tasks. It is pretty easy to get your account balance to reach $250 within a day. Carry on for 4 days and you'll "make" $1,000 easy. 

The catch is - you'll never be able to cash it. When you send a withdrawal request, EarnCashTo admin will decline it, by claiming that your activities weren't genuine. By that point, there'll be no point emailing them to challenge their decision or ask for the detail. Soon your EarnCashTo account will be shut down, and that'll be the end of it. So you'll never actually receive a single cent from it.

Meanwhile, Earn Cash To works as a "data harvesting scam" - you've given out your personal data; your full name, email address, street address, zip code, phone number, date of birth, etc. That'll be sold to third-party advertising companies, therefore sooner or later, you'll start receiving spam emails, unsolicited text messages, and cold calls from companies that you've never heard of. 

EarnCashTo.com Scam Review

How Do We Know EarnCashTo Will Never Pay?

We know it because there are already hundreds of similar - or almost identical - fake reward websites to EarnCashTo. They collect users' personal data and secretly sell it to spammers. Cash MonsterAltasCashStackPayMoneyGuru, etc., all use the same deceptive tactics - falsely promise to pay a lot of money just to attract as many users, they never pay, and when the users start to complain about them on social media, they'll shut down the site and disappear. 

Fake Company

I can tell you that almost everything that's being said on EarnCashTo.com is untrue. It claims to be "the #1 influencer network" to start with - what really is an influencer network? There is no such thing. An influencer can be a musician, can be a politician, can be a comedian, a financial adviser...from any field, and they are able to "influence" others in their own right. Why should there be a centralized network to help influencers influence people!? And even if such networks existed, we would never have heard of EarnCashTo.com, have we?

earncashto.com whois lookup

What the "About Us" page (earncashto.com/about-us) tells you is totally untrue. It says that the site was born in 2016, but it was only created in May-June 2021. But critically, what it says may sound like it's explaining something, but it has no context;

  • "We turn the traffic you generate from your social media into income." - It doesn't make sense at all and it's not possible. Billions of social network users share links daily for free. Nobody can voluntarily monetize it so easily for you.
  • "We monetize several influencers ranging from small following to large on various social media." - It never explains how they can do it and what impact it gives to social media users, e.g. the level of monetization against the number of followers.
  • "We turn your traffic into revenue that we earn through our advertisers." - It doesn't make sense either. Advertising companies across the globe thrive to find the most effective way of spending their budgets. They wouldn't let some unknown site (=EarnCashTo) distribute their money to some unknown social users like that.

No Owner's Information

The "company address" is also fake - on the "About Us" page, it says "Van der Hoevenplein 243, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands. But the map is showing New York, US. And if you search this address on Google Maps, all you can see is a building with no sign of "EarnCashTo". The site claims that it was founded by "Bernie Estes" - nobody knows who that is. If it had really "paid over $20 million" in the past 5 years as it claims on the homepage, it would have had a clearer description of the office, directors and administrators (e.g. marketing manager).

Fake Testimonials & Proofs of Payments

The photos used for the testimonials are just free stock images and the video testimonials are also fake. For example, this man is one of many "spokespeople" advertised on Fiverr.com, who are happy to read any script in front of a camera for as low as $5. These people are just doing their job - saying anything they're told to say on camera. They probably don't realize that they're helping scammers deceive consumers by lying publicly.

EarnCashTo Fake Testimonial

The "proofs of payments" don't mean anything at all, as these graphics can easily be made using a free app. Especially none of the "screenshots" displayed here is of a real bank or PayPal. Anybody can make fake payment proofs this way.

False Surveys-For-Cash

Offer Center EarnCashTo

The "Surveys" in the "Offer Center" section is where EarnCashTo primarily steals your private details. The "prizes" listed here are gift cards, game consoles, brand new iPhone, $1,000 pre-paid Visa card, etc. Each one claims to pay unrealistically high rates from around $40. A typical payout rate offered by a legitimate survey-for-cash site is $0.20 or so, which means EarnCashTo is offering a rate that's 200 times higher. 

At this stage, it gives you the impression that you have a lot of opportunities to earn $40+ each time AND all these gifts. When you actually click one of them, you'll be directed to a third-party spam site. 

EarnCashTo says "Get paid for voicing your opinion!" But the actual survey questions are ridiculously silly ones such as "How many times do you shop a week?" 

Fake Rewards EarnCashTo

This "Rewards Giant" site is notorious for getting you into an endless fake prize offer loop. In order to complete one of these fake "offers", you'll have to give out all your personal detail. And just as you think you've completed, you'll be told that there's another step to take, where a different form submission to make for a new spammer's site. 

Fake Prizes!

And of course, these "prizes" never exist. They display these popular items just to get you to submit your personal detail. Because think about it - if a company was to run a prize competition, they would make sure that the end results of it would return profitable. They would be likely to offer the competition to their existing customers, or people who are likely to use their products/services. Not to random users on some unknown sites like EarnCashTo! 

Anti-Fraud Policy For a Different Reason

EarnCashTo seems to emphasize its "anti-fraud" policy, saying that its AI can detect fake transactions and get your account permanently banned if found. I guess the purposes of the warning are to;

  • Firstly get users to provide real personal data, and 
  • When a user requests to withdraw cash, it can easily make an excuse and reject it (by saying "your transactions were found to be fake.")

In other words, EarnCashTo tries to mask the fact that the site is a cheat by saying "don't cheat us."

Legitimate GPT (Get-Paid-To) Sites

So next time when you see a get-paid-to site, how do you know if it's legit or a scam? It's simple. You can tell from the level of rates they offer. Like I mentioned earlier, legitimate sites only pay "cents" per survey, not dollars. They occasionally offer to pay more than $1 per survey, but the questions are likely to be targeted at some specific people, for example, those who are on a specific medical condition. Otherwise, they only pay $0.05 - $0.50 per survey. Whereas scam sites falsely claim to pay so much, such as $10 or over.

Surveys-for-cash are organized by research companies, so they're not designed to pay money, you see. They need as many diverse people to share their opinions. They don't want the same people to answer random questions half-heartedly in an attempt to make money. 

Another reason is for fraud prevention purposes. GPT sites are open to anybody. Unlike employment, there's no interview process or ID-check process. They don't know you. You may be underaged. So they can only offer jobs that anybody can do, like answering surveys and watching ads. And if a job is something that anybody can do, there's hardly any money to pay. Only cents, not dollars.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to work online and make decent money but don't have any skills to sell, then I suggest that you start learning affiliate marketing. You recommend products of your choice to others and, every time someone buys it, the merchant will pay you a commission. You don't have to speak to anyone and it's not a job to hard-sell. 

Affiliate marketing is easy to start and it's a popular business model, which means the industry is competitive. But so many people easily quit because they often don't get to know the right steps to take. You'll need to put in a lot of effort and be persistent, the success will certainly not happen overnight. But if you're serious enough about making money by running your own business, it's definitely the easiest way to get on. If you're interested in creating your own website and learn to promote your favorite niche products, join me from the link below. We'll take you through.

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November 2022: $8,590.00

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  1. Don’t trust anything that Earn Cash To says, they will not pay you. I tried to ask so many questions but they ignored my questions completely. In the end, I gave up. They say there are hundreds of influencers and affiliate marketers but it’s all lie. I started a legit affiliate marketing now. Hopefully I can start making money soon. Earn Cash To is a total scam.

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