Copy His Method Review – “Make $800 Per Hour” Scam

By Ray Alexander

The sales video of Copy His Method is full of dubious claims. It never explains what you're supposed to do, all the testimonials are fake, and it stupidly reveals that it's a rehashed version of a previously released product back in 2018. But it actually does mention "training materials" "helpful support" and all. I decided to get this one to see if this program offers anything useful to those who wish to start working from home. 

Well, I regretted it. There's very little useful content, and it's nothing like it's advertised on the sales page. And of course, the income claims are grossly misleading. "I'm consistently making at least $550 a day already! The best part is I'm only working like 5 minutes per day!" ...Never gonna happen to anyone. Today, my Copy His Method review will show what you would get for $37, and explain why you shouldn't get this inferior "training" package. 

Copy His Method Review

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Copy His Method

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Make money online guide


"Ed Roberts" (nickname)




What Is Copy His Method?

According to WHOIS, was newly registered in December 2019. But the sales video of Copy His Method was recorded in 2018, and it actually reveals that it's a rehashed version of "Instant Payday Tricks", released in 2018. 

I got in the members' area and noticed that I had seen the same content before... It's Easy Retired Millionaire. It seems the same seller keeps copying the same outdated platform, simply changes the product name, and re-releases it over & over again. This time he's named it "Copy His Method", that's all. 

The only different thing is that when I reviewed ERM, one feature ("Facebook Sharing") wasn't usable - you're supposed to insert your ClickBank ID and promote some products, but it didn't work. This feature seems to be fixed, although not perfectly, which I'll explain to you later.

The original creator's not known, some of the original content is well over a decade old, and this is just a general guide, not training. It certainly won't let you earn a lot of money in a short period. You'd be lucky if you could learn how to make more than a few dollars from this outdated guide. In fact, most of the Copy His Method's "methods" would take you in the wrong direction and waste your time.

Copy His Method Review

What You Get From Copy His Method

If you want to know what's in the members' area in detail, read my other review page, because you'll get almost exactly the same content.

Easy Retired Millionaire Review – Don’t Buy It, It’s A Scam

Here, I'll briefly explain what you get from Copy His Method.

Step 1 - Short Introduction Videos

  • "Email Marketing Cash #1 and #2" (Less than 4 minutes) - a short guide to email marketing. Looks like just a small part of a long training video. It's about buying a list of subscribers, but these short videos are grossly misleading. We all spend weeks mastering email marketing as a beginner. You won't get any practical information from these short videos.
  • "How to make up to $1,000 per hour using voice gigs" (5 minutes) - Become a voice actor to make money. Why voice actor??? And you know how ridiculous the suggestion is! Go to Fiverr and see how amateur voice actors strive to sell their gigs. My husband is a voice actor and I've seen him train so hard. $1k per hour is a "celebrity rate".
  • "IPT Middleman" (3.5 minutes) - Work as an online recruitment agency. (a) Find remote-based job vacancies in the USA. (b) Find the matching candidates from a cheaper country, e.g. Romania. (c) Introduce the candidates and take a commission. Maybe it's an idea if you want to consider pursuing a career that way? The option seems so random to me, just like the voice acting job.
  • "Copy this EASY Method for $100 day" (11 minutes) - Advertise to sell cars on Craigslist in a deceptive way. I explained it in the ERM review. The same video reappears in Step 2 below.

Step 2 - "The Emergency Cash Generator"

Emergency Cash Generator

A random collection of video guides from YouTube, including;

  • Use reward programs such as CashCrate and Zoombucks. These programs change the service and format every now and again, so the video content is now awfully outdated. Generally, reward programs are all self-explanatory, and they provide instruction videos anyway. As a user, you don't really need to watch YouTube guides like these.
  • "Copy this EASY Method..." Duplicate of Step 1.
  • "Forgotten Traffic Plans" This is a decade-old video training that you should avoid at all costs. Wrong advice!
  • "Effective List Building Blueprint" Outdated techniques including ad swaps and exit popups, no longer considered to be effective.
  • A (useless) short introduction guide to ClickBank.

Step 3 - Facebook Article Sharing

As I mentioned earlier - this feature was unusable when I previously reviewed Easy Retired Millionaire, but now the problem seems to have been fixed.

First, you enter your ClickBank ID in your Step 1 screen. In Step 3, five pre-written blog articles are provided for you to share on Facebook. The articles are about health, celebrities, and general knowledge, and each one displays an ad within the article body, and if your Facebook follower clicks it, they'll be directed to a ClickBank product page. You'll receive a commission if they make a purchase.

Facebook Sharing

Well, that's the idea of it. But there are some disadvantages;

  • You'll have to enter your ClickBank ID every time you share an article, otherwise the link won't work. The silly problem is, this site (Copy His Method) has no navigation menu to go to Step 1. (The "Home" menu will take you to Step 2!)
  • Only a limited number of - 5 - articles are available and, these have already been shared by many Facebook users (I've seen them a lot!)
  • Each article has another banner ad in the sidebar, which is not your affiliate ad, so it's distracting your ClickBank affiliate campaign.

If you want to promote your affiliate products by article sharing, I'd rather recommend you to try a service such as Linkiro. Free to try, it's much more effective than this, and options are versatile.

"Tools and Updates"

The section is titled "Tools and Updates" but there are only 4 x downloadable PLR products listed on the page, nothing else. The products are; (1) Business Vitality, (2) Squeeze Page To Bank Account PDF, (3) Extreme List Building, (4) Video Marketing, all released between 2014 and 2015. These products are all available for free (just google and you'll find them).


There are 3 x "ebooks", but oddly, they are not in a downloadable ebook format but the texts are copied from old ebooks and pasted on the site. The 3 "books" are;

  • "7 Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing Secret Techniques To Boost Your Earnings" by Kathy Graham
  • “How a United States Army Captain pulls 5-figures a month working his online business only part-time… all while working a full-time job!" by Captain Timothy Gorman (United States Army)
  • Affiliate Directories by Kathy Graham

Again, these copyright-free articles have been repeatedly published over the past decade or more. I've found the second one (the "Army Captain") in a PDF formatted, created by "Acrobat PDFMaker 5.0 for Word" that was released in 2001. So I guess the original publication is 20-years old. The links to some pages are no longer available. What's suggested in the book is no longer as effective (e.g. relying on Google Adsense income).

Why Old Materials Are Bad

As you can see by now, almost all the materials you find in Copy His Method are at least a few years old, and some are a decade+ old. Just to be clear, I'm not saying these are bad simply because they're old or the video/audio quality is low. There are mainly two reasons that you shouldn't rely on the information from old publications;

  1. What was considered to be an effective method is now considered "black hat" - cheating, or spammy.
  2. The underlining marketing methods are evergreen. But because they're evergreen, each year new people follow the same methods. Simply following the classic methods is not enough (e.g. sharing your webpage in article submission sites).

Thousands of online marketing experts come up with new ideas and share them with us via their websites, YouTube channels, email, ebooks, etc. They're in line with the new trends and algorithms. 

For these reasons, you see how Copy His Method gives users the wrong information by simply presenting outdated materials.

Is Copy His Method a Scam?

The reason I decided to look into Copy His Method is because the seller talks about artificial intelligence in the sales video and actually said, "What if you could just get a tiny slice of that? You would be rich ten times over without needing to know anything about computers or robots." I thought this product may provide a little something different (such as a chatbot generator) rather than a bunch of old YouTube videos and PLR products. It did turn out to be a bunch of old YouTube videos and PLR products.

So why did the seller keep going on & on about how great AI is?

...Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That's what scammers do. I have seen sales videos where the seller says the product is software with "untold secrets from China" (like this one) and "secret code invented by Russian spies". Copy His Method is no exception. From the beginning to the end, not a single word that's being said in the sales video is true. 

Still, if it does help you make some money online, that's acceptable. But it doesn't. It falsely promises thousands of dollars of daily income - yes, Copy His Method is a scam.

Fake Testimonials

All the testimonials that appear in the sales page are fake. For example, all these photos are just licensed or license-free stock photos.

Copy His Method Fake Testimonials 2

"Tracey Lund, and 80-year old retiree got paid $3,422. Kraig Jensen, a high school dropout from New Mexico made $4,289 while he was hunting deer near his house in Wyoming" - these images are also stock photos.

Copy His Method False Income Claims

And all the people who appear to thank the seller for letting them earn a ridiculous amount of money within hours, are all actors, hired from Fiverr.

Copy His Method Actors

Sold via ClickBetter and 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

ClickBetter is notorious for allowing scammers to deceptively sell inferior products such as Copy His Method, but it does offer 60-day money-back guarantee as per the terms of service. If you've bought this product, you have a good reason to claim a full refund - in fact, the guarantee term is "No Questions Asked" full refund, so in theory, you don't have to give them a reason for your claim. 

The trouble is, ClickBetter doesn't always act quickly enough to process your refund. If you don't hear from them within 24 hours or so, you might have to chase them by sending a followup message and persistently demand you get your money back in full.

Copy His Method Pros and Cons


  • "Facebook Article Sharing" - the idea is not totally useless.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee by ClickBetter (See also Cons below.)


  • Rehashed version of previously released products.
  • Old and bad-quality "make money online" guides, giving the wrong information to newbies.
  • Grossly misleading sales page - talks about AI. The actual product is nothing to do with it.
  • Unrealistic income claim. You won't make any money with Copy His Method.
  • Fake testimonials.
  • Sold via ClickBetter. You may experience difficulties when asking for your money back.

Copy His Method Review - Conclusion:

The sales video content is very scammy, making a false claim to let you earn "up to $800 per hour or even a thousand per hour with minimal effort". But it also gives you the impression that this product provides a form of AI to make money. The information was totally irrelevant, and the actual product turned out to be exactly the same set of outdated "make money" guides that I had seen before.

For all the reasons I mentioned above, Copy His Method is a scam, in my opinion. You should not spend any money on it. If you happened to purchase Copy His Method, don't trust the information that it gives you. It will not help you make any decent money online.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
August 2021: $7,250.00

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. I knew this was a scam. Normally if there’s nothing on the page & only a video at the top it’s a scam. It was good to know what was actually inside. Thank you for the info.

  2. Hi Ray. thanks for the informative review. I’m sure we all appreciate that you actually tried this product and tell us not to use it. I can completely agree with you that with all the elements it’s a scam. Not only because it’s misleading users with unrealistic income projection but giving the wrong advice to beginners is really bad. I wonder if it’s always been the same person who repeatedly creates a copy of it or others copy the same scamming technique. I have seen enough scam products now that these actors all look familiar to me! Awesome review. Thanks for your help. Ben

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the actors on Fiverr…either we know them or we don’t… They may be just doing their job but they should be aware that they’re in fact partners in crime. Thanks for your comment, Ben.

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