WiredBucks Scam Review – Here’s Your Worst Nightmare

By Ray Alexander

If someone has invited you to join WiredBucks, saying that the site will let you make money, don't believe any of it. Don't even sign up with it just because it's offering a "$25 signup bonus" - it's a false offer, you'll be tremendously wasting your time and will never get paid a single dime from it. Read my following WiredBucks review, and you will understand that not just this website, but what kind of sites you should avoid if you're looking to earn a decent income online.

WiredBucks Review

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Wired Bucks

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Data harvesting scam


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June 2020


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What Is WiredBucks?

WiredBucks.com is a data harvesting scam site. The purpose of this site is to sell the users' personal data to third-party spam advertisers. In order to get as many people to sign up and submit their personal data, it falsely claims to pay you a lot of money for doing ridiculously easy tasks via fake survey questions and gift offers.

Each time you complete a task, you'll see $10-$30 added to your dashboard and it will motivate you to carry on. Like the tagline "Make your first $200 with us TODAY", it seems pretty easy to "make" a few hundred dollars, but only within your WiredBucks account. 

The catch is, the money in your account is not real. It will never actually let you cash it. When you send a withdrawal request, it will simply ignore the request or disqualify your membership by making an excuse. Either way, soon your WiredBucks account will be canceled and your access will be blocked.

WiredBucks Scam Review

How WiredBucks Steals Your Data

There are mainly two types of "jobs" that WiredBucks require you to do.

1. Task Wall

The "Task Wall" is the main part of WiredBucks. None of them really is a task - each one offers to reward an unrealistically high-value item such as a $100-$1,000 gift card or a brand new smartphone for answering a few silly survey questions. WireBucks also (falsely) claims to pay you $30 upon completion of each task. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Fake Task Wall WiredBucks.com

To complete a "task", you are required to submit your detail (full name, email address, phone number, street address, date of birth, etc.) each and every time. Your detail will be passed from one spammer to another, and soon you'll start receiving unsolicited emails, nuisance texts, and calls.

Of course, these gifts are fake, but you'll see a message like "Your brand new Samsung Galaxy is now secured!" - as if you've just won it. Then it will ask you to fill out the form. If you were fooled by it all, you would give out all the information to make sure they send your prize to the right address, wouldn't you? That's how it's intended.

2. Referrals

In order to scam as many people, WiredBucks also falsely offers you a lot of money for referring a friend or a follower. $10 each time your friend/follower joins, $10 each time you promote WiredBucks on YouTube and other social networks.

You may have seen messages posted by various social users saying "WiredBucks is legit! I just got paid! Join me from the link here >>>" They post such a message just to get $10. They have not been paid, they still believe that they're being paid. The $10 will be added to their WiredBucks account shortly after posting the message, but as I explained earlier, they'll never be able to cash it.

"How Do You Want To Get Paid?"

Upon logging in to your WiredBucks account for the first time, you'll be asked to save your preferred payment method; PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin, or by check. They're just saying it so it may sound like a real deal to you. Don't save anything in the box - they may access it and sell it to third parties as well.

What happens when you request to withdraw cash is, they will either simply ignore your request and never respond, or respond to say that you're disqualified because your activities with WiredBuck are found to be inauthentic. Either way, your account will soon be canceled, you'll lose access and that'll be the end of it.

Risk of Identity Fraud

So you know now that you shouldn't apply for any of the gift offers from the Task Wall because they're fake. And you shouldn't give them your real address. 

If you think, yeah...my inbox is already full anyway, it's okay for them to send me advertising emails and texts, I'll just ignore them all... The scarier thing is, these lists of personal data will not only be passed around among advertisers. They can be passed to anyone who may intend to use them for malicious purposes, like hacking people's financial details, applying for insurance in someone else's name, borrowing a large sum of money pretending to be someone else...you never know. 

You may have seen or heard about fake emails from a scammer pretending to be your bank or PayPal? You really shouldn't be giving away your full detail to anyone, unless you are absolutely sure exactly who you're giving it to.

It's NOT the #1 Influencer Network

Well firstly, there's no such thing as an influencer network. And if it was so popular enough for them to call it No. 1 network, it could easily be found by googling. But that's not the case.

It says on the homepage that WiredBucks;

  • provides straight transparency to its members,
  • generates money from "ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products", and
  • has a parent company that's been creating online monetizing solutions since 2008.

You see, these statements contradict each other. It never explains what kind of ad-spends and sponsorships are involved, or who the parent company is. Far from transparent.

WiredBucks.com Registration

In fact, the website wiredbucks.com is brand new, only created in June 2020. "Paid out over $400 million"... No, it has not paid a penny to anyone, and it's never going to!

Fake Address

WiredBucks Fake Address

WiredBucks claims to be located at "A108 Adam Street, New York, NY 535022". You could easily tell on Google Maps that no such address exists...well, the zip code should be 5 digits, and it has 6...!

Fake Testimonials and Proof of Payments

The people who appear on the homepage to leave a testimonial are all fake; all the photos are just stock images, available on royalty-free image sites.

The proof of payments are collages created by graphic software. None of them actually says "I got my cash paid". And you'll notice that the scammer may be from Europe, from the way they use a "comma" as the decimal separator instead of a period like they do in Europe. (e.g. $150,00)

WiredBucks Fake Testimonials

WiredBucks Fake Testimonials

Now Seriously... How Much Do They Owe You?

Okay, now you know that you're not getting any money from WiredBucks, and earlier on I did indeed call WiredBucks a "scam site". But whoever behind this system - are they really a scammer? How much do they owe you?

I'm afraid the answer is, none. They don't owe you any money because you haven't done anything job's worth for them. They're not technically a "scammer" because they haven't actually stolen your money. All they did was to lie to you... You see where I'm going?

If you were to hunt these people down and sue them, what the court is likely to do would be to take the average online job rates into consideration and order them to pay you for the job you've done...which would be none. Because sharing the link on social media to invite your friends is a job worth zero dollars. Answering a few survey questions - probably a few cents. You see what I mean? WiredBucks.com. Forget it, move on.

Then the next question you might ask would be...

Which Sites Pay You Decent Money?

Now this is the reality. You can't expect to earn more than a few dollars a day if you're looking for an easy job that anyone can do. You don't know who you're communicating with on the internet - just like you don't trust strangers online, they don't trust you either. Nobody offers a serious job and pay serious money to random people online.

It means that if you want to do a decent job and get paid a decent rate by someone, things work no differently from a local job search. You'll have to have a résumé with you, be clear of your specialty (what you can do but others can't), and be ready to appeal your skills at the interview. Online job search is much more competitive for an obvious reason - because it's accessible by a wider range of people. Boring? Yeah.

Start Your Own Business Online

That leaves with the option to become your own boss. Really, if you want to start earning income online seriously, the only way is to start your own business, and that's not as difficult to start as you think. In fact, you can start your affiliate marketing business today. First you need to have your own website (for free), then you become an affiliate to promote any products from Amazon or ClickBank (for free). I never said it would be "easy" - you'll need to learn various techniques, and you'll have to be honest. Recommend products to others without misleading them or lying to them. If you're willing to learn and determined to work hard to achieve your financial goals, the amount of money you earn will be immense. Join from the link below if you're interested. Any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
June 2021: $5,371.70

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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  1. I appreciate the honest appraisals of wiredbucks. Not getting near it at all. Could you teach me how to start my own business online?

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comment. You can join us from the link above, it’s one of the most economical ways to learn online (affiliate marketing) business as necessary tools are included in the monthly fee. I wish you all the best!

  2. Hello sir ! It is now that I find your information on wiredbucks, what you is exactly what is happening to me, I have been requesting payment since August 15, 2020, it is sending me a message telling me it will take a months, arrive at the day to receive the money they told me that my request is canceled and my account is pending termination because the wiredbucks system finds that my account has fraud, yet I have done everything respecting the standards set by wiredbucks. I contact them by email they do not answer me. My goal is to find a job online so I'm waiting for your help thanks

    1. Hi Charly, thanks for sharing your experience with WiredBucks. I would suggest that you stop wasting your time – like I explained in your post, you’re not getting any money from them whatever you do. It’s more difficult to find a job online than to find a job offline (local job). So I suggest that you start learning to run your own online business. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, join me from the link at the end of the post. I wish you all the best!

    1. Hi Andrea, I believe that if you go to the settings and change your email address to a fake one (to anything, like abc@abc.com) then from the next time you’ll only be able to log in using that fake address. I wish you all the best!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. No point doing anything “against them” in my opinion. There are too many of those sites right now but it’s just one type of scamming trend. Best for everyone to ignore. Go to your account and change your email address to a fake one (anything, like aaa@bbb.com). That’s the best you can do, I think!

  3. I only made 50 dollars so far then I checked if it was legit I\’m so glad I know now it’s fake something told me it was to good to be trou. Wired bucks is a scam I will tell every1 of my social followers. Thank u.

  4. Nice review article about scam site. Thanks to you. May i request to you to make a review about beypazaricekici com. It’s because the site seems not legit. It’s former site title is bitcoinmining news and it just changed its title recently. Thank you.

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