Click Wealth System Review – For Beginners? Yeah…

Updated: September 20, 2020
by Ray Alexander

I'll start off my Click Wealth System review by saying, "This one's legit, people. It may be worth taking a look if you are brand new to affiliate marketing." The sales video is full of typical scammy elements; it promises "zero computer skills", to pay off your debts and have a luxury lifestyle. The seller never appears on the video but tells you a typical sob story... Heard that all before. I was pretty confidently expecting the actual product to be a collection of outdated YouTube videos and a couple of PLR ebooks. But it turns out that the method and materials are all current.

There's nothing new though - hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers have been using this exact method using the exact kind of landing pages for years. Depending on how "new" you are to the business, you may find it useful to learn how others are doing it. So today my Click Wealth System review will show you what this affiliate marketing package includes, and I'll also discuss whether this program is actually useful for you in the long run.

Click Wealth System Review

Product Name:

Click Wealth System

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Affiliate Marketing


"Matt Tang"




What Is Click Wealth System?

Click Wealth System (CWS) provides free squeeze pages designed for solo ad traffic and a ready-made email follow-up sequence to promote CWS itself as an affiliate. 

To start online marketing, you'll need to have your own landing page and email marketing system up & running. But it could take good knowledge, time, and cost to set it all up from scratch. CWS will let you skip all that and allow you to start affiliate marketing in a matter of a few hours.

CWS is sold for a one-off fee of $9 but you are required to pay for the email marketing service, GetResponse every month. You'll also continuously be spending money on solo ad traffic, so you need to keep some money aside from the beginning. (I'll explain more about it later.)

As you buy solo ad traffic, you'll build a list of subscribers and those subscribers will automatically receive follow-up emails from you every other day, already written up invitations to buy Click Wealth System. 

You'll be solely promoting Click Wealth System and every time someone makes a purchase, you'll receive a commission of $5.40.

Click Wealth System Review

The Navigations / Steps

The great thing about Click Wealth System is the step-by-step navigation, which is extremely clear, in my opinion. You often get frustrated when people say "just follow the steps!" and there are no clear steps to follow. But these are the real steps - you literally go through the left-hand menu bar from top to bottom, and do what each page tells you to do. Most of them only take a few clicks. Each step comes with instruction in PDF (opens in the new tab), so you'll never go wrong. Simple. Easy. I'm very impressed by the clarity of the whole navigation.

The steps are;

  • Step 1: Join the CWS Facebook group. 
  • Step 2: Create and sync your ClickBank account. 
  • Step 3: Create and sync your autoresponder (GetResponse) account.
  • Step 4: "Activate Free Traffic" - you'll receive 100 visitors to your landing pages over the next 6-8 weeks.
  • Step 5: Set up your landing pages at one click.
  • Step 6: Set up your click tracker.
  • Step 7: Get your "Verified influencer Traffic" (i.e. buy solo ads.)

Who Is Click Wealth System Is For?

This is one of the traditional/standard ways of building a list and promoting an affiliate product using solo ads, so this is definitely for a total newbie who wishes to learn how other affiliate marketers do. If you've previously purchased a training program such as 12 Minute Affiliate, Click Wealth System is a simpler version, therefore it won't be for you.

Creator - Matthew Tang

The sales video is narrated by an actor, and there's only one photo of "Matt Tang" displayed on Facebook. So I guess the name is likely to be a pseudonym. But he actually manages the Facebook group and provides basic advice to the members daily. It's up to you how you feel about being in contact with someone who's not real, i.e. he could disappear at any time. But only for $9, it wouldn't be matter too much if he did. You'll learn the basics of online marketing, at least you'll get what you need.

Can You Make Money With Click Wealth System?

I'll show you a breakeven scenario, and that will hopefully give you some ideas. You'll really need to keep track of your spending on traffic though. 

To make your Click Wealth System work, you'll also need to pay;

  • GetResponse (email marketing service) which will cost you the minimum of $15 per month after the initial 30-day free trial, and
  • Solo ad traffic, starting $80 for 100 clicks.

Let's ignore the GetResponse fee for now and focus on the expenditure on traffic. 

  • You usually receive 25%-50% opt-ins from solo ads. It means that if you buy 100 clicks for $80, you'll acquire 25-50 leads (=subscribers). 
  • Hopefully some of your subscribers will buy CWS - each time someone makes a purchase, you'll receive a 60% commission, i.e. $5.40.

The breakeven point - if 15 people purchase Click Wealth System via your affiliate link, you'll make $81 (15 x $5.40)

Although the followup emails will automatically be sent to your leads every 2 days and continuously encourage them to buy CWS, you'll only make a profit if 15 or more out of your 25-50 subscribers make a purchase. This can be achievable but also very ambitious because solo ad traffic can really be hit & miss. Some of your leads can be bots or totally non-responsive, you'll just never know. 

"Influencer Traffic" (Just Solo Ads)

Matt recommends a few solo ad traffic providers to the CWS members but he calls it the "influencer traffic" which is peculiar. In fact, I think that's misleading. Solo ad traffic is absolutely nothing to do with influencers. These silly landing pages that you're going to use claiming to make thousands of dollars within minutes - real "influencers" will never take them seriously, you see. If anything, many of the visitors will be get-rich-quick dreamers.

Click Wealth System Landing Page

One of the CWS's landing page templates

But anyway, Matt recommends Udimi, Roy Tay, Jasdeep Singh, and his own solo ad services.

Udimi is a good solo ad marketplace where you can find a variety of traffic vendors. I have used Roy Tay's traffic as well as Jasdeep's in the past, they're both friendly, helpful, and they always gave me the standard opt-in rates of 40-45%. 

Whereas I'm not sure if Matt's own solo ad service is good enough, and there's a reason for it.

Because CWS itself is his own product, he must be continuously promoting it to his own subscribers, right? Buying his solo ad traffic means he's going to direct some of his subscribers to your landing page. But your landing page also promotes CWS. And don't forget, many other CWS members may buy his traffic, and they all have a landing page created by him that promotes CWS.

Their landing pages are all placed in Matt's "solo ad traffic rotator". It means that from his subscribers' point of view, they will continuously be invited to join in the CWS by Matt, by you, and by the other CWS members. It won't be a surprise if they become sick of seeing the same promotion over & over again, you see what I mean? And when they're sick of it, what they can do is to enter a fake email address to avoid receiving multiple emails with the same content. Especially your subscription form is set up for a single opt-in (i.e. new subscribers won't have to confirm their email address), so you'll have more chance of receiving fake leads.

Your Subscribers and Followup Emails

Click Wealth System Dashboard

Click Wealth System Dashboard

Click Wealth System provides a pre-written email followup sequence, which will automatically be loaded on your GetResponse account via API. Your lead will receive their first email from you as soon as they sign up, and subsequently, they'll receive an email every other day for the next 60 days, or until they unsubscribe. This is great, but there are some disadvantages as well as advantages;


Well, I think it's great to have 30 x followup emails already written up, simply because writing them is a painfully time-consuming job, especially for a beginner. 

Also, all 30 emails have generic "work from home" content, so you can change the link destination and promote different related products from ClickBank instead of CWS. (And I really think you should if you want to make multiple commissions!)


CWS is designed to make things as simplest as possible, so all you have to do is to connect your CWS account to GetResponse. I think we should appreciate that. But I also think it's a little irresponsible of Matt the creator not to provide any basic training, because really, this is a hidden extra cost, you see. Click Wealth System won't work fully without GetResponse but you're only told that after you become a member. Moreover, you can't just do nothing with GetResponse. You'll have to keep watching your list for open rates and you'll have to regularly remove inactive subscribers to avoid paying extra costs to GetResponse.

Another disadvantage is, all the other CWS members are provided with the same followup emails and advised to use the same solo ad sellers. It means as I mentioned earlier, the same people may sign up with you as well as some other CWS members and end up receiving exactly the same email followups. Then they'll get annoyed and unsubscribe, or even worse, complain by marking your emails as spam. The last thing you want is for multiple leads to mark your emails as spam, which can risk your GetResponse account shut down. But it could be a great possibility if you have ready-made swipes automatically sent out without editing to make them your own and continuously promote the same product (i.e. CWS).

With all that said, this will give you a good opportunity to start learning email marketing. You should really make the most of your GetResponse membership. Fortunately, GetResponse provides plenty of video tutorials and support via live chat, so you can learn how to use it over time. GetResponse also comes with a free landing page builder, so you'll be able to replicate your CWS landing page and start promoting other products yourself.

Click Tracker

The Click Tracker appears to be a good feature, nice and simple. It won't take you seconds to create multiple unique tracking links to your Click Wealth System landing page. It will be useful for a simple split-test. 

For example, when you share your landing page on social media, you can share; 

  • Link A on Twitter and Link B on Facebook, to see which followers are more interested in your landing page.
  • Share each link at a different time of day, to find out the time you get the most clicks.
  • Share each link with a different sales copy to see which one gets the most clicks.
Click Wealth System Tracker

However the bad news is, it doesn't seem to record unique clicks correctly. I repeatedly copied and pasted the same link on the same browser (on home broadband, static IP address) and it simply recorded as different unique clicks. So this doesn't work fully, unfortunately.


3 x upselling products are available.

Upsell 1 - "Profit Activator" ($147 - downsold at $97)

Click Wealth System Profit Activator

4 x elements that can be placed on your landing page to maximize the chance of selling;

  • Scarcity Activator - The top bar that tells users that the offer is only available on that day only.
  • Personalization Activator - Detects user's location from the IP address and tells them the offer is "exclusive" to their country.
  • Urgency Activator - Countdown timer.
  • Social Proof Activator - It flashes at the bottom of the screen to tell users every few seconds that someone has "just made money".

Matt says that you could increase your profit by 150% if you use these features. I haven't bought this particular package and used it on a CWS squeeze (landing) page, but from my years of experience, I strongly disagree. These features work great on a sales page, but not on a squeeze page like the ones you're provided by CWS. Your page is there for the prospects to opt in, not to make a purchase at that stage. Unless there's an interesting video on the page, prospects rarely stay more than a minute (from my experience). So I don't personally recommend you to buy this particular upsell.

Upsell 2 - "Profit Multiplier" ($148 - downsold at $98)

Sorry, I'm not really sure what it does. It says "Choose a DFY product and send a unique, profitable email to your subscribers". It sounds like this package will allow you to promote a different product rather than CWS. But the email will be sent to your existing subscribers, so you might want to consider buying it when you have a lot of leads. Not right at the beginning.

Upsell 3 - "Profit Site Upgrade" (5 more landing pages $95)

Profit Site Upgrade

Your initial CWS membership includes 2 x landing pages. I personally don't think it's worth paying $95 just to get five more similar landing pages to what you already have. The price includes web hosting, so it will work out cheaper. But the members are not given any information about the web hosting company, such as site security, speed, uptime, etc. You don't have control over any technical aspects, you see. The server may go down while you're driving premium traffic. You wouldn't want to rely on "done-for-you" products too much. I'd rather recommend you to learn how to create your own landing pages (e.g. using Thrive Architect on WordPress) if you're looking for more sustainable affiliate marketing methods.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you've bought Click Wealth System but you're not happy, your purchase is covered by ClickBank's 60-day money back guarantee. Any of the upsells are also under "no questions asked" guarantee, so you can claim a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Click Wealth System Pros and Cons


  • Low cost.
  • Great for a complete beginner to learn affiliate marketing using solo ad traffic.
  • Excellent navigation and comprehensive instructions.
  • Done-for-you followup emails.
  • Your landing page URLs will be decent (not subdomain.)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee by ClickBank.


  • You'll need to sign up with GetResponse to work.
  • You'll also need to set some money to spend on solo ads.
  • Great instruction but it's a real "done-for-you" package - no training material.

Click Wealth System Review - Conclusion:

In my opinion, Click Wealth System is made exclusively to those who have no idea how to promote an affiliate product using solo ads and build a list of leads at the same time. This is a typical and popular method, so if you've already tried one of those, there'll be nothing new to learn. But still, you'll get 30 x email swipes which will be a time-saver. Though I would strongly suggest that you edit each email content to make your own.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

About the author 

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. You know what, Click wealth system is owned by Shaun Isiah who also owns Perpetual Income 365 because before I got it
    I started to receive emails but the link looked like his name at the end of a Clickbank address.
    Why is he using a fake name to sell a similar system? I think he’s trying to sell
    a cheaper version using a fake name for convenience.

  2. I was really excited when I bought it because when I was told about free traffic but now I know the websites are scam & I will have to pay a lot more money to make this work.
    I don’t want to sell things that scammers sell. I’m hugely disappointed but I guess you get what you pay for….

    1. Hi Gill, thanks for your comment, and also thanks for your email, which I have just replied.

      The term "free traffic" is often hugely exaggerated by product sellers. The majority of "free traffic secrets" that they reveal is about;

      1. Sharing links on social media (only effective if you already have thousands of followers, and if you had thousands of followers, you'd already know this.) Or,
      2. Sharing links on forums, entrepreneurs' communities, traffic exchange sites (no one's interested in some ordinary "make money now" page.

      There's no "revolutionary method" or anything magical. New marketers are often either disillusioned by it or end up paying a lot on premium traffic sources. Learning SEO to draw organic traffic is the best way but it can take months. Be persistent and you will get there though, eventually! I wish you all the best. Thanks!

  3. Hey, I see what you mean about not new and ‘get rich quick dreamers’. If you are serious about making money online you know you never make $11k in 30 mins so soon. These landing pages are so boring. If they use a new funnel builder they might look new or current or whatever but the trick is outdated. If I see one I’ll immediately close it. The leads you will get are all lazy homeless who don’t have a dime to spend. They are all looking for free money. They might optin but write back to call you a liar. You only get useless leads from funnels like that.

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for your comment. You can say that, I agree, not entirely but partly… Leads that you acquire via solo ad traffic can be unreliable. I find it harder to encourage especially the leads who sign up on a scammy landing page to make any purchases, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it.

  4. on any of the FB solo ad groups / testimonials? Never heard that name. How many subs does he have?
    if he’s not on fb he might not sell solo ads actively.

    1. Hi, I don’t know the answer to your questions. Whether someone’s selling solo ads to Facebook users or not does not define the validity of the business though. I’ve seen so many scammers. That’s irrelevant. What do you think of Click Wealth System from this review? Let us know.

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