All In One Profits Review – Past Its Sell-By Date

By Ray Alexander

All In One Profits provides web hosting, autoresponder and some marketing resources. When you are new to online marketing and you don't know how to go about, the idea of "all-in-one" may seem like a perfect solution. With the low-cost joining fee and an opportunity to make money by referring it to others, it may sound like this is all you need to get your business successful. Convenient for sure, but I also found some negatives right away. I'll explain how I feel about each element, and I hope this All In One Profits review will help you decide whether it's worth giving it a try.

All In One Profits Review

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All In One Profits

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Internet Marketing


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From $11.15 per month


What Is The All In One Profits?

As the name suggests, All In One Profits (AIOP) provides necessary tools for online marketing, the Basic Plan will cost you $11.50 ($10 plus $1.50 processing fee) and it includes;

  • Web hosting
  • Autoresponder (email marketing service)
  • Splash (squeeze) page builder
  • Link tracker
  • Link rotator
  • Downline builder
  • Text & banner advertising
  • Bonus PLR products (software and ebooks).

The last one - the bonus products are all related to online marketing - article writing, emailing, affiliate marketing, page building. All the products have "resell rights" attached, which means you can use them for yourself and also resell them. Many of the products include a sales package. 

All In One Profits Review

So the idea is, AIOP will allow you to do things such as;

  • Build splash/squeeze pages on the webspace (means you generate leads. Collect subscribers.)
  • Also upload sales pages on the webspace and sell these bonus products.
  • Send email campaigns to your subscribers.
  • Get the destination of the link in your email campaigns to rotate. (It means you can promote multiple products. Every time a recipient clicks it, they'll be directed to a different page.)
  • Check users' behavior using the link tracker.
  • Advertise your campaign in AIOP's ad network.

AIOP also offers to pay a referral commission. The compensation plan is peculiar, which I'll explain in a little while.

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan will cost you $21.76 ($20 plus $1.76 processing fee) per month, and it includes all the Basic Plan features plus;

  • Drag and drop landing page and website builder
  • Video squeeze creator
  • Photo slider maker (slideshow for your site)
  • Web video testimonials creator
  • Royalty-free music and images for your marketing
  • Extra PLR product packages added every month
  • Your campaigns will automatically be added to AIOP's ad network.

All In One Profits At A Glance

With the list of things that you can do, AIOP does prove to provide the majority of the essential tools to get your online business started. Not all, but most of them.

But you'll notice the oldfashioned design of the homepage as soon as you visit. The site was created in 2012 and it doesn't look like it's ever been updated, which makes me think that if the design's not up-to-date, other tools and methods may not be either. To me, that was an immediate red flag.


Firstly, we casually call this an "autoresponder" whenever we refer to an email marketing service.

And secondly... Never consider using an autoresponder that's not by a well-known email marketing company, you'll be wasting your time. The well-known companies who offer the cheapest range of monthly fee are;

  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp (not for affiliate marketing / "make money" niche)
  • MilerLite (not for affiliate marketing)
  • SendInBlue (not for get-rich-quick / MLM)

Internet marketers use these companies for one and only reason; deliverability. The majority of others, especially all-round marketing tools that have an autoresponder feature fail to deliver emails to the inbox. Because their bulk emails are considered spam by ISP (internet service providers) such as Gmail, Microsoft (Outlook and Hotmail) and Yahoo. Even with a double opt-in (where they ask new subscribers to confirm their email address), their future email can easily land in the spam folder. Many email marketers know it, and I have tested and witnessed on countless occasions, therefore sadly it's the fact.

You can learn about deliverability rates from this site. AIOP claims to offer a 99% deliverability rate, but unfortunately it's extremely hard to believe. You might think a free autoresponder feature will be a bargain, but there's no point if no one's receiving your emails!

Advertising Opportunities

AIOP allows you to place a text link and a banner in its own advertising network. Opportunity to promote your business for free, but is it really good? Not necessarily because you want to know who to advertise it to, in fact, that's all it matters.

AIOP advertising

Banners with broken link - showing the site is not maintained properly.

AIOP's "adverting network" is another very outdated ads exchange-like site. Ads exchange may have been effective over a decade ago, if at all, when social media wasn't the mainstream. Now the whole idea of it is obsolete, no one would specifically visit ad exchange sites to look for business opportunities or solutions to their problems. For that reason, I really don't think the free banner opportunity that AIOP offers is particularly favorable.

PLR Products

AIOP PLR Products

The All In One Profits members have access to the e-library and enjoy numerous PLR products for free. The majority of them have master-resell rights or resell rights, which means they're all downloadable products (software, ebooks, or packages in a zip file) and you can resell them online. 

Is that great? No is the answer for two reasons. 

The first reason is the quality; to be perfectly honest with you, the term "you get what you pay for" exactly applies to PLR products. If they're free, they're valued free. Very few of them are actually useful. Most of the PLR ebooks are;

  • General guides and not practically useful,
  • Made lengthy for the sake of it - the content's blown up with unnecessarily long paragraphs, and
  • A lot of information is out of date, e.g. recommending a web tool that no longer exists.

The same applies to PLR videos and graphic software. Old and unnecessarily lengthy video tutorials and outdated graphics software are useless and not resellable. 

The second reason is simple; PLR products are low value, which means they're obtainable for free or at a very low cost pretty easily. You can google search it (e.g. "free PLR") and find some sites.

So All In One Profits offering PLR products as part of the membership is not particularly unique or beneficial to you, unfortunately.

Web Hosting

That leaves us with a web hosting service. It provides 500Mb disk space and 5Gb bandwidth. It sounds like the most basic, standard service including unlimited domains, control panel, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento ready. No mention of SSL certificate and extra security, so you'll be likely to have to pay extra on top of it.

It sounds like AIOP has an agency license for a third party web hosting service, but again, just like I mentioned earlier in the Autoresponder section, I'd rather directly go for a reputable company. For example, if you visit the Bluehost website (or any well-known web hosting company's site, really!) you just simply see how sophisticated the homepage looks comparing to AIOP. With Bluehost, you can receive unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for just under $5 per month (based on the 36-month contract).

So there's no reason why you should have your website hosted via AIOP. There are plenty of others out there offering cheap hosting service options.

The Compensation Plan

AIOP's compensation plan is so peculiar. It names the scheme "even up formula", where you can only keep every other referral you've invited. Your referrals #1, #3, #5, #7... will be your referrals, but your referrals #2, #4, #6, #8... will be passed up to your sponsor (direct upline).

all in one profits compensation plan

The commission rate is a flat $10. So if you refer someone to AIOP, you'll receive $10, which will almost pay off your own AIOP membership fee. But if you refer another person (your 2nd referral), $10 will not be paid to you, but to your sponsor. Why? I have no idea! If you genuinely believed that AIOP was a good system, recommended it to 3 people that you care about and all 3 of them joined, you'd only receive $20 commission; $10 for the person No. 1 and $10 for the person No. 3. But your direct upline would take $10 for the person No. 2 that you referred. I find the system very odd.

AIOP seems to over-emphasize that the referring system is not at a multi-level, as if it's against MLMs. There's nothing wrong with multi-level marketing. (NB: not to be confused with a Pyramid scheme, where there's no product to sell which is illegal. MLM is within the law.) I'm not into MLMs and team-building and all that, but AIOP's scheme sounds pretty demotivating as far as sponsoring your referrals is concerned.

"No Refund" Policy

All In One Profits' refund policy states that your initial payment will be non-refundable because it's a digital product that can be immediately accessible. It's a monthly subscription fee, so if you wish you cancel the recurring payment, you're requested to notify them "within 6 days but no less than 48 hours before the payment due date". 

Any Alternatives?

You know what, I wouldn't trust low-cost "all in one" marketing platforms because they try to put everything in on a low budget and nothing turns out to be exceptionally good. All In One Profits is not an exception, you 'll only get what you pay for. 

I would rather look for the most current tools separately. If I were new to affiliate marketing but short of cash, instead of signing up with AIOP, I would;

  1. Sign up with a cheap WordPress hosting service.
  2. Use a free plugin to build a landing page.
  3. Start promoting across social networks.
  4. Sign up with AWeber for email marketing.
  5. Use LeadsLeap or to track links.

It's an extremely basic idea, and you would still need some extra cash to drive traffic (e.g. use Facebook ads, solo ads), but that would be the most economical AND decent way to set it all up, in my opinion.

Also Read: How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget

All In One Profits Pros and Cons


  • Relatively low cost.
  • Referral commission opportunity.
  • Your fee will be almost paid off if you refer it to one person.


  • Outdated site design, means it's not been maintained for a long time.
  • Advertising opportunity - no great effect is expected.
  • Odd referring system - you'll only get commissions for every other person you refer.
  • Autoresponder - I'd rather recommend a reputable company for better deliverability.
  • No free trial, no refund policy.

All In One Profits Review - Conclusion:

Yes, just by referring AIOP to one person, your monthly fee will be (almost) paid off. But the truth is, you don't want to recommend such an out-of-date marketing package and lose your integrity. Sorry, I'd say no to this one.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Hi Ray, as a member of AIOP I wouldike to give a proper and fair response to your review:

    First, you’ve made a bold statement “AIOP claims that they have a 99% delivery rate, but it’s hard to believe that it’s true.”

    I simply ask, “in order fir you to give your followers a better and more reliable review based upon true experience or ‘expertise’ as you claim, why didn’t you spend a measly $11.50 to actually test AIOP to see if it’s true? I’m sure your followers would have respected your “experience or expertise” more than just “factless” conjecture.

    I ‘ve used the auriresponder for over a year and it works flawlessly.

    Secondly, you like many others complain about the “outdated” look and feel of the graphics being used on the AIOP front-end and dashboard.

    Fair enough, but let me some state, “having the latest asthetic design for a website doesn’t make a website function any better and it doesn’t make an affiliate
    business opportunity more lucrative, so that point has no basis.

    Here are 2 points that you’ve selected to overlook:

    Point number 1: Yes, Aweber, Getresponse, and Mailchimp have a very modern look and feel, but their autoresponder prices for “unlimited lists and unlimited subscribers” are all over $1100 per month; meanwhile, AIOP only charge $11.50 per month for “unlimited email lists and unlimited subscribers”.

    I find it very strange that all of you bloggers who
    write negative reviews for AIOP always fail to
    mention that crucial point when you compare AIOP’s auto responder offering over the so called “go to” companies.

    Point number 2:

    Yes, you can host with others for a price lower than $11.50 monthly (about 2.99 – 6.99 per month; however, with most you have to order 2 to 3 years
    upfront), but none of those companies offer a “mlm” type “business in a box.”

    In other words, not one of those other hosting companies are willing to share company profits with it’s members.

    Sure most of them are willing to give you a measly 10-15% per referral, but they are not willing to pay you over 90% per referral, nor did they invest in the software and admin to operate a “MLM” type business and compensation plan.

    So yes, we get a lot of bang for the measely $11.50
    buck. Not to mention, the PLR training products, the built-in membership chat and social networking
    system, the built-in banner advertising network, and the edible newsletter and splash page templates.

    Before I close, I would like to address another strange comment that you’ve made:

    You said: “why pass up your even number commissions, wouldn’t it be better to keep all referrals for yourself?”

    Absolutey NOT, here’s why:

    Imagine if you only get “2” referrals, and you keep your odd number referral which is referral number 1.

    And referral number “1” passes up all of his/her even numbered referrals to you (2,4,6,).

    And those even numbered referrals (2,4,6) passed up their even numbered referrals to you as well (2,4,6).

    And this continues for infinity “even-numbered refferals” width and infinity even-numbered refferal
    levels deep. This is well known to any professional affiliate marketer as “the power of leverage.”

    For every one “even numbered” referral that you pass up to your sponsor, you earn hundreds of “even numbered” referrals in exchange.

    YOU are an expert or authority in affiliate marketing so I find it hard to believe that you actually find the AIOP comp plan “strange, where, or hard to believe.

    Now, before someone ask, is this “cash gifting?”

    No, because AIOP buys bulk resell hosting from Hostgator for pennies, and they make huge profits by selling the $21 upgrade packages which include advertising. and team build rotators.

    That being said, yes, their basic hosting plan is very limited on HD space, but the good side is that they’re able to pay 100% of the basic plan fee to their affiliates making it the best comp plan in the hosting and autoresponder industry.

    They use their members as affiliates to market their services to millions (on our time and our dime).

    Also, they’re currently making huge, monthly revenues from being on the top tier (or first promoters) of their very own comp plan. Yes. They were the first to
    market AIOP; however, you can’t join AIOP today unless you have a sponsor.

    No. there will never be saturation. That’s because every month there will always be thousands of new leads (young men and women who celebrate their 18th birthdays). Every year young adults will be of legal age to make money online and they will all need web hosting, autoresponders, and affiliate business opportunites.

    I hope my comment helps to clarify how members feel about AIOP and why and how it actually works for us!

    1. Hi James, thanks for sharing your views. It’s good to see that you’re happy with AIOP. But I’m afraid you’re missing the points that I’ve made in the post above, and therefore can I clarify;

      Firstly, Commission “Pass-up”:

      You need to understand this. Because what you explained to me is exactly why I don’t recommend membership schemes such as AIOP to my readers. Niche affiliate marketing as a business model is about helping users solve their problems by recommending useful products. Not about recruiting others by flashing a unique compensation plan for the sake of money.

      When you’ve successfully extracted your effort, you’ll receive a commission for it. Your odd pass-up plan ignores half of your effort – it may come back to you from someone you’re not directly linked to (your referral’s referral). To me that’s wrong. But please note I’m not saying MLMs are wrong because it’s just the way you’ll be involved with a particular team, like being a sub-contractor to a business. If you feel comfortable, work for the company/team. I just don’t endorse the way in which some people focus on making money for the sake of making money. This is something I repeatedly tell my readers; if you want to keep your niche affiliate marketing business trustworthy and sustainable, don’t ever be swayed by complex compensation plans.

      Email deliverability:

      Millions of email marketers choose to use well-known autoresponder services for one reason, i.e. high deliverability rates. Autoresponder companies cannot control the anti-spam policies set out by ISP’s. I’ve been in the email marketing business for many years and this is one thing we talk about all the time. “99%” deliverability claim is laughable – if it was as fantastic as that, we would have all switched to AIOP by now. As you can see the link in the post – AIOP is not listed, and that tells you something.

      Outdated Design:

      No, good graphics/designs do not make business opportunities more lucrative. But bad, old designs cannot convince new users, i.e. no one would take the business seriously. An outdated design means the site’s not been maintained for years, not just about the “look” but the script that they may be using and the lack of security updates. If a business is so successful, it should have enough resources (i.e. spend a few thousand dollars) to update the website. We’ll see what happens with AIOP in the near future.

      I hope this explains. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. I wish you all the best!

      1. Thanks Ray, for a really honest review and feedback. I just want to respond with 2 basic points.

        Point 1: AIOP targets members of the traffic exchanges. As you may already know, almost all of the traffic exchanges keep their “antiquated 1990’s – mid 2000’s” web designs as a show of reliability and tenure – it’s sort of like “classic coke” maintaining the original 1930’s coke bottle and label to illustrate their tenure in the cola business.

        Members of the traffic exchanges feel more secure working with older internet companies.

        AIOP has been around for 8 years. They’ve never missed a payment and there has never been a successful breach of personal or financial information.

        They use Payoneer debit Mastercards to deposit all commissions daily (within 1 hour – no payout wait times or delays), which you can spend using your debit Mastercatd or transfer to your bank

        Point 2: The AIOP auto responder has a built in “spam checker” to rate all of your emails for inbox deliverability. You craft all your emails to receive a 0 rating and this guarantees high inbox delivery rates.

        Yes, outside of the traffic exhange market, AIOP looks outdated for sure, but the system and tools are hosted with Hostgator, and the scripts are all very fast, robust, and rock solid in terms of

  2. hi thank you for your review. can you tell me if one in one profits is a scam?
    can you please check my site and see my all in one profits review? please link if you can thank you

  3. Are u saying this is a scam. how do you know the site is not updated? It looks no different from other make money systems from warrior + jvzoo to me. Which one do you recommend?

    1. Hi Precious, no it’s not a scam. But you just know that the site design is old from the way it looks (font, menu “buttons”, and the layouts). My recommendation is as I explained towards the end of the post – if you want to keep your budget low, you can use each service separately. It depends on how you want to make money online. If you want to start content marketing (blogging/writing product reviews) join me from the link above. Any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me at any time. Thanks for your comment.

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