7 Digital Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Updated: January 21, 2020
by CyberCash Worldwide

Internet marketing is a big field and an extremely complex concept. Today’s businesses, whether small or big, are constantly leveraging the power of the digital medium to increase their brand awareness, engage with fans, and close more sales.

Nowadays, competition is huge in every single marketplace. Whether you sell shoes or paintings, you’ll still have to face a good number of competitors that are fighting to capture the attention of the same audience.

What makes the difference between winners and losers when it comes to digital content marketing?

7 Digital Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

There are two critical factors: content and strategy.

First of all, the success of your online marketing campaigns is directly proportional to the quality of your content. That is because today’s content consumers are extremely selective when it comes to spending important resources like time and attention. 

Second, you need to know what to do with that content. If you know how to properly promote it to the right people and on the right channels, you can easily outrank your competition and position your business as the best choice.

In today’s post, I’ll share 7 insightful content marketing ideas that will skyrocket your digital marketing results. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Consistently Engage with Your Fans on Social Media

One of the best digital content marketing strategies out there involves social media interaction. Nowadays, most customers have a social media profile that they connect to daily. 

When they open their phone, they won’t enter a particular website (yours perhaps). Instead, they’ll get active on social media. 

You need to post high-quality content on a consistent basis. This can be your own content or curated content that is highly relevant to the thematic of your business.

Every time your customers engage with your brand, engage back. Provide useful replies, encourage your fans to provide feedback, and let everyone know that you’re available and consistent.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is still an underrated digital marketing strategy that can be explored in many ways.

Since you own a small business and your budget can’t afford Cristiano Ronaldo, you should adapt and start seeking smaller influencers. Generally, it’s not the number of fans that an influencer has that makes him a good business, but the engagement level of his fan base. 

Start looking for potential candidates. These can be local people that have a solid reputation, small bloggers, vloggers, actors, and so on.

3. Forum and Q&A Marketing

Q&A Marketing

Forum marketing is the art of engaging with your target audience on the forums that they visit regularly. If you’re selling an informational book that teaches people how to gain self-confidence, you can market your value proposition on self-help and personal development forums.

Create a profile and write the name of your brand as a username. Create a signature that leads to your website (if the forum allows) and start engaging. Get involved in discussions and provide relevant answers that generate curiosity and trust. The purpose is to make your business name known to as many people while also providing useful information that increases trust.

You can even outsource the best assignment help website to automate the entire process. When I was practicing this strategy, I’ve collaborated with two professional writers that have done a great job. The ROI was amazing, so I’ve continued to scale the operations up until I’ve covered all the relevant forums in my niche.

Q&A marketing works in a very similar fashion. Create a profile on popular Q&A platforms like Quora and Yahoo Answers and start answering all the relevant questions that have a close connection to your business.

4. E-mail Marketing

Every successful big brand takes advantage of email marketing to create solid databases of clients. Why?

Because it works. Email marketing is the most effective channel when it comes to closing sales. If social media is the hub where you fish for prospects, email marketing is the place where random individuals become first-time customers.

Regardless of your business size and type, you should collect your fans’ emails and develop a stronger relationship through email marketing. 

5. Social Media Contests

Social media contests represent an easy way to capture the attention of a lot of people, in a very short amount of time.

To skyrocket your traffic, start holding contests and offer rewards to the winners. For example, make your followers post a picture or a short video of them using your products. The best picture wins a free product, discounts, or exclusive offers.

6. Create and Market Infographics

Create and Market Infographics

If you’re passionate about design and you know your industry well, you can prepare an infographic that treats an important topic that most of your target audience members want to hear.

By designing and publishing an infographic on your website, you’re improving your odds of getting important backlinks from other industry websites (not necessarily your competition). That will improve your search engine rankings but will also help you generate more direct traffic.

7. Repurpose Your Content

As the last idea, I’m encouraging you to repurpose your content. If you’ve written a blog post about climate change a year ago, take that blog post and turn it into an audiobook/video/infographic/graphic while adding other relevant information that you’ve acquired in the meantime.

A piece of content is information. If you label this information using different packages, you can get access to more audiences and therefore improve your brand awareness.


There are thousands of digital marketing strategies out there. What you need to do is select the ones that resonate the most with your business objectives and needs and try them out.

To be able to tell whether a strategy works or not, you need to test, analyze, and measure the results. Leverage analytics tools to quantify your results and decide between moving to the next strategy and optimizing the current one.

Author  //  Sandra Larson

Sandra Larson is a highly talented essay writer, business consultant, and freelance writer. She’s currently helping over ten small-sized businesses to advance their marketing and branding strategies. As a side hustle, she writes various blog posts for different niche magazines. In her free time, she loves to sing pop music and dance salsa.

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