Affiliate Marketing For Gaming

Updated: January 24, 2020
by TJ Salvatore

Affiliate Marketing has become a popular option for those looking to earn extra income while working from home. The emergence of social media, in particular, has played a big role in the earning potential of affiliate programs, attracting people from all sorts of backgrounds and professions. 

Some of the more exciting affiliate opportunities on offer can be found in the digital industries. Mobile and online gaming have quickly become dominant technology trends, and as suppliers compete for customers in a crowded marketplace they are consequently running a diverse range of referral programs. 

Let’s take a look at how to earn some extra cash in these core industries.

Affiliate Marketing For Gaming

eSports Gaming

Unless you’re a gamer yourself or spend time with some, you probably have very little idea of just how committed today's gamers are. Even for amateur players and hobbyists, gaming is an expensive hobby, yet players are happy to invest in the latest tech and gaming experiences. 

As a whole, gaming is worth around $113 billion and is expected to grow to $300 billion over the next five years. It’s a mainstream, global industry and there are plenty of affiliate programs within the market, especially as games develop and become more complex and players seek out ways to give themselves extra advantages. 

Depending on both the service being promoted and the individual program, some affiliates can expect to make between $8 and $50 per sale. While these numbers may seem low, gamers will be loyal to a service that they know they can trust, so there’s also the opportunity for repeat cash you can earn each and every month. 

There are also opportunities within the gaming hardware niche, for manufacturers like Razer, NVIDIA and even Microsoft. On paper, the commission percentage may look small (1-20% for Razer, for example), but it’s worth bearing in mind that many of their products are high ticket items, so 5% earnings on a gaming laptop that cost $1,500 really isn’t such a bad deal. 

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In the same way that traditional casino games became embedded in 20th-century popular culture via movies like Casablanca and iconic characters like James Bond, iGaming is very much a 21st-century phenomenon. Over the past decade, the industry has experienced exponential growth and is expected to be worth as much as $103 billion in five years’ time. 

The residual earnings available in casino affiliate programs can be some of the highest around, but due to the specialist nature of the industry and the fact that there are differences in real money gaming laws from country to country, affiliates ideally need a casino or gaming-related website first. 

There are affiliate programs available with most of the leading brands, including those offering sports betting solutions, online poker, slots games, etc. If this is an industry that interests you, it’ll pay in the long run to do some research into the types of programs on offer. Ideally, you would want a program that connects you with an affiliate manager who can set you up with the right tools and resources to turn the opportunity into a lucrative income stream. 



There are over 3 billion smartphone users in the world right now; So many industries have been affected by the rise of mobile technology. Mobile gaming has taken the place of desktop gaming, and we no longer need a computer or laptop. Even watching our favorite television shows on a tiniest small screen is common these days.

As you might expect, the range of affiliate programs available in this industry is vast, but they do work a little differently to the more traditional programs and you will need an app to participate. 

Mobile affiliate marketing is performance-based, and it has four main players: 

  1. Advertisers - the brand or service.
  2. Networks - with aggregate offers for affiliates to select and typically handle payments.
  3. Publishers - aka the affiliates, who have app “real estate” to monetize and streams of traffic.
  4. Users - the end customer.

It doesn't matter which industry you choose. If you're willing to commit time and effort, you can make a sizable side-hustle income from any of them. 

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