Affiliate Marketing and the Best Way to Make Money from it

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The explosion of all things digital has led to a number of developments including the increase in different types of income streams. While your business can be put on the radar by making use of the SEO and social media tools and technology, you can also make use of a number of other methods like affiliate marketing, in order to make money online. Recurring affiliate programs could be just the thing to give you a source of income that is stable and steady - and it also requires less effort from you!

Affiliate Marketing and the Best Way to Make Money from it

So how can you make money from recurring affiliate programs? There are a number of such programs and let us look at the most popular affiliate marketing platforms before we understand how we can make money from them. 

Share A Sales Affiliates

This is one of the foremost affiliate programs in the world and you can easily make enough income by referring merchants and their products so that you earn each time you take a lead and help in converting the same into a customer with your recommendation. 

Amazon Associates

This is another recurring affiliate program that helps you earn by referring well verified and certified vendors who have their products on Amazon. The payments on this platform are usually well timed and there is a level of credibility here that you will not find on other platforms. 

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eBay Partners

With eBay partners, you get to tap into a vendor base that puts out some of the most unique and salable products that have a niche market. This also makes the marketing of such products thatch more challenging and helps you develop a niche and unique database for each individual product, thereby helping you up your affiliate marketing game by leaps and bounds. 

Shopify Affiliate Program

This Shopify program is one that allows you to make handsome earnings as you find and refer products and vendors who have already been verified by Shopify. This will give you a credible name in the world of affiliate marketing as well. 

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So now that we have cast a glance at a few of the top affiliate marketing platforms amongst the hundreds of them out there, let us find out the best way in which you can make money from recurring affiliate programs. 

1. Choose Your Payment Terms 

Choose Your Payment Terms

Before we get into the ways in which you can make money through affiliate marketing, it would be important to know what options are available for payment and for making money in the first place. You have three most important and popular ways, including PPC or Pay Per Click, PPS or Pay Per Sale, and finally PPL or Pay Per Lead. As the title of each method clearly mentions, you can get paid depending on an actual conversion, or by placing an ad which will help you earn each time someone clicks on it, or finally per lead when you get paid each time a lead is actually generated. 

2. Choose a Good product

When you are getting into affiliate marketing for a recurring affiliate program, it is important to choose a product that is good and one that will get ordered over and over again. This will help you generate sales, clicks and leads with ease so that you get a recurring income. You can also choose seasonal products like holiday gifts and toys which can help you make a sizable income. Choosing the right products or the right combination of products is the first and most basic step to make good money with the affiliate program of your choosing. 

3. Measure and Test

With an affiliate program, it is important to measure and test the various analytics and where your ads are being placed as well as who is seeing these ads. This is especially important for a recurring affiliate program and if you want to make serious money from the same. Based on the results of such tests and analytics, you will be able to place your bets and review your strategy accordingly. This step should be done at least once every few weeks so that you know where your efforts are going and where you need to put in more efforts. 

4. Research


Starting from new and lucrative products to the latest tools and techniques as well as platforms, you must conduct constant research so that you are able to bring in a sizable income with the recurring affiliate program of your choice. You may also want to make sure that you are choosing the right platforms for your ads to appear on, so that you can maximize the visibility and push the products accordingly for a great referral base. Ensure that your products have something to do with the niche that is being covered on that platform or by that website or domain where your ads would appear.

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