4 of the Best Sales Email Signatures That Actually Close Deals

According to Hubspot, 86% of professionals prefer email over other methods of business communication. Email is reliable, cost-effective, and fast. With all the emails professionals send and receive each day, your email account is a great tool for negotiating sales. 

Are you using your emails to their full sales potential? What are you doing with the white space below your email body? Here are four of the best examples of email signatures that close deals. 

4 of the Best Sales Email Signatures That Actually Close Deals

1. The Contact Signature

Online sales negotiation programs teach salespeople to always be on the lookout for new sales opportunities. Since your email account is a gateway to a multitude of potential clients, it’s important to make your contact information readily available.

Being sales-ready means you're primed to jump on a sales negotiation call at a moment’s notice. It also means providing prospects with the means to reach you easily. An email signature that includes multiple contact options can improve a prospect’s access to you. 

There may be moments when a prospect needs instant feedback. In this case, a phone call can be the best option. Keeping your mobile number below your name makes it easy for contacts to jump on a call to begin negotiations. 

Use your email signature to put easy links to your online profiles such as your personal and company LinkedIn profiles. Social media buttons can be great additions to provide alternative means of contact. Easy access to your socials can be especially useful if you use your social media to showcase your products. 

2. The Call to Action

'Jane Smith, Product Manager' is a neat and clean email signature. However, this kind of signature doesn't compel your reader to do anything. Online sales classes will most times stress the importance of inserting a strong call to action in your email signature..

'Jane Smith, Product Manager, Download our product catalog now' is a far more practical email signature for a businessperson. Think about using a call to action, with engaging language and perhaps simple eye-catching graphics. Consider including a button that takes your reader to wherever it is you want to direct them to take action.

The email signature call to action is an unobtrusive way to get your prospect's attention. The prospect can click on the call to action without feeling pressured. This can make for a better alternative than sending an email specifically to entice the prospect. In this scenario, the prospect may feel pressured, and feeling pressured may deter them from taking action.  

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3. The Product Link

Better yet, rather than linking to a catalog for prospects to browse, why not link directly to your top-selling product? 'Jane Smith, Product Manager. Order your kit today' is a great way to encourage a prospect who's still sitting on the fence. The link acts as a reminder each time the prospect opens any of your emails. With only one product to think of, the decision may be less confusing than a whole catalog. 

Linking to a product can work well for the prospect due to its relative anonymity. The email recipient doesn't need to worry about being thrust into a negotiation with a pushy salesperson. The link gives the prospect a chance to review the product before contacting you.

4. The Signup Link

Signup links can work great when asking email recipients to join a particular list. Online sales negotiation classes often emphasize the benefits of growing your email lists. Your email signature can be one more tool for growing your email lists. 

For example, do all your customers know your company runs an informative newsletter? Do prospects know you're running a campaign with discounts for new customers? Are your buyers aware of the referral program you recently introduced?

In addition to your regular marketing campaigns, having information about promotions in your email signature can bring you more sales. A casual acquaintance you may not have thought of as a prospective buyer for your products may turn out to be a customer. 

At times, you may send an email to a contact and the recipient feels compelled to forward the email on. The forwarded message may still carry your visible email signature. A forwarded email can spread your message to new markets. The signup link in your email signature is an opportunity to grow your reach without having to pressure your prospects.


A creative email signature can work to supercharge your sales negotiation process unobtrusively. The email signature is a largely underutilized tool with so much potential for closing deals. Prospects often use the information you present in your email signature to learn more about you as an individual, your company, and your products and services. 

The space below your name and title offer additional sales opportunities. With a well-designed signature, your emails can be ideal for encouraging new online signups. Your signature can be a great chance to create a buzz about your products by promoting your catalogs or isolating a top-selling product. 

A well-thought-out signature can make your sales department more accessible to prospects. Consider crafting a standout email signature today to increase your chances of closing more deals.

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