How To Get People To Buy Your Product – Sales Page Tips

Updated: November 7, 2017
by Ray Alexander

Even if you've done a great job on your sales page, you need to know how to get people to buy your product. You have a reasonable number of visitors daily, whether by purchased traffic or organic traffic as a result of your proven SEO technique. The page design is most up-to-date, your presentation seems convincing throughout. So why do the prospects still hesitate? These sales page tips can help you sell your products/services, or sell as an affiliate.

How To Get People To Buy Your Product - Sales Page Tips

Missing Elements In Your Sales Page

Customers don't buy, because there are some obstacles to the final sale remaining in your page. They might be impressed by your page or the product itself, but not impressed enough to make a purchase as yet because they still have doubts such as "but if..." "what if..." or "not now, maybe later". There are some elements that play a big part to remove these obstacles and can leave no chance for them to excuse. Here's what you need to do to get people to buy your product.

#1 Give FAQ's

Give FAQ's To Get People To Buy Your Product

A list of FAQ's is a gateway for those who seriously consider purchasing the product or service. If you don't have the actual 'frequently asked questions' in hand, it's a great chance for you to observe your business in consumers' point of view.

As well as refund policy and shipping information, difference in terminology can be explained here. If a free trial period is offered, you can explain what will happen to the customer upon the expiry of the period.

'Getting Started' guide can also be included in the FAQ section. When a customer receives the product/service, explain the first thing they should do and where to start.

If you have a difficulty gathering a number of FAQ's, alternatively you can offer an open Q&A within the same page, or ask someone you know for their opinion of what you're selling.

#2 Longer Period Of Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee To Get People To Buy Your Product

A money back guarantee is one of the essential elements for prospect to consider the purchase, ensuring them that there will be nothing to lose if the product turns out to be not something they're looking for.

While everyone else usually offers 30 days money back guarantee, you can stand out from the competition by offering longer period, such as 90 days to 6 months, or even 12 months.

This strategy can also work in your favour, because people tend to "forget in time". This depends on what you're selling and what kind of refund policy you're setting, but I have actually proven it from my own experience;

When I was selling an online tuition course with 30 days money back guarantee, approximately 2-3% of people changed their mind and asked for a refund. When I extended the period to 90 days, the ratio was reduced to 0.5% or less. I further extended the period to a year and saw the sales slightly increase, and the refund request become almost none.

If a guarantee period is set for 30 days, consumers who decide to cancel/return would still try to make use of the product before they urge themselves to request a refund, which is 4 weeks away. When the guarantee period is much longer, not only does it make the offer sound more generous but it makes the buyers feel they can cancel/return 'anytime, sometime at a later date', and very few of them will actually bother to cancel in a lapse of time.

#3 Give Bonuses

Give Bonuses To Get People To Buy Your Product

If you have something to give away as an extra bonus upon purchase of your product, it can help boost the sales. But also it's the magic word 'bonus' that you can use effectively. For example an extended period of guarantee can be offered as a 'special bonus' - normally 30 days but extended to 90 days "if you order now".

You can offer other products for cheaper-then-normal price as a bonus. Or offer a private one-to-one help by email for $50 extra, for instance. If you genuinely believe an extra selling item will provide benefits to your customers therefore the offer is a bargain, you can call it a bonus!

#4 Offer Trial For Monthly Memberships

Trial memberships: How To Get People To Buy Your Product

Again this will depend a lot on your target niche markets but offering a short trial membership for free, or just as low as $1 for the first month is a great way to allow those who are extremely sceptical to try & test themselves. Because experience is better than a thousand good words for many.

If you're willing to be even more generous, you can try offering the first month's membership for free, the 2nd month's for just $1 before charging the full price from the 3rd month's onwards.

#5 Give A Demo

Give a Demo To Get People To Buy Your Product

Similar to #4 above and this will depend on the type of products or services, but another way to get people to buy your product is to allow them to get the feel of it. So demonstrate in whatever method possible.

For example a demonstration video in your site will help. Another example is typically with a software - you may be able to ask the manufacturer for a demo version to give out. Or a quick, partial test run will allow the prospects to figure out the usability themselves.

#6 Show Testimonials

Show Testimonials: How To Get People To Buy Your Product

People like to be assured by third parties that your product is a good choice, so asking people who have purchased in the past for a testimonial is a good idea.

One way is to offer a product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for a testimonial. But you'd better be careful with it. "You do a favour for me and I'll do a favour for you" - will not create a healthy, sustainable relationship.

You can ask experts in the same niche industry for their opinion of the product. And if the opinion is positive, ask for a testimonial. This is good for two reasons; one is because experts can point out some of the more attractive characteristic of the product. The other reason is because a testimonial written by an expert will give your sales page a greater credibility, hence convince the prospects to buy!

How To Get People To Buy Your Product

The tips above will help the prospects cross the final line to make a purchase. If any of the elements sound like 'playing a trick' on valued customers to you - think again. You are offering more benefits to your prospects. And there are always people who are never happy with whatever you sell or whatever the way you sell. The main thing is you're not deceiving anyone, make sure that your terms & conditions are always clear and not misleading.

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  1. Some great ideas here ray and definitely some good tips that I can implement into my own website. FAQS is a big one, especially if the product is more expensive. Giving the customer everything they need to know provides no false hope. Money back guarantee has been shown to work very well too

    If you were to just pick one which one would you say is the most important

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for your comment. It’s hard to answer your question – if I were to pick just one of the options – because money back guarantee, offering a bonus, and free trial are 3 “benefits” to the prospects, while others are ways to convince them. For example a FAQ section merely makes it easier for them to understand the product (or your business) and you could plainly explain in paragraphs instead.

      Each element is proven help increase the sale, so using a few of them at least will make it very effective. Thanks for your visit!

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