1K A Day Fast Track Review – Merlin Holmes Will Prove You Wrong

By Ray Alexander

If you're looking to learn "the truths" of affiliate marketing and start making money the right way, read my 1K A Day Fast Track review. The invitation video (webinar) is over 2 hours long and you may find it scammy or boring and leave. The actual "webinar" doesn't start until about 40 minutes in, but it's actually really good.

So unless images of money or large numbers give you euphoria, I suggest that you skip the first 35 minutes (you can't fast-forward it) and make sure to watch the rest of it. You'll know the tutor Merlin Holmes is a real deal, and decide what you really want to do to make a living online.

1K A Day Fast Track Review

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1K A Day Fast Track

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What Is The 1K A Day Fast Track?

1K A Day Fast Track is to simply put, a 6-weeks affiliate marketing training course. You're not learning an all-round, general how-to's, but you're learning how to use a 2-page website with a poll (yes/no question) to sell specific ClickBank products while building a list of email subscribers at the same time.

The method is not particularly new, in fact very popular and has been proven to work by many affiliate marketers (myself included!) BUT, what makes this particular course different is;

  • The tutor Merlin himself is using this method and earns 8-figures every year, and
  • Landing page templates, the actual usable ads, email followup swipe templates are all provided, so you won't have to create your own.

In fact, Merlin asks you to follow his exact steps and not to customize to do your own thing, otherwise he can't take responsibility in case it doesn't work on you. But he's totally open to your questions. So with this course, you won't have to have your own guesswork, time to try and test yourself because the exact templates are provided to you.

1K A Day Fast Track Review

Who Is The 1K A Day Fast Track For?

Definitely for newbies - those who wish to make money online but not yet know how to. Funnily enough, while the course is all about earning affiliate commissions, Merlin never mentions the phrase "affiliate marketing". Maybe he wanted to avoid stereotypical presumptions of it, such as networking with strangers or SEO techniques to learn, because none of that applies to this course.

Or maybe he didn't want to bore the students by teaching the definition of it - "What is affiliate marketing?" - many students already know it anyway, and if they don't, they'll learn it naturally along the way.

So the 1K A Day Fast Track is for anyone who wishes to make money without having their own products, involving no selling or clients, i.e. as an affiliate. Nothing technical to learn, so it is perfect for anyone with no previous experience or skills.

Merlin Holmes Biography 

Merlin Holmes

Merlin Holmes is a multi-million internet business owner from Denver, Colorado. Since he created his first website some 15 years ago, he's generated over $150 million revenue and worked in dozens of different markets. He has also consulted for million and billion-dollar companies over the years as well as thousands of individuals who have no previous experience.

Merlin emphasizes that he's not a "marketing guru" because teaching online marketing is not his main job - his main profits come from his 8-figure business online.

$1K Per Day or $14K Per Day?

Merlin keeps showing you his own commission statements (making up to $14,000 per day) and suggesting various scenarios, for example, if you can achieve 10% of his level of income, that will be $1,400 per day... And he also mentions "only a few hours of work per week".

It may all sound effortless and easy from start to finish to you, or equally sound scammy, though he does remind you that his results are not typical. In my opinion, you can only achieve that kind of level of profits after you've built big lists of leads (email subscribers). Once you hit an ad campaign that works and find the most responsive followup emails, you'll only need to focus on multiplying the same formula. But it will always involve a lot of hustles and risk-taking before you get to the stage.

Harder for people like me who take things too easy, but I have witnessed new marketers literally making over $1k a day through Commission Hero, a similar training course. So it is definitely possible.

How Does This Program Work?

1K A Day Fast Track is about;

  • Using a simple 2-page website (sales funnel) that works.
  • Advertising that website via 2nd-tier ad networks, a lot cheaper compared to Facebook/Google ads.
  • Generating leads while the website promotes affiliate products at the same time.

It may sound a little too ordinary, but what's unique about this method is;

  • The "2-page website / funnel" is not just a set of a squeeze page and thank-you page, but it has a yes/no poll question, which most of the viewers click.
  • When a viewer's clicked, the poll result will be sent to their email address. So they'll have no option but to opt-in with you if they want to know the result.
  • The next second, the viewer will be directed to your affiliate page.
  • Advertising on Facebook, Google or Yahoo is way too costly (as much as $1.86 per click). By using an ad network such as RevContent ($0.28 per click), you'll still get the same positive results, i.e. people will make a purchase and you'll get your commission without investing a lot of money.
2-Page Site with a Poll

This means that the sales funnel is only the start of it. Every single person who interacts with your poll with start getting your emails, and it's all about earning money as quickly as possible using your new email list. The email you send out is automated (autoresponder) and acts as your virtual salesperson.

The "Right Steps" Over 6 Weeks

The curriculum over the 6 weeks is set out as follows;

The 6-Week Course:

  • Week 1: Five-day marketing masters degree & quick $400 commissions.
  • Week 2: Setting up more commission accounts, finding the right products and getting everything in place.
  • Week 3: Rapid development and deployment of your first poll.
  • Week 4: Creating your automated selling systems.
  • Week 5: Crafting your first money-making ads on Merlin's secret platforms and setting up your simple ad campaigns.
  • Week 6: Planning out your future income streams & secret offer sources.

And over the 6 weeks, Merlin will teach you the "right steps", which are;

  • Step 1: Find out what people are already buying (the right products from ClickBank that pay the best commissions).
  • Step 2: Find out HOW they're selling the product. Merlin will give you a simple 7-minute trick.
  • Step 3: Copy the headline that's working on bestselling products and use it on your site.
  • Step 4: Turn the headline into a simple curious question.
  • Step 5: Use Merlin's list building poll template to bring in email addresses.
  • Step 6: Merlin will give you the exact emails to spend to your new email list.
  • Step 7: Instantly offer your new subscribers the product they're interested in, and earn a commission at the same time you build your list.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

So What Are The "Wrong Steps"?

Firstly, Merlin explains the importance of running campaigns ethically, and also asks the members to promise him to help others. He says, "Once you're comfortable and making plenty of money, you should use some of it to help other people." Then he goes on to talk about donating some of his profits to charity.

Ethical campaigns, yep. You can't spam people, otherwise not only will your ad account be banned, but you'll jeopardize similar campaigns by other students using the same method, as well as Merlin's reputation. But helping others - yes it does make sense and it's a good thing, but why is he talking about it all of a sudden? Is there a reason for it, or is he just being weird?

There is a reason for it. Here are the "wrong steps" that 99% of marketers are taking, according to Merlin.

  • Choose a market based on "what you know" or your "passions".
  • Give something away (e.g. free ebook) to people in exchange for their email address.
Wong steps

Merlin's "right method" is about promoting products that sell, not the products that you personally recommend. Also this method uses a poll to generate leads, so you don't have to give anything away.

They're not wrong steps. Many of us enjoy promoting the products that we love and generate a good number of leads by giving free stuff away. Merlin boldly says that these steps are "wrong", only from his instant money-making point of view. What's missing from Merlin's method is "personal engagement value". 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's essential to "engage" with your audience, a.k.a patronize like an influencer. F*ck that. 

With the 1K A Day Fast Track, you'll be promoting your sales funnels incognito, your email swipes are ready-made, and you're not specialized in the products that you sell. Merlin's method aims to make millions of nobody's like you & me make money quickly.

But you're not helping audience while you're making money, so once you have some of it, what goes around should come around. Be a little selfless and do something good by donating some of your profits or whatever. That's probably what Merlin wants you to remember. Probably.

Do You Really Need To Use Paid Ads??

YES. Many negative reviewers that deny this type of training courses simply because they use paid ads. But those reviewers are "content marketers" - a different type of affiliates. They learn SEO techniques and promote their affiliate products through blogging. It's another great way, the most economical way, but it could take them months before they make their first $1. 

The methods such as 1K A Day Fast Track are totally different. It's about using a striking sales funnel that draws instant attention and exposing it to as many people so that you start making commissions instantly. Spend money to make money. 

However Merlin specifically promotes a method of using cheaper ad networks so it won't cost you as much and your ROI (net profit) will be bigger. Hope this makes sense.

RevContent Ad

Create an ad with RevContent

The Price - $997

While many other decent affiliate marketing courses charge the same rate (just under $1,000), this course comes with quite a few bonuses including the actionable templates for your campaigns and I think it's a good value. So to sum up, the price of $997 includes;

Free ad packs

Extra ad packs as a free bonus

  • 1K A Day 6-week course
  • Proven landing page templates
  • "Thank you page" cash generator script
  • Email followup templates and training
  • "Titan of Traffic" training system
  • Free advertisement pack that you can use
  • Team support
  • Free 2nd login for your partner/spouse
  • Mystery package Merlin will send to your door (!)

If you want to learn how to make money online properly and legitimately, I think this is the kind of price you're expected to pay, unless you want to pay a smaller monthly fee and learn content marketing (in which case, join me - if you like blogging). 

$997 may seem a lot to some of you, but I personally think it's very reasonable for the bonus package provided with the course.

Money-Back Guarantee & Success Guarantee

If you purchase 1K A Day Fast Track but don't like it for ANY reason, Merlin promises to refund 100% within 30 days. The course is sold via ClickBank, so you'll also be covered by ClickBank's refund policy, so claiming your money back is easy and straightforward.

Merlin also promises that if you follow every step and haven't any money within 90 days, he'll give you a call personally and help fix your business.

His words are, "If I can't make you money, I don't deserve yours."

1K A Day Fast Track Pros and Cons


  • One of the best courses to teach you to earn affiliate commissions quickly.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Sales funnel and autoresponder templates are provided.
  • Number of free bonuses.
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee.


  • While I think $997 is reasonable, it may not be affordable for everyone.
  • The introduction webinar is too long!
  • You need to put some budget aside for running ads ($50-100).

1K A Day Fast Track Review - Conclusion:

Like I said in the beginning, I find the webinar too long. The first 35-40 minutes is about Merlin himself and how much he makes. I suggest that you sign up for free now for the earliest time available, but you don't necessarily have to watch it. Miss it and the recorded webinar link will be emailed to you. Watch it when you have 2 hours of free time. I recommend this course.

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Wow, the fast track will make 1k a day and can be used for anybody. If you in need of services to help making money, Merlin Holmes will be here for you at any time any day. I have been there + appreciate how important to be able to take helpful offers and spend some money to take your success level to the next level. No one around you can help in the end but only you. If you need more helpful information just go for it. My contact information is…

  2. Thank you for this review, Roy.  I would like to purchase this program through your link.  However, I have some questions, even after listening to the whole 2 hours and 45 minute video. I know you have not signed up for the course so I don’t know if you can answer them. But, in case you can … here we go:

    #1. I have NEVER done anything on-line.  I am intimidated by the word funnel and I know absolutely nothing about Click Funnels or Click Bank.  Nothing.  However, I can follow instructions, focus, and learn.  Is this something that a 66-year old non-tech woman could master?  Is it truly written for dummies?  If indeed I commit 6 hours a day to this, how long before I could be up and runnin’?

    #2. Accumulating an email list sounds scary and overwhelming.  Can I be correct in assuming that the emails would NOT be collected in my current email account?  And is there also a way to keep them organized?  Or do we keep one big fat list and every time we have something we wish to email, do we mail it out to everyone or a targetted group?

    #3. I know Merlin talks about making 400 or 500 bucks fast.  Is this fast method promoting this “1K a day” program to my contacts in my email list?  And would I email this out to my list from my current email account as me? Curious cuz my first thought is, no, don’t want to do that since I am just getting started and have no experience under my belt.

    Thank you so very much.  Look forward to hearing from you SOON if possible, as I am looking for something now, and want to get started ASAP.  

    Again, Thanks and Blessings!

    1. Hi Syndee, thanks for your comment. I totally understand that you feel apprehensive about it all, especially when you have never done it. To answer your questions;

      #1 Firstly, yes you can do it. I’ll be 56 this year and I could only commit 6 hours or less a day (I get too tired!) I’d say you could have it set up within a few days – a week or so. It doesn’t mean you’ll start making money right away though – I’ll mention it in a while.

      ClickFunnels – a funnel builder program – is made for experts. I no longer use it because I feel I’d be wasting money ($97 per month) on features that I don’t use. There’s so much you can do with ClickFunnels, it provides training but it can be overwhelming.

      The great thing about independent training programs such as 1K A Day Fast Track is that they provide funnel templates, which makes it a LOT easier – you don’t have to learn the technical reasons behind it all.

      Whereas ClickBank is a great affiliate marketplace. It’s easy to join, easy to follow.

      #2 No, you’re not collecting emails using your email account, e.g. Gmail. You’ll be using an email marketing service provider. Specifically AWeber (none of the others is ever as good, get back to me if you need to know the reasons) AWeber costs from $19 per month with a 30-day free trial.

      Yes, it allows you to organize (“segment”) your email list, and either send your campaign to a target list, or send a generic campaign to everyone. It lets you automatically segment your list by niche (wealth niche, health & wellbeing niche, etc.) or the responsiveness (people who opened/didn’t open your last email) etc.

      You’ll be setting up your own website (whether you use 1KADFT or any other program), so you’ll have your own email address, for example info@mywebsite.com

      #3 You’ll be promoting some of the best ClickBank products, including 1KADFT to your list, and your email templates will be provided. You don’t have to write your own emails, at the beginning at least.

      Now to have a list of subscribers, obviously you’ll have to build it. You’ll promote the ClickBank products on your website, and keep paying to send traffic to your site. People will sign up with your emailing list, and if they like your product, they might buy it at the same time.

      It means, it really all depends on your budget, and how you keep track of your budget…
      If you spend $100 a day, you may acquire 25-40 subscribers on your list per day. If 6 of them buy a $40 product and your affiliate commission rate is 50%, you’ll make $120… = $20 profit.
      Mindbogglingly, if you spend $2,000 a day, you may acquire 500-800 subscribers a day (more or less). If 200 of them buy a $30 product and your affiliate commission rate is 40%, then you’ll make $2,400, =$400 profit. Achievable, but it’s hard (impossible) to predict how many people will spend money.

      Have you thought about joining Wealthy Affiliate? It’s the most economical method and you don’t have to worry about having to buy traffic day-in, day-out but it’ll take time before you start making passive income.

      Any more questions, don’t hesitate to get back to me at any time. Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best!

  3. How much additional cost besides the price of the course would you say be needed for a complete beginner to just get going and start building up..?

    Thanks for the review

    1. Hi Alex, I appreciate that everyone has a different opinion, but I would say $50-100. Then roll over some of (1/2) the profits you’ve made from it to spend it on more ads. I think that’s how I started, and I seem to remember that’s what Merlin suggested at some point too. I wish you all the best, thanks for your comment!

  4. I think it is too much money to pay. You say ads for budget is 50-100 dollars But, is this enough to make profit?
    After you pay 1000 dollars you will be left with no money then you have to work to save money before you can use ads.

    1. Hi GT, thanks for sharing your concerns. Planning a budget for ad spends is indeed important, and you get to learn from this course. As you can imagine, some of your profits should be put aside and used to pay for more ads. That’s how we all scale up our businesses! Yes ideally you’d like to save a couple of hundred of dollars to use for the ads. If you haven’t watched the webinar, that’ll get you to make a good decision. I wish you all the best. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

  5. Hi Ray, I find your review extremely interesting. It’s good to know 1K A Day Fast Track can help us learn an affiliate marketing business but it’s even better for me to learn how you see the business from money making perspective. Some people would genuinely do whatever it takes to make money, the money is the motivation factor. I do appreciate that maybe if you see it that way, I agree with you, they might consider the traditional way of marketing wrong.

    By the way I see the webinar is compulsory but what if someone wants to join without spending 2 hours of the webinar, are there any other ways?

    Thanks Ray for your thorough review. It’s been really useful for me.

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s an extremely competitive industry, how you want to run your business is your own unique decision, I suppose. The 2-hour webinar – it’s only my personal opinion that it’s too long. It’s designed this way, and it’s the participants’ choice to join. They may think the entire webinar is worth it? Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

  6. Is there are discount option? I am looking for a discount option. I am not able to use paypal or credit card to pay over a few times. How can I pay this? I already watched webinar. Thanks.

    1. Hi, not that I know of, unfortunately. I’ll let you know if I find it. I wouldn’t personally recommend you to pay it in installments though, even if you had a credit facility. This course will not go away, so save some money first, I would say!

    2. Done for you services affiliate marketing system is good for some people for a short period but in the long term you have to learn how everything works and how to capture trust.
      Because after all you have nothing of your own to sell. If you miss that point you will not succeed as affiliate marketer.

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