15 Online Jobs for IT Students to Take in 2020

By Jack Stan

The internet has opened lots of opportunities for people. Studying, communicating, and making money – it all has become easier with information technologies. Many people choose freelance now because they can make the same money without being bound to office space.

For IT students who have to work to earn some cash and gain skills that would make them competitive in the labor market, online jobs are a real opportunity. They offer the necessary level of flexibility so one can easily fit their work into the studying schedule. Moreover, there are always plenty of short-term projects and one-time orders waiting for them.

15 Online Jobs for IT Students to Take in 2020

Yet, the most difficult part is to start. Those newbies who are only thinking about joining the online workforce often do not know how to find orders and make their work consistent. Negotiating with clients and getting their payments on time is all part of the work-from-home routine.

In this article, we are going to suggest a few occupations that IT students may find interesting and discuss their pros and cons. Let’s get started.

1. Virtual Assistant

Many small and medium business owners seek someone who can help them with administrative and managerial duties. Hiring personal assistants and secretaries full-time mean extra costs, while the work is not consistent and often complicated. Therefore, many people prefer students to take this job.

Being able to work online and manage your schedule is the best about such employment. Working just a couple of hours per day will bring you several hundreds of dollars at the end of the month. For a student, such an income is indispensable. At the same time, you can get valuable insight into the main aspects of running a business. Later, this knowledge can be used in any occupation.

Also, being a virtual assistant means advancing time management, writing, and communication skills. You will be responsible for arranging your boss’ calendar, making important calls, shifting appointments, and managing correspondence.

2. Online Tutor

Those IT students who can boast advanced skills and knowledge of certain subjects can try themselves in online tutoring. This job does not work for everyone because you need to be patient with people and good at communicating. However, it can be a good practice if you are willing to advance your academic career and become an associate professor.

Teaching is more difficult than it seems. You need to show people the way to solve their problem rather than just demonstrate how skilled you are in the subject. Moreover, being a tutor requires advanced social skills. You should be able to find the right approach to different people and communicate ethically to make them satisfied with your service.

3. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

It may seem weird how IT students can relate to writing. However, the connection is more than obvious. They can become freelance writers or editors for Essaypro.com and help students with their homework on subjects you are good at. Such an occupation will be both beneficial for writers and clients because it is profession-related.

However, apart from being skilled in IT, students who want to work as writers need to have a degree and excellent academic writing skills. Editing experience is also preferable. Without being able to write academically, even the biggest gurus would not make it in this role.

4. Search Engine Evaluator

Many students now find it convenient to work as search engine evaluators. Social media and search engine technologies develop, making more companies look for quality testers. Such evaluators can share their opinion on different aspects as well as help developers correct some malfunctions.

This work does not bring lots of money, but it is also time-effective and easy to handle. Moreover, such employment helps IT students stay on track of emerging technologies and trends in social media and search engine management. So far, this is one of the most dynamic directions in IT.

5. Customer Support Agent

Many IT companies look for students who have some free time to work as their customer support agents. They are eager to pay for their learning and equipment to onboard youth into their team. IT students are the perfect fit for such a job because they are already trained in its basic aspects.

This occupation is more than just a way to earn cash. It helps you to prepare for various challenges that occur in IT companies. Moreover, it helps to learn such professional skills as technical troubleshooting, bug fixing, internal communication, and cross-functional cooperation.

6. IT Freelance Jobs

Students can also search for online jobs on numerous freelance platforms. Websites like Upwork and FlexJobs are especially interested in hiring IT students who can complete simple coding and programming assignments. For students, such employment means a lot of practice, real orders, and some money.

Yet, of course, such generic freelance jobs require building a personal brand. Your account should be trusted for serious clients to hire you. However, after a while, such employment promises good money and excellent job opportunities for hardworking students and skilled professionals.

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Those students who are creative can try their genius in graphic design. It is pretty popular now, so companies are dying to find creative people skilled in making logos, presentations, banners, etc.

Most importantly, they are interested in hiring a lot of independent people. This will ensure that each of their projects is distinctive from the other. At the same time, freelance employment provides extra freedom for designers. The bid for every project differs, but it is never cheap. The best offers can be found on graphic design specialty sites, e.g. DesignCrowd and 99designs.

8. SEO and Copywriting Jobs

Lots of IT companies have gone online and started their blogs. They seek for IT students who are aware of the topics that interest their audience. Sufficient writing skills to engage readers are also essential. In most cases, students working as IT copywriters will be required to write 500 to 800-word posts about the company’s products or noticeable IT trends.

However, the job is not as easy as it seems. Ideally, IT copywriters should be aware of how website search and search engines work to succeed in both readability and SEO. This requires the basic knowledge of social media tools, web development, UI/UX design and other tools.

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9. Photographer and Video/Photo Editor

There is no surprise that photographers with IT skills can earn more than amateurs. Independent entrepreneurs and businesses are ready to pay good money for pictures with professional editing. They all look for visually appealing products.

The same refers to video making. Since visual content is getting more popular, the need for high-quality and interesting videos is rising. Combining your artistic and IT skills can help you earn a decent amount of money.

IT students who are interested in photography are usually familiar with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Such knowledge is needed to give pictures a new sense and color. Those who really know how to edit pictures for them to match all requirements earn much more than others.

10. Blogger and Vlogger

This online job fits students who found their niche in IT. Professional blogging and vlogging are usually harder than generic ones. You need to know more than others and be willing to share exclusive information with your viewers. If it is okay and you really feel that you are skilled enough for it, try starting your own blog or vlog.

Apart from professional skills and expertise, being a blogger means being interesting to people reading or watching you. You are expected to have good social skills to establish rapport with a diverse audience. It is critical to have public speaking and writing skills to appeal to readers both visually and informatively.

11. Website Designer

Website design is not always associated with coding. Platforms like Wix, WordPress, and Shopify have already created lots of tools to simplify website development. Therefore, a basic set of IT skills is enough for you to start earning as a website designer.

You can find clients willing to pay for their websites. All you need to do is to make sure the site you made matches the client’s expectations, includes all sections they want and performs all the functions as required. Later, you can learn how to develop websites but for now, website design is enough to help you earn.

12. Website and/or Software Developer

Website and/or Software Developer

If you are good at coding and programming, you can try earning on website and/or software development. There are plenty of opportunities for IT students who really know how to create a product from scratch. Go to freelance platforms or use word-of-mouth marketing to find those who are willing to pay generously for a solution for their business.

Such an occupation helps IT students to apply their skills in practice. Their projects are no longer theory-based. They rely on requirements and expectations set forth by real businesses based on their needs. In other words, such a job helps students monitor the market and see what businesses really need. Based on this, students can be better prepared for real full-time jobs in the future.

13. Website and/or Application Tester

Companies look for professionals to create applications and websites. Apart from it, they also need diverse focus groups of people who are skilled enough to test the product before it launches on the market. IT students are a perfect match for this job since they know how to detect malfunction and report it.

Moreover, some students who are good at quality testing find it pretty profitable to test websites or applications. It does not take much time, but it really promotes applying knowledge and skills gained at university. Working with a company directly promises high wages, but even such platforms as UserTesting and UTest offer from $10 to $60 per test.

14. Online Researcher

Data is the most valuable asset on the planet right now. If you know how to work with information and how to search it, you can find a job as an online researcher. This position fits IT students especially since they know how to retrieve the information.

In fact, your role will be similar to the one called ‘personal research assistant.’ You will be in charge of the research ordered by a company. Such platforms as Wonder hire people willing to provide research services. The pay for one question can reach as much as $8-35.

15. Creating a Course

Do not underestimate how much people are willing to pay for new knowledge? The desire to learn and advance is now prevalent in professionals across all industries. If you feel that you know a topic well and if you can pass on this knowledge to people, create your online course.

Such platforms as Udemy or Teachable allow everybody who is competent enough to design their own course. If people find it interesting, it can help you make a million (no jokes). The amount of money you can earn depends on how many people buy the course. Make it useful and enjoy your revenue.

Final Words

With the market becoming more demanding, students have to work. It is no longer a privilege but a necessity. Moreover, for those who struggle with student loans and debts, having extra cash is never a bad idea.

IT students have lots of opportunities to earn online. They can use their professional skills and become freelance website developers or combine skills and hobbies to become IT copywriters or photographers. There are no barriers limiting them except for time.

The IT industry also encourages such employment. Reputable IT companies expect graduates to have soft skills and professional knowledge when they apply for their first jobs. Therefore, students with some experience are usually more than welcome at any company.

Thus, if you are an aspiring IT student who has time and wants to earn some money, go online and you will find plenty of opportunities. Do not hesitate and start working. The consistency of work and your income will depend directly on your expertise and dedication.

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