10 Kickass Google Sheets Templates to Improve Your Website’s SEO

Updated: July 5, 2018
by CyberCash Worldwide

There are hundreds of templates to boost website ranking and efficiency, but Google offers a variety of templates that can help build SEO presence, increase your exposure, and build your overall ranking, all for free.

Here are 10 super-fabulous Google Sheets templates that can help you build a solid online presence.

Google Sheets Templates to improve your websites SEO

1. Competitive Research

Checking on competitors in any given search is important to evaluate the overall performance of a particular keyword or key phrase. This also helps to identify any linking opportunities available on the web. A simple API insert into Google Sheets can create a powerful yet easy-to-use interface creating an intuitive summary of how competitors are ranking according to keywords.

This awesome template will not only show the frequency of the top 10 keywords that your competitors use, but it also delivers MozRank, Domain Authority and Linking Domain from Open Explorer, providing you with a report of your key competitors’ domains.

2. Rank Checker

One of the best ways to check your ranking, and help improve your overall appearance in a Google search is by using the Rank Checker tool. Although this isn’t quite a replacement for a commercial ranking checker, this template can offer the smaller or startup business  a quick and easy way to check their placement on the web. Utilizing the ImportXML function and syntax Google Sheets can check Google results for the URLs and keywords of your choice. 

3. Site Evaluations

One of the more basic, but powerful tasks of SEO is evaluating a website’s on-page ranking factors. This is where Site Evaluation comes in. Delivering through meta-descriptions and tags, image alt text, and header text, and the standing in Google’s index, this template offers numerous factors to review and help with SEO.

This powerful template can leverage Google Sheets to become a spider and crawl a website and view important sourcing factors.

4. SEO Project Management

Google Sheets are so versatile that they can even track the progress of your SEO projects. These templates can be used for tracking daily, weekly, and monthly projects or compiling other necessary reports. They can easily be organized to help users seamlessly manage multiple projects, all of which include tracking and monitoring key variables and KPIs, such as date, deliverables, status, cost, and hours. It also allows you to prioritize projects, immeasurably helping with time management.

5. Search Analytics

This template / add-on works with the powerful Search Analytics API to pull raw data into Google Sheets, where it is than broken down in a slew of new ways. Although robust, and a very exciting new template, Search Analytics is still in its fledgling stage; therefore, some of its functionalities are still in the development phase.  

Some of the questions that can be put to the test within this add-on include the following:

  • For a specific query, how many times does my site rank across multiple URLs?
  • Google has increased its paid advertising footprint. How does that affect SEO CTR, by keyword, device, and location?
  • Does seasonality affect my website’s performance?

6. Website Traffic Template

Analyzing website traffic just got easier. This is an excellent template that can be used to gather data into a single, easy-to-read report. This amazing template can be used to monitor and analyze data from various online marketing activities, including paid advertising, social media, SEO and more.

7. Website Outbound Traffic Report

This template provides seamless website analysis and reporting for your outbound or paid traffic efforts. Powerful and easy to use, this template captures and collects data from your paid advertising efforts and sources as well as Google Analytics.

The results? You now have a clean report and chart with all the pertinent information you need, such as PPC, goal performance and percentage of completion, conversions, traffic and bounce rates. It is also easy to organize the report to show analytics and key data from different time periods, sources, and/ or channels.

Ways to improve your websites SEO

8. Check Keyword Ranks

One of the best tools for keyword research and SEO is a simple Google Sheets template. The keyword spreadsheet by the Content Factory is truly an epic tool. Thousands of keywords for websites can be downloaded and then checked for their rankings on Google. Similar to website ranking, this template can gather a myriad of data on keywords that you choose. 

9. SEO and Website Project Timeline

SEO and website development projects can be incredibly complex. This template can help you whether you are just getting started on the Internet or you are an experienced project manager. This template helps with visualizing a complex or difficult project, helping to break up daunting timelines into manageable pieces. Easily organize and execute tasks, and follow them to a conclusion or goal. 

10. CRM

There is a Google Sheets template for just about everything, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Organizing and automating your contacts and leads from your online marketing and SEO efforts is incredibly important. This template will generate custom lists impacting sales and marketing. Although meant as a way for the novice or startup to begin using a CRM, it is a fully functional and full featured client organization tool. 

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