Yakkyofy Review: The End-to-End Dropshipping Software Solution That Helps You Avoid The Pitfalls

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Updated: May 27, 2021
by Jack Stan

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model where the seller buys products at B2B prices directly from a supplier (usually in China) and gets the supplier to ship the product directly to the end customer’s front door.  It sounded incredibly easy and low cost to set up as a business model, requiring only a minimal investment as there is no bulk buying and storage of stock involved. I wanted to find out more, especially after I discovered out that the dropshipping market size is expected to reach $557.9 billion by 2025.

Now I’ve started dropshipping I’ve realised that it is a more complex business that throws plenty of obstacles in the path of would-be CEOs, but there are hacks and partners that can help you avoid making dangerous mistakes. Yakkyofy is one of the partners I tested and the one I have stuck with because its services compare way more favorably. You can clearly tell that Yakkyofy was developed specifically with the needs of aspiring dropshipping entrepreneurs in mind because it helps you manage core processes more easily and reliably so you can focus on business growth. In this Yakkyofy review, I will try to be as unbiased as I possibly can and also will explain the pros and cons.

Yakkyofy Review

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Free, unlimited quotations, no subscription


What is Yakkyofy?

Yakkyofy is an established service provider that helps dropshippers automate the management of their dropshipping store end-to-end. Yakkyofy’s innovative Image Recognition Technology provides accurate, real-time quotations for products at B2B prices, while the software enables sellers to import selected products directly to their store in just a few clicks.

Each time a new order arrives, Yakkyofy will automatically fulfill it, ship your parcels with the fastest shipping method available for your destination country and send the tracking number to your final customers, leaving you free to focus on marketing and promotion. Yakkyofy also provides private label branding of products or packaging to help you build your brand and develop customer loyalty.

Most of all, Yakkyofy is free of charge and requires no subscriptions - you only pay for the products and shipping you actually use! This is a major game-changer for newbies to dropshipping like me.

Yakkyofy Dropshipping Review

Yakkyofy’s Main Features:

  • Real-time product quotations. All you have to do choose up to 3 images of the product you want to source, and the software near-instantly finds the same product or a similar one in Yakkyofy’s huge supplier database of over 12 million products, providing a quotation right away;
  • Free Unlimited order fulfilment, so you don’t have to worry about how much you sell and can focus on growing;
  • Free product sourcing, you only pay for what you buy, giving you the chance to really think strategically about product selection;
  • Free multi-store management and direct integration, Yakkyofy receives the orders, processes, ships, and provides customers with tracking numbers automatically;
  •  Fast shipping to the US and most of the EU. Yakkyofy ships to 100 countries, guaranteeing delivery in 3-8 days to the US and most of the EU countries;
  •  Automatic order fulfilment. Thanks to the eWallet feature, orders are paid and processed automatically when customers check out;
  • Bundle sales. Ship more items to the same customer in one package and save money by paying for only a single delivery;
  • No storage fee for use of their Shenzhen Warehouse if you decide to buy a stock of products in bulk. This also shortens processing times to one day;
  • No subscription fee so you can get started selling without prior investment: a big bonus for cash-strapped start-ups!

Added Value Services

In addition to this flexible end-to-end suite of solutions Yakkyofy also provides some other key services to dropshippers that want to take things to the next level and scale their stores.

Yakkyofy also offers more experienced dropshippers:

  • Private label products 
  • Free storage in the Shenzhen Warehouse
  • Tracking on all the shippings
Yakkyofy Main Features

Dropship Private Label Product

One of the most exciting value-add options that Yakkyofy offers is the ability to brand products on demand by applying a logo. It is also possible to ask for branded packaging such as boxes or bags, or include cards and tags carrying your store’s logo. This service helps businesses improve brand awareness and customer loyalty without breaking the bank.

Free storage

Yakkyofy allows its dropshippers to store their products in their Shenzhen warehouse free of charge if they do decide they want to buy in bulk. This unique service is made even more valuable by the virtual warehouse, a virtual inventory on your Yakkyofy dashboard that help you keep track of quantity of pieces that you have inside our warehouse in Shenzhen and when you should reorder new stock.

Real-time shipment tracking

One of the biggest headaches I had dropshipping were lost orders and the complaints that followed. You need to take this really seriously as frequent complaints can get your Facebook or Instagram pages banned, taking away your main source of advertising and marketing. Yakkyofy promises to only choose the fastest and most reliable shipping methods, but also give you a real active tracking for each shipping. This in my experience is really important!

Yakkyofy Pros and Cons


  • Yakkyofy is a free to use automation system enabling dropshippers to start their business with very low entry costs.
  • Free real-time quotations on products mean that dropshippers have a huge choice in selecting product at B2B prices.
  • Fast and reliable shipping to 100 countries.
  • The bags, branded with your logo, that they offer are really cheap.


  • Dropshipping relies on your ability to choose winning products which is really hard!
  • You start to have a huge margins on products compare to Aliexpress only whey you start to buy stock.
  • When the Image Recognition Technology doesn’t find your item and you need to ask for a manual quotation, the time that you need to wait is a bit long.
  • “Life happens” and you need to be able to manage unexpected events such slower shipping times due to natural disasters.

Yakkyofy Review - Conclusion:

Dropshipping in an exciting business model for those willing to take the lunge. Although you do need an eye for trends a willingness to put yourself out there, Yakkyofy’s automation and add-value support make it much easier to manage the day-to-day giving you more time to focus on product selection and promotion.

About the author 

Jack Stan

Online Marketing Career Consultant. Network marketing and web developing since 2009, helping people quit daytime job and earn enough money and freedom. Keen swimmer, horse-rider, cake-baker, a little bit of OCD.

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  1. Nice article. I never heard of Yakkyofy before but I am interested in making money.
    Please tell me how to start?

    1. Hi Nadeem, do you mean you want to start a dropshipping business, or something else? We can help you if your question is more specific. Otherwise, start from the button link above.

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