Ryan Hogue’s Passive Income School Review

By Ray Alexander

Are you looking to make money online by selling products online? Have you ever considered, or at least heard about Amazon FBA but wondered if it’s in your best interest in terms of sustainability? How about other online selling options and what’s the best way to learn all the techniques to make good profits? If you have these questions in mind, the following Ryan Hogue’s Passive Income School review might help you decide whether any of his training classes is something that you need.

The E-commerce business industry is extremely competitive and you are likely to struggle for a while just by self-teaching the how-tos. But there are thousands of training programs out there and I’m sure you’d like to find one that’s comprehensive but full of good tips provided by a real e-commerce business owner. This review of Passive Income School will reveal some of the key points to learn how to get on the successful online business rail from home.

Ryan Hogue's Passive Income School Review

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Ryan's Method: Passive Income School

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Various (eCommerce and investment) training courses


Ryan Hogue


$49 - $1,497


What Is Ryan Hogue’s Passive Income School?

The “Ryan’s Method” Passive Income School is a set of various training programs that teaches some of the proven ways to make money from home, including;

  • Amazon FBA (“Fulfillment by Amazon”)
  • POD (“Print On Demand”) - drop shipped and design your own print
  • Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • Stock Marketing Investment
Ryan Hogue’s Passive Income School review

As you can see, the courses are very different from one to another. The term “passive income” refers to the way you earn revenue without putting little or no effort to maintain it, so it only applies to the latter two models. Revenue from Kindle (book sale) is passive income, so is an investment dividend. But e-commerce business such as Amazon FBA and Print-On-Demand requires you to be more hands-on. They’re not passive income methods.

While you may be confused or overwhelmed by the list of different courses in the first instance, each course is sold separately, so you can pick one method that most interests you and start learning the relevant techniques through Ryan’s real-life experience as a seller (and/or investor).

The courses are comprised of a mixture of videos and text. Ryan’s teaching style is very friendly and easy to digest. Whenever you get stuck, you can always go back to the same module and ask any questions via support. Or reach out to Ryan and other experts on the Facebook community and ask any questions.

The Course Contents

Currently 9 x courses are available and they're sold separately. They're all sold for a one-off payment (or in 2 monthly installments if you cannot afford to pay all at once.) Some of the course contents seem to overlap each other but if you want to receive more than one course, you'll simply have to pay separately. No special bundle discount is available.

Amazon FBA Course

Amazon FBA Course

The "Fulfillment By Amazon" system is where your products are stored in Amazon's warehouse, not only will they pick, pack, and ship your products to customers but they'll also take care of customer service. 

Amazon FBA provides its own tutorials and it will scale up your business if you already have some products to sell. Ryan Hogue’s course will teach you how to find products, so anyone who has no previous experience can start their own e-commerce business. It has 7 modules plus some bonus materials.

  • Module 1: Introduction (6 lessons)
  • Module 2: How To Find & Validate Your First Product (5 lessons)
  • Module 3: How To Find A Supplier (5 lessons)
  • Module 4: Proforma Invoice & Create Your Amazon Listing (4 lessons)
  • Module 5: How To Send Inventory To FBA (4 lessons)
  • Module 6: How To Optimize Your Product Listing (6 lessons)
  • Module 7: How To Advertise Your Product On Amazon (5 lessons)
  • Bonus Material: How to contact seller support, Increase revenue with email automation, Selling on Amazon's international markets, Launching your brand website, etc.

Price: $1,497 (one-off) or 2 x monthly payments of $765. With 14-day money-back guarantee.

Amazon Merch

Merch by Amazon is a print-on-demand service. You first send your design to Amazon and if they approve it, you’ll be able to sell clothing (e.g. t-shirts, hoodies) with your design printed. Ryan’s Passive Income School training program will take you through in detail, so if you are ever interested in selling your own printed products, this course may help you. The course modules are;

  • Module 1: Introduction (7 lessons)
  • Module 2: Niche Research (Free Tools) (6 lessons)
  • Module 3: Niche Research (Paid Tools) (7 lessons)
  • Module 4: The Design Process (8 lessons)
  • Module 5: Creating Your Amazon Merch Product Listing (6 lessons)
  • Module 6: Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) (5 lessons)
  • Module 7: Beyond Amazon Merch (3 lessons)
  • Bonus: Automate The Upload Process (4 lessons)

Price: $497 (one-off) or 2 x monthly payments of $265 With 14-day money-back guarantee.

Dropshipped Print On Demand 

This is another course that teaches how to sell print-on-demand products, not on Amazon Merch service but other marketplaces such as Etsy, Redbubble, and eBay. While you may appreciate that these marketplaces are available to consider, the training itself may be confusing. Is it necessary to use all of them to make more money? Do I have to sell the POD products on Amazon and also use Amazon Merch (the course above)? 

The Dropshipped Print On Demand modules are:

  • Module 1: Introduction To Print On Demand (7 lessons)
  • Module 2: Production Partners (7 lessons)
  • Module 3: Find Profitable Niches (7 lessons)
  • Module 4: Create Winning Designs (6 lessons)
  • Module 5: Selling On Amazon (8 lessons)
  • Module 6: Selling On Etsy (9 lessons)
  • Module 7: Selling On Redbubble (4 lessons)
  • Module 8: Selling On eBay (3 lessons)
  • Module 9: Additional Platforms & Markets (6 lessons)
  • Bonus: Automate The Upload Process (3 lessons)

Price: $997 (one-off) or 2 x monthly payments of $525 With 14-day money-back guarantee.

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

I was a little confused at the beginning as publishing your own book is very different from an e-commerce business model, but this is a real passive income opportunity if you can write a book and sell a good number of copies. 

I was also initially confused by the fact that Ryan openly says this is the way to sell low-content books on Amazon. Why would you sell a book that you know it has less value, isn’t that deceptive? But Ryan says, it’s easy to create no-content or low-content because Amazon's catalog is flooded with them. I guess it’s his way of encouraging you by saying, “you don’t have to be an author to sell books. There are so many overpriced Kindle books out there, if they can do this, so can you. It’s all about designing and marketing.” The course contents are;

  • Module 1: Introduction (4 lessons)
  • Module 2: Find Profitable Niches (2 lessons)
  • Module 3: Create Your Listing (3 lessons)
  • Module 4: Advertise Your Book (3 lessons)
  • Module 5: Special Interiors
  • Bonus: Automate The Upload Process (3 lessons)

Price: $497 (one-off) or 2 x monthly payments of $265 With 14-day money-back guarantee.

Ryan's Method

Stock Marketing Investing 101

It seems so strange that an investment guide is available among others that are all about running a business. But Ryan Hogue himself is sharing some tips from his own experience, and dividends from share investments are real passive income. The course might help you if you already have thousands of dollars to spare and are prepared to take some risks. The modules are;

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Get Started - How to pick up a broker, create your trading account, and deposit funds.
  • Module 3: Stocks - Understanding company stocks, how to buy and sell.
  • Module 4: Options - Understanding option contracts, how to buy and sell options.
  • Module 5: Get Rich In A Downturn - Investment advice.
  • Bonus: Crypto And Precious Metals

Price: $197 (one-off) or 2 x monthly payments of $99 With 14-day money-back guarantee.


Redbubble is another print-on-demand service and it’s already covered by the above course (“The Dropshipped Print On Demand”). I think it’s confusing for beginners who are desperate to learn the POD business how-tos, whether to take both the courses or just one of the courses. If just one of them, which one? The Redbubble training modules are;

  • Module 1: Introduction (5 lessons)
  • Module 2: Artist Tools (6 lessons)
  • Module 3: Research + Design (5 lessons)
  • Module 4: Create Products (7 lessons)
  • Module 5: Secret Sauce (6 lessons)
  • Bonus Automaton (5 lessons)

Price: $297 (one-off) or 2 x monthly payments of $165 With 14-day money-back guarantee.

Merch Titans Automation

The Merch Titans Automation course is about how to automate some of the creation process (such as designing, uploading, converting print-on-demand designs into Kindle book covers) so that you can sell your products across as many markets as possible.

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Design Automation - Canva, Data spreadsheet, Canvas Titans
  • Module 3: POD Upload Automation
  • Module 4: KDP Upload Automation
  • Bonus: Ryan Productivity Hacks - Remote desktop, Multiple Chrome instances

Price: $197 (one-off) or 2 x monthly payments of $115. Guarantee period not disclosed.

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POD Design

This course teaches how to create best-selling print-on-demand designs, include;

  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Best practices and best-selling design styles
  • Top converting fonts & color schemes
  • Photoshop, Canva, and Photopea tutorials
  • Access to over 65,000 free vector graphics

Price: $49 (one-off). With 14-day money-back guarantee.

PODTurbo (AMZ FBM OID Automation)

PORTurbo is an automated system that creates and publishes print-on-demand products to multiple marketplaces. This is a third-party service that will cost you $97 per month, but if you join this Ryan’s course, you’ll receive a $500 coupon, so it is a plus if you’re seriously willing to sell POD products. Ryan will also share how he sells 200 x print-on-demand products on Amazon and provides his custom data template. The course contents include;

  • Starting with Amazon Seller Central
  • Connect PODTurbo to Amazon
  • Intro to Gearbubble 
  • Design creation automation tutorial

Price: $49 (one-off). With 14-day money-back guarantee.

Who Is Ryan Hogue’s Passive Income School For?

As you can see above, the majority of the courses are about selling products on marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, and eBay, particularly focused on print-on-demand products. If you're interested in making money this way, Ryan Hogue's Passive Income School may be for you. 

However, each marketplace (Amazon, Etsy...) offers its own tutorials for free, so I would strongly recommend you to create a seller's account accordingly and at least gain some knowledge from their tutorials first. Although Ryan may teach you from scratch, you want to be sure this is the type of thing you want to do (i.e. running an eCommerce business) before you make a payment for the course.

You know by now from the volume of the course content that there'll be a lot to learn. The term "passive income" generally, is often over-glorified, giving online marketing beginners the impression that they'll barely have to put in any efforts, which is not true. You do have to work hard on it, otherwise the tuition fees are not cheap and you may waste your money.

Is Ryan Hogue Passive Income School a Scam?

No, of course not. Ryan Hogue provides good online business training on YouTube approximately bi-weekly, which means that his tutorial style is current. His YouTube channel has almost 70k subscribers at the time of writing this in 2021. This proves that his tutorials are very useful and his teaching style is popular among many. Ryan Hogue is a renowned tutor and I can only imagine the number of his subscribers is increasing. 

The word ‘scam’ usually refers to a dishonest scheme or when someone takes money off people and disappears without providing a product or service as he/she promised. A scam is a fraud, and this program is definitely not. His Passive Income School is a legitimate, respectful training program created by a real, successful entrepreneur. Just in case you want to be sure.

But...Some Testimonials Are Fake

Passive Income School Fake Testimonials

With all the said, unfortunately I can spot some fake video testimonials, played by actors available to hire on Fiverr. You may want to bear in mind that not everything you're told on the sales pages is true.

Refund Policies

Each of the Passive Income School courses offers a 14-day money-back guarantee - but with one condition. You can only claim a refund if you've only accessed less than 33% (1/3) of the entire course. If you use more than that, you'll lose your entitlement.

Whether you think this policy is fair or not is up to you. There are always certain people who take advantage of refund guarantees trying to get everything they want for free. Ryan Hogue has already provided a lot of quality tutorials on YouTube for free and, I can only assume that this is a very fair policy to protect his brand from timewasters/freebie takers.

Passive Income School Pros and Cons


  • eCommerce (Amazon FBA, Print-on-Demand) training course by a real expert in the area.
  • Ryan Hogue is already reputable for providing free tutorials via YouTube.
  • Tutorials are both by video and text.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • The courses cover different business models plus investment - may be confusing.
  • The one-off fees are not necessarily affordable for everyone.

Ryan Hogue’s Passive Income School Review - Conclusion:

If you are brand new to online business, you may be overwhelmed by the different types of courses and find it hard to decide which one you should go for. I suggest that you visit Ryan Hogue Passive Income YouTube channel first - his free tutorial videos are categorized which makes it easy for you to find out which one best interests you, i.e. Amazon FBA, print-on-demand, or publishing Kindle books. I do believe that Ryan has created these courses for real action-takers, and the best thing is to be familiar with his teaching style before you make any decision, so you'll be happy building your own business without regret.

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Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Hi, it's good to know you recommend some of the training programs but I disagree.
    I don't personally trust someone who doesn't stick to one type of business.
    It sounds to me like he just spread a big fish net in the sea hoping to get any kind of fish to make money for himself.

    His refund policy also sucks, if he's confident he shouldn't be worrying about a few what you call freebie takes.

    1. Hi Syed, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can only imagine Ryan teaches different areas of online business simply because he’s had some success in different areas so he’s sharing his knowledge with students. I see your points, yes, but who are we to criticize tutors for choosing what to teach, or their refund policies?

  2. I love your website but I think you are confusing also. You write about affiliate marketings but
    you also write about Amazon sellers account. It’s the same? Tell me how you can do that?
    Is it best to write about different businesses? So why do you criticize Ryan Hogue teaching
    different business?
    Is it good for you to write reviews? How many visit do you have to have to make money?
    It’s confusing for me try to start make money right now to support my family.
    Waiting your advice.

    1. Hi Nahid, thanks for your comment & questions. This is a product review, and Passive Income School is a training program. You’re comparing two totally different things. Trustpilot is a review site that covers different classes of products and services, you don’t read one page to another and get confused by wondering whether you should get a pizza or buy a car.

      This site is about helping those who wish to build their own work-from-home business. I primarily recommend niche affiliate marketing because that’s how I make money. The best thing you should do first that I can suggest is to decide what you feel most comfortable doing, because your questions such as “how many visits you need to make money” all depends on the niche and how you promote your website too. I hope this makes a little more sense to you. I wish you all the best!

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