What Is The Power Of Positive Thinking?

Updated: March 25, 2019
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What is the power of Positive Thinking? What if I say there are infinite possibilities behind every impossibility? What if every plus and minus could yield a positive result in real life? What if there exist solutions to the problems you don’t even know?

Seeing beyond that limit is positive thinking.

The first step to positivity is to stop complaining and start embracing what you have in your life because God won’t put you to a bad situation if he can’t get you through it. A positive attitude is like that candle in a dark room which will not brighten up the entire room but will not leave you wondering.

What Is The Power Of Positive Thinking?

Getting Rid Of Negative Thoughts

In Positive Thinking, it is very important to detoxify our minds, find inner balance and peace in order to handle the various stressful things we come across in our daily life. Activities like meditation, positive affirmations, reading good quotes and books can help us get rid of any negative thoughts that are running through our mind.

We all know that our mind controls our body. It is like the CPU of a computer system that processes all your thoughts 24/7. Therefore, the type of input you provide will always generate a similar kind of output. Our mind and body function in the same manner. The human mind and thoughts exercise their powers on our body as there is constant communication between the body and the mind.

Your activities will always be guided by what you are thinking about. The body responds accordingly and responds to those thoughts by manifesting it. That is why positive thinking works like magic. Continually focusing on the positive aspects of our life and being grateful to what we have will certainly train our brain to see the brighter side of our lives. It gives us hopes and aspirations to move ahead in life especially after a significant setback.

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Be Grateful For What You Have

We often come across situations where life seems to be at stagnation, and we start facing this dilemma of what to do and what not to do. This is the point where our mind starts thinking about all the negativities in our lives.

Remember the time when you were not able to sleep at night after having a long tiring day? Your thoughts were deeply submerged by all the financial problems in your life, your breakups, career tensions and the fear of the unsecured future?

You were about to drown in this sea of disappointments when all of a sudden your mind says that things will be alright soon. At this point, you must think about what you have rather than thinking about what you don’t have.

A Weapon Called Positive Thinking

You should believe that if things are getting worse, there is always a ray of hope that will save you from drowning into your anxieties. So even if you are struggling with your negative thoughts, you have a weapon called positive thinking with you. So stop wrestling with your worries, stress or depressions but instead try to overcome your negative thoughts. Once you understand the causes of negative thinking, you will definitely integrate your mind to work towards new and improved thinking.

"God always gives his hardest battles to its strongest soldiers." A few days back l was going through an article which said that a positive outlook increases the body’s ability to handle stress. I always wondered if this actually works in real life as well. But then I realized that to lose yourself in all these desperations is easy, and optimism is the only way out.

Life will sometimes throw a curve ball that you have to make a catch. Losing out your job, relationships, loved ones or bad health are perils everyone goes through at some point in time. But medically it has been proven that an optimistic attitude will definitely help you heal yourself. A positive outlook on life will surely boost your immune system and the body’s ability to handle stress.

One can adopt the following ways that will help to have a positive outlook towards life:

1. Wake up early

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." (John Clarke's Paroemiologia Anglo-Latina, 1639)

We have been learning this since our childhood days. And not to deny the fact that it actually works wonders. In order to make your entire day filled with positive vibes, you need to make sure that you have a great morning.

The Crack of Dawn Duel: Sleep vs Positivity

Sleep vs Positivity

Picture this: the sun is just making its soft, ginger appearance over the sleepy horizon. A few brave birds are up, tweeting their morning anthems. The world is quiet, and the first light of day is tenderly poking through your window. Your alarm goes off with enthusiasm; it's a brand-new day! Now, you have two choices. Either you wage a small war with the snooze button, or you throw off the sheets and jump into the new day with zest. Let's explore why the latter is akin to selecting the VIP pass to a Positivity Party.

Your Mind is an Empty Canvas

Waking up early is like being handed a pristine, untouched canvas along with a vibrant palette of colors. Your thoughts are the brushes, ready to create the first masterpiece of the day. The early hours are devoid of the chaos and demands that tend to hijack your brain later on. It’s the perfect time to paint a mental picture filled with hopeful colors and cheery outlooks. Each stroke of positive thinking is setting the tone for the sunny disposition that will follow you throughout the day.

Beat The Morning Blues With a Sunrise Salute

Late risers often find themselves dragged out of bed by the harsh realities of life - the urgent emails, the demanding schedule, and the ever-ticking clock. They enter the ring with the day, already a few rounds down. On the other hand, the early birds are in the ring before the match even starts, doing a comical dance, making funny faces at the day, and telling it, “Bring it on!” with a cheeky grin. They’ve had their laugh, filled their lungs with the fresh morning air, and are ready to roll with whatever punch the day throws.

Lullabies or Laugh Tracks: The Choice is Yours

As the moon makes way for the sun, and as the owls clock out while the roosters clock in, you have a choice. Either continue to snuggle with your pillow, letting dreams sweetly whisper lullabies in your ear, or leap out of bed and let the chirping birds provide the laugh track to the sitcom of your life. Each chuckle with the dawn chorus builds a hearty, positive outlook that'll keep the gloom at bay.

The Early Worm Gets The Giggles

Ever heard the saying, the early bird gets the worm? Well, in our humor-infused version, the early worm wriggles out of the earth, stretches, and gets a hearty dose of morning giggles. As you rise before the world, you’ve got the chance to snatch up handfuls of joy, positive vibes, and maybe a worm or two, before the rest of the world has even hit the snooze button for the first time.

By taking control of your morning, and choosing to rise early, you've just scored a front-row seat to a daily comedy show where the laughs lead to a happy, positive outlook. And who wouldn't want to start the day on such a delightful note? So, set that alarm, fling off those blankets, and jump headfirst into the refreshing waters of early morning positivity!

2. Meditate 

Meditation is the fine art of contemplation. Sometimes it is vital that you have no thoughts running through your mind. You just have to remain at tranquility. You can sit (or lie), close your eyes and meditate.

You can also learn to meditate while you are on a cardio exercise such as running and swimming. In fact, there are many types of meditation - you can check this page and find the most suitable way for you.


Envision a Mental Giggle Fest

Picture your mind as a lively comedy club. Now, add a twist. The main act is none other than meditation, dishing out humorous anecdotes that tickle your brain cells into a state of chuckling delight. The more you meditate, the better the jokes get, and the lighter your mind feels. This isn’t your typical Om-chanting, incense-burning meditation scenario. Nope! It’s more of a sitcom where your thoughts are the quirky characters, and meditation is the witty scriptwriter.

Silence: The Comedy Gold Mine

Silence is often seen as a stern, serious fellow, but when you meditate, it turns out, Silence has a fantastic sense of humor. When you settle into that serene quietude, you’ll find that Silence loves to point out the amusing side of your thoughts. You know, those random thoughts about whether penguins have knees or if the person who invented the drawing board ever had to go back to it. Silence, with its witty charm, guides you through a humorous take on the mental chatter, subtly steering you towards a more positive narrative.

Taming the Dramatic Thought Theater

As you meditate, you're not merely a passive audience to the drama unfolding in your mind. Oh no, you're the director of a whimsical play. You get to cue the dramatic exits and the funny entrances. This light-hearted directorial venture helps you to spot the comedic aspects of your mind’s melodrama. With every chuckle, the gloominess lifts, making way for a playful, positive thinking.

Your Inner Sage is a Comedian

The ancient meditation gurus might not have mentioned this, but tucked deep within you is a sage with a comical streak. As you meditate, you start to notice this jovial sage, dropping humorous wisdom nuggets that clear away the mental cobwebs with a hearty laugh. Soon, you’ll find your inner dialogue is less of a tense debate and more of a comedic banter that nudges you towards a sunnier outlook.

Taking The Mind on a Humorous Rendezvous

Each time you close your eyes to meditate, picture it as going on a cheeky rendezvous with your mind. As you both settle into the calm, you find that your mind, under the gentle coaxing of meditation, is quite the comedian. It starts to highlight the lighter side of life, pointing out the proverbial banana peels on life's path, not as pitfalls, but as setup for a good belly laugh.

Through the quiet giggles during your meditation sessions, you discover that a sense of humor is a gateway to a positive mindset. So, as you meditate daily, know that with each chuckle, you’re not just brightening up the gray cells but also laying down the red carpet for a more cheerful, upbeat attitude. Thus, meditation becomes not just a pursuit of mindfulness, but a joyous rendezvous with the lighter side of thinking!

3. Listen to music

Music is like a drug that will surely take you to another world. Choose a type of music that makes you "feel it and swing with its rhythm". Listening to your favorite songs before sleeping is proven to give a good and sound night sleep.


Cranking Up the Happy Tunes

The dawn cracks open, and as the sun timidly peeks over the horizon, your sleepy eyes blink open. Before the gloomy clouds of daily chores start gathering, you plug in your earphones, hit play, and embark on a whimsical journey to the land of Musical Merriment. Each beat drops a dollop of joy into your waking mind, creating ripples of chuckles through the cerebral corridors.

The Brain Orchestra: Playing the Symphony of Optimism

With a tap of a play button, your brain transforms into an exuberant concert hall. The neurons are the musicians, eagerly tuning their instruments as the first notes float in. The amygdala takes on the drums, the hippocampus strums the harp, and the cerebral cortex passionately conducts this orchestra. A melodious symphony of positivity resounds through the grey matter, evoking a smile that’s as infectious as a catchy chorus.

Musical Chuckles: A Rhythmic Rendezvous

Who knew that tucked within the folds of melodies are nuggets of humor ready to tickle your fancy? As the rhythm takes over, your thoughts begin to tap dance. Each twirl replaces worries with whimsical musings. Your mind, now a playground of playful notes, swings from the tendrils of upbeat tunes, somersaulting into a pool of positivity. The mundane worries scuttle away, making room for amusing musings that play in harmony with the tunes wafting through your ears.

Rockstars of Resilience: Hitting the High Notes of Hope

The world could be tossing stormy scenes your way, but with your trusty playlist, you're equipped with an umbrella of upbeat tunes. As you navigate through the rain, each drop creates a rhythm, blending with the tunes you are nestled in. You start spotting the comedy in the puddles, the humor in the drips, and suddenly, the storm seems like a backdrop to a joyful musical.

Disco Balls of Discourse: Spinning Positivity into the Playlist

Amidst the cacophony of daily debates and discussions, your headphones are the silver lining, or should we say, the shimmering disco balls. They spin the discourse into a merry melody, reflecting sparkles of joy onto the grim corners of contemplations. Each beat is a buoyant bubble lifting you up from the murky mires of melancholy into a sky sprinkled with lyrical laughter.

With the world sometimes playing the tunes of turmoil, having a playlist armed with cheerful chords is like having a jester in the court of your mind, ready to turn the tables (or should we say turntables?) and switch the narrative to a happier tune. As you lose yourself in the swirl of symphonies, know that each note is a step towards painting your thought canvas with shades of humor, hope, and hearty laughter. So go on, plug in those earphones, and let the music play the strings of positivity in your mind!

4. Look for the good

Train your mind to see the good sides in every situation. You need to understand that you just have bad days and bad moments from time to time but not a bad life. And there are infinite possibilities ahead of you, just keep your patience and wait for it to come along your way.

Launching the Good-Seeking Missiles

Imagine your eyes as two heat-seeking missiles, but with a slight twist. Instead of chasing down the fiery fumes of despair, they are programmed to hunt for the delightful bounties of goodness scattered around. With each blink, they recalibrate, locking onto the next packet of positivity awaiting discovery. Let’s explore the entertaining escapade of focusing your lenses on the merry treasures of life.

Unearthing the Humorous Gems

Life often loves to play hide-and-seek with its joyful gems. Sometimes, the good hides in the most obvious places, giggling silently, waiting to be found. When you train your eyes to spot the glittering nuggets of happiness even in mundane scenes, it's like being on a whimsical treasure hunt. Suddenly, spotting a squirreling squirrel or a dancing daffodil becomes a chapter in a comedic narrative that uplifts your spirits.

Tiptoeing Through Tulips of Triumph

Ever wondered what it would be like to tiptoe through a garden of good vibes? Each step is a soft tap on a drum of delight, releasing ripples of radiant thoughts. As you pivot from one good note to another, it’s a comical ballet with life. You twirl around troubles, pirouette past pessimism, and leap over languor, landing in a lush meadow of merry musings. The world becomes a playful stage where each scene unfolds into a chorus of chuckles.

Panning for Golden Giggles

As you shift your focus, sifting through the sands of circumstances, you begin to notice the shimmer of golden giggles buried within. It's a playful panning expedition where every scoop brings you closer to the sparkling streams of positivity. The more you pan, the more you unveil the humorous hues of life. It's like tuning into a sitcom where each scene is laden with laughter-triggering lines.

Wearing the Jester’s Glasses

Donning a pair of jester’s glasses alters the script of daily drama. Through these whimsical lenses, every challenge morphs into a comical character, every setback transforms into a setup for a joke, and every worry wilts away, making way for witty quips. Suddenly, the narrative is no longer a dirge of despair but a lively lampoon leading to a light-hearted life.

Looking for the good is a delightful dalliance with the lighthearted lane of life. It’s an open invitation to join the jesters, comedians, and merry minstrels in a jovial jamboree. As you shift your gaze from the gloomy to the good, you script a comedic caper that not only tickles the funny bone but also brightens the lens through which you view the world. So go on, slap on those rose-colored glasses, and kick-start the laugh-tastic voyage towards a sunnier state of mind!

5. Read Whenever You Can

Reading books, articles, blogs, etc. will not only equip you with essential information but will also divert your mind into something new. It will help you to generate new ideas giving you a new perspective towards your life.


Launching into Literal Laughter

Life without reading is like a sitcom without a script - lots of characters running amok with not a laugh in sight. Enter the whimsical world of words, and suddenly every page turned tickles your fancy and nudges the corners of your lips upwards. The woes of the world take a backseat as you dive nose-first into a novel, your giggles harmonizing with the rustle of pages.

Misadventures in the Margins

The quest for good vibes often leads one to the leafy lanes of a book, where humor hops around like a jovial jackrabbit, just waiting to be chased. Those inked symbols are more than mere words; they're mischievous elves frolicking around, daring you to join in the fun. With each paragraph perused, a hearty chuckle burgeons in your belly, ready to burst forth and fill the room with rollicking resonance.

Comic Chapters: Your Daily Dose of Delight

Within the realms of rigid covers, lies a plethora of playful perspectives. As you flip through the fictional or factual frolics, it's like having a rendezvous with humor and hope. Each chapter unveils a delightful discourse that prances around your pondering mind, teasing out a torrent of positive thoughts. Even the grumpiest gloom stands no chance against the jovial jabs a good book delivers!

Waltzing with Words

Reading isn’t a somber stroll through a silent library; it’s more like a whimsical waltz with words. The syllables serenade you into a state of serene silliness, where every concern crumbles before the comedic crusade of cleverly crafted sentences. This rhythmical rendezvous rolls out a red carpet, leading your thoughts towards a lush landscape of laughter and light-heartedness.

Riding the Rollercoaster of Ridicule

Life's usual humdrum flips into a farcical fiesta as you ride the rollercoaster of ridicule through the riveting routes of reading. Those pesky problems shrink into puny punchlines when viewed through the whimsical lens of literature. Your hearty ha-has hurl away the humdrum, replacing it with a halo of hilarity.

The act of reading is like having a backstage pass to the grandiose gala of gaiety, where every line read is a step taken on the peppy pathway of positivity. So, grab a book, cozy up in your favorite nook, and let the jovial journey of jocular jest unfold with each page. A world where worries wilt and wit wins awaits you in the whimsical whirl of words!

6. Take up a new task

Sometimes you may feel bored with everything around you and fed up of your life. Then it's about time you started trying something new which you have never done before. It can be taking up dance classes, guitar classes or anything that you had always thought of doing or anything that excites your hormones.

The Whimsical Whirlwind of Beginning

Dive headfirst into the hilarious hubbub that comes with taking up a new task. It's akin to stepping onto a comedy stage with an invisible script—anticipation and awkward pauses included. The laughter lurking in the lurking challenges is the sunny side up in this scenario, waiting to crack up and spill giggles over the grit.

Clowning Around with Challenges

The first step into unchartered territory is often more of a comic tumble than a majestic stride. The blooper reel rolls as you fumble and stumble, but oh, the chuckles it churns out! Every miscue is a cue for merriment, each blunder a ticket to belly laughs. As you wrangle with the ropes of the new, every knot untangled unravels a humor-filled moment that adds a vibrant hue to the canvas of cognition.

The Slapstick Symphony of Striving

As you wrestle with the new routine, life turns into a slapstick symphony. Each attempt to tune the unfamiliar tasks feels like playing a kazoo in a grand orchestra—zany yet zestful. The discord creates a sort of comedic harmony, where each offbeat effort syncs to the rhythm of resilience, conducting a melody of mirth that resonates through the rookie routine.

Giggling Through the Grind

There’s something hilariously humbling about grappling with a new gadget or gallivanting through a fresh field of focus. It’s the realm where poised pros turn into goofy greenhorns, each blip on the learning curve serving a slice of humble pie with a side of snickers. The grind is garnished with giggles, turning the taste of toil terrifically tasty.

The Buffoonery of Becoming

Becoming adept is a carnival filled with comedic capers. Picture yourself juggling the juicy fruits of failure and success with the grace of a goofy clown. The crowd (your inner critic and cheerleader) roars with laughter at every near miss, applauding the absurd antics and the audacity to amuse amidst the ambiguity.

Taking up a new task is your free pass to the funfair, where each ride rockets you through rollicking realities, and every game is a gamble garnished with guffaws. The humor housed in the heart of hassle hustles away the humdrum, hoisting the flag of hilarity high. As you harness the hubris to hack the humorous hurdles, the newfound narrative nurtures a nourishing nook of positive ponderings. So, step into the comical circus of challenges, and let the clown within crown you with chuckles!

What Is The Power Of Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is not a quick fix; it comes with extensive practice. But once you are used to it, no negative energy can conquer your thoughts. You need to know the waiting, the meantime, the time in between, it all serves a purpose, and you need to trust your process, even the delays and detours.

Sanjay is a medical student and freelance writer, currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

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