WowApp Review: Why Not Earn, Share and Do Good?

Updated: May 16, 2017
by Ray Alexander

WowApp is a fairly new social chat app, launched in late 2015, available on your mobile device as well as your desktop. Just like Skype or WhatsApp, but this one comes with extra features such as shopping and games. What makes WowApp different is that it shares its advertising revenue with the users, i.e. you make money as you use. In this WowApp review I'll talk about good features, not so good features and whether it's worth-a-try for anyone.

WowApp Review

Free & Easy

​Well, for me personally anything free is worth a try. As long as it doesn't harm my computer and waste too much of my time. WowApp is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac and the installation is easy - when you are invited to join, you're supplied with a download link. Click to install, enter your basic information (Username of your choice, full name, birthday, country of residence and your phone number) and you're ready to go.

By default, the desktop app goes automatically active every time you log on to your computer, and it notifies you if there's been a message left or a missed call.

WowApp Account WowCoins


So every time you use WowApp​, small amount of earnings will be added to your account in the unit called WowCoins. 1 WowCoin is equivalent to $0.01 (one US cent).

Yes that's right, you earn very little!

While you can't expect WowApp to cover your household bills, it's actually not too bad to see small numbers keep adding up daily. WowApp has been running on my Mac for a month now, I've invited 24 people so far but have hardly used it. So far text chat for maximum of 1/2 an hour in total. Played some silly puzzle games a few times, and I've earned 77 WowCoins, equivalent to $0.77. If I started to use the app a little more actively by asking my friends to reach me on WowApp instead of other chat apps - I'd say it's feasible to turn this $0.77 profit into $7.70. Then scale it up some more.

Not Making Much Money But...

WowApp's catchphrase is "Earn, Share, Do Good." A percentage of your daily earnings will automatically be distributed to your chosen charity groups (you can choose up to 5 charities from the list).

So it's good to know you're already contributing yourself for a good cause just by using WowApp. Plus your earnings up to 100% - in my case $0.77 so far! - can be donated instead of being transferred to your bank, credit card or PayPal account.

Chat On WowApp

WowApp Chat

WowApp Text Chat

Primarily WowApp is a chat tool, allowing you to send text messages, make phone calls as well as video calls to other users (including group calls) for free.

Text chat in terms of usability, is no different from other chat tools in my opinion. With its friendly interface, I cannot see why you should or should not choose WowApp over Facebook Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp. It allows you to send files, preinstalled Giphy GIF images, and of course emojis and foreign languages are fully supported.

Make Phone Calls On WowApp

Calling your WowApp friends is free. You can also call anyone, anywhere in the world outside WowApp at very small rates (it claims they're the smallest rates available on the market). The rates vary from country to country.

For example I live in the UK, the domestic call rates using WowApp are listed in the image below; calling a landline costs 0.5 cents ($0.005) per minute, but also to call USA for the same price. My mobile phone provider, O2 charges 2 pence ($0.025) per minute to call the States, so WowApp certainly charges a lot less.

WowApp Making Phone Calls

With WowApp from UK, it costs $0.009 p/m to call Australia/New Zealand, $0.019 p/m to South Africa and so on. So it would possibly be cheaper for me to use WowApp if I needed to make regular phone calls abroad.


WowApp Shopping Cashback

Every time you access an online shop via WowApp and make a purchase, you will receive some WowCoins, i.e. effectively a cash back. However the choice of shops is limited, goods stores (such as for clothing and household items) are predominantly US operated and prices are shown in USD. Digital service stores can be found as available worldwide.

The WowApp share rate (cash back rate) varies from store to store. For example in the image above; if you spend money on from the WowApp link, there will be a rebate up to 713.11 WowCoins. But how much you'd have to spend to qualify for that amount is not clear. This rebate will be shared on an "Earn, Share, Do Good" basis;

  • 2/3 of the total cash back is added to your account in WowCoins.
  • Of the remaining 1/3, one-fifth is donated to charitable organisations and the remaining four-fifths will be paid to your referrers.

So if you refer WowApp to others, every time any of your downline (your referrals, your referrals' referrals...) accesses to a store via WowApp and makes a purchase, you'll get paid.


WowApp Games

You'll also receive WowCoins from the ads you see while playing games. There are plenty of games for everyone that categorised such as Action / Adventure / Defence & Strategy / Platform Puzzle / Role Playing Games / Shooting / Sports & Racing.

Invitation Only!

New members can only join by invite, that's probably one of the reasons why WowApp is not as widely known as other chat apps. What's most unique about this app is its revenue share scheme, so it is understandable the membership administrations may be handled better this way. I'm only guessing here but the WowCoin rebates would only be wasted if millions of - not only people but also bots - kept joining, leaving and messing about.

WowApp Review - Summary​

  • ​Invite your friends to WowApp and start using it just like any other chat apps.
  • If you're currently paying individual call charges on your phone, consider using WowApp - it may work out cheaper.
  • If you shop online by accessing via WowApp, you'll receive a cash back.
  • Play games (if you want!)
  • WowApp shares its advertising revenue with you, your referrer, and your chosen charity groups.
  • The more you use the app, the more money will be automatically added to your WowApp account (as well as your referrer and the charity)
  • ...But it's a very small, tiny amount of money.

Please join me on WowApp to connect, share and get rewarded; check out my personal page to create your free account. WowApp is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

About the Author

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Hi All I want to know if anyone from South Africa has ever claimed and got paid by WOW. I am using the app as my new WhatsApp”,read games,news and watch videos and currently am on 289.62 with avail earning being 93.13 wow. It is said one can claim to have it paid once avail earnings are 100W….any idea how much is that 100.00W more a less in Rands please??Any extra cash is eagerly awaited

    1. Hi Zethu, thanks for sharing your experience. 1 Wowcoin is equivalent to $0.01. So 100W is $1, which is about 15 Rands… It may not be much as yet, but I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Im from Malaysia & actively using Wowapp with my friends. we are always chatting using Wowapp. instead of using Whatsapp, we dont get anything. after change to Wowapp, we surprised that the coins we get after 4 months, nearly 100 USD. so we decide to use that money for a celebration.
    also, we have discovered that this app can be as a potential fix income also. we have the system now.
    So guys, if you like to join us & making money easily by using the handphone you have, you may join me at

  3. Hello! I love WowApp because it pays you for chatting, playing games, reading news and so on just like you said in your post. I love the fact that it’s easily accessible for anyone because registration is free.

    When you join, do visit my personal page (alabi-faruk) and connect with me. Thank you.

    1. I don’t see why one should waste his valuable time for peanuts as money – fcuk wowapp
      How much money have you made so far?

      1. Hi Anselm, I guess the value of money is measured differently person to person. What you think is a peanut can be a lot for someone else (in another country) as you know. Also it depends whether you enjoy it or not. Answering a survey for example, in order to earn 20 pence would be pretty painful for me, but there are people who are constantly at it and make decent pocket money.

        I wrote this post in May 2017. I rarely log on to WowApp (less frequently than once a month) though I find the games therapeutic sometimes. I have made $60 so far, which I intend to donate in the future. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Good site. I have not collected enough money to receive money yet but I will keep trying. At least this one is free.

  4. I like your Wowapp review, it’s true I have Wowapp for a few months now and have over 1000 wowcoins. Shopping is boring I never find good shops there. Amazon is better and probably cheaper. I get hooked on the games and can spend days repeating the same games both on my pc and smartphone. Probably that’s why I got so many points lol.

    1. Hi Kenny, thanks for your comment. That’s great you have over 1,000 Wowcoins, that’s $10 worth, right? It’s not like you “put your work to make money”, it’s just a reward that automatically comes into your account continuously. Yes I do get hooked on the games too, I try to stay away, otherwise my Nintendo won’t be happy. As for shopping, as you say, you can never beat Amazon!
      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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