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Updated: December 28, 2023
by Ray Alexander
Web hosting and SEO keyword search tools are two different things but there are times that both tools are needed simultaneously while writing a blog. You come up with some new key phrases during the composition process and want to check whether they're SEO-friendly or not. It will be good if you can have a quick check within your control panel, without having to open your SEO keyword search tool separately, won't it?A keyword tool Jaaxy is now integrated into Wealthy Affiliate (WA). So basically the WA dashboard that we thought had everything already has added another convenient feature. You build your websites from there, buy domain names and set up your emails, start writing articles... If you're not sure of any of that, just ask the experts by raising a question or join the live chat from the same dashboard. And now you can also do your keyword search.WA already has its basic keyword tool (which can also be accessed from the dashboard) but Jaaxy is much more advanced, instantly giving you score-based results and other keyword suggestions.It's great for a scatterbrain like me.Yes, you should be a little organized and research the keywords either before you start writing an article or after you've completed a draft. I do my research before I start, but I often come up with a second thought while writing, "is this keyword really right for this post?"When that happens I can simply pop back to the WA dashboard and do a quick re-research using Jaaxy. It will come up with a small window with a summary result, which is good enough, but the full report such as ranking factors or competitors' sites can be viewed with a click of a button - the Jaaxy site will open up in a new tab.Another good thing about it is that, once you've saved your Jaaxy account detail in the WA dashboard, it's always there ready for an instant keyword search. You don't have to log in every time. It really only makes sense that Jaaxy is sitting within the WA because the same support team takes care of any technical issues. Of course, you don't have to be a Wealthy Affiliate member to be a Jaaxy user, but if you are, you can take full advantage of all the conveniences.I personally find this combined feature very useful. Join Wealthy Affiliate to start monetizing your websites, and try the advanced SEO keyword search tool, Jaaxy with 30 x searches free.__CONFIG_post_symbol__{"id":"25639"}__CONFIG_post_symbol__Is an SEO Keyword Search Tool Useful, Really?E-commerceFor online stores, an SEO Keyword Search Tool is like finding treasure. It's super helpful because it lets you figure out what potential customers are typing into search engines when they're looking to buy stuff. By understanding these keywords, e-commerce sites can tailor their product descriptions, blog posts, and even ad campaigns to match what people are searching for. This can lead to more traffic and, ideally, more sales.Great for optimizing product descriptions and categories.Helps in understanding customer search behavior.Can be used to drive targeted ad campaigns.Pretty handy for e-commerce, right?Content Creators/BloggersIf you're writing blogs or creating content, an SEO Keyword Search Tool is almost a must-have. It helps you figure out what topics are trending and what phrases people are using to find information. This way, you can create content that's more likely to show up in search engine results, which means more eyes on your work. It's especially useful for niche bloggers who want to attract a specific audience.Ideal for finding trending topics and popular search queries.Helps in optimizing blog titles and content.Essential for niche bloggers targeting specific audiences.Makes sense for content creators, you know?Local Brick-and-Mortar BusinessesNow, if you run a local shop or service that doesn't really rely on online traffic, an SEO Keyword Search Tool might not be super useful. For example, a local barber shop or a bakery that relies more on foot traffic and local reputation might not benefit much from knowing global or even national search trends. Their focus is more on local advertising and word-of-mouth.Limited use for businesses not reliant on online traffic.Local reputation and advertising might be more important.Not ideal for businesses serving a very small geographical area.Not a big deal for local brick-and-mortars, right?Highly Specialized Niches with Limited AudiencesFor extremely specialized niches where the audience is very limited and specific, SEO Keyword Search Tools might not provide much value. Think of very technical fields or niche hobbies where the community is small and tight-knit. In these cases, the keywords might be too specialized or not searched enough to register significantly on these tools.Limited utility in very specialized or technical fields.Small, niche audiences might not generate enough search data.Community engagement might be more important than SEO.Not so useful in these cases, you see?Digital Marketing AgenciesFor digital marketing agencies, an SEO Keyword Search Tool is a no-brainer. It's essential for helping their clients improve online visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads. They use these tools to craft strategies that put their clients' content in front of the right eyes. It's a crucial part of their toolkit to deliver results.Essential for crafting effective digital marketing strategies.Helps in targeting the right audience for clients.Crucial for improving client's online visibility and traffic.

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  1. Hi I’m Dominika, can u make money with wealthy affiliate good please. I’m sick of receiving too many invitations none of them work. I must pay but they never tell me in the beginning. Thanks. Dominika

    1. Hi Dominika, thanks for your comment. Like anything else, you need to receive a training before you can start making money online. So most likely you need to invest some money in the beginning (e.g. for a training course).

      I make money “with Wealthy Affiliate” and you can, too. You can join free, but again you need to become a premium member to learn the technique in order to start earning a good income with your niche marketing website. Take a look if you’re interested. Any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks for your visit!

  2. I’m a scatterbrain also lol!
    Yeah good if everything can be operated in one screen. I use thesaurus a lot, and it’d be good if that was in my dashboard.

    Is it mobile responsive?


    1. Hi Darren, thanks for your comment! Neither of Wealthy Affiliate nor Jaaxy is mobile responsive. It’s all about content writing, so it wouldn’t necessarily make sense if the platform went completely mobile friendly, though I think they’re planning it in some of the features. It wouldn’t make sense right now because if you were to build your website using a mobile, you should be making sure it’s desktop responsive also.

      Thesaurus! Good idea! 🙂

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