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By Ray Alexander

If you're looking for some great examples of testimonials, you might want to read this article by Hanne Vervaeck from Thrive Themes. Business testimonials can be bland and boring if displayed one after another, all of which that say how great your service is. Instead, Hanne's article explains how you can develop the section by showing Marie Forleo's B-School website. This can be achieved using Thrive Ovation, the top testimonial plugin for WordPress.

Here is the article: Copy the Greatest: How Marie Forleo Uses Testimonials to Grow B-School​

Top Testimonial Plugin For WordPress Thrive Ovation Marie Forleo

The "B-School" website has three different testimonial pages.

  1. First section is by the students answering specific objections - "What's a reason NOT to buy?"
  2. Second section is a variety of testimonials made in the students' own words. Not just to recommend the service, but how the service has changed their lives.
  3. And the third section is more in-depth video and text testimonials capturing the student's life story.

​And the article continues to explain about Marie Forleo's strategies to get so many testimonials - she didn't collect them overnight - one strategy is to consistently request her students to submit a testimonial in exchange for a special bonus. And it explains how she does it by email.

This is encouraging for many of us, letting us know that there are techniques to obtain testimonials from many users, techniques to plan and compile them, and most of all, techniques to make your testimonial pages interesting.

Thrive Ovation is a multi-player testimonial plugin for WordPress, and has all the functions ​to make all this possible. Select a template and customise it in the way you like. Create multiple testimonial capture pages and make snippets, then place the snippets anywhere in your website. The actual testimonials can be displayed in various ways.

One licence for $39 (use on one website), 5 licences for $47 (5 websites), 15 licences for $97. You can upgrade your licence by paying the difference. Means you can buy a single licence for $39 first and if you like it, get 4 more licences by paying just $8. 

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