Best Internet Marketing Training Course

Updated: February 14, 2017
by Ray Alexander

If you're looking for an online marketing course, firstly you need to know what kind of methods are available. What determines the best internet marketing training course depends on what you want to sell and how you want to market it. Some are easy to learn but the reward can be hit-and-miss. Others may take time & money to invest, but can have years of prosperity, once you get on the rails.

Best Internet Marketing Training Course

Network Marketing​

Network marketing does not generally require you to have a technical knowledge, apart from the knowledge in the product(s) that you're selling. What you need is a dynamic character and a good communication skill, and it's not something you can learn from a "course".

Many people start by joining as many Facebook community groups as they can, find their mentor through word of mouth and become successful as they widen their network.​ People with limitless energy and enthusiasm would make their network marketing a success. Especially with multi-level marketing where you build a team relationship with your referrals

Search Engine Marketing

Creating your own website and have the pages listed in search engine results requires a lot of technique such as;

  • SEO strategy - use the right keywords so users will find your site in search engines worldwide. Its content that should be original, readable and lengthy.
  • Usability - create a website that's in the right format; clear menu layout, friendly design, easy-on-the-eye colour combination, etc.
  • Maintenance & analytics - to ensure the information on every page is up to date, analyse the visitor numbers and continuously improve the quality of the site.
  • Social media interaction with your site, including video platforms such as YouTube, Vine and Instagram to link back.

Thrive University will give you essential information by video and text training course, and it's free to join.

Wealthy Affiliate is my recommendation if you wish to learn legitimate way to make money online from scratch - free to join, but the premium membership will give you in-depth training and also allow you to freely exchange personal messages with experts.

If you'd like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate as​ the best internet marketing training course, check my review page.

Mighty Moneyline

Email Marketing​

It is possible to start an email marketing without owning a website, however it would be harder to make it successful because email service providers usually require your website URL and a permanent email address, i.e. not something you can create instantly such as Gmail and Hotmail.​

Take a look at my Mighty Moneyline 7 Days step-by-step course to learn how you can make money by email marketing. Recently updated, and it is sold for $9.95 $6.99.

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