The Six Figure Mentors Review – Is This The End?

Updated: January 8, 2022
by Joe Garcia

Affiliate marketing is perfect for anyone who wants to make money online but doesn’t have their own product or particular service to sell. The Six Figure Mentors is one of the long-running training programs. It’s been known to charge a lot in the past, but the time has changed. Now it’s open for anyone to join free first, and the all-in-one training has become a little more affordable. 

My updated Six Figure Mentors review will explain if it’s legit or a scam, and if it truly allows you to achieve “six figures” as the name suggests. You’re reading this page maybe because you wish to live a fulfilling life on your own terms and achieve financial security? Then if this course helps you to start making a full-time passive income online, then it is a worthwhile investment. But just like every other paid training course, there are pros and cons. Read on to find it all out.

Just so you know, I am not affiliated with this program or compensated for writing this review in any way. I will share my opinion as objectively and unbiasedly as possible.

Six Figure Mentors Review

Product Name:

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM)

Website URL:


Affiliate Marketing


Digital Experts, LLC (Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross)


$99 per month


What is Six Figure Mentors?

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a training course and mentoring program to help you sell high ticket (expensive) products using affiliate marketing. The higher the unit price, the more affiliate commission you receive per sale, so the course focuses on how you can promote high-ticket items. With the training program, you’ll get the following.

  • Training - SFM provides training mainly to individuals who are looking to start and grow their online business that can be operated from home or anywhere in the world.
  • Live Online Events and Webinars - SFM founders Jay and Stuart host live events and webinar classes frequently. You’ll have access at any time of day. The events and webinars will help your business and can contribute to your motivation and success.
  • Website Builder, Tools, and Plugins - Your website is essentially your business’s online storefront. The site builder and tools are fully customized and you’ll be able to create a professional-looking platform easily. (There will be extra costs.)

September 2021 Update: The Six Figure Mentors has recently introduced a new pricing structure, but this program may be on its way out, as the owners have come up with a brand new training program. I will explain more about it later.

Six Figure Mentors Review

The Creators

The foundation of the Six Figure Mentors program was first created in 2010 by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. The domain has been active since. Jay and Stuart formed a company Digital Experts LLC in 2012 and set up another online training program site Digital Experts Academy ( It seems that DEA was also providing a very similar training program, but the domain is now dormant. 

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

In August 2021, the pricing structure of SFM was updated, but the following month, Jay and Stuart launched a new training program called Launch You. The difference between the new program and SFM is unclear. 

I’m not sure why they keep coming up with similar business training programs with different names. Possibly they feel that the SFM audience market is saturated and now they are seeking out new students? In any case, the two guys have gained a lot of recognition over the past decade, and over 13,000 people still follow the SFM Facebook page. This means at least you know that they have been providing a valuable training/coaching service.

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The Course Modules

The Six Figure Mentors Dashboard

Video and webinar training is provided with all modules.

  • Module 1: Affiliate Marketing - It’s an introduction to affiliate marketing in general. This is useful for a beginner who wishes to make money online but has no experience and has no idea what kind of option is most effective. The module teaches you the basics and theories, such as the difference between online marketing and traditional marketing. How to build a website, start email marketing to build a list of subscribers, and why it’s best to promote high-ticket items.
  • Module 2: Planning Strategies and Goals - Every year, too many people try to follow some simple steps of affiliate marketing and quit without making any sales. That’s why it’s extremely important to learn how to plan your strategy, set your goals and work towards them. You will witness some real business plans, feedback and case studies.
  • Module 3: Marketing Your Business - This module is where you learn all the actions to take to get your business started. How to purchase a domain and have your website hosted, how to get your email marketing started, how you display your affiliate links, etc. You will also learn about Six Figure Mentors’ affiliate program.
  • Module 4: Marketing Foundations - You will gain knowledge of the basic marketing concepts, methods, and obstacles to tackle. The module teaches you how to go about sustaining your successful affiliate marketing business.
  • Module 5: Advertising - This module will provide you with information regarding how to construct an ad-based campaign including social media and drive traffic. You will have access to live workshops and articles as well as video training. 

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

If you have read my Six Figure Mentors review so far, you know by now that it’s clearly not a scam. Usually, a scam product never hangs around on the internet for long, and a scam product owner is usually hidden or they use a fake identity. But Six Figure Mentors has been around for a decade, and Jay and Stuart both have high profiles as entrepreneurs. This is a legitimate online marketing platform that is able to offer a great deal to those seeking to make a living from home online. 


The topics that Stuart often lectures about in his videos are how to have a big picture in mind and how to grow an entrepreneurial mindset. You will be more aware of the importance of working professionally and will have a much better perspective by the end of the study. At the same time, after watching some of the videos you might not know what to do when it comes to the work process, because Jay and Stuart use many abstract expressions that you find difficult to understand. Some people may find it too tiresome, making their experience of the course less useful, while others may find it extremely motivational. 

The Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program

Becoming a Six Figure Mentors affiliate program is free, and it will pay you a commission every time you successfully invite someone into the program. Subsequently, recurring commission so long as your referral keeps a monthly membership. The pay rate is approximately 20 %, as follows;

  • $20 on joining fee
  • $200 on essential sales/upsell
  • $20 per month residual income on active membership subscriptions.

It will provide you with the platform and plenty of resources including;

  • Link generator
  • Marketing banners
  • Custom tracking setup, sales reports and stats
  • Autoresponders and remarketing campaigns
  • Compliance guidelines to tell you how to run campaigns legitimately
  • Leadership program and leaderboard
  • Help and support

Compared to some other affiliate programs for digital products and training programs, 20% might not be excellent. But the rate applies whether you are an SFM member or not. It means that it’s possible for anyone to make profits by solely promoting SFM. 

For example, you may be a complete newbie right now. You’ll be spending money on Six Figure Mentors training while learning all the skills from it. If you start inviting others, your own training fee will pay for itself after 5 referrals. At some point, you feel you’ve completed all the know-how and leave SFM, and you’ll still be entitled to receive your affiliate commissions indefinitely.

Is Six Figure Mentors a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is network marketing where investors are solicited in hierarchical structures. Early investors receive a percentage of the joining fees of the later investors. It doesn’t involve the sale of products or services and it’s therefore illegal in many countries. 

Six Figure Mentors is not an investment scheme. It clearly charges users for training as a service, and the referral commission system is not a multi-level hierarchical recruitment type. It is up to you whether you want to invite others to SFM to earn commissions or not.

Because of all these factors, Six Figure Mentors clearly is not a pyramid scheme.

How Much Does It Cost?

Six Figure Mentors' “all-in/mentors grow membership” will cost you $99 per month. You can actually join for free and access your dashboard, and you’ll only be required to pay your first $99 when you are ready to receive training. The payment can be accepted by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.) 

It seems that Six Figure Mentors was sold for a higher price in the past, and its pricing structure was slightly more complex. But it became simple as of August 2021.

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30-Day Refund Policy & Cancellation Policy

Your first $99 is covered by its 30-day refund policy. If you decide SFM is not for you, you need to submit a written request to the support team within 30 days of purchase, and they will process your money back within 10 working days. 

However, your subsequent monthly subscription fee is non-refundable. It means that, if you decide to leave SFM, say, on your 31st day, your second payment of $99 will have already been collected. You will lose both your first and second payments. I have seen many membership cancellation policies and I think this is normal. After your initial refund guaranteed period (30 days), you are free to cancel at any time. SFM will stop taking money off your card account and delete your card details for data protection.

Is Six Figure Mentors On The Way Out?

September 2021 Update: It appears that Six Figure Mentors has been abandoned and the owners have launched a new training module named Launch You ( This one also teaches you to implement “six-figure strategies” according to the site. 

I think SFM is “abandoned” because the Facebook page has not been looked after for the past months. The latest few posts are made by some fake users trying to promote a cryptocurrency/forex scam.

SFM Facebook Page

The website still exists, and the new pricing structure only took effect in August 2021. I’m confused by the new site because the owners didn’t seem to explain what was happening with SFM, whether it was being replaced by the Launch You training or not. If these two programs are going to be both available, they should at least explain the clear distinction between the two, but they haven’t.

They keep coming up with similar products, targeting a similar audience. This suggests that they don’t seem to be bothered much about branding their training programs. 

Six Figure Mentor Pros and Cons


  • The site has been around for many years, and the owners are well-known entrepreneurs.
  • The price has recently become fairly affordable.
  • Many followers on Facebook.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Too many motivational big words.
  • (2021 update) A new training program has been released by the owners and it's not clear where SFM stands, who it's for, or what's happening in the future.

Six Figure Mentor Review - Conclusion:

Based on the history of Six Figure Mentors and the large number of fans on its Facebook page, it has proven to be a legitimate training program that has helped individuals build up their affiliate marketing businesses. I'm sure many students now find that it is more affordable under the new pricing plan.

However, the owners no longer seem to actively promote Six Figure Mentors now that they have released a new training program elsewhere. Therefore, I do not believe it's the right time for me to join. I think it is best to watch whether SFM disappears or is re-developed in the future.

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About the author 

Joe Garcia

An adventurer who is self-starting, quick to learn, and well organized. It is my privilege to work with Ray Alexander as his assistant. I occasionally write for this website on various work-from-home business topics, with Ray's help as I am still learning English. Originally from Spain, I now live in the UK.

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  1. You have a great six figure mentor review, congratulations. There are not many writers these days writing quality reviews with a hawk eye like yours. I really think people like you are valuable. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Joe, for your awesome Six Figure Mentors training review. Years ago, when I first heard about this training, I thought it was a scam because everyone said it was so expensive and there were too many hidden extras. It’s good to know from your review that the price has dropped. It’d be interesting to try a month or two.

    I am however disappointed to find out that there is a new training program. It’s frustrating when teachers keep coming up with similar training programs but with different names. It is confusing and inconsiderate because the student who bought Six Figure Mentors may make the mistake of buying their new course again. As always, I really appreciate your assistance.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sam. I appreciate your opinion. I completely agree with you, similar training programs with different names are totally confusing for everyone.

  3. Succeeding online with Six Figure Mentors is possible because you get the right marketing education, cutting-edge tools, and helpful support. It proves what can be achieved through affiliate marketing. There is a high-ticket affiliate program, and the videos are only an introduction to a basic membership, which is not mentioned during those three videos. The escalating price was my first indication that I wasn’t going to like the product.

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