RapidWorkers Review – Low Quality Jobs and Fake Tasks

Updated: September 10, 2021
by Ray Alexander

If this is your first time searching for work-at-home opportunities and you are wondering if RapidWorkers will be able to help you make a living, beware, to say the least. This is an old site and the design layout is outdated. But that doesn’t always necessarily mean the service is no longer useful. I’ve taken a good look and my opinion is...not so positive, actually. My RapidWorkers review will explain how this site can misguide you in the wrong direction, and why you should be looking elsewhere if you want to make good success in making money online.

RapidWorkers Review

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Rapid Workers

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"Get-Paid-To" Site


UnikScripts, Inc.


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What is RapidWorkers?

RapidWorkers is, unfortunately, a very low-quality GPT (get-paid-to) site. The site was established in 2009, the name may suggest that it’s been offering various micro jobs, and it may have in the past. But from what I witnessed, it’s not. 

By the looks of the “job” listing, roughly two types of “tasks” are listed. One type is where tasks are genuinely requested by other registered members. They’re mostly social interaction-related; you “like” and share social media posts and get paid a few cents. 

The majority of tasks in the list are of the other type. They are not even jobs but fake sweepstake offers run by marketing companies for data-harvesting purposes. They’ll require you to submit your full personal details and let you earn $0.10 - up to $1. But you’ll end up being bombarded with spam emails, unsolicited texts and calls as a result of completing these “tasks”.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is $8. RapidWorkers only pays out to a PayPal account and deducts 6% from your earnings as an admin fee.

RapidWorkers Review

How Does RapidWorkers Work?

Signing up with RapidWorkers is free and easy. The moment you confirm your email address, you’ll be given full access and allowed to start searching for tasks. Using the same RapidWorkers account, you’ll also be able to offer jobs to other members if you wish.

To look for tasks, go to “Available Jobs” from the top menu, and click any of the ones that are available in your country. It’s dead easy up until this point...now it gets a little complicated.

When you click a task that you’re interested in, a new browser tab will open with step-by-step instructions. The link URL of the job site is shown but not hyperlinked, so you need to highlight the URL and access the job site yourself (copy the URL, open a new browser tab, and paste it.)

When completing each task, you’ll have to come back to this instruction page and save proof of it - it can be a link, can be a screenshot. Each task has a different instruction, so reporting the completion of your task won’t be quite straightforward.

The minimum payout threshold is $8, and you'll have to send a withdrawal request by email. Your eligibility will be manually checked and your earnings will be sent to you manually, less 6% admin charge. This I think is very strange - I'll come back to you about this in a minute.

When a Job Is Not a Job…


I’ve mentioned earlier that the majority of the jobs listed on RapidWorkers are not real jobs, but sweepstakes or fake prize competitions run by spammers. They’re not offering anything task-worthy, but trying to get the users to submit their personal data for marketing purposes. A lot of misleading sales copy can be seen, such as “Get a $100 eBay gift card!” “Get a brand new PS5 NOW!” None of them will actually let you get any of these gifts.

It appears that RapidWorkers is affiliated with these marketing companies. Each time you submit your personal detail, RapidWorkers will receive a small commission (e.g. $1) from the company. Then it will distribute the fraction of it (e.g. $0.10) back to you. I wouldn’t say that’s a kind of “job” that you’re supposed to be doing, would you?

Suspicious “Strict Rules”

I’ve noticed on the FAQ page that a couple of “strict rules” are set out. No reason is given but I think I know why. It tells you that your account will be terminated if you break the following rules;

  • You can only create one RapidWorkers account, and you cannot accept the same job more than allowed.
  • You cannot use VPN.

If a website or employer is offering a genuine job online, these shouldn’t matter, should they? As long as you contribute your time and skill, it doesn’t matter for whoever pays if you earn $10 using one account and $5 using another account. A job is a job. Likewise, where you’re located shouldn’t matter. For security reasons, you may want to mask your real IP address, anyway.

I think this is because from a data harvesting scammer’s point of view, i.e. whoever’s running these fake prize competitions, want to avoid duplicate entries. If you have more than one account or if you use a VPN, you’ll be able to enter the same prize draw multiple times. The position of RapidWorkers as an affiliate might be undermined if it keeps allowing you to do that.

...And a Silly Rule That Contradicts

RapidWorkers Fake Task Rule

Whereas those fake "tasks" are requiring you to submit a full personal detail, RapidWorker's guideline states that you must not "disclose personal information" - but if you don't, you won't get paid. Is it advising you to submit a fake name and address or what?

Social Sharing Tasks

Facebook Post Share Task

Quite a few social sharing tasks can be seen in the list. For example, this one will pay you $0.05 for sharing a particular cryptocurrency investment related post on Facebook. But it must be shared within 2 (Facebook) groups with 100k members or more. It doesn’t specify what kind of group, so it seems to be acceptable if the size of a group is 100k+. 

I don’t think such a task is worth taking just for half a cent, unless the content of the post is right. By “right”, I mean that you belong to a group relevant to the post, and that you are willing to promote the post to such a large number of people. Otherwise, spamming, basically.

The Unknown Company

The “About Us” page says that RapidWorkers site is run by a company called “UnikScripts, Inc.” It does not specify what kind of business it is, it just says something that anyone could come up with. Such as “We are combining workers and employers on our site…providing money to users…”

There's something fishy here, because it doesn’t even tell you where the company is located, and no information about this company seems to be found anywhere else on the Google search, either. No name of the founder or a director is found. UnikScripts does not appear on LinkedIn - I’m not saying every company should, but it may suggest that the company may not be incorporated for real. Or it used to be but has been dissolved for a while.

Manual Payments

RapidWorkers PayPal

What seems very odd to me is that the homepage says it has over 100,000 registered workers but if you don't log in for a month, your account will be deleted. This means that these workers are all active (so it claims).

But your earnings will be paid to you manually via PayPal. When your account balance is $8 or over, you’ll have to request to withdraw it by sending an email to admin@rapidworkers.com. The administrator will manually check your activities and send your balance to your specified PayPal account.

This doesn't make sense to me because if there were really so many workers, the number of monthly transactions would be astronomical. But each transaction generates very little money - pay rates as low as $0.03 per task - it'd be impossible for the admin staff to manually handle it all.

Each time you complete a task, you'll have to submit a form to claim your earnings. That'll be manually checked. And when you want to get paid, you'll have to send an email to claim it. That'll be manually checked again. 

Again, I'm only guessing, but perhaps either there aren't so many "workers" for this site, or it's so hard to reach the minimum threshold that hardly anyone can claim their earnings?

Is RapidWorkers Legit or Scam? 

Well, it’s not a scam. The service has been in operation since 2009. It wouldn’t have lasted for this long if there was anything illegal going on. However, there are no actual jobs on offer. The listing is grossly misleading, it promotes spam, and none of the jobs that I’ve checked so far provides much value to the users at all. Those sweepstakes offers will only get you to receive hundreds of unsolicited emails and text messages. 

The problem with tasks that involve “legit spam” is not only the extremely low pay rate but they never generate real benefits. You’re not learning anything from the tasks, nothing will come out of the time you spend, you’re going to waste your life, really.

RapidWorkers Pros and Cons


  • Easy for anyone to sign up.
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $8.


  • Barely any jobs are listed - full of sweepstakes and social spamming tasks.
  • Low quality = low pay.
  • You cannot use VPN.
  • The site is outdated and the owner's unknown.

RapidWorkers Review - Conclusion:

Unfortunately, RapidWorkers does not (or no longer) seem to be a genuine get-paid-to site. It doesn't advocate decent job placement but lists up some spammy sweepstake offers instead. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend you to join RapidWorkers.

If you're looking to earn some pocket money using your spare time, there are many legitimate GPT sites out there, typically, surveys-for-cash sites. But almost all GPT sites only let you earn cents per hour, not dollars, the jobs can be painfully dull and soul-breaking. If you want to earn a decent full-time income by working from home, the only way is to run your own online business.

I would strongly recommend you to start affiliate marketing - it's a legitimate business model where you can promote your favorite merchandise in the way you want to. Everyone has a different personality, but a variety of methods that affiliate marketing uses will suit anyone. You can totally be yourself, enjoy what you do, and turn it into your own successful business. It won't happen overnight, but the more effort you put in, the long-term success will follow. If you're interested in working online seriously, join me from the link below. Any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
September 2023: $6,750.00

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Hello. Thank you for providing a fair and unbiased review of Rapid Workers. In my experience, there are a lot of GPT sites that falsely advertise jobs and claim they pay a lot of money, as well as a lot of people who expect too much from GPT sites. This is just not true. There is fierce competition in the online job market. It’s never been this easy to work and pay so well on an online job site. That kind of thinking will eventually catch up with you, and you may regret it later. Developing the skills for a job you want to do and looking carefully for it for as long as possible is what you must do to make decent money. The process will take time.

  2. Don’t use Rapidworkers it’s a total scam. I worked so hard for many days but they lied about everything. I asked for money and nothing, I waited for many days and nothing, in the end they lied and banned my log in. If you don’t want to waste days of hard work and being treated badly and ignored, don’t ever use that website!

  3. The only thing I know is that I have done so many things for my family and myself in my lifetime, I don’t know what to do next in my life since I was just thinking about my life, I see people with wealth around me, but I do not see that for me. When I am poor every day of my life, I think about what I can do to become rich and live an excellent life. I recall one day going on Google to see how lots of people were giving testimony on how Illinio Pond helped them to be rich and famous. Therefore it is important to me to join Illinoi Pond so that I can also become wealthy and famous because I have endured hardships in this life. My life changed when I made up my mind and join the RapidWorkers, which I still believe has a positive impact on my future. Having joined the Illinoi Pond, I had the opportunity to start a new life and I was given a frog to make me proud of myself. I am much more of a man today because of that frog. With the Illinoi Pond, there is the goal of wiping away hardship from everybody’s life. You can have wealth, fame, protection, long life, prosperity, no matter who you are: a business man, woman, artist, pastor, student or anyone. You won’t believe a word I just said if you live in America, but rapidorkers is ready to help you realize your dreams. I am the same as you, if you are from Africa.

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