RT Rebrandable Traffic Review

Updated: February 13, 2016
by Ray Alexander

How to get web traffic is a challenge for every blogger and every internet marketer. You've written up an extraordinary content only to see a few visitors coming to your site, is disheartening. Yes there are a lot of web traffic service providers around in order to bring visitors to your site. But of course the costs will be involved. So which providers are giving us decent services? Without ripping us off?

Today I have picked Rebrandable Traffic, and I'm going to try it myself now.

RT Rebrandable Traffic - What Is It?

Rebrandable Traffic is a web traffic distribution system. It has a partnership with traffic networks covering the total of over 31,000 websites across the world, and redirect their visitors to your site.

How Rebrandable Traffic Works

it's hard to believe. It's not like they can list up all 31,000 names, there are about 50 main traffic sources listed. Including Google Adwards, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook Ads, Reddit Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Infolinks, Microsoft Ad Network... Advertising.com... All the names in the list are linked to the relevant site. So I guess I just have to trust this bit.

How Does It Work?

Registration with Rebranded Traffic is free. Then put simply, you pay $8 for 1,000 visitors.

You first set a campaign and enter your keywords such as "affiliate marketing" "work from home" - up to 10 keywords are allowed. As the traffic comes in to RT from a multitude of websites, it is "rebranded", and the ones matched up with your keywords will be redirected to your website.

Doesn't it sound appealing to you now? It does to me, only $8 to get 1,000 visitors come in to your site - unless you already have thousands of visitors every day.

Easy Step-By-Step

Very easy. I'm glad it's very easy as I don't like any complications while I'm not certain if it really works.

[1] You first go to the "CREDITS" menu, and pay the minimum amount required for now. Although the more you pay, the less cost per visitor to you as shown in the table below. 

Rebrandable Traffic payment plan
  • $8 per 1,000 visitors ($0.008 per visitor)
  • $30 per 5,000 visitors ($0.006 per visitor)
  • $45 per 10,000 visitors ($0.0045 per visitor)
  • $88 per 25,000 visitors ($0.00352 per visitor)
  • $125 per 50,000 visitors ($0.0025 per visitor)
  • $200 per 100,000 visitors ($0.002 per visitor)
  • $900 per 500,000 visitors ($0.0018 per visitor)
Create campaign Rebrandable Traffic

[2] Set your campaign. Go to "MY CAMPAIGNS" menu, then click "Create Campaign".

"Campaign Name" is any name for your own reference. It can be your website URL, it can be today's date.

"Destination URL" is the page you want the visitors to be directed to. It can be a specific post, otherwise your main URL. If you choose a specific post/page, then Campaign Name can be the name of the page. Don't forget to put the full address including http://

"Traffic Origin URL" - leave it as it is (set as rebrandabletraffic.com)

"Campaign Visitor Limit" - how many visitors to visit your site right now, so if you put 500, then after the 500th visitor's been directed to your site, it stops. Then you'll still have 500 credits left in your account. When the number of the visitors has reached the limit, you'll receive an email notification.

"Traffic Types" - lets leave all checked.

And click "Save Campaign" button.

rebrandable traffic campaign

The image above is within a minute after I clicked to start the campaign. On the right-hand side, there are three buttons [START | EDIT | DELETE]. I clicked START. So the status is shown in green as "Running", #Visitors is 2. Within a minute 2 visitors have already been directed to my site.

That's all, I guess it depends on the time of the day and the niche of your site. I ran it at 9pm (EST) on Thursday and, by 11pm I received just over 300 visitors.

You can click [STOP] any time to top the visitors coming in temporarily, then click start again until the number reaches its limit.

Additional Tracking

There is an extra feature where you can view the detail of your pages that have been visited, and how long each visitor spent on your site, also the visitor's IP address. This is a bonus, allowing you to track their moves.

rebrandable traffic home

Power of Alexa Booster


Alexa is a ranking system just like Google, set by alexa.com (subsidiary of Amazon). Alexa's algorithm is calculated based on the amount of traffic recorded only from users with Alexa toolbar installed on their browser.

Meaning the more visitors with Alexa toolbar installed visit your site, the better your site will be ranked. That also means Alexa ignores traffic from users without Alexa Toolbar.

What RT does is, it injects a piece of code into the server that sends information to Alexa, to appear as if any of your visitors via RT has Alexa Toolbar installed on their browser. So every visit to your website via RT will be notified to Alexa, and this will improve your ranking over time (Alexa's data recording period is 3 months in average).

This is all done automatically, so you don't have to set it up separately or pay extra.

Free Trial - Bonus Credit

Registration is free and it won't take you a couple of minutes. And as soon as you confirm your email address, you'll receive a 100 credit bonus upon registration, i.e. 100 visitors worth of traffic which you can try.

Rebrandable Traffic Review - Here's My Verdict

Rating: I would give 8 out of 10

Thumbs Up

I'm actually very pleased and just paid a further $45 to bring 10,000 more visitors in, spread over 4 x websites that I own.

Whether you need more than one campaign is up to you, but I realize I don't really need it. Just like turning a tap on & off, you can get the traffic flood in for a few hours, then stop. Whenever you want and whichever site or particular page you want by typing in the URL.

I can see what other pages people visit more often within my site and how long they spend. Improve the less popular pages and get the traffic in to test it again. You could test someone else's pages if you wanted to - to see how long people spend in popular sites comparing to yours. Checking your visitors' movements is achievable by Google Analytics, but not in a matter of hours like with RT.

The only issue can be that, the traffic is directed to your site globally. One of my websites is mainly targeted at UK audience, so in such circumstances RT may not be particularly useful.

Any thoughts, please don't hesitate to leave a comment!

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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    1. Hi Mugalu, thanks for your comment. Google’s algorithm is all based on the content, and the volume of paid traffic does not affect the ranking position. Neither positively nor negatively.

  1. 1. how many CAMPAIGN views you will give free at one time at registration time?

    2. will you provide 3rd party advertisement like shorte.st, adfly (festyycom/wK2csI) ?

    3. will you give me US traffic only?

    4. What is sources of traffic like facebook, twitter or traffic for software??

    5. US traffic will be from same IP address or different IP address?

    6. if traffic from different IP address, then traffic from same states of USA?

    1. Hi Reesa, here’s my answer to your questions;

      1. As many campaigns as you like. For example if you have 20 webpages that you want traffic to send to, you need to set up 20 separate campaigns.
      2. No, it does not provide advertisements, only send traffic to URLs that you specified.
      3. No, all from across the world. But a lot of them (I’d say 50%+) are from US.
      4. I don’t really understand what you meant by ‘software’ but RT claims that one of the sources of traffic is Facebook Ads.
      5. Different IP addresses.
      6. I have closely checked in the past…many different states.

      I hope the above helps, but any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks for your visit!

    1. Hi Prince, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the traffic RT sends is 100% bots, so it never converts in a CPA offer. So sending an RT traffic to a PPV site will be a waste of money. Depending on what kind of sites you’re promoting but you could perhaps try a traffic exchange such as LeadsLeap or TrafficG?

  2. Thank you Ray. I tried to join the site but the link in the welcome page didn’t work so it was most probably for the best as I now see from your review.

    1. Hi Rosemary, thanks for your comment. I just checked the link in my site as well as Rebrandable Traffic’s welcome page, but it seems to be working ok for me – it just let me create a new account too. I hope it will work for you sometime, it’s worth joining now and receive an occasional newsletter, because Rebrandable Traffic offers a discount up to 50% every few weeks or so. Thanks for your visit!

    1. Hi Lusekelo, thanks for your comment. No conversion, unfortunately. Since I originally wrote this post, it looks like Rebrandable Traffic has changed its tactics to send bots only. It simply sends bot visitors to your desired webpage, so that you may be ranked higher in Alexa, nothing more. With almost 100% bounce rate (it didn’t used to be this bad) I can no longer see any direct benefits. Sadly! But traffic is traffic, so it depends how you see it.

  3. Can I get the traffic sent to my social media accounts or the product page directly?

    Rebrandable traffic seems so unique and offers so much cheaper prices. I wonder what the difference in effects?

    1. Hi Darren, thanks for your queries. Rebrandable traffic is cheaper because their traffic is not necessarily human visitors, but mostly bots. So to answer your question, you could get it to send traffic to your social media page or product page directly but you’d be receiving virtually no benefits. Rebrandable Traffic is good if you’ve just opened up a new website and purely want a number of visits. The number will help your site’s Alexa ranking position.

      Thanks Darren also for leaving a comment in my other page about Udimi, as I suggested there, I would suggest that building up a simple opt-in page is the best option. Any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask again 🙂

  4. Hi Raymundo:
    Thank you for your review of ReBrandable Traffic. I am a member of IBOT (Internet Business Owner’s ToolBox) and they promote ReBrandable a lot, but I have yet to really look closely at it, because I did not know much about it or if it would help me. However, after reading your thorough review, I am going to be taking a closer look at it, because it might be what my website needs to get everything into action.

    Thank you for the thoroughness and down to earth style of your review. I learned so much and will be checking into further thanks to you.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for your comments & compliments! And I’m glad you mentioned IBOT, because I’ve recently joined too, I’m happy about the membership and am going to write a review about it. Yet I didn’t know IBOT was promoting ReBrandable! I think RT is genuinely great just to bring traffic in to your website for affordable price, which I hope will help build up towards search engine ranking. Thanks again!


  5. This looks to be a very good tool for gaining new visitors to a site. I think that if I am running a business and I need more people to see what I am offering, then this is a very good way to get more hits and therefore more customers. The price looks good for the amount of traffic generated and I would say it must be worth considering.

    1. Hi Molly, thanks for you comment. Yes the price is indeed good for the amount of traffic generated, I would recommend it especially to fairly new website owners. The only thing is it may not be suitable for every business, as the visitors are redirected to your site globally, i.e. if your website is targeting at local customers. I hope you’ll give it a try and if you do, let me know your thoughts! Thanks again.

  6. Who does not crave for web traffic? I heard of programs or scripts that can redirect traffic to our website, post or pages. It’s really low cost to try this out but is good to ask if there a way to know the quality of the Rebranded traffic? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Fred, thanks for your comment – yes you can see the IP address of each visitor redirected to your site, I have spot-checked quite a few addresses and they seem to be genuine users. I guess it depends on the time of the day but I’ve found most of them from USA, some from Europe, I haven’t found any from other continents but obviously they have to be directed from sites in English. I hope you’ll give it a try. Thanks!

  7. This is very useful article Raymond. I am very impressed and I want to get it and use on my website. Hence my website is new and I want to get more traffic so that I can be ranked. Now my question is I don’t see the link to re-direct me to the payment option. Could you please add a link so that we get access to it?

    1. Thanks for your comment, I would recommend RT particularly to anyone who’s newly started their website. I hope this will work out well for you.

      The payment option menu can only be seen once you’ve registered, as I mentioned above, registration is free, and you’ll see a different menu bat – click here to see the image. Where circled in red “CREDITS” is where your payment options appear.

      And don’t forget, before you make a payment, you’ll have 100 credits, so you’ll be able to receive 100 visitors free. Click “MY CAMPAIGNS” to start.

      Any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me – thanks again!

    1. Hi Russel, thanks for your comment. Yes you can check the site directly and register for free, or check other reviews to see what they say. I think they’re all reasonably happy with the RT’s services. Thanks for stopping by!

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