Real Money Streams Review [You Will Waste Your Time]

Updated: May 7, 2019
by Joe Garcia

The Real Money Streams says that it will give you some ways in which you can earn up to $500 per week; both online and offline, which sounds exactly like a scam. In the sales video, it says "Picking up groceries for a neighbor pays an average of $35." Who on earth will pay you that kind of money, when Walmart can deliver groceries for less than $10?

I was also drawn to this product because what it says in some parts of the sales video seems to make sense. It says, "You can make money by doing everything from data entry to labeling photos and proofreading", I know none of which will pay you that much. But it goes on to say "Solving engineering problems for NASA if you happen to actually be a rocket scientist". If you work for a super high-profile organization such as NASA, maybe $500 per week is not impossible. Not that I am able to solve engineering problems, but is there such a job freely available online? I wanted to know.I would like to know. In my Real Money Streams review, I will show you what I've found out with this product.

Real Money Streams Review

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Real Money Streams

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Make Money Online and Offline


Chris Johnson


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What is Real Money Streams?

The Real Money Streams is a "Beginner's Guide to Working Online & Offline", sold via ClickBank. It gives you advice on how to make money by doing a job without being employed by someone. It introduces you to third-party websites who offer "work from home / work at any time you want" opportunities. It gives you an idea as to what kind of jobs can be suitable for you.

Real Money Streams review

I have noticed the headline of the sales page has changed, and the seller no longer claims to make over $7k per month. It is better now because on checking the Real Money Streams site, there is no way you can physically make that kind of amount using any of the methods. And also in the sales video Chris tells you that you can make up to $500 per week, which stupidly wouldn't tie up with the monthly income that he was claiming to receive.

In the same video, it also says, "Your job is simply to do a quick Google search to find out the correct current address for businesses. Every time you find a correct address you get paid. It's a simple task but it can translate to $12 an hour." We know that it won't take anyone a few minutes to find out a business address by googling. Is there really that kind of job available?

It turns out that none of the claims in the video is true. The jobs that are mentioned in the video cannot be found anywhere in this product website.

Online And Offline Tasks

Getting Started Online and Offline

Online Tasks

The Real Money Streams shows you how to find jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk, how to start each type of job and how to evaluate your work by showing demos. For example,

  • Content Categorization - allocating product categories
  • Product Matching - compare two products
  • Content Moderation - Check that content matches guidelines
  • Search Relevance - provide feedback for search engines
  • Content Tagging - enter words associated with content
  • Attribute Identification - simple data entry
  • Sentiment Analysis - assess companies reputations
  • Copywriting - get paid to write articles and more
  • Begin Tasks - click here when you're ready

The thing is, if I had known that it was about Amazon Mechanical Turk, I wouldn't have bought Real Money Streams because I know AMT never pays enough to call it an online "job".

You do some research, for example, review a website and collect the information as requested, which can take from 10 minutes - 1 hour, depending on what kind of information. The pay is usually $0.01 - $0.30. Imagine spending all day to continuously collect information for companies and earn only a few dollars. You will never earn "$12 per hour" as the sales video claims.

Offline Tasks

The suggested offline job is by using 3 x sites;

You download these apps and so some tasks for local businesses. For example do some research work, mystery shopping, test and review products, cleaning, delivering and so on.

The jobs are subject to availability, and you know there is an immediate problem; there's no job at the right time unless you live in a big city. Real Money Streams is an online product, available to buy from ClickBank. I feel that it's being unfair for not explaining a little more in detail. For example EasyShift is only available in the USA and UK. The information given by RMS will be useless for those who live outside these countries.


Real Money Streams Quick Start Guide

Overall, I feel that the RMS site is very messy. You are provided with a quick-start guide, but I find it hard to comprehend some parts and the training hard to digest.

This product should be designed for people who have no idea how to earn extra cash. I don't feel that the RMS is being friendly apart from introducing some source websites such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, Gigwalk, etc. It offers email support, but the users might as well ask for support directly from these sites if they want to be better at using their services.

Bonus Ebooks

RMS offers some bonus ebooks such as

  • "Paid To Surf The Net"
  • "Beginner's Guide To Working Online"
  • "Quit Your Job and Work Online"
  • "Secret, High Paying, Online Jobs"

These are PLR products, also can be obtained from elsewhere, and they are at least a few years old. A lot of information is outdated and I don't think they are worth reading unless you are a brand new to online business "at Day 1".

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the product, you can ask for a refund within 60 days. Especially if you paid $37 for it, you should. In my opinion it is not worth $37.

Be Careful Of Upsells

Not only the Real Money Streams but when you buy any products from ClickBank, there is one thing you need to be cautious about. There is one thing I would strongly advise you to do. As soon as you buy a product from ClickBank by PayPal, ClickBank will plant an "automatic payment" authorization on your PayPal account.

Most of the products from ClickBank offer upsells. When you buy a product and once you are in the members-only website, you will see some other related products. What a lot of sellers do is to deliberately place a button that says "Try It Now" or "Access Now!" instead of saying "Buy It Now". Some evil sellers don't even show the price of the upsell product. Once you click the button accidentally, your PayPal account will automatically be charged. You will not be directed to your PayPal payment screen, because ClickBank already pre-approved itself on PayPal on your behalf when you purchased your first product.

I would suggest that each time you purchase a ClickBank product by PayPal, you go to your PayPal and cancel ClickBank (Go to the gear icon at the top right corner, then go to Payments at the top menu, and "Manage your pre-approved payments", find ClickBank then Cancel.)

However, if you accidentally purchased the upsell product, all you have to do is to contact ClickBank and ask for refund. You will not lose money, but it will still waste your time in having to ask for a refund and make sure you are not overcharged by ClickBank.

Who Is Real Money Streams For?

The RMS method has been around for a few years already, and it is not proven to be the best way to make money. In fact the potential payments will be extremely low, I don't recommend it to anyone who is looking for the main income source. It will help a complete newbie to get an idea, and help them learn the fact that there is no easy way to earn income either online or offline.

Real Money Streams Pros and Cons


  • Some online job information for newbies
  • Most of the methods don't require investments
  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • The jobs are not easy as advertised
  • The jobs are not high-paid as advertised
  • Information is outdated
  • The site looks messy and confusing

Real Money Streams Review Conclusion

Real Money Streams is not a scam, but it's not worth buying because these kinds of jobs can easily be found by googling, which means everyone's looking for jobs like these, which means none of them pays amazing rates.

If you think about it, if they did pay good money, the job would be extremely competitive and you would have to be very good at it. Real Money Streams does not tell you any secret income sources that no one else knows, because in the world where information is overflowed, there is no such thing.

If you would like to earn a little extra money online, there are some fairly reputable sites such as Swagbucks and Clixsense. If you would like to sell your skills, Fiverr is my recommendation. 

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About the author 

Joe Garcia

An adventurer who is self-starting, quick to learn, and well organized. It is my privilege to work with Ray Alexander as his assistant. I occasionally write for this website on various work-from-home business topics, with Ray's help as I am still learning English. Originally from Spain, I now live in the UK.

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  1. Thank you for your review Joe. I think so too, real money streams site needs updating. confusing, and there are too many irrelevant jobs. Old websites are slow, writing is small and difficult to understand. I think all of us feel the same way with this programme.

  2. Sounds like a real scam. I would never pay a dime for that kind of stuff. We should know there are places like surveys for cash if you want to earn a few extra dollars per day.

  3. Hi, this product is really old. I think the methods are too old that nobody takes it serious. Nowadays you can easily search online and find websites like “10 ways to work from home”. They give you better ideas. You should not buy products like this.

    1. Hello Tommy, thank you for the comment. I agree with you. It’s quicker to Google Search to find out which options are available. There are many websites that are more informative than Real Money Streams.

  4. Hi Joe, I think I heard of Real Money Streams sometime last year. I remember because someone invited me to join by email for a few days, sent me an email every day but when I opened it for the 3rd or 4th time the price had come down to $17. I was nearly tempted but didn’t buy it. I’m glad I didn’t as it seems like a useless guide. Thank you for the review.

    1. Hello Hitesh. Thank you for the comment. There are many vendors who advertise products for the higher price initially then downsell. We all have to be careful.

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