Purchase Web Traffic Essential – How To Avoid Non-Humans

Updated: October 31, 2017
by Ray Alexander

When you purchase web traffic, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you risk receiving visits by bots. It's not completely avoidable. Web traffic service providers who use the most advanced filtering system can still send out bots, unaware of the fact that they're bots. Hundreds - if not thousands - of new bots are created daily, and no system can know about 100% of all bots all of the time. Here are some tips to avoid bots when you purchase web traffic.

Purchase Web Traffic - How To Avoid Bots

Two Types of Web Traffic Providers

Let's face it, there are two types of web traffic vendors. One is to purposely send bots to your website, and the other one is to sell genuine visits by humans.

#1 Sellers Who Purposely Send Out Bots

Sellers Who Purposely Send Bots

Sellers who send bots to your webpages never say "we send out bots to you", because it sounds obviously off-putting. You can usually tell from the price - $0.01 - $0.20 per visit. If someone charges you, say $25 or less per 100 visits to your website, some or all of the "visitors" are likely to be bots.

The bot visitors are not totally useless though; they are programmed to stay in your page for 10 seconds - 2 minutes long, they may click a link placed in your page and visit another page before they leave. Visitors are visitors - they will help boost the position of your website in Alexa ranking. 

But I'm not talking about bot-traffic sellers today. I'm talking about sellers who send real human visitors to your sales pages. 

#2 Sellers Who Sends Real Human Visitors

Sellers Who Sends Real Human Visitors

"Genuine" traffic sellers charge at least $0.30 per human visit - some charge $1 or more per visit. The price may depend on the niche, depends on the capacity and confidence of the sellers, also the reputation. Sellers who charge more don't necessarily give you better leads. You just have to try and test by yourself. Check the seller's reputation. Discuss your webpage with the seller in advance and see if you feel you can rely on their service. 

These providers' primary objective is to send responsive, bona fide visitors to your webpages. Visitors who are willing to learn about your business or niche, who are willing to sign up. Like any other businesses, traffic sellers too, want to earn a good reputation. Building a good relationship with their customers is important, so they make sure that you'll receive a decent opt-in rate, hoping you to make some sales or any sort of noticeable results and become their repeated customer.

Traffic Providers Unknowingly Send You Bots

There are two things that are crucial for traffic sellers to maintain at all times.

  1. Acquire new subscribers frequently/daily - they have a list of tens of thousands of subscribers (or millions of - depending how big the sellers are!) They continuously advertise to search for new subscribers, and add more to the list on a daily basis. 
  2. Use a good tracking/filtering system - a link tracking system allows them to see how responsive their subscribers are, and it filters out fake or malicious visitors, i.e. bots. 

Now going back to what I said in the beginning of this post. Countless of new bots are created and circulated every day. No filtering system can catch up with the speed of the spread, detect & block all the new bots. As a result, there is a great possibility for any genuine traffic providers to acquire bots - fake subscribers - and pass some of them to your webpage without knowing.

In addition to that, filtering systems can often make wrong judgments. For instance, you are provided with a link URL by someone who's using a filtering system. If you repeatedly click the same link too many times too fast - say click it every few seconds during 60 seconds - the system may see your IP address as an abuser bot and may automatically block your access.

How You Can Avoid Bots When You Purchase Web Traffic

Unless you're looking to buy thousands of web visits in a short period of time, what you can do is to use your own link tracker and check each unique click one by one.

Yes, one by one!

But the process I'm showing here is pretty easy, and it doesn't take you a second to check each IP address. It's totally worth going through every single visit recorded in the link tracker. I use Clickmagick, so I'll show you how I do with it.

There's also a couple of other ways to delete fake visits and block the future access from the same IP addresses, which I'll show you later on.

Link Tracker - Clickmagick


Clickmagick offers 14-days free trial, then the price starts from $17 per month (or $12.25 if you pay 12 months in advance). Not just its extensive filtering system and ease of use, but for the helpful support desk (the response is always swift, and they're really helpful!) I think the service is well worth the price. Try it for free.

You might say, do I really need to use a link tracker?

...Yes, it's essential when you purchase web traffic. Without your own tracking system you'd have to rely on the seller's stats entirely. You wouldn't know whether all the visits to your webpage are genuine or not.

Clickmagick (or any other link tracker software, normally) has a public stats URL. It's a view-only stats page and you give this URL to the seller in advance. The seller uses their stats to monitor how many clicks they're sending, but with your stats they can monitor how many clicks you are actually receiving.

Plus, if they see your link tracker URL instead of your website URL, they know that you know something. They know that you are a 'pro' so they can't mess around with you! 

Delete & Block Specific IP Addresses in Clickmagick

I won't explain how to set up a link because you'll find an easy instruction once you're in. When you purchase web traffic, you go to "Links" from the top menu, then "Create New Link". That's basically the start.

But before that, there's one thing you can set up to block all the "bad clicks" by default. "Account" from the top menu > "Profile" > "Click Auditing". There are 5 types of visits that may be useless for you; 

Clickmagick Bad Clicks
  1. Abusers - suspicious visits such as 100 times within one minute
  2. Anonymous - people who mask their ID's by using VPN
  3. Bots in general - whether harmless or malicious
  4. Spider - a piece of code that search engines use to index the web
  5. Server - web server used by scammers to generate fake clicks
  6. In addition, if you want to avoid visits from specific IP's or IP ranges, you can add manually, and any future visits from these addresses can be blocked.

These "bad clicks" are set to be either flagged or allow ("do nothing"), so make sure to set to block them all.

But this won't be good enough...

As I mentioned earlier, even the most advanced filtering systems cannot block 100% of the bots in the world. Clickmagick's filter is no exception - despite that fact that all the bad clicks are set to be blocked, I have witnessed various types of bots bypass the filter, manage to visit my landing page, bypass the opt-in form and arrive at my "thank you (for your subscription)" page at countless occasions.

So this is how you check every unique visit one by one. Below is a screenshot of my traffic stats. 

Clickmagick Link IP Addresses

TC - total clicks. When the same person clicks twice, it will count as 2. UC - unique clicks. Number of unique visitors. FC - filtered clicks. Filtered out, therefore not included in the clicks. Others are optional settings (A - Action/opt-in's, Opt-in % against unique clicks etc.)

(1) Click the number under "UC" - that's the number of visits your webpage has received so far. It should come up with a list of IP addresses underneath. (2) Now click each IP address from top top bottom. Each time a small screen will pop up like below.

If the IP address is recognised as genuine, there's no note;

IP address check Clickmagick

But if the IP address has been flagged up, there's a note that tells you like this;

IP address flagged Clickmagick

(3) Now copy this IP address and go to "Tools" at the top menu > "IP Tools" > "IP Manager".

IP Manager Tool Clickmagick
  1. Paste the IP address in both boxes ("From IP Address" and "To IP Address").
  2. Notes box can be blank, or any description can be left for yourself.
  3. Make sure "Delete existing clicks from this IP" box is checked.
  4. And click the button to flag this IP address.

By "deleting the existing clicks", the bot IP address that's been included in the UC column will be deleted and moved to FC column. For example you purchase web traffic for 100 clicks. Out of 100 clicks you've identified 20 of them as bots. You've given your Clickmagick's view-only stats to the traffic provider, so they know they'll have to send you extra 20 more clicks. Even though they've already completed their traffic service according to their stats, they'll have to keep sending until your stats show 100.

Check Spam Protection Service

This is another way to check whether an IP address is blacklisted or not - I use free services such as Cleantalk or Myip. ms. They both allow you to check one IP at a time for absolutely free.

Cleantalk also allows you to check email addresses and domain names, one name at a time for free, and also offers to bulk-search for $8 per year. If you have a list of addresses in a CSV or text file, you can upload it and Cleantalk will show the result of all the addresses at the same time for you - whether each one is clean, reported as a spam with the report date(s), or blacklisted.

Here's an example of Cleantalk. All you have to do is to insert an IP address in the box and click "Search". If it's been reported as spam, it will give you a summary, as well as detailed analysis such as spam attacks log with dates, the sender's email address, etc.

Cleantalk Reported As Spam

If the IP address is marked as spam, you'll just need to do the same - go back to Clickmagick's IP Manager, copy & paste the address in the boxes and flag it. 

Udimi Is Reliable

If you don't want to go through all the fuss but you want to purchase web traffic - my recommendation is to use Udimi, because Udimi's filtering system is the best I've ever seen. (I'm taking from my own experiences as a buyer and as a seller - quite amazingly good!) Udimi also offers even more advanced filter if you become a prime member, but it will cost you $19.95 per month.

In addition to that, the traffic sellers on Udimi are able to validate their subscribers list (up to a certain number). So when you buy a traffic using Udimi, you can assume that almost all the visits to your website are real humans, although no one can guarantee it 100%.

I hope the information in this post is useful to you - please don't hesitate to leave a comment or ask any questions below.

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  1. Cheers Ray. I’ve used Udimi before and I think it’s great to build leads. I’ve lost everything and I need to start building a website from scratch. I’ll definitely try Udimi again. Clickmagick I’ve never heard of it and avoiding bots sounds like a nightmare job, huh? I see you’re doing so great, cheers man. Danny

    1. Hi Danny, sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience (?) with your online business. Sellers from Udimi are reputable (according to the buyers’ ratings, of course), I personally trust Udimi’s services and I recommend them to anyone who wishes to collect responsive leads.

      Clickmagick provides a reliable tracking service, with its spam-free policy and extremely helpful support desk. I hope you’ll have a chance to try in the near future. Thanks Danny!

  2. Thank you Ray for such a great article. It’s hard to get my head around to check ip addresses one by one but I understand it’s something I should do from now on. I didn’t know that traffic sellers who charge more doesn’t mean they give better services. So how can I find the best sellers? Cheers Ray, I appreciate it.

    1. Hi Simone, thanks for your comment. In order to receive good good opt-in rates, you first need to build a great sales page (squeeze page). Then you need to find a reliable seller. So it’s always best to ask the seller what they think of your page. If they are helpful and seem to give you an honest opinion, perhaps you can try minimum number of clicks (50-100 clicks or so) first.

      If a seller only says “Your page is great!” and nothing else, then I’d say be cautious. Ask them WHY they think your page is great. An experienced seller should be able to tell you a few points at least. Such as the description in your opt-in form is clear, they like your page design (even though it’s their personal preference – design and conversion are two different things – good to hear their opinions.) And if they give you good optins, you’ll want to use them pretty soon again.

      Any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me, thanks for your visit!

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