Aliprofits Review – No, You Won’t Make $500 A Day.

By Ray Alexander

The Aliprofits System is a scam product that's targeted at get-rich-quick dreamers, unfortunately. It's made up of PLR products, consisting of good video training and ebooks, but the way it's sold is clearly misleading and deceptive. Today in my Aliprofits review, I'll explain why you can never make such a large amount of money so soon with very little work to do, as the seller claims.

Aliprofits Review

Product Name:

The Aliprofits System

Website URL:


E-commerce / Dropshipping


Shawn J

Launch Date:

June 2019


$37 (downsell to $17) + upsells



AliProfits is a guide to eCommerce and drop-shipping in video format, and an e-booklet. Plus another bonus PLR product "Entrepreneurial Success".

The video guides are divided in 2 sections;

  1. How to buy products from the Chinese wholesellers' network,, and 
  2. How to drop-ship using AliExpress, Shopify and Oberlo.

The first section is titled "B2B Income" (wrongly), and the second section is titled "B2C Income", which gives me an impression that the seller of Aliprofits may have uploaded the video contents without checking them. The seller ("Shawn J.") claims to have developed the "system", but clearly there is no system. An e-commerce is a business model, it's not the seller's creation.

The first section is certainly about B2B (Business to Business) - suppliers from Alibaba to you, as a business customer. And the whole section is about how to buy products from them, therefore obviously it's not about your "income".

But the problem is, there's no followup to the first section. You follow the steps to purchase inventory stock items, and have them delivered to your home business address. Then what do you do? Sell them. But how?

The second section is about drop-shipping, so you don't keep inventory stock with you. There's no connection between the two sections.

So the real problem is, if you are brand new to an internet business, the Aliprofit system will confuse you. These video tutorials may only be useful if you already know how e-commerce and drop-shipping work, but particularly want to know about Alibaba and connecting AliExpress to Shopify with Oberlo.

Aliprofits Review

Inconsistent Income Claim

One of the reasons I call this product a scam, is because of the unrealistic income claim. And also what it suggests is awfully inconsistent.

The headline of the sales page says "Want to make $500 a day?" But in the sales video, the seller tells you that you can make $2,500 a day by using Aliprofits. Subsequently he says "thousands of dollars each day like clockwork", "hundreds of dollars every day", "making thousands of dollars starting today" and so on.

However in the actual dashboard, the introduction is written by another person called Daniel, and he says "making $1,000 or even $2,000 per month is definitely possible". All of a sudden you'll be told that your potential income is only $33-$66 per day.

Introduction Aliprofits

E-Commerce Is Not Easy

You know, with any businesses, investments, sports, games, or even gambling... It takes a lot of practice, trials and errors before you can be successful.

Imagine you decide to become a professional basketball player in the future but you don't even know the basketball rules. The steps to take will be;

  • [1] Start reading a rulebook.
  • [2] Join a team, start practicing it, learn the rules as well as skills and techniques.
  • [3] How long will it take before you can get paid for playing basketball? Perhaps never - not absolutely impossible, but you know.

E-commerce business is no exception. Getting paid for running an online store is a lot more feasible compared to a dream of becoming a professional basketball player. So everyone's doing it. Easier means more competitive.

Aliprofits is just like a rulebook. It merely provides you [1] above. You're not even at the stage [2] yet. Just like any other businesses, e-commerce is not particularly an easy way to make money. I've been there!

30 Minutes Of Work To Make $500 Per Day?

E-commerce (including drop-shipping) involves almost everything that a shop owner deals with. Taking orders, ordering stocks, packaging and shipping (not with drop-shipping), customer service - answering questions, dealing with complaints, returns & refunds.

And you have to make time to keep listing goods on your store (write up descriptions, resizing and displaying photos). Make sure nothing's out of stock...

It's literally a fulltime, all-day job.

You see, there's no way you can make ANY money with 30 minutes of work each day, let alone $500 per day with the business models that Aliprofits suggests.

And if you did make a good profit like $500 a day, you'd have to employ people. You couldn't do it all by yourself - physically no time to cover it all.

No Passive Income

The seller also claims that the Aliprofits system will help you earn "passive monthly income of $15,000". Passive income is where you regularly receive income without much of an effort to maintain it. Typically, affiliate marketing and investment help you to receive passive income.

As I explained above, e-commerce takes a lot of continuous monitoring and improving. There is absolutely no room for passive income with this business model.

Fake Testimonials

Yes, you guessed it. People who appear in the video and claim to have made thousands of dollars are paid actors, hired from

Aliprofits Fake Testimonials

I'm not sure how these actors accept orders like that - to make fake statements in front of the camera. Do they actually realize they're lying to help scammers, or do they have no choice? They simply advertise themselves as "spokespeople". They read out whatever the script that's given for $5-10.

Anyway, this proves three things;

  • Aliprofits is not helping anyone make money. If it was, real users would be happy to make a testimonial.
  • Aliprofits itself is not making money by selling this product. If it was, it could pay more than $5 to hire better actors.
  • It's up to the users to decide the quality of a product and opinions are subjective. But Aliprofits is a scam, because it gets people to lie to make the product authentic, to deceit users.

The Seller Is Incognito

Scammers often get other people to perform fake testimonials, but they can never seem to find someone to pretend to be the seller. So they stay hidden.

What the seller says in the sales video is, as you can see, all scripted. And as you can hear, the script is read out by a voice actor. The seller introduces himself as Shawn J, but we don't know if it's his real name - most definitely not. When you actually log in, Shawn is nowhere to be seen, but you see the introduction written by someone else called Daniel. I'm sure you agree that they're both likely to be fake names.

There's no support available apart from an email address that's displayed. The creator of Aliprofits is hidden, so the person (or people) doesn't have to take any responsibility after sales. You wouldn't pay money if no one knows who's created it, unless it's antique. You wouldn't pay money if no one knows who's selling it, unless it's $1 at a flea market.

Beware of Spam Emails

As soon as I signed up with Aliprofits, I started to receive spam emails from 3 different people. One titled "Just got my check for $500!", another titled "Sending you a $750 paycheck overnight with this". The link destinations of these emails are unrelated affiliate product pages.

It means the seller's either trying to make an affiliate income using different names, or selling the users' email addresses to third-party solo ad vendors. So if you are ever curious enough to sign up with Aliprofits, you'll be spammed - keep that in mind!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You are covered by 60-day money back guarantee by Clickbetter. I suggest that you contact them directly to claim refund.

Aliprofits Pros and Cons


  • You'll get to know how to make a purchase from
  • You'll get to know how to drop-ship by integrating AliExpress, Shopify and Oberlo.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • The product on its own will never help you make large amount of money like it claims.
  • Grossly misleading sales video with fake testimonials.
  • Seller unknown.
  • You'll be on the spam list (start receiving unsolicited emails).
  • No interactive support.

Aliprofits Review - Conclusion:

As you can see, there are enough reasons to call Aliprofits a scam. This is not a "system" that the seller claims to have "developed", but this is just an e-commerce guide. It takes a lot of hard work to set an e-store up and get the business rolling. No passive income either!

If you'd like to learn how to make monthly passive income from affiliate marketing - blogging is the most convincing way. It will take time, and it also takes a lot of effort. But it's economical, and you don't have to keep searching for a "new system to make money" which never exists! Join me for free and see if this is something you want to do from the link below.

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Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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  1. I have not seen this one before but I receive scam emails every day. I will let you know if I receive one. Thank u for the warning.

    1. Hi Milie, thanks for your comment. You don’t have to check email spams though, I would change my email address if I received too many too often. I wish you all the best.

  2. I don’t trust Alibaba or Ali Express. I live in MA, ordered some products from them, one took 5 weeks and the other batch took 8 weeks to deliver. I cannot run a business like this. Also the products were not exactly how they were described. Returning was a fuss. I don’t recommend them.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your experience. It’s shocking to hear that things take so long to deliver. I would only expect to receive goods within a few days the latest, otherwise I’d cancel my order. I’ve never used Alibaba myself and thought their reputation was good, but I do hear negative voices from some users from time to time. Thanks for your comment, I’ll keep that in mind!

  3. Hi Ray, wow. How can these people make fake testimonials? Do they agree to say things like that? I bet they are so desperate for money. Do they know that they risk their own reputation by saying things that didn’t happen to them? I can never do this. And if I was selling something I can never pay people to do things like that, what about their friends and family?

    I know my uncle is doing an ecommerce job and he works day and night. He went home the other day because he received some customer orders by email. I can tell this product owner is telling lies.

    1. Hi Zak, thanks for your comment. That’s what makes me wonder too, but we can’t speak for them. They may not know that they’re actually helping scammers deceit customers. E=commerce is hard work, I used to have an online shop too. “30 minutes each day” – no chance!

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