OptinMonster Review – Does It Really Help Increase Sales?

OptinMonster is another lead generation tool, allowing you to create professional looking opt-in forms, allowing you to decide who should see the form and at what point of visit to your webpage. It also gives you features to test and analyse your visitors' behaviours. Today in my OptinMonster review I'll show you what you can do in order to improve conversions.

OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster - Pricing Structure

First things first. OptinMonster offers 3 x price plans;

  • Basic - $108 per year ($9 per month): I'm going to rule this plan right out. Because it only allows you to use "Lightbox Popup" optin form which currently does not work on mobile devices. Then it defeats the purpose of "increasing conversion rates" - I'm sure you agree that the plan is not suitable for e-commerce and a lot of other businesses unless their target audience is specifically restricted to desktop users, such as
  • Plus- $228 per year ($19 per month): OptinMonster offers many features that are not available with other lead generation tools, but only about half the features are enabled with this option.
  • Pro - $348 per year ($29 per month): This is the plan with all the features, marked as "most popular". Optionally, pay extra $44 per year ($3.67 per month) for Geo-Location Targeting service, allowing you to personalise your campaigns based on your visitor's location.

Create A Campaign With OptinMonster

There's no technical fuss involved in creating a campaign (opt-in form) with OptinMonster. It's "super-easy" as far as I'm concerned. But there are many templates to choose from, so you might spend some time to decide which one you think will work the best.

Then you'll find many options such as the trigger timing and who to target, that's when you see how powerful the "Pro" plan of this tool can become. You are allowed to use as many forms as you want, split test, edit or delete as many times as you want.

Firstly you choose a campaign style - there are up to 7 types available;

  • Plus Plan: 4 different types available, i.e. Lightbox Popup (works on desktop only), Floating Bar, Inline/After Post, and Sidebar.
  • Pro Plan: In addition to that, further 3 types available, i.e. Fullscreen, Slide-in, Mobile Popup (works on mobile devices only).
OptinMonster Campaign Types

Step 1: Choose a style

Each campaign style has several themes to choose from - up to 26, depending on the style.

The theme can be changed later on, but the style cannot be changed once you've created a campaign. So if you want to try more than one style - or try all the styles - all you have to do is to simply create separate campaigns and save them all in the dashboard, named "My campaign - Fullscreen" "My campaign - Floating Bar" and so on.

OptinMonster Templates

Step 2: Choose a theme template

Basic Options Setup

Once you've chosen a template, you're ready to customise the optin form as well as "Success" screen (i.e. "thank you for subscribing" message). Change the text, font style, font colour, background colour, add an image, add a hyperlink to the text. 

OptinMonster Campaign Dashboard

There are various other buttons that allow you to instantly add/remove things like;

  • Yes/No buttons to entry (e.g. "Do you want to discover the secret? - Yes! Let me in / No thanks") - Pro Plan Only
  • Display name field in the signup form
  • Display privacy statement (i.e. "We promise to not use your email for spam!")
Yes/No Buttons Enabled

Yes/No buttons (Pro Plan only): when a user clicks "Yes", they'll be directed to an optin form.

Now, all it's left to do is to connect to your email service provider, and the basic optin form is done. You can connect it by choosing your email service from the dropdown list, or you can copy & paste the HTML code that's been provided by the provider.

The form can be connected to more than one email service. The "quick-connection". The service providers currently listed are;

Active Campaign


Campaign Monitor

Constant Contract




























​Display Rules

What I've shown you so far is no different from any other free lead generation tools. What OptinMonster can do is to set multiple rules - when your campaign should appear and who should see the campaign.

  • When your campaign should appear - set to trigger on/before/after a specific date, time, day of the week, month of the year. You can set multiple conditions, for example set your campaign to appear between April & July but only every Monday evening, at each visitor's local time.
  • Visitos browsing specific pages - homepage, specific URL, or URLs that contain (or do not contain) specific words.
  • Scroll Triggering - display the campaign after the visitor has viewed a specific percentage of your page.
  • When the visitor has viewed X number of pages (or less than X number of pages)
  • Visitors on a specific device (desktop, phone or tablet) (Pro Plan only)
  • Show when a visitor has/has not opted in to another campaign, or closed/not closed another campaign. (Pro Plan only)
  • Show when the visitor is new, or returning. (Pro Plan only)
  • Visitors from a specific location (extra $44 per year)
  • Referral detection - show when the visitor comes from a specific URL's (Pro Plan only)
  • Adblock detection - when the visitor is using Adblock software, show only it's enabled/or disabled. (Pro Plan only)
  • Shown when the visitor has a specific cookie. (Pro Plan only)

Analysing Conversions and Split Testing

OptinMonster Google Analytics

OptinMonster integrates with Google Analytics to track conversions. At the click of a button, it will request to access your Google account. You'll receive an authentication code, save the code and it'll be connected. It will not take 20 seconds before you can view the Analytics screen within your OptinMonster dashboard.

Split test - creating several different version is easy. Click "A/B Split Test" in the dashboard and name the version, e.g. "Test A". It will instantly duplicate the current optin form. Make a change and save, that's all you have to do. The traffic will be delivered to all the versions that you are testing evenly, and you'll be able to see the results in your dashboard, like the example image below.

OptinMonster Split Test

Websites & e-Commerce Integration

OptinMonster works with most of the major website and eCommerce platforms, and full instruction for each platform is available. It also works on any HTML websites.

Website Platforms:









eCommerce Platforms:




Woo Commerce




Help and Support

There are plenty of step-by-step tutorials by category such as;

  • Getting Started
  • Integrations
  • Functionality
  • Account Management
  • Extending
  • Platforms
OptinMonster Help and Support

Plus video tutorial clips, each of which is no longer than 2-3 minutes and extremely comprehensive. If you still have a problem you can send a support ticket. When I sent my question to the support desk, I received a reply within 2.5 hours. If you are a "Pro Plan" member, you'll receive "Priority Support". I assume the response time is even quicker.

OptinMonster Review - Is This For You?

If your business is already established, has enough visitors per day and enough active subscribers (thousands, or at least hundreds) but you feel you current optin form is not generating fair number of leads, OptinMonster is definitely worth a try.


  • check
    Very easy to start - no technical knowledge is required.
  • check
    Pro Plan allows you to set multiple rules to improve visitor experience, hence more leads. 
  • check
    In-depth analysis is made easy on dashboard.
  • check
    Web-based, so you can set up and edit anywhere.
  • check
    Comprehensive tutorials.
  • check
    Good help & support.
  • check
    Easy integration with websites, eCommerce, and email marketing services.
  • check
    14 day "no question" money-back guarantee.


  • The cost - not exactly cheap and you must pay yearly in advance. 
  • No free trial (though 14 day money-back guarantee is offered).
  • Basic Plan does not offer optin forms that work on mobile/tablet devices.
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