Never Neglect Online Safety [Infographic]

By Josh Wardini

Online safety is something that all of us should take seriously. If the recent Facebook scandals show us anything, it is that our data is not as secure as we might previously have thought. It also highlights how easy it can be for a third party to gain access to our data.

The first scandal that broke was a real wakeup call for most people. It all started with a simple online quiz – you know the type – “What’s your spirit animal?” for example. People completed the quiz through Facebook and then posted results.

It’s something that every one of us has done at least once online. It’s harmless fun – they’re not asking you for your personal details, after all. Except that to access the quiz, you had to give the app permission to view your contacts.

As we learned later, it was not nearly as harmless as it seemed. Not only did completing the quiz expose your information, but also that of your contacts, even if they never completed it, which highlighted another potential issue. Even when you are careful about online security, you can never be sure that those you are linked to online are as well.

This makes it even more important to take online safety seriously. If you need any more encouragement to keep your data more secure, the infographic we found at TechJury and reposted below will provide that extra incentive.

You’ll learn:

  • More about how your data is accessed.
  • What information the major search engines and social media platforms collect about you.
  • What breaches these platforms have experienced already.

But why stop there? After all, it’s important to realize that your data is at risk, but once you realize how much at risk it is, you’ll want to learn how to protect it. The infographic also contains tips that you can start implementing today to help secure your data better.

So do check it out and do start using the tips regarding your data. Don’t be the next cyber victim, protect your data today.

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Josh Wardini

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