My Home Cash Club Review – $379 Per Day “Bad” Secret

Updated: August 15, 2019
by Ray Alexander

I have seen a couple of different invitation pages to My Home Cash Club; one claims that you can make $379 per day with 60 minutes of work each day, and the other one claims to make $500 per day with 30 minutes of work, neither of which really sounds realistic.

I've bought it just to see if it's something that I can recommend to my readers - in this My Home Cash Club review, I'll show you what's in the members' area and help you decide whether this is useful to you if you're looking to start a new work-from-home business.

My Home Cash Club Review

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My Home Cash Club

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Affiliate marketing




$197 Downsold for$97 $77 $47  $27


My Home Cash Club Overview

The sales pages are lengthy and distracting. One of them is a video-only page, a spokesperson Greg Thomas tells his sob story (broke up with his fiancée, had no money). He says it's not surveys-for-cash or Bitcoin investment, but he never explains what it is.

The other sales page has been around for at least a few years; it's a lengthy, very confusing sales page "written by" by April Matthews, but she repeatedly says the job is to "just post links". I hope you already know that no such thing exists as an online job. It's equivalent to "use this cream and you'll look 30 years younger / lose 30lb in one day" kind of thing. You'll never make any money by "just posting links", let alone thousands of dollars per month like My Home Cash Club claims.

Despite of the content of the useless sales pages, My Home Cash Club is mainly an affiliate marketing how-to guide. Mostly by videos, and the minimum amount of supplementary texts are added here & there. 

Basic coverage - how to become an affiliate, build a website, email marketing, link tracking, Facebook, how to sell products on eBay (i.e. nothing to do with affiliate marketing). Unfortunately there are some critical problems;

  • There's not enough information for a new affiliate to start up.
  • The information is awfully outdated (over 10 years old).
  • Wrong videos are embedded and some links are broken.
  • It advises you to use a bot traffic service.

I've actually seen the same product previously sold as "My My Home Success Plan". Obviously the whole package been left unmaintained, rinsed & repeated over years and years!

My Home Cash Club Review

Outdated YouTube Videos!

Essentially, My Home Cash Club is a collection of seriously old how-to videos, created by other people, including;

  • About affiliate networks (ClickBetter, ClickBank and JVZoo).
  • How to sign up and use a link tracker tool,
  • "WordPress training" - but it's actually not. It's about using an obsolete web design software "Artisteer".
  • "Affiliate training" - the original videos were created back in Circa 2007. Introducing many web tools that may have been useful...12 years ago!
  • "How to use Facebook" video guides - created in 2010.
  • "How to sell products on eBay" videos - created in 2009, and the topic is nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

These YouTube videos were uploaded between 2015-2016. But as you can see, the original video tutorials were created between 2007-2010. It means when the seller (or someone else) uploaded them on YouTube, the tutorials were already outdated by 6-9 years. The materials may have been available as part of some PLR products at the time. But anyway, they are far too old!

Link To Spam Survey Site

Link to Spam

Phase 1 of the guide is a general introduction (about affiliate networks and traffic).

Move on to Phase 2, and this is puzzling. The first thing that comes up is titled "Get Your Money Making Site". But it doesn't explain anything about monetizing a website. Instead, it has a button link to a web-hosting service MaxBounty Hosting.

When I click the button, I get redirected to a spam survey/prize competition site. No link to MaxBounty.

Maybe that's because the seller is no longer an affiliate to the hosting company, and instead he's decided to send the users to a fake prize competition site. He/she knows that no one will likely to seriously sign up with a web hosting company with such little information. If they're lured into a fake "free $1,000 gift card" invitation, at least some of them might complete the survey and the seller can receive a $1 - $1.20 commission from it.

Wrong Advice On Traffic Strategy

Wrong Advice On Traffic Strategy

Well, this is quite harshly confusing. One whole section titled "#1 Missing Ingredient", placed right in the middle of the top menu bar, gives us an impression that this is the main focus area.

But what you'll find in this section is just a general introduction to web traffic and a link to a cheap traffic service. Nothing else.

What's worse is that the contents are grossly misleading; frankly, bad advice. If you've been in the internet marketing for a while, you know what's being said in this section is wrong. Such as;

"Missing from 99% of online businesses (is knowledge of traffic)"

We all have to have knowledge of traffic, and that's not a secret. If you are starting up your very first online business, you will soon work out the importance of it. (And what you shouldn't do is to listen to My Home Cash Club tells you in this section!)

"Email traffic is always the best"

This sentence on its own doesn't make sense. If it's referring to online businesses in general, then it's NOT always the best.

"Always send visitors directly to your affiliate offer."

No! NEVER send visitors directly to your affiliate offer. You'll be wasting your money. (Always send them to your lead generation page!)

"You get what you pay for, spend a little more to get better conversions."

What it says is not totally wrong. Good traffic providers tend to charge more.

But directly underneath this advice, My Home Cash Club recommends Max Visits, the cheapest traffic provider who sends bot traffic. It charges $10 to send 10,000 visitors to your site, but all the visitors are bots, you'll see zero result.

I have tried this company in the past - Max Visits says the visitors they send are all humans, which is absolutely not true. I received 0% opt-ins from it. From the same page I normally receive 30-40%.

For a mere $10 for a traffic service, you should normally receive 25 visitors or less. Max Visits sends 10,000 visitors for the same amount - you know it's got to be fake!

Link Tracking - Not Enough Information

My Home Cash Club also recommends you to use a link tracking service ( because "you need to split test your links". But it doesn't explain why or in what situations you need to split test them.

What this section has is another YouTube video by, showing how to use this tool. But without explaining the purpose of it, those who are new to online marketing will struggle to understand the benefit of split testing.

It also says Facebook, Instagram, Twitter "do not like affiliate links", so you need to cloak your links, which is not true. Facebook doesn't allow affiliate links but others are ok with them. In fact, link cloaking is considered to be a shady strategy, it can only make your social reputation worse. Facebook prohibits users from cloaking any links, anyway.

So really, there's full of wrong information in My Home Cash Club.

Can You Make $379 (or $500) Per Day?

What the spokesperson 'Greg Thomas' says in the video is inconsistent - he says you can start making money in a few hours. Then he also says "this will work for you in a matter of days". A few minutes later he says "within the same day".

But you know the answer by now - you will not make a penny by using this product.

If you still believe that there's a way to make the more-than-average amount of money by only spending 30-60 minutes per day somewhere online, you really should be realistic. The online business industry is not a charity or lottery, it's no different from any offline businesses. You will never make money 'easy' - you don't want to waste the rest of your life simply dreaming about it. Millions of professional online business owners 'work hard' to get what they want. There is never such thing as "just posting links" like the sales page claims.

Is My Home Cash Club Worth Paying Money For?

As I've already explained above, the majority of the 'advice' given by My Home Cash Club is incorrect and all the resources (video tutorials) are 10+ years old. You can find hundreds of better tutorials on YouTube for free.

The best you can get from My Home Cash Club is the fact that;

  • There are some affiliate networks, including ClickBetter, ClickBank and JVZoo.
  • There is an email marketing service called GetResponse.
  • You can analyze your links by using a link tracking service.

Any of the above information can be found by googling for free. For that reason in my opinion, My Home Cash Club is not worth $1, unfortunately.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You are covered by 60-day money. If you've bought this product, I suggest that you ask for a refund for all the reasons that I've explained above.

My Home Cash Club Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • False income claim in the sales video.
  • Video tutorials are all 10 years old, or older. Information is outdated.
  • Too much misleading information.
  • Links to spam site / bot traffic site.

My Home Cash Club Review - Is It A Scam?

It is possible that the seller of this product doesn't actually know the information is so outdated and useless. Some of the advice given may have worked 10+ years ago, and there's a possibility that the seller still believes it. But this is not a novelty antique collection - this is an information product, so the seller should be fully responsible for selling useless information.

For all the false statements that are made in the sales page; so-and-so has made tens of thousands of dollars within the first week using this 'system' - obviously untrue. I think it's bad enough to call it fraudulent.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

About the Author

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. I’m so glad I took the time to check out my home club. I realize that when something sounds to good to be true it normally is but I also think that maybe there is valuable information that could be useful to me in other on line endeavors. Thanks to you really investigating their claims and learning their tactics are so out dated that even that would be if no use to me. I appreciate your honesty and integrity and for helping many people who simply can’t afford to spend money on scams most have children that need to be fed with that money. It’s sad to prey on people’s lives they wouldn’t be looking for ways to make extra money if they already had it. I just wanted to thank you and I hope people take the time to really investigate before giving away there hard earned money

    1. Hi Virginia, thank you for your comment. Like you say, many “make money online” product sellers take advantage of the position of newbies who’s low on budget, and charge a one-off fee of less than $50 with a false promise… Sadly the majority of those (with a price of $17-$47) are very bad quality and you’ll learn very little from them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I wish you all the best of every success!

  2. Omg thanks for that! I nearly bought it because some of the things that say is believable. But I thought it was too good to be true. But it was sold for $12. The price is coming down. It could have been worse. Thanks!

  3. Hi Ray, wow, thanks for the warning. The price has come down over time so badly means maybe this person is desperate to sell it. But it’s good to know the product is so old so everyone should stay away from it.
    Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics but I really don’t want to learn anything from 10 years old materials!! Especially traffic strategy is important for every internet marketer. The last thing a new internet marketer wants is the wrong advice.
    Thank you for useful information, Ray.

    1. Hi Hitesh, thanks for your comment. There are many online business guide materials that are a few years old and still relevant, but these are obviously not. You shouldn’t trust any of them if they’re SEO-related.

  4. This used to be called Easy cash club claimed to make you 379 dollars…..
    Now called My home cash club claimed to make you 500 dollars. It’s gone up lol.
    I see why you cannot make money. This is a very bad scam for the long time.

    1. How can I cancel and get my money back.? Do you have a telephone number for my home cash club? my bank says I must call them to cancel.

  5. Me too I was invited to join this program by someone called Jewell Martin whom I don’t recall getting in touch before. I decide to ignore it only because the job sounded too easy and if someone like me can make money that easy how about millions of other people? Too fishy to believe things like this.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Whoever invited you to join may just be a spammer, and if you ignore, they might come back using a different name. So it’s best you ignore them completely, and don’t click the link in the emails – that would indicate to the sender that you’re interested. Yes, like you say, the only way to make decent money online is to put a decent effort into it, no different to any other offline jobs!

  6. I nearly bought it but decided to check some reviews. You saved me. Thank you.
    I thought was too good to be true. I didn’t know what kind of links to post but it sure sounded easy.
    Also the site looked outdated that it reflects the content. Good I did not buy it. Thank you.

    1. Hi Deev, thanks for your comment. It’s good to hear that the post has helped – yes the sales page looks pretty outdated indeed. This is a rehashed version of other product sales pages with name and logo swapped. We know we won’t be fooled by the same old trick.

  7. Hi Ray, it’s good to know what is in My Home Cash Club because I have seen some other reviews and they didn’t recommend it but they only wrote reviews based on the sales page.
    It sounds like a terrible product. How can anybody watch 10 years old videos and use them as a tutorial in this world of technology? This is so crazy.
    I see what you mean about wrong advice also. Is there any benefit to drive bot traffic? I guess not.
    Thank you so much for the awesome review.

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. Yes, this is so useless, not worth paying money for, in my opinion. Bot traffic can increase your Alexa ranking. That’s about it, I think. But unless you use a link tracker, you don’t know where the bots are coming from and how long they stay in your site. If each one stays for a few seconds and leave, they leave no effect and the bounce rate of 100%, not good.

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