Why Is WordPress Good? – 9 Reasons Not To Consider Other Website Builders

By Ray Alexander

If you are thinking about building a website and wondering which platform you should use, the answer is simple. Use WordPress. There are many other website builders out there that are fairly user-friendly but they're not necessarily flexible. While some other website builders offer a lot of features but many of them can be so technical that you may never actually get to use them. So why is WordPress good? Today in this post I will share some primary reasons why WordPress is one of the best, particularly to build your first website.

Why Is WordPress Good?

#1 Best "Content Management System"

What is a "content management system (CMS)" with regard to website building? To simply put without going too technical, a CMS is a website builder. A website building app that's made for us bloggers. Wikipedia can explain to you if you want to know it in detail.

Then what is NOT a content management system?

Techie people create websites from scratch, by using raw HTML code and Javascript and things like that. Every time they want a word in a bold text, they put <strong> </strong> either side of the word, instead of clicking B in the menu like we do. Every time they change the paragraph, they put <p> in between two paragraphs, instead of simply pressing Enter like we do.

And it's not just about text. It's about the whole website to create - layout, the position of a logo, sidebar, footer, color and all that. Developers' knowledge is obviously astronomical to us, they don't need a CMS, whereas we do.

Take a look at the statistics by w3Techs.

CMS Shares WordPress

According to their study, 44.7% of the websites are created without using a CMS. It means just over half of all the websites are created on CMS, i.e. website builder.

Among all the website builders, WordPress owns 60.3% of the global market share. 33.4/(100-44.7) = 60.3%. The rest is divided by tiny percentages of other CMS users.

When you see WordPress being so predominantly popular, there's no reason why you shouldn't choose it. And it is undeniably easy and flexible in terms of customizing.

#2 Open-Source

WordPress is "open-source". It means the whole WordPress software is not attached to any particular system but is available to download for free, allows you to upload it onto your web space and customize it. It's open to anyone. So thousands of independent developers create different fabulous themes and useful plugins, make them available to the public for free, or sell them.

For the users like us, "open-source" also means that the coding structure is visible, so it is possible to edit the codes. Everything's pre-set up and you don't have to even look at the code. However, very occasionally things don't work in the way you want. For example, the header font looks too big, and you want to change the global setting for it. In such cases, it is possible to change it by going to "Appearance" menu > "Editor". You need to know what you're doing, otherwise you could mess it up (I've been there!) So it means WordPress is flexible.

#3 Quick Customization 

WordPress is newbie friendly. The principle is no different from any other word processing software or email applications so the majority of brand new users should find no problem in writing and embedding images.

Some themes only offer basic options, so if you're not too fussed about the design or layout, then it won't take you a couple of hours to set everything up. While other themes provide advanced features, allowing you to customize so much in detail. It means if you really want to be pedantic, you could spend hours, if not days, in choosing your desired theme out of hundreds, then spend more time in customizing it until your website looks exactly the way you want.

There are also a countless number of plugins that you can install for free. The plugins will allow your site to perform a variety of extra tasks. To add a contact form, subscription form, social share buttons, maps, to turn your page into an image gallery, to turn your site into an online store... WordPress plugins can help you to change your site into the whole something new.

#4 WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress Theme VW Dentist

By default, WordPress is supposed to be made with high-quality code that's friendly to search engines to crawl. Which means that your website will be safely approved and listed by search engines (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo searches). There are a few things that the users are advised to do, for example:

  • Have a plugin installed to enhance the SEO (such as Yoast or All-In-One SEO). These plugins will help you to optimize your webpages with minimal effort.
  • Not to install and activate too many plugins, because that will cause your site to slow down, which will give an adverse effect in terms of SEO.
  • Not to use an outdated WordPress theme. Because every time WordPress issue an update, the theme should also be updated to stay compatible. Old themes are not responsive and it will also cause your site to slow down.

#5 WordPress Is Treated Specially

The fact that WordPress is the most used website builder, means it's often treated specially by many web hosting companies and online tools.

Web hosting services often offer 'WordPress-Ready' platform. When you build a website, the very first thing you need to do is to;

  1. Buy a domain name (e.g. https://yoursite.com).
  2. Have your website hosted (in world wide web!)
  3. Download WordPress package and install it within your control panel.

With a WordPress-ready hosting, No. 3 is omitted. You sign up with the hosting service and WordPress is already there with a pre-installed default theme. So you can simply log in and start writing your first blog post right away.

You'll also find it convenient when you use a third party online tool, such as a lead generation (form to collect subscribers) tool, in-depth analysis tool, push notification tool, etc. When you integrate such a third party tool with your website, it usually requires you to copy a unique code and paste it onto your site. If that's the only thing you have to do, then fine. But some tools also require you to give a little extra tweak to your site to make them work. If your site is WordPress, then they often provide a special plugin, so all you have to do is to install the plugin and activate it.

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#6 Safe and Secure

WordPress often issues new security updates to protect your site from hackers. When a new version is announced, you'll be notified within your admin screen, and all you have to do is to click the 'Update Now' button. If you don't do it, it will automatically update itself and let you know of it by email.

It means WordPress is more secure than other website builders. Though there will be other cyber attacks to your web server, so you're strongly advised to do the following to protect your website data.

  • Use a site with SSL certificate (https instead of http).
  • Take a full backup of your site periodically.
  • If you intend to use a cheap web hosting service (say, $10 per month or less), pay extra for stronger security protection (which can often end up costing you more!)

#7 Easy To Take Your Site Away With You

It's easy to move your WordPress site from one domain to another. If you are with WordPress-ready web hosting company, you can move your entire site currently sits under yousite.com to yoursite2.com within minutes. Also, there's a specific plugin that allows you to move your website within minutes too.

If you want to give your website a break for some reason and take the site down, you can do that. Keep the whole site data in your hard drive or cloud storage until you are ready to restart. Whenever you are ready, you can upload your site either manually or by using a plugin.

#8 Plenty Of Tutorials

This is also because of the popularity of WordPress - there are plenty of tutorials and focus groups out there. If you have a question or problem, you can google it and find a solution pretty easily.

#9 Make Money By Building A WordPress Site

Also because WordPress is widely accepted, there is a huge demand for website building services. There are people who want to use WordPress to blog, but they have no idea how to set it up, or don't want to go through all the fuss of choosing the best plugins and using them effectively. Gain some website building skills (none of which is a technical skill such as code-programming), you can start a business. With other minor CMS's, this would hardly be the case.

Why Is WordPress Good? - Summary

You may be tempted to use another content management system to start blogging or create a sales funnel, especially when you're offered with an all-in-one website building/hosting platform. But as you can see how versatile it is, WordPress is the best one for anyone to start, and the best one in the long run.

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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    1. Hi Barb, yes if your intention is purely to blog, you don’t need to build a site, I agree. If you want to stand out from the crowd in terms of design and various features that are needed for sales funnels, WordPress is ideal though. Thanks for your comment.

  1. I’ve been very satisfied with WordPress since they became available. I use a dedicated server and Premium Themes all work so well.
    Have also guided new users through the training process of effectively using the platform.

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