Jens Income Team Scam Review – $1,000 a Day Dream Job?

Updated: April 7, 2021
by Ray Alexander

I watched the sales video and within the first 2 seconds - yes, literally in a couple of seconds - I knew Jen's Income Team was a scam. If you were invited to join in but decided to do a little bit of research yourself, that's exactly the right thing to do. It claims to allow "average people with no experience" to start earning $1,000 in a matter of 24 hours, which is something that never normally happens. Well, I have watched the painfully lengthy sales videos as if I have nothing better to do, so now will share my findings in this post today. This Jens Income Team review will show you what to look out for in order to avoid wasting time wondering when you receive similar "make money online" invitations.

Jens Income Team Review

Product Name:

Jens Income Team (Jen's Mega Marketing System)

Website URL:


Get-Rich-Quick scam


"Jen C" / Jennifer Calahan (fake name)


$67 / down-sold to $57


What Is Jens Income Team?

This is what Jen's Income Team A.K.A "Mega Marketing System" claims;

  • It will create your entire e-commerce system automatically.
  • Upon joining, you'll be working with the owner's (Jen) team and immediately start earning hundreds of dollars every hour.
  • All you need is 15-20 minutes of work. 
  • All the technical stuff is already taken care of by Jen's team, so you don't need any previous knowledge or experience.
  • Jen needs your help for two reasons; one is because if you make money, she'll make money. The other reason is to check your data so you and her team can both be even richer.

That's pretty much all that the two invitation video clips explain. It doesn't tell you what kind of work is involved, what the business model is, or who the audiences are. This already proves that Jens Income Team is a typical "get rich quick" scam, targeting those who forever look for free money but have no willingness to learn the techniques.

Jens income Team Scam Review

Notorious "Easy Kits" Scam

You know, initially I was curious about the actual product - what this "new" mystery seller had in her hand to offer. Then on its Terms and Conditions page, I discovered a link to "Easy Kits" which actually tells us all. was first registered in 2012 and was blacklisted by the watchdogs for years for taking money from users but not providing the product as promised. The domain became dormant a few years ago but the owner's been coming up with numerous different sites including Website ATM, Cashpoint ATMWebsite Profits Pro, and Profit Point Autonomy using the same scamming technique.

Jens Income Team uses the same "support" gateway using the domain You can find a lot of complaints from the victims simply by googling - the complaints that both directly made to the support and to various watchdog sites.

Fake Owner & Fake Interview

So you've guessed by now that the owner who calls herself "Jennifer Calahan" is obviously a fictitious character. She interviews a couple of users via Skype, but you can tell from the tone of their voices that both interviewees are actors. The interviews have no useful content, are carefully scripted, and don't give anything away. What they did for a living before they found Jen's Income Team (which is irrelevant), how they felt apprehensive at first but they found it so easy - easy for what? 

Jens Mega marketing System Fake Photo

While the interviewees are talking to the camera, the owner Jen is a still photo - that's not genuine, it's a stock photo that's being sold via Getty Images

Fake Registered Address and Phone Number

The Terms page says that Jens Income Team is operated at the address "30 SW. Elm Ave. Desoto, TX 75115", but you can easily find out that it's fake by googling it - no such address exists in DeSoto, TX. As for the phone support number (1-888-793-3429), I daren't call it but again, I just googled it and found some more scam sites that sound familiar, such as "A to Z Cash System" and "Money Sucking Website System".

Too Much Talking, Making No Logical Sense

The introduction video of Jens Income Team is awfully lengthy. And when you opt-in, you'll be directed to another sales video page which is equally lengthy. "Jen" talks non-stop but none of her claims actually makes logical sense. The fast-forward/rewind buttons of the video are deliberately hidden so that the viewers won't get a chance to think twice. So here are some of the ridiculous claims I picked up;

Fake Scarcity

The "scarcity marketing" technique that the seller uses to sell this product is pretty crazy. Marketers often use a countdown timer on their sales page (even legitimate marketers) to give a time-limited discount offer. But some of the things that "Jen" says in the video contradict each other. For example;

  • She first says the video is top-secret, so she asks you not to share the information with anyone.
  • Then she says she's only looking for 45 people from 45 cities to become "beta testers" but does not provide a reason as to why she needs to geo-target this product.
  • While she says she's only looking for one person from your city, a message will pop up that reads "Only 2 spots left!" 
Jens Income Team Fake Scarcity

The seller may try to sound like you're a specially selected candidate, but the sales page is available for a long period and accessible from many parts of the world. By anyone, even by underaged or those who are not interested in such a silly get-rich-quick invitation.

Tells You What It's Not, But Doesn't Tell You What It Is

The seller says, "There's no product sourcing, no shipping, no customer support. That's why it's estimated to hold a value of over $1 billion!" As you can see, the sentence doesn't make any sense or whatsoever. This is one of the typical assertions that scammers often make; they list up some business models and investment options that are unfamiliar to most people and say their product is not. "This is not a franchise business not a multi-level marketing, it's nothing to do with forex or cryptocurrencies..." But they never say what it is. 

The seller does say, "In just a few moments I'll tell you EXACTLY how I did it. You can totally copy everything I've done from start to finish. I'll give you the tools and show you step by step what to do." Then she talks away - she never tells you "how she did it", nor does she show you any tools.

The Mysterious "Team"

Personally, I'm not a fan of any programs/schemes that emphasize one-to-one support right at the beginning. I have two reasons for that. Because;

  • It's simply costly. If your "mentor" is genuine, they spare their personal time for speaking to you. Otherwise, they usually try to persuade you to buy more products.
  • It's an online product (training program, "money-making" scheme, etc.) You should be willing to work out the steps yourself from the material you're provided with, such as online step-by-step or video/audio tutorials - at least at the beginning. If you feel you need to chat with someone right from the start, you are likely to have problems all the way.

Jens repetitively says that her experienced team member will take you through on the phone as soon as you join. It may sound like "assuring", but take you through what? She also says it will only take 15-20 minutes of work each day, all the technical stuff has already been taken care of by the team, and everything's automated. Again, she never explains what telephone support is for. It doesn't make any sense.

"Reused" Fake Testimonials

Jens Income Team Fake Testimonials

And you know by now that the repetitive "user testimonials" are fake - these people are actors/spokespeople from Fiverr. These clips have been used in some of the other scam sites that I've mentioned earlier, and the seller is reusing them for Jens Income Team. These actors have grown a few years since these videos were originally recorded!

And you may also have noticed that these people are merely mentioning a sum of money that they've "made" in the video clip, nothing particular about the product itself. None of them has quality as a testimonial.

Misleading Information About Investment

The seller also shares another crazy assumption about this product "Jens Income Team" (or Jens Mega Marketing System) being your investment. She claims that it may only cost you $67 right now but later on this year, it will be worth $5,000 or more. She goes on to talk about her "friend" who bought some stocks and made a 42% profit within a couple of months. I mean, you know. Investment is an investment, the stock market can be volatile and there's always a risk that you lose all the money you invested. There's no credibility in any part of this story, it's totally misleading.

Money-Back "Guarantee"?

EasyKits Complaints No Refund

Well, the seller seems to proudly promise a 60-day full money-back guarantee in the sales video. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, Easy Kits has a bad reputation and we can find a lot of complaints from the users for not receiving a full refund. So if you've already purchased it and asked for a refund but have not had a satisfactory reply, the only way to get your money back may be to dispute against your credit card company.

Jens Income Team Review - Conclusion:

Jens Income Team is a typical "get-rich-quick" scam that makes a false promise of wealth, takes the money from users in advance but never provides instant cash or "all automated, no work needed" system.

If you're interested in seriously making money from home, there are 3 steps to take.

  1. Know Business: Learn how the wealth is created - who pays money, what for, and how you're going to earn it. That's your very basic first step.
  2. Actual Learning: Learn how to create your own platform (website) and what kind of products you can promote - affiliate marketing allows you to promote almost any products that you can think of.
  3. Get Support: Ask any questions, but NOT rely on a "mentor" to advise you from beginning to end. Use a forum, live chat, and direct messages, so that you don't disturb others. A mentorship program usually costs thousands of dollars.

If you're interested in learning affiliate marketing, working in your spare time, and start earning commissions, all the 3 steps above are available for you. Nothing will happen overnight - you'll need to put in as much effort and you'll receive your rewards as a result of it. Join me free from the link below and see if you can do it. Good luck!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
September 2022: $5,815.00

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. I tried a similar one about 2 years ago I think it was website atm. There were a couple of phone numbers, one was out of order and the other was just a call center woman who didn't know what she was talkin about. Refused to give back money then offered to give only half of what I paid. I really had to fight to get all my money back in the end but took like 3 months. Don't buy it, you will only get into trouble people.

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for sharing your experience. I have seen similar complaints via Trustpilot etc, watchdog sites, as I mentioned in the post. I guess the last solution is always to dispute against your credit card company. Anyway, it’s best to stay away from any dubious sales pages like this one. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I believed this site jens income team would perfectly suit what I needed to do because I have no job right now
    and have no time to work because of the pandemic and two small children to feed.

    I didn't watch the video until the end but I was desperate to make some money.
    I am not looking for a get rich quick scheme I just wanted to receive some supplement income for my family's needs.
    Now I am in the position that this will not make me any money I don't know what to do.
    Please email me back. Hoping for a positive reply from you soon. Thanks for your attention.

  3. Thank you for your Jen's Income review. I also received a notification and I knew it was a scam straight away before even I watched the video. You mentioned other sites like website ATM and Profit point autonomy and it makes sense to me now. I can also see the familiar faces from Fiver. What a shameful people, how can they do this to innocent people? So many people should know it’s the work of the same scammer but it’s a wonder why he’s not red handed. It’s a really fraud, it should be made illegal by now.

  4. Hello sir thanks for sharing I am looking for a serious way to work online but I don't have skills what's your best way
    Waiting for your response.

    1. Hi Fayaz, it all depends on what you want to do – as I said in the post, if you’re interested in learning affiliate marketing, join me from the link above, I can take you through. Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best!

  5. Hey, I'm since you mentioned watchdog I'm currently trying to create a community for online business,
    Are you interested in becoming an ambassador? Your job is to share your personal opinions about scam products. I only decided to contact you coz you helped me in the past but I couldn't remember your personal email.
    Let me know if it's suitable. Thanks Ray… Syed

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