Is Cashpoint ATM a Scam?

Updated: March 21, 2020
by Ray Alexander

Is Cashpoint ATM a real scam? Can you make $500 per day using this system like it's been suggested? I have been requested to review this product but unfortunately I'm from the UK, and it's only open to purchase in the USA and Canada. Technically, it looks like anyone could buy it using a credit or debit card, and the terms of service never mention anything about the country restriction. But you're required to provide your phone number upon purchase, which has to start with an American or Canadian country code.

If/when it's available for UK users via a secure and legitimate payment system, I'll be more than happy to purchase it and look inside. Meanwhile, I'll share my thoughts on Cashpoint ATM with you based on what's being said in the sales video.

What Is Cashpoint ATM?

Cashpoint ATM is a "make money online" system, claiming to enable users to earn $500 per day without putting any effort. According to the seller, you will receive a "complete, sales-generating product funnel that completely runs itself" for a fee of $47. With just 16 clicks, or within 4 minutes, a new website will be built for you. The seller then goes on to say that the site will actively find online shoppers, direct relevant traffic to your site within minutes, and you'll have your first sale within the hour.

Cashpoint ATM Review

How Realistic Is It?

As realistic as being able to fly your own private jet tonight. What the seller's suggesting is a get-rich-quick system which never exists. No matter what the actual product may be, this is the exact kind of sales copy that you should never trust. Not a word of it.

The seller's definitely being dishonest about the Cashpoint ATM making a sale within the first hour for you. It's never going to happen. Not for $47, anyway. 

There are hundreds of ready-made website builders available out there. They will indeed let you literally 'build' a website at a few clicks, but it won't be usable until you've customized it. Even if it's customized and finally published on the web, you won't even be at a position to make any money until you enter a legal agreement (as an affiliate or a drop-shipper, for example.)

Cashpoint ATM also claims to "actively find online shoppers, direct relevant traffic to your site"... No chance. Once your website is live, it'll be indexed by Google and other search engines, so in theory, it'll be exposed to online shoppers, i.e. passively, not actively. Millions of online stores, big or small, thrive to drive traffic using all sorts of advertising techniques day-in, day, out. There is no way your website can magically receive special treatment for the price of $47, really.

Notorious ""

The Cashpoint ATM site also confirms its connection with, the site of which received a lot of complaints before it shut down a couple of years ago. The majority of the complaints were for not providing a continuous web hosting service it had promised. reviews Scamion

One of the reviews/complaints about EasyKits, left on

Since then, numerous websites that are linked to (which means owned by the same person) have been found over the past few years, all claiming to make $500 per day, such as;

  • Website Profits Pro
  • Money Sucking Websites
  • Easy Cash on Demand
  • Website ATM
  • Profit Point Autonomy
  • Amazon Cash Websites
  • Prime Time Profit
  • Real Profits Online
  • Fast Income Generator
  • Mass Income Machines
  • Cash Website Success
  • Push Button Cash Site

The words that repeatedly appear in the titles are "easy cash", "money-sucking", "fast", "income generator/machines" etc. None of these products' sales page has ever explained what kind of method it uses or what makes it different from other "Easykits" products. These factors indicate that the series of products by the Easykits are typical get-rich-quick scams, unfortunately.

Fake Owner

Firstly, the man who appears in the sales video is just a spokesperson that anyone can hire on Fiverr. He says the name of the creator is Jason Rangel, who is also a fictitious character. He never appears in front of the camera, and the family photos that he shares ("me, my wife Jessica, and my two sons, Jeffrey and Thomas") aren't genuine, either. They're just stock photos.

Cash Point ATM Fake Owner

This is hardly a surprise because if this product was popular among users, the owner would most certainly be proud of it, and wouldn't have to keep disappearing and coming up with the same or similar products with a different name over and over again.

Bitter and Twisted Pain Point

"Emotional marketing" is one of the most used techniques by marketers to get customers to buy, is to emphasize & sympathize the "pain points". For example, if they're selling a robotic vacuum cleaner, they emphasize how inconvenient your life can be without it. How hard to find time to vacuum the floors after a busy day, or while looking after kids 24/7. A house with dirty floors may affect your mental health, you may feel disgusted, feel useless, etc. etc. Then they conclude by telling you a robotic vacuum cleaner will be a perfect solution. 

Now the seller of Cashpoint ATM uses this method in a bitter and twisted way. He appears to talk to your heart, but says you're not making money because "the whole system is rigged" and "nobody tells you the truth about online marketing". He goes on to say that all the gurus are "taking advantage of people that don't know any better."

He's effectively saying that you can't run a profitable business because all the available business consultants are liars, charing you for providing false information, simply blaming it on someone else.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Your Own Website - Essential!

So the seller's suggested solution to this "problem" is for you to have a website, which is what Cashpoint ATM is offering, but there's nothing special about itself. Having a website is a standard, in fact it's essential in online marketing. Hundreds of legitimate make-money-online programs offer web hosting and templates and some of the "all-done-for-you" systems require the least possible work to do. But you'll still have to customize it to make it your own and learn how to market it. Without your effort, you'll never make a penny out of it. Let alone, within an hour like Cashpoint ATM falsely suggests.

The Payment Form - Not Trustworthy

There are two reasons that you shouldn't be making a payment to Cashpoint ATM.

Securescarts Payment form

One is the information that you have to provide on your payment form. It should only contain your name, address and the card information. This form asks your phone number and also your age group, neither of which should be required by your card company. It means the information will be passed to someone else - either the seller, the clearance company or any other third parties - for marketing purposes. 

The other reason is this payment clearance company, is not trustworthy. According to, has a seriously bad trust score of 2%. 

Securescarts bad trust score

These two red flags are the solid reasons you should not buy Cashpoint ATM or any other products that are sold in the same way.

Fake Refund Policy

The seller contradicts himself by saying he's offering a 60-day money-back guarantee but he's also disappearing soon.

He says that he offers "No Question Asked" refund if you aren't happy with Cashpoint ATM, even if you don't like the site designs or any content. The seller boldly says "We'll give you all your money back."

Cash Point ATM Refund Guarantee

He also says he's only taking on 300 users, which is not true, as this site has been around for many months already. But he says that after 300 positions are filled, he'll shut the site down. It means that he's prepared to disappear whenever he feels like it. The link to the support is displayed as, which is already non-existent anyway. We don't know the real name of the owner and, therefore this refund policy is not at all transparent.

Is Cashpoint ATM a Scam?

The sales copy is designed to target those who are dreaming of free money for doing nothing. Throughout the video, the seller repeats that you'll barely have to do any work and magically make money without giving valid explanations. He blurts out phrases that don't make sense, such as;

  • "Purchases are made 24 hours a day, seven days a week." - This is nonsense because any online stores are open 24/7. Anyone can make online purchases on Amazon, for instance. Nothing special about it.
  • "Cashpoint ATM website deposits money into your bank account at any time, day or night." - Also nonsense because again, anyone can transfer money online at any time of the day.

...Basically, Cashpoint ATM suggests that all you have to know is that you'll get rich quickly, never mind how. But unfortunately, all the get-rich-quick schemes are scams. So is Cashpoint ATM, I'm afraid.

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