The Secret Code System Review – If This Isn’t a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, What Is?

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Updated: April 3, 2021
by Ray Alexander

You can't possibly take anything that the Secret Code System tells you seriously. But you've still been wondering if that kind of thing exists, at least you decided to google it to find that out, that's the right thing to do. The lengthy video tells you very little - virtually nothing - about the product and it's essentially designed to target do-nothing-get-rich-quick dreamers. This Secret Code System review will help you stick to reality and avoid wasting any more money on "make money online" products.

The Secret Code System Review

The Secret Code System Review

Product Name:

The Secret Code System

Website URL:


Get-rich-quick invitation




$37 / down-sold at $27


What's Wrong With The Secret Code System?

There are mainly two reasons that the Secret Code System is wrong.

The first one is the fact that the seller tells you this product "makes money" for you, but never explains the rationale behind it. How it works, what your involvement is, and how the wealth is created. 

The second reason is, while the seller criticizes the so-called "get rich quick schemes", what he's trying to sell is no different. He says that some other programs are deceitful GRQ schemes because they claim to make a million dollars overnight, but his program is not because it makes "only" tens of thousands of dollars per day. The seller's logic does not make any practical sense.

After all, there are thousands of "create wealth" products out there. Whether a training course or a useful cloud application tool, a successful seller is always able to explain to new customers why their product/service is well-received by the existing customers. The authenticity is what we're all looking for, and it's completely missing from the Secret Code System.

Have I Actually Tried This Product?

God, hell no. I know I should try out a product to be able to write my own authentic review, and that's what I usually do even a sales page seems misleading or even sounds a little scammy. It's my job to share an unbiased opinion from my own experience to help others build a successful online business. But the sales video of the Secret Code System is so childish and obviously deceptive that I decided it wouldn't be worth contributing my money just to write a review. 

How To Spot Red Flags

Over the past decade, I have seen many very similar product sales pages that are grossly misleading and this is just another one of them. So what I can share with you in this Secret Code System review is how you can easily spot scams from the content of a typical "let's make money online" invitation.

The video says "No gimmicks, no fake accounts, no paid actors." Unfortunately, it's full of gimmicks, it is a fake account and none of the people appearing on the sales video is real.

Video-Only Sales Page

The classic example of a deceptive product sales page is where you can only find a video with a few taglines and a call-to-action ("buy now") button. The video typically does not let you fast-forward or rewind and no transcript is available, which means the page is designed not to let you give it careful thought. The Secret Code System is no exception - it doesn't have text to explain the product, making it harder for users to notice some of the things that the seller says contradict each other.

Fake Owner Fake Owner

The sales video is obviously narrated by a voice actor, not the seller's own voice. And in the video, the seller only introduces himself as "Jay", follows it up by his lengthy, fictitious (and boring!) background story - how he struggled to make ends meet. The photo of "Jay", the seller proves to be fake - it's just a royalty-free stock photo. This cheap story-telling trick is almost always used by scammers who sell fake miracle products. Instead of explaining why the product successfully works, they typically give you a false sense of "anyone can be from zero to hero" feel by telling you a sob story.

Fake Testimonials

The Secret Code System Fake Testimonials

The "user testimonial" clips are all decade+ old because they've been appearing in numerous make-money-online scam sales videos over & over again. They really are not testimonials because all they say is how much money they've made, they never say anything particular about the product (well, that's why different scammers keep copying the clips and repeatedly use them for different products' sales videos.)

These photos of the Secret Code System's "users" are, again, just royalty-free stock photos. They're not the real users, just models.

Fake Sales Notifications

Right, you can't possibly take this seriously; it's a recorded video, not a live broadcast. Children would know the difference between the two. In the sales video which is of course pre-recorded, the seller "sets up" a new Secret Code System account, and within minutes, a little notification starts to pop up to say he just made a "sale". He never explains what kind of sale and where the sale comes from and it's just a silly graphic overlay on the video. 

Fake Scarcity

Similarly, the seller keeps saying that there are "only a few spots left" in the video, which is another typical claim that scammers often make.

Many legitimate marketers use scarcity techniques, such as a countdown timer to offer a special discount for a limited period. But this is a digital product, there's never limited access to any digital product or service. Obviously, the seller of the Secret Code System is not telling you the truth by saying "act quickly because there's only a handful of spots left". And even the sillier thing is...

Dubious 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Secret Code System Money Back Guarantee

...The sillier thing is, he tells you not to bookmark the sales page and come back later, because the page may be gone by then. This stranger is practically saying, "pay me before I disappear." Why would you trust anything that this man says in the first place?

The seller promises a 60-day money-back guarantee. "If for some odd reason, you don't make money with my secret code system, I'll pay you your money back right out of my pocket, and you can keep the system." But we don't know who's talking, there's no way we can trust a word of it, can we?

An Outdated Slogan "Make Money Online"

The seller says "You don't need to know a thing about computers or internet marketing" - you know it's such an outdated catchphrase used by scammers? It's like saying, you can open a restaurant but you don't need to know a thing about food or real estate (to find restaurant premises). Technically you can, if you ask the professionals to do all the jobs for you. If you have a few hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest, then you can. If you're willing to work online, of course you'll have to know the basics of internet marketing, at least. 

The critical pitfall of these scammy invitations is that they over-glorify the phrase "make money online" as if it's something new and innovative. Millions of all kinds of business owners thrive to "make money" and the majority of them are "online" - there's nothing special about it, you see? What's important is how you market it, what's unique about the product/method that they sell and how it stands out from the crowd. The seller of the Secret Code System doesn't explain any of it.

Again, it's just like hearing someone simply say, "Make money with a restaurant business!" You want to know what kind of food it sells and how to market it to go ahead of millions of other restaurants. You see what I mean? If you are willing to work from home to make a full-time income, the first thing you should check is what you're supposed to do. If someone simply tells you that you can "make a lot of money online" - just like the Secret Code System does - then don't believe anything that they say!

The Secret Code System Review: Conclusion

The bottom line is, the Secret Code System is targeted at people who look to do nothing, learn nothing, and dream of a magic windfall out of nowhere. Nothing will ever happen if you keep daydreaming. Millions of business owners across the world thrive to increase their revenue. There's no such thing as a secret code to create wealth - there's no slot for anyone to make easy money.

If you're seriously looking to make money from home but have yet to learn the techniques, my advice is that you should really take your first step now and start learning. Earning at least some supplemental income online is becoming the norm and, you wouldn't want to miss the boat!

Learn Affiliate Marketing

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About the author 

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. I know the person who's running this one who kept coming back with stories like special code that worked on everybody, using a loophole of internet & s*** like that. Dude, your right choice not to buy it this is clearly for people with half a brain who's looking for impossible money. Secret code system what a load of

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for your comment. Still, people who are brand new to “making money online” and if they’re in a desperate financial situation, I guess they could easily fall victim to sites like this one.

  2. I'm not saying Secret Code System is legit. I can totally agree with everything you say. Hidden identity means what else is he hiding?

  3. If make money online is outdated why is everyone still selling it? It's a million dollar industry surely it's still current.
    What's the most ideal way in your opinion?

    1. Hi Omar, thanks for your comments. What I meant in the post is, there’s nothing special about any transactions online (people sell & buy online). It may have sounded amazing when the “internet” was becoming a household item, which was well over a decade ago, but not anymore. What matters is how authentic and “on-trend” the method is, how trustworthy it is, what makes a particular selling point stand out from the crowd. Not simply to “sell online”. I hope it makes sense.

  4. Hi Ray, thank you for your useful awesome review of Secret code system. I knew the moment I saw it I knew it was fake. I hate that scammers still keep making stupid site like this but I hate even more that people are still scammed easy. I agree that there are too many people who don’t want to do anything but still believe internet can give free money. Every one of us try to establish online business but because of these stupid people, less people start to become suspicious. It’s wasting our time.
    I am grateful that your honest opinion is hopefully helping online newbies. Thank you & good luck for continuous success, Ray.

    1. Hi Hitesh, good to hear from you. Yes, scammers will never go away but we can’t change others, we just have to be honest in affiliate marketing and gain trust, that’s all we can do, I guess. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you too I wish you all the best!

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