How Does Money Mean To Me?

By Jack Stan

By definition, money is a medium of exchange that takes the form of coins and banknotes. But, what exactly is money? People all around the world use money. We all desire to have it and this makes us to work so hard just to accumulate as much money as we can. In today’s world, money is essential. You need it to meet most of your needs, if not all your needs. Whether you want to buy food, or you just want to buy some clothes you are going to need money. At least, all these commodities are bought with money!

How Does Money Mean To Me?

You also understand that you need money to live a comfortable lifestyle. You need it to pay for rent, food and all your residential bills. You also need money when you want to travel from one state to another. But, what exactly are those coins and banknotes that you always take out of your pockets or wallets and give to retailers in exchange for goods and services? 

What is Money (in Theory)?

Money is any material that is generally accepted as a medium of exchange and can be used to pay debt. It’s also a material that has a standard value placed upon it, within a specific geographical area. Your banknotes and coins are valuable to you because you accept to be paid in them or using them. Since you can exchange them for goods and services such as food and medical appointments, they become money to you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t qualify to be called money. They are money because they have standard values assigned to each one of them.

In other words, the banknotes and coins that you have in your wallet have standard values placed upon each of them because people have decided that they’re valuable and worth something. Otherwise, they are exactly as other materials such as papers and metals that we always use for other purposes.

It's Just a Means to an End

Buy an Apartment

Money is also a means but not an end to something. If you need food, money will only provide a means to getting it. If you need to achieve a vision, you will need money. And for this reason, money only provides the means but it’s not an end to something.

For example, if your goal is to buy a state-of-the-art apartment for your family, money will provide you with the means to getting that apartment but it will not be the end goal or end result. Your end result will be the modern apartment.

Comfort ≠ Happiness

Also, you need money to live a comfortable lifestyle even though money can’t buy you happiness. You can buy the most expensive plane or car but your happiness in it isn’t guaranteed. You can also buy the most expensive bed but your happiness is not guaranteed in that warm expensive bed. 

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You Can Make a Lot of Money

You can make money by earning it. You could sell goods or products and services. People will give you money (pay you) when you offer your services to them. This way, you will be making money. You can make money through employment. Employed people usually receive salaries on weekly or even monthly basis. Through work, you can make money. There are so many ways that you could use to earn money. Depending on your creativity and skills, you can earn enough money to afford a comfortable life. Earning money is only limited to your creativity, skills, dedication and hard work.

Also, the number of hours you spend working may not correspond with your salary. You could work over 40 hours a week but still earn less. You could also work only 30 hours a week and earn more. 

Money Unlocks Possibilities

The more money you have, the more the possibility of making things happen. Not everything can be done with money but some require money to happen. If you need a lifesaving medical attention, you can make it to happen with money. If you need a live performance by your favorite artist, you can make it to happen when you have sufficiently enough money. Therefore, money unlocks possibilities.

With money, having the house of your dream is very possible. Also, having the best suits in town is very possible when you have money. As such, money unlocks possibilities. 

Money is a Tool

Money Tool

A tool is something that you hold in your hand to carry out a particular function. Money is also a tool in the sense that you can use it to make things happen. If you need your lawn to be well cut, you could pay the grounds men to help you keep your lawn neat. Also, you could use money to get your house well repaired. For these reasons, money is a tool. 

You Can Use Money to Help Others

Money is very essential for survival in today’s world. Almost everything that we do requires money. With the overwhelming number of homeless people in our streets, you could give some of your coins to the needy such as the homeless and hungry people. Actually, you can use money to help other people meet some of their basic needs. When you have some spare coins, you could share with fellow humans who face more serious challenges. 

Money is Not Evil

Money isn’t evil. And it isn’t good either. Money is just money. The love for money is what can drive someone to engage in evil actions.

Also, what you do with your money is what could be evil. For example, if you bribe a law enforcement officer for inaction when you are breaking the law, then that becomes an evil action. But that doesn’t mean that your money is bad. Only your action is bad, not your money. 

Money isn’t good because it can put your life at risk especially if you have lots of it. Even if you have one of the tightest securities in the world, someone might make an attempt on your life and try to rob your money and your life. So, money isn’t good either. 

How Does Money Mean To Me?

I never try to make money for the sake of luxury. I love helping people. If my help and advice bring money it's great but if they don't immediately, I believe in chain reaction. Money will come to me in the future as a result of work that I've done today based on the word of mouth. I don't "need" much money and I I have plenty. Enough money to invest in my next project and to spend for what I want to do in my spare time.

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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