GrabPoints Review: Scam or Legit?

Updated: October 17, 2018
by Jack Stan

GrabPoints Review: Finally, a Survey Site That’s Worth Your Time and Effort - Scam or Legit?

We’ve all been there and done that (mostly). I’m talking about GPT, survey, and online rewards site that promise the moon but instead deliver the dust of stars. For those of us who frequent them, this usually means actually exerting time, effort, and patience on many survey sites but not getting properly compensated for it. Some of those sites I would venture to call an outright scam, while others straddle the fine line between being legit but not being worth your time at all.

Grabpoints Review

So imagine my relief when I discovered GrabPoints. Right off the bat, I would have to declare that it is my all-time favorite survey site. I have gotten to the point that if a GPT or survey site mostly checks out my lowest practical expectations of them: a site should be free to use, doesn’t get me screened out or disqualified all the time, gives me tasks or surveys to do on a regular basis, pays fast, and has a low cash out or redemption amount, then I would consider it a good site. Referral programs are just a welcome bonus.

GrabPoints gets a check on all of these expectations...and then some. And as this HowToMakeBeerMoney review thoroughly explains it, it’s now considered one of the highest-paying sites around! But to further illustrate why I have made this site one of my main online sources of extra income, here’s my own fleshed-out GrabPoints survey site review. 

What Is It and How Long Has It Been Around?

GrabPoints is a youngish GPT or survey site compared to others like it with more seniority (AKA those that have been around for a decade or more). It was only established in 2014, but is fast gaining a positive reputation among those who rely on online rewards sites for a way to earn extra cash. They currently have over four million active users.

Signing up is free, and almost anyone in the world can be a member as long as they are 13 years old and over. Having a reliable internet connection is encouraged for some of the tasks like watching videos and downloading apps. A word of caution though: only one account per household is allowed. I’ve known some members who have attempted to use a VPN to rack up even more points, but they were detected and subsequently banned from the site.

How Do I Start Earning From GrabPoints?

Simply signing up and getting verified for a membership at GrabPoints will automatically earn you $5!

Best Online Surveys For Cash: GrabPoints

Still, my personal favorite way to “grab” points from the site is to answer surveys. Not a lot of people have the patience for it, and it’s understandable; given that other sites have a habit of screening people out right in the middle or towards the end of a survey. This rarely happens to me at GrabPoints, and I’ve actually earned over a thousand points each with some surveys (mostly from Peanut Labs and Tap Research)! The surveys are not as lengthy as those of other sites’ - I think I average around ten minutes overall for surveys I’ve done so far.

My second favorite would be the promo codes. Members can get notifications when promo codes become available, usually on Facebook or Twitter. Other places to get them would be on forums and even YouTube videos where members share codes that are eligible for multiple users. Overall, it’s just a matter of keeping your eyes peeled and being alert so you can easily add up points in your account!

Another great way to make some passive income would be to use the GrabPoints referral system. The way it is structured is there is a three-tier system where referral points vary per country, but it’s still a superb way to earn some extra cash without having to do tasks yourself.

There are other interesting methods to earn on GrabPoints that you won’t get bored with just a couple of tasks to do. You can also watch videos and play games, complete offers, or download apps - it all depends on the mood you’re in. 

Does GrabPoints Pay Well?


Rated 9.09 out of 10 over 1,000 Reviews on TrustSpot

My short and sweet answer to this question is yes. In my years of being a member of different online rewards and survey sites, I have come to define being “paid well” in specific ways. Other sites promise huge rewards (in cash or kind) for doable tasks, but the minimum cash out or redemption amount is so ridiculously high that it’s almost impossible to enjoy your earnings. I have also been vexed and frustrated by sites that processed earnings so slowly that it felt like I would never get paid.

GrabPoints makes it simple and easy for users to get paid, whether it’s for gift certificates or cold hard cash. They have the lowest cash out amount I’ve encountered so far, which is just 3000 points or $3! They also process the payout fast - I have gotten my cash earnings via PayPal in as little as 48 business hours. So if I need cash fast for whatever reason, I can rely on their payment system without having to wait weeks for the money I’ve earned. And that, for me, is getting paid well.

Do I Recommend GrabPoints?

I do! GrabPoints is extremely user-friendly with a navigable site layout, while offering a lot of methods to earn. I love that it has a referral system in place. But I especially love the fact that it’s got one of the lowest minimum withdrawal amounts I have ever come across in my years of survey site-hunting.

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Jack Stan

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  1. I LOVE GRABPOINTS I have a bad habit of shopping online so this provides pocket money without disturbing the house account This year I’ve even managed to make enough to pay for all the firewood for winter (about $450 AUD) plus an excersize machine for myself plus some art for the house and I pay for my hubby’s beer every week To top it all off I STILL have plenty left to feed my shopping habit HOW GOOD IS THAT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Whats up bro, survey for cash is not my thing but I just signed up and took a look at it. Not too bad. Very clean looking to be honest. I prefer sites that offer games and movie ads for cash.

    1. Hi Sammy, I have just spoken to the GrabPoints support team and they say they will consider other options such as games in the future. Lets hope it will happen soon. We value your opinion, thanks so much!

  3. “screening people out right in the middle or towards the end of a survey” are you serious? It happens to me all the time with GrabPoints. I would spend 1/2 hour and can’t even start answering any question. It’s worse than Swagbucks or any other survey sites. I’m outta here.

    1. Hi Hitesh, sorry to hear about your bad experience with GrabPoints. I’ll pass on a complaint on your behalf (anonymously, of course) to the support desk, and see what they say. Will get back to you when I hear a response. Thanks for letting me know of that.

    2. Hi Hitesh – this is quite normal in the survey industry, however, you can try providers that offer points for disqualifications as well. Check out TapResearch, TheoremReach and SaySoRewards to receive points for disqualifications as well.

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