Twitter Deleting Accounts Again

Updated: October 19, 2018
by Ray Alexander

Twitter is deleting accounts - assuming bots and fake accounts, it's good news for me. I lost over 1,000 followers in a matter of 2 days (according to Crowdfire, though I'm not actively using it). I think I've also lost a significant number of users that I was following (500 or more?), so it's very likely Twitter is clamping down on fake accounts.

Crowdfire Lost Twitter Followers

I had been aware of being in blind connection with a lot of absolutely useless bots, which I didn't know what to do with. Some third party follow/unfollow apps are useful to clean them up, but I can't see the point of it. I'd rather spend my time in replying to 10 x quality tweets by real people, wouldn't you?

Some users show their concern about losing hundreds of followers after they tweeted some political view. I don't think that's what's happened though. Politicians and celebrities' accounts tend to be swarmed with bots, a lot of which regularly tweet with a link to some malicious site. Social media has the right to carry out a good crackdown from time to time, sweeping off any anti-social accounts. Those tweeters lost a lot of followers not because they had shared their political view, but they'd had a lot of bot followers, perhaps.

Whether it's a social media or online community/forum, people are often motivated by their 'number badges'. Number of followers, friends, number of posts they've published, their ranking position, etc. Some gain a better position by publishing meaningful posts (tweets) and engaging with other users, while others become purely obsessed with numbers and play the follow/unfollow game. The main question is what you're really going to make out of it.

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  1. I lost a few hundred followers last week but they came back a few days ago. I am wondering if it’s just a technical glitch. I have 24k followers I never know which ones disappeared and reappeared. Most of them are bots.

  2. Yep, I lost 700+ followers in 2 days. I’ve had my Twitter account since 2011. Never tweeted anything political or outrageous. Bot clear up most certainly. The problem is I still have loads of crypto scammers and anti-trumps following me. Wish Twitter could clear them up also.

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