Twitter Deleting Accounts Again

Twitter is deleting accounts - assuming bots and fake accounts, it's good news for me. I lost over 1,000 followers in a matter of 2 days (according to Crowdfire, though I'm not actively using it). I think I've also lost a significant number of users that I was following (500 or more?), so it's very likely Twitter is clamping down on fake accounts.

Crowdfire Lost Twitter Followers

I had been aware of being in blind connection with a lot of absolutely useless bots, which I didn't know what to do with. Some third party follow/unfollow apps are useful to clean them up, but I can't see the point of it. I'd rather spend my time in replying to 10 x quality tweets by real people, wouldn't you?

Some users show their concern about losing hundreds of followers after they tweeted some political view. I don't think that's what's happened though. Politicians and celebrities' accounts tend to be swarmed with bots, a lot of which regularly tweet with a link to some malicious site. Social media has the right to carry out a good crackdown from time to time, sweeping off any anti-social accounts. Those tweeters lost a lot of followers not because they had shared their political view, but they'd had a lot of bot followers, perhaps.

Whether it's a social media or online community/forum, people are often motivated by their 'number badges'. Number of followers, friends, number of posts they've published, their ranking position, etc. Some gain a better position by publishing meaningful posts (tweets) and engaging with other users, while others become purely obsessed with numbers and play the follow/unfollow game. The main question is what you're really going to make out of it.

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I lost a few hundred followers last week but they came back a few days ago. I am wondering if it’s just a technical glitch. I have 24k followers I never know which ones disappeared and reappeared. Most of them are bots.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Hitesh, thanks for your comment. Yes actually I got my followers back too… Big number of followers disappear so quickly and reappear a week later…very strange!


Yep, I lost 700+ followers in 2 days. I’ve had my Twitter account since 2011. Never tweeted anything political or outrageous. Bot clear up most certainly. The problem is I still have loads of crypto scammers and anti-trumps following me. Wish Twitter could clear them up also.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes the are tens of thousands (or more?) of Cryptocurrency related accounts and US President related accounts with only a few tweets!

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