Get Paid To Post Comments On Blogs

If you looking for some 'meaningful' ways to make money online, try this. Get paid to post comments on blog websites. You're only earning a little amount at a time, but it's satisfying and inspiring. I've never seen it offered in the same way as this anywhere else. Perfect for you if:

  • You like reading blog articles AND you wish to start blogging too.
  • You wish to start blogging WHILE earning passive income as an affiliate.
  • You want to improve writing skills and receive online success tips on a daily basis.
  • You like interacting with blog authors by leaving comments.
Get Paid To Post Comments On Blogs

Website Comments and SEO

Wealthy Affiliate offers this opportunity with its Site Comments 2.0 feature. But before talking about "Get Paid To Post Comments", let me tell you how important to receive visitor comments on your webpages. Number of quality comments indicates how engaging your page is - your blog post is interesting enough for your visitors to react by leaving a comment. SERP ranking improves as you receive a number of quality comments. A 'quality' comment should be a comment that's authentic and meaningful. Not one-liner such as "Great post, thank you!" 

Obviously however, brand new websites with zero organic traffic struggle to find anyone to visit, let alone leave a comment. Virtually impossible. 

Here in Wealthy Affiliate's help-each-other community, members are provided with a platform to exchange comments on their websites. So it is possible to start receiving a comment even on your first blog post from Day 1. Commenters appear with their Gravatar ID, not with their Wealthy Affiliate membership ID, so they're expected to share their thoughts or ask a question just as normal site visitors would do.

This feature mainly provides three benefits;

  1. Like I just mentioned, chance to improve your page ranking dramatically.
  2. Motivation - this is actually a major factor. Many new website owners give up due to the lack of interaction with visitors. Knowing nobody's reading your posts, it can be hard to persistently keep writing. By receiving comments you know you're not alone.
  3. And you can become a Certified Commenter and start getting paid for your comments!

Get a "Certified Commenter" Status

You need to meet the criteria to become a certified commenter based on a 30-day history;

#1 Minimum of 50 comments offered

From your 51st comment, you'll be eligible to get paid to post comments, so long as you also meet the following two criteria.

#2 Minimum of 80% approval rate 

Website owner is free to approve or disapprove your comment. If you leave a comment that's unrelated to the post, or has no or low quality, it will likely to be disapproved.

#3 Maximum of 20% skip (not interested) rate

Blog posts that require your comment will randomly appear on your Site Comments dashboard one after another. Obviously you need to read the post to be able to write your comment. If you're not interested in the post topic, you can skip it, and another blog will appear.

You can skip as often as you like until an interesting blog comes up. But if you skip too many times - more than 20% of your time - you'll lose your certified commenter status. No need to worry about having to comment on an unfamiliar topic to you. Because can set your niche preference like the example below. It won't send you website with a topic that you're not interested in.

Site Comments Interests

How Much Does It Pay?

It will pay approx. $0.25 per comment. It may not sound much, but this is going to be a huge advantage if you want to learn everything about affiliate marketing, and get your pages to rank in Google quickly.

To be a little more precise, each time you leave a comment on someone else's site, you'll receive one credit. You need 2 credits to receive a comment on your site. When you become a certified commenter, every other credit can turn into cash, worth $0.50 each...

Okay, this sounds confusing.

For example if you can write 10 comments per day, everyday for 30 days (i.e. 300 comments per month in total), here's what will happen.

  1. For the first 50 comments, you will receive 50 x credits, means you can request to receive 25 x comments on your website. 
  2. From your 51st comment onwards until the 300th comment, you'll receive 250 credits.
  3. Every other credit (i.e. 125 credits) can turn into $0.50 each. Means you'll earn $0.50 x 125 = $62.50.
  4. The other 125 credits can be used to receive comments on your site. You need 2 credits to receive one comment, i.e. 125/2 = 62 comments.

Make Your Premium Membership Free

For many years, many new Wealthy Affiliate members have had no choice but to quit before they complete the training courses because they couldn't afford to pay the monthly fee of $49. It's a shame because the training includes many bonus tips and advice that's not available anywhere else, especially at higher levels. But it's totally understandable if you have little time to spend online each day. You can take as much time as you like, but taking things slowly also means it will be a long time before you can make your first affiliate income.

Now members can post 9 comments or more per day to cover their membership fee. And any extra comments will become a supplementary cash, whether their website is generating income or not.

Get Paid To Post Comments - What You Can Do

The Site Comments 2.0 is exclusively available to premium members. What you can do is to join Wealthy Affiliate now for free - no credit card required. Your free membership will allow you to build up to 2 websites and take the first set of basic affiliate marketing lessons. You can ask any questions in the community and receive as many tips and advice any time of the day.

There's a vast amount of invaluable shared knowledge that you can take advantage of, while you're building your fabulous new website. You will soon be comfortably convinced this is the way to work from home; then it's time to become a premium member and start using the site comments feature. Make sure to leave at least 9 comments every day so that it will pay off your membership; this way you won't lose anything but gain everything to build your internet business!

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