Can You Earn Money Online Fast?

Updated: May 31, 2019
by Ray Alexander

Have you been searching for how to earn money online fast? How long have you been searching for it? Were you looking for a quick solution 12 months ago? Then do you think by any chance that you may still be looking for it in 12 months from now on, if you don't start accepting different perspectives?

You don't want to be forever searching for something that never exists. There is no such thing as the "right method" to earn a fast buck anyway. And more importantly, you are looking at things in a wrong way. Can you earn money online fast? No, because your focus right now is on money itself, you're not even thinking about how the money is being made at source. Okay, I'll explain what I mean by that. 

Can You Earn Money Online Fast?

3 Reasons Why You're Not Earning

If you're looking to earn money online fast because you need it, then it won't work. You might need to pay the bill by next week, you're in debt, you need to feed your children...etc. Then there's no option online. You'd better stop wasting time searching for it and find a conventional temporary solution instead. Borrow money from a bank or get a local job that pays daily.

But you've seen hundreds of ads, messages, emails in the past telling you that there is a very easy way? No, there really isn't. None of them tells you the truth. If you need money urgently, there really is no way you can get the money anywhere online in time.

There are three reasons.

#1 No One Has Had Such A (Coincidental) Success

You know those advertisements that you've seen or heard over and over again.

  • An online system that "spits out" money, 24/7 even while you're asleep,
  • All you have to do is to "click",
  • Setting up takes less than 30 minutes,
  • Simple "copy & paste formula",
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity,
  • All you need to work is less than 20 minutes each morning, and
  • You'll receive a large amount of money within the next 24 hours - 7 days.

Do you know that these phrases are created by scammers? And the phrases are repeatedly used in ads (thousands of times) to this day because they actually work - on scammers. All of the above phrases contain "magic words" to fool people. And year on year, every single day, new people are tricked into buying false products by these magic phrases.

I you still don't believe it, have you ever met anyone - in real life - who's found such a magical system and made an overnight success?

If your answer is no, I can tell you that's because there's no such easy "system" or "formula" ever exists anywhere in this world.

If your answer is yes - if you have met someone who's made a quick success using the methods above - at least a part of their story or all of it is untrue, and there are 3 possibilities;

  1. If the "system/formula" that person is using is a legitimate one, they would have invested hundreds of hours learning, trying and testing, and also would have invested a good amount of money wisely. They didn't tell you that they were working so hard for it.
  2. They are not good at managing their own finances. They may have earned thousands of dollars worth of revenue, but they also spent thousands of more dollars on advertising or paid traffic services at the same time. At the point of telling you their story, they were not aware that they were actually making a net loss and quickly getting themselves into debt.
  3. Otherwise, they were lying. They were trying to get you to buy a scam product. If you had bought it, they would have received a commission from the sale (20%-40% of the price you would have paid).

"Earn thousands of dollars just by clicking a few links..."

...We all know that if something sounds too good to be true, it most definitely is, right? We do know that indeed, when we are in a normal state of mind. But for some us, these fake advertising words start to sound like the final chance of luck when we are desperately in need of money. "What if this one is real? It would be my biggest regret if I missed to take it."

To summarize the first reason why you can never earn money online fast - it is simply because there isn't such a thing. This is the underlying fact!

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#2 You're Trying To Rob Money, Not Create Money

Rob Online Money

You're looking to earn money fast, means you're trying to rob it.

Okay, if you don't like that word, you're trying to simply "transfer it" from someone to yourself. I'll give you a really obvious, fictitious example.

Let's say there's you, and there's me. We are best friends. You have absolutely no money with you. You have nothing in your bank account either. But I have $100 in cash with me. You & me, best friends. The total value of our "best-friend-assets" is $100.

You beg me to give that $100 to you because you're so hungry that you could die. I have mercy on you, you're my best friend, I hand over my $100 to you.

Now I have no money and you have $100 because simply, the $100 was transferred from me to you. (You emotionally blackmailed me and robbed $100 from me, but I forgive you. We have our best-friends-asset of $100, which is in your pocket instead of mine, that's all.

Let's go back to the beginning, I'll tell you a slightly different scenario. You have no money and I have $100. 

What if you are an artist, and I am looking to buy a nice painting to hang on my bedroom wall? You draw a painting especially for my bedroom, I love it, and I agree to pay you $100 for it.

Now you have $100, and I also have something that's worth $100, i.e. your painting. You see where I'm going, the best-friends-asset total is now doubled; $200. Because WE MADE money. Not just you - if I hadn't liked your painting, it would still have been sitting in your atelier, valueless. You and I both created money. Making money is about multiplying a value, you see? Not about transferring the same value from one person to another.

Those "systems" that claim to spit out money like crazy - where does that money come from? How is it created? How can they multiply money, how do they turn $100 into $200 and turn $200 into $400 so that they can keep paying you?

The second reason why you can never earn money online fast is this.

Because you're only worried about how YOU can get money, you're not even thinking about how and where the money is created, that's a problem. They don't even explain it, that's also a problem. And they can't explain it, because they're not going to create money WITH YOU.

You might think, yes they're explaining it! They say that all I have to do is to click a few links. That's my contribution, I'm supposed to create money with them, aren't I?

You may have worked out what I'm going to say by now, but that's the reason No. 3.

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#3 You're Not Contributing A Quality

Mona Lisa

Going back to the same scenario example - you sold me your painting.

Imagine instead, your "painting" was something that you created by a few clicks - you just printed out the portrait of Mona Lisa out of the internet - I wouldn't pay you $100 because it's not worth it, right? Then how much would I pay?

I would probably pay nothing to you because (a) I could print it myself and (b) I know Mona Lisa, I wouldn't want her staring at me asleep. I wouldn't pay you a cent, but since you're my best friend, perhaps I'd buy you a couple of drinks. Would that be about the right decision? Now how much would your printed copy of Mona Lisa worth? 50 cents or less for your use of the printer ink, perhaps?

That's the third reason why you can never earn money online fast. Whoever claims that all you need is 20 minutes each morning, just copy & paste something, no previous experience required... Nobody will pay you for something that anyone can do so easily.

You need to build up your knowledge, skills and experience to be able to create a value that someone would pay good money for. Online, offline, it doesn't matter. There's no way to cheat when it comes to earning - creating - money.

How Can I Create Money?

Create Money Share Knowledge

You don't have to be an artist/creator to "create" money. The easiest way to get started is to share your knowledge. And experience. Everything that you've done so far in life is your knowledge and experience - not just your career or educational background, but your hobby, vacation experiences, anything that's part of your daily routine - cooking, books, exercising. You can set up your own blogging platform and write about it.

How does that create money? You are sharing your knowledge with others through your blogging platform, means the piece of value is passed on. And that's a monetary value. There, you recommend related products to people as an affiliate.

For example, I'm thinking seriously about learning to ride a motorbike. I can drive a car, but I've never ridden a motorbike, nor have knowledge or whatsoever. If you were an experienced rider, you could tell us all about it in your blog, such as;

  • What a beginner biker should know about.
  • Bikes (and accessories) to recommend/avoid.
  • How to take care of your motorbike.
  • How to ride on a rainy/snowy day.

Then I would bookmark your blog, take all the advice from you, and choose my first bike and relevant accessories/clothing that you recommend. And if each time I, or any of your blog reader bought a product via your site, you'd receive a commission from the retailer.

This is just an example, but that's how you create money. That's the "proper" way of doing it.

Can You Earn Money Online Fast ...Faster?

So you need to put some quality work in order to "create" money. But there is a way to earn money online faster. By learning all the techniques without missing the essentials. Remember, making money is not "taking money" - it will only multiply when other people are involved. You don't have to contact anyone directly, but via your website platform, you will be helping others, who will find a monetary value, and you'll get paid from it.

If you want to know more about it, and why this is the way for you to earn money online fast, join me and find out for free. Any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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About the author 

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Hi Ray, I definitely agree with all your three points. You should never believe in shiny objects first of all. Then you should always consider how online businesses work. If you don’t then, you will not understand how you can make money yourself. Lastly you have to create quality content. There are millions of online marketers struggle to make money. You have to think about how you stand out from the crowd.
    Thank you for your useful article.

  2. Yeah I hear a lot of those sales copies. Spitting out money, the next 24 hours etc etc. Don’t believe any of that. You have to work hard online. This is a good article. thanks & good luck.

  3. There is no fast way to make money online. People who think there is don’t know about internet. They say they don’t have a job so they want money online but they don’t want to work. If they a looking for something online because they don’t have a job then they should look for a job. Not expect somebody to give the money.

  4. Good to know about all these things, Ray. People who are not making money tend to brag but they don’t offer consideration to others and just push-sell. Nobody wants to hear that kind of trash. This is a very good read. Thanks. Dex

    1. Hi Dex, thanks for your comment. Yes there’s always an integrity issue with this niche. Too many people still believe get-rich-quick schemes! It is unsustainable and trashy, I must agree.

  5. I have been trying to make money for at least 3 years now. I totally understand what you say. I am very patient, I never expect to make money fast but one thing I cannot do is blogging because I’m not good to write long sentences for the whole page also to design a site. It’s not my thing.

    I don’t know if you have any other suggestions. No matter how long it takes I can keep trying but not blogging. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Tojo, thanks for your comment. Your ‘sentences’ sound perfect me though! But if you don’t like blogging, you can’t drive organic traffic, means you need to rely on paid ads and traffic services. So you need to (1) have a good landing page (2) find out products that sell well, and (3) invest money wisely. If you’re looking to build a landing page but are short of money, check this out: How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget

  6. If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing you have to be really patient. Many days it might feel like you’ll never make it. No matter how long it takes, 6 months, 1 year, my advice is never quit. Keep taking all the advice from experts and you will suddenly start making good money.

  7. Hi Ray, thank you for a useful post. Just like many others I used to believe there must be a quick way to make money online and signed up with all sorts of email invitations. Until I finally realized I was in the most vicious spammer’s loop.

    I didn’t get anything but I lost maybe up to about 100 dollars in scam products. I also lost my email address because of spams.

    I have bookmarked your page. If I know somebody who thinks there is a way to earn money so fast I’ll show this post to them. People must really understand.

    1. Hi Bud, thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s always a good idea to have one dedicated email address just to sign up with products in my opinion. If the inbox starts to receive spams, you can just abandon the address and create another one, so that spams will never rule you and drive you crazy. Thanks for your comment!

  8. If you can’t earn commission fast at all how come thousands of websites say you can. Are you saying all of them are telling lies. Some of them already told me they pay me so I gave my bank account detail but nothing has come in so far.

  9. Hi Ray, I can learn a lot from your site, especially you explained what it is to earn money, made me realise sometimes I too focus on my own benefits too much and I miss the thought of giving good service opportunities to other people. It is a little hard for me to understand about Mona Lisa but I think I know what you mean.

    Thank you for your blog.

    1. Hi Jiro, thanks for your comment. The Mona Lisa example is only about taking a copy of someone else’s work, so it can be anything. If you dedicate your days/weeks to write a book, the book will certainly have a sellable value. Whereas you can find a royalty-free book out of the internet and download it, in which case downloading won’t take you a few seconds. You could still sell it, but that would be cheating. I hope it makes sense!

  10. I totally what you mean about the difference between robbing-transferring and multiplying the money. Making money is about keep the both parties happy but not just about yourself. People who dream an overnight success only think about how they can get money and not how to make other people happy. This is not how financial world works.

  11. Hi Ray, I see what you mean about creating a money source, also that it takes communication between parties to make money. Too many people believe fake systems that promise to pay out quickly, almost all of them are scams. You provide good advice, about how to start affiliate marketing too. Thanks as always, good job!

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for sharing your insights. Yes I do agree, so many sellers randomly publish outdated products just to make some extra bucks. No integrity or whatsoever indeed!

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