CashFam Scam Review – Get Paid To Install Apps?

By Ray Alexander

If you've been invited to join but decided to check the legitimacy of it, that's exactly the right thing to do. This CashFam review will help you see the big picture. Why would anyone pay you $5 just for installing a free app on your phone? If the offer was true, the rumor would go viral across the globe and the developers would go out of pocket in a matter of weeks. Can you imagine a million users download an app and they all get paid $5 each - who's gonna pay $5 million? It would be understandable if it was a premium app, for example, you pay $50 to use the app first but get $5 cashback later. But all the apps listed on CashFam are free. There is no such a magical way for even a 5-year old kid to make money online anywhere!

CashFam Review

Product Name:


Website URL:


Fake Reward Program


CashFam BV, PTY (Fake company name)


Free to join


What Is CashFam? works as what it's called a "CPA (cost per action) affiliate". It promotes smartphone apps to users and, each time someone installs an app on their phone and signs up, the app development company will pay CashFam a small amount of commission, usually less than $1. Similarly, CashFam also works in partnerships with some advertising mediums and promotes fake prize competitions in the name of "surveys". Each time someone enters a competition and gives out their personal information, CashFam also receives a small CPA affiliate commission, usually $1-2. 

Nothing's wrong with the affiliate model itself, but what's wrong is the way CashFam deceives the users - falsely promises to pay users an unrealistic amount of money in exchange for taking these actions. You as a user will never get paid any money by CashFam - It claims to pay you;

  • $10 just for signing up with CashFam for free.
  • $5-$15 for downloading a smartphone app.
  • $10 for promoting CashFam itself on social media (TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook).
  • $5 each time you get your friend/social follower to join CashFam.

Each "task" is ridiculously easy, and you could easily spend one afternoon and "earn" a couple of hundred dollars. But it's all virtual money being added to your CashFam dashboard. You'll never be able to cash it out - when you request to withdraw your earnings, CashFam will simply invalidate your request and shut down your account. That's all it is. CashFam is a fake GPT (get-paid-to) site, you won't get any benefit from it.

CashFam Scam Review

You'll Be Spammed

What's worse is that you'll be required to sign up with each app, which means you'll start receiving promotional emails, and the more apps you sign up with, the greater number of emails your inbox will be filled with. Not so much with app-installing, but if you start answering the surveys, it will be more problematic. Because these surveys are not genuine surveys, run by illegitimate advertising agencies and they require you to submit full personal data, including your full name, street address, phone number, date of birth and so on before you complete. So you know the consequences - your data will be sold from one agency to another, and you'll start receiving unsolicited emails and text messages from senders that you've never heard of. 

Fake Testimonial and The Serial Scammer

You'll see a big testimonial by "Matthew Young" on the homepage, but the great big photo next to the testimonial is of a stock image model. The same image is used by many other websites. Also this model looks familiar to me - the same image was previously used for a similar scam site, (now shut down). It means the owner of CashFam is very likely to be the same person who used to own GoEarn.

CashFam Fake Testimonial

Fake "Company" Information

The CashFam's homepage may be made to look as legitimate, and it shows the street address, "Chamber of Commerce" registration number as well as VAT number. But you can easily find out on Google Maps that no such company is at the address "Burgerweeshuispad 101, 1076 ER, Amsterdam, The Netherlands". I also checked the validity of the VAT number - the number was actually for a different, unrelated company.

CashFam Fake Address

Furthermore, the "terms and conditions" page ( says the customer service is located at "CashFam BV, PTY, Melbourne, Australia". It never mentions the relationship between the Dutch office location and the Australian location anywhere on the site, so this proves that the company is totally fictitious. The content of the terms page is based on U.S. law, so it's clear that the owner of CashFam simply copied it from some template for American users. 

Fake "Survey" Tasks

This is a typical way for advertising agents to pick up your personal data in the name of "surveys", going on for decades. They ask you to help them by sharing your opinion first, but once you click to proceed, they'll distract you by displaying one "free prize" after another, such as a gift card, prepaid Visa/Master card, and a brand new smartphone. The survey questions are all ridiculously broad, such as "How many times do you shop online?"

CashFam Fake Prize Competition

To proceed, the participants are required to fill out the form with all their personal information, and they're likely to give out their real street address, hoping to receive the gift. The truth is, there are never such expensive gifts to give away in the first place. Those ad agents share (sell) their database one another, so once you answer one of these fake surveys, you'll start receiving promotional spam emails. The scarier thing is, you'll never know who your personal data is sold to - potentially, hackers can obtain your full name, street address and date of birth and try to access your bank detail. Who knows? You'll never receive any prize gift, you'll never receive a single cent, you should definitely avoid any "surveys" that offer pricey gifts in return.

So Is CashFam Scam?

The term "scam" usually refers to a product or scheme that deceptively takes money out of you. At least you won't be out of pocket by using CashFam - you'll be wasting a lot of time and energy for nothing. You wouldn't be able to claim any money that you "earned" because really, you haven't done any work that deserves money, you see what I mean? Every day, millions of app users install and uninstall apps for free. None of the apps available to install via CashFam requires any skills. Anyone can install them, a child can. It means that even if you were to take legal action against CashFam, the court could not order the owner to pay you any money because you didn't do any job that's worth the wages.

Whether you want to call it a scam or not, it'll do nothing but harm, especially you might wreck your social reputation if you believe it and promote it to your social followers. 

Are There Any Legitimate Reward Programs?

Yes, there are plenty of legitimate "Get-Paid-To" sites out there. Popular ones including Swagbucks and Clixsense, and many other new ones. They all offer surveys-for-cash, play-games-for-cash, etc. But if you're looking to make decent money online, reward programs / GPT sites are not the ones you should look for. There are mainly 3 reasons for it.

  • Because they will consume a lot of your time for a small amount of money.
  • The level of income will always be proportionate to the time you spend and there's no wiser way to scale it up because you're barely learning anything new.
  • Because surveys are run by research companies. They're made to collect as many genuine answers from a variety of groups of people, they're not designed to pay out more than a tip in return. Otherwise people would start to look for a "survey that pays", which would defeat the purpose of collecting genuine opinions.

Better Way To Make Money Online

I have seen many sites that claim to let you earn money "just by using your smartphone" over the past years but found none of them credible. If you are serious about earning a steady monthly income online, you will have to have the right environment - a desktop/laptop at least. You can either sell your skills or sell other people's products/services as an affiliate, but the first thing you need to do is to find time to sit down and learn the basic technics. Nothing will happen overnight, but you will succeed in time if you're willing to improve your skills daily. If you are looking to run your own business in the near future and gain total control and freedom of your own, join me via the link below and see this is something you can do. Good luck!

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June 2021: $5,371.70

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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