Can I Become a Successful Entrepreneur Online?

Updated: February 7, 2024
by TJ Salvatore

"Can I become a successful entrepreneur online?" In today’s rapidly evolving society, more people than ever are paying more attention to online business opportunities. And more services are being offered through the internet with every passing day.

A lot of people stuck with full-time corporate jobs seeking a semblance of freedom, often consider switching careers to an online-based job for reasons such as;

  • To have more quality time for themselves and their
  • To make more money.
  • To help increase their long-term happiness and productivity.
Can I Become a Successful Entrepreneur Online?

When switching to online careers, however, a lot of people make some very grave mistakes. One of those mistakes is simply pursuing a path that offers the most money without considering other critical factors that dictate the success or failure of an online venture.

Due to the nature of the internet and its virtually unlimited reach, there is a high-income potential in a lot of online business niches, if only new entrants are willing to do it right.

So you know what that means? While revenue realizable should still be the main focus, rookies into the online business industry need to put some other factors into consideration before finally kickstarting their careers online. These factors include as follows.


The most important factor that anybody needs to consider when thinking of making a living online is an online business niche. What the person is interested in - his/her passion, his/her goals, his/her motivations.

A lot of people have the erroneous mindset that money is everything in the world of online business. But the truth is, if you are not passionate about a specific business idea, it is very unlikely that you will make any reasonable income from it.

For that reason, it's worth taking a little time to step back and examine yourself. Find out what you love and know what drives you to push yourself to your limits and past them. Rediscover yourself and know that activity that you would gladly do for free and gain satisfaction from. That activity is what you are most passionate about, and it is your surest path to making a reasonable online income.

Question Time: Interests - Yes or No?

  1. Are you interested in starting an e-commerce store?
  2. Do you see yourself running a digital marketing agency?
  3. Is creating an online course appealing to you?
  4. Would you consider starting a blog related to your passion?
  5. Are you interested in developing and selling software or apps?
  6. Do you want to create and sell digital art or NFTs?
  7. Is launching a podcast in your field of interest appealing to you?
  8. Are you considering starting a freelance business offering your professional services online?
  9. Do you have an interest in affiliate marketing?
  10. Is starting a YouTube channel in a niche you're passionate about appealing to you?


Advice for "Yes"

  1. E-commerce Store: Research your target market thoroughly and choose a niche you're passionate about to stand out.
  2. Digital Marketing Agency: Gain experience with various digital marketing tools and strategies. Build a strong portfolio to attract clients.
  3. Online Course Creation: Identify a topic you're knowledgeable about and there's demand for. Focus on quality content and learner engagement.
  4. Blogging: Consistently produce high-quality, valuable content for your readers. SEO knowledge is crucial for increasing visibility.
  5. Software/App Development: Validate your app idea with potential users first. Consider lean development methods to efficiently manage resources.
  6. Digital Art/NFTs: Stay updated on digital art trends and blockchain technology. Build a strong online presence to showcase your work.
  7. Podcasting: Choose a niche you're passionate about and can consistently produce content for. Focus on audio quality and promotion.
  8. Freelance Business: Identify your unique selling proposition and build a professional online portfolio. Networking is key to finding clients.
  9. Affiliate Marketing: Choose products you genuinely recommend and fit your audience. Transparency about your affiliate relationships builds trust.
  10. YouTube Channel: Consistency is key. Focus on creating engaging, high-quality content and understand YouTube's algorithm for growth.

Advice for "No"

  1. E-commerce Store: Explore other online business models that align with your skills and interests, such as content creation or consulting.
  2. Digital Marketing Agency: Consider other areas in online business where you can leverage your skills, like freelance consulting or content creation.
  3. Online Course Creation: If teaching isn't for you, think about other ways to share knowledge, like writing e-books or starting a blog.
  4. Blogging: Look into other platforms for sharing your passion, such as podcasting, YouTube, or social media content creation.
  5. Software/App Development: If development isn't your strength, consider partnering with developers or focusing on app concept and marketing.
  6. Digital Art/NFTs: Explore other creative outlets that might be more aligned with your interests, like graphic design or photography.
  7. Podcasting: If audio content isn't your preference, consider other content forms like blogging, vlogging, or social media.
  8. Freelance Business: If freelancing isn't appealing, you might find fulfilling work in collaborating with an established online business or startup.
  9. Affiliate Marketing: If affiliate marketing doesn't interest you, consider product creation or offering services in a niche you're passionate about.
  10. YouTube Channel: If video creation isn't for you, explore other content mediums like writing, podcasting, or visual art.

Education and Training

Most online career paths require a degree of training and education for anybody to be successful at them. Different online business niches require different degrees of education and training, and the niches that require the most complex skills often offer the biggest monetary returns.

For that reason, before delving into the question "can I become a successful entrepreneur online?", try finding out what you can do and what you can’t for the time being. Most experts recommend building on your existing skills before joining an online business rather than starting afresh with a new career path. Because the experience that you have garnered with your previous skills can set you on a path to extraordinary success in the online business world.

Organizational Abilities


The major advantage of working in a corporate environment at a 9 to 5 job is the fact that most corporate environments are organized with set schedules and atmospheres designed to promote productivity.

As an independent successful online entrepreneur, you need to inculcate a high degree of organizational skill in your life, or else you won’t get anywhere in the pursuit of your online business goals. You need to be extremely great at organizing your schedule to help you optimize limited time and meet up with deadlines, and you need to e able to organize your private work environment to help promote productivity.

Questions Time: Organizational Skills - Yes or No?

  1. Do you enjoy creating and managing digital task lists?
  2. Are you skilled at setting and meeting deadlines when working online?
  3. Do you find it easy to prioritize tasks when working from home?
  4. Can you efficiently manage multiple online projects simultaneously?
  5. Is maintaining a clean and organized digital workspace important to you?
  6. Do you have experience using project management software effectively?
  7. Are you good at delegating tasks in a virtual environment?
  8. Do you regularly set goals and review your progress online?
  9. Can you effectively communicate with team members in a remote setting?
  10. Are you comfortable adapting to new online tools and technologies quickly?


Advice for "Yes"

  1. Digital Task Lists: Leverage your skill to explore advanced project management tools that can further enhance your productivity.
  2. Meeting Deadlines: Continue refining your time management techniques and share your strategies with others to build a strong online team culture.
  3. Prioritizing Tasks: Apply your ability to prioritize to mentor others who might struggle with this aspect of remote work.
  4. Managing Multiple Projects: Consider tools that offer cross-project visibility to further streamline your workflow and efficiency.
  5. Organized Digital Workspace: Keep exploring ways to declutter and optimize your digital environment for even greater productivity.
  6. Project Management Software: Stay abreast of the latest features and updates in project management software to maintain a competitive edge.
  7. Delegating Tasks Virtually: Develop your leadership skills further by learning about team dynamics and motivation in a remote setting.
  8. Setting Goals and Reviewing Progress: Implement more advanced tracking and analytics to measure your achievements and areas for improvement.
  9. Communication in Remote Settings: Enhance your communication skills by exploring new collaborative tools and techniques to keep your team connected.
  10. Adapting to New Tools/Technologies: Keep yourself updated with emerging technologies and consider becoming a technology ambassador within your team or organization.

Advice for "No"

  1. Digital Task Lists: Start with simple apps to ease into the habit of digital organization. Gradually explore more comprehensive tools as you get comfortable.
  2. Meeting Deadlines: Work on breaking tasks into smaller, manageable parts and use timers to keep track of your work sessions.
  3. Prioritizing Tasks: Begin each day by identifying your top three priorities to help maintain focus on what matters most.
  4. Managing Multiple Projects: Try focusing on one project at a time or use color-coding in calendars to keep projects distinct but manageable.
  5. Organized Digital Workspace: Dedicate time each week to declutter your digital files and emails to maintain a clear work environment.
  6. Project Management Software: Start with basic features of project management tools and gradually explore more complex functionalities as you gain confidence.
  7. Delegating Tasks Virtually: Practice clear communication and trust-building exercises with your team to become more comfortable with delegation.
  8. Setting Goals and Reviewing Progress: Use simple goal-setting apps or templates to track your progress and get into the habit of regular reviews.
  9. Communication in Remote Settings: Participate in online communication skills workshops and practice regular check-ins with colleagues to improve virtual collaboration.
  10. Adapting to New Tools/Technologies: Allocate a small amount of time each week to learn one new feature or tool to gradually build your tech proficiency.


Whether new entrepreneurs admit it or not, the experience is a critical factor that dictates the progress and success of any individual in any business niche.

For that reason, experts often suggest that you build upon the knowledge you have already acquired and practiced with elsewhere, rather than going to completely alien fields because of monetary gains. The experience can be either from offline or anything that you've studied online.

Experience reflects in the quality of work that an online business practitioner produces, as the years of practicing in that field has enabled you to learn the ropes of the niche and understand the intricacies that surround creating a flawless project.

Experience also comes in handy in helping you as a newbie online business practitioner to stand out when competing against other freelancers for clients.

Means Of Getting Clients

Getting clients can be quite tasking due to the intense competition in the online business world. It is therefore advisable that you secure some premium clients before quitting your job to focus on building your online business outfit. With this way, you'll be able to map out a further practical strategy while receiving reasonable income from your clients.

By building a solid reputation, it will make it easier for an entrepreneur to attract more new clients steadily before taking any drastic actions concerning his present job.

Online Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

A lot of amazing career opportunities exist in today’s competitive business world, however, most of these niches are saturated. The intense competition in most of the niches is the reason why you need to stand out by delivering products and services of exceptional quality. This will make clients drop great reviews thereby increasing your customer base.

It will also motivate your clients to come back to patronize you when they need your products or services again. Amazing business opportunities for the newbie who wishes to enter the online business world include:


The idea behind blogging is actually simple. You create a website and share informative content that's relevant to your niche. You can sell your products or services while you can optionaly promote other companies' products as an affiliate in order to receive a percentage of the revenue as a commission. 

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This business opportunity is quite like blogging, except that you would be creating audiovisual content and using the world’s most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube for your operations.

When you gain a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time, you become eligible for monetization programs that allow ads to be placed before your videos, thereby bringing in revenue for you when these ads are clicked. You can also earn on YouTube through affiliate marketing, selling information products and other means.

Can I Become a Successful Entrepreneur Online?

While blogging and vlogging are the most popular online businesses, you can work as a freelancer on freelance platforms like Craigslist, Fiverr and Upwork who offer services that appeal to you. Services you can render on these platforms include Writing and Editing, Graphic Design, Website Design and Development, Translation services, and a host of others.

Whatever the entrepreneurship you choose to have online, never forget that the most important thing is to follow your passion and deliver high-quality services. As you begin on your online career path, stay consistent, patient and dedicated, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of success you’ll achieve.

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