I Have A Disability And Need A Job – What Can I Do?

Updated: September 20, 2022
by Agent Raydar

If you're like most people, you want to find a good job and support yourself. The lack of work opportunities that match your abilities and interests can be a frustrating experience for some people with disabilities. In this article, I'll explore some of the options open to people with disabilities when looking for a job. I will also provide tips on networking and finding employment resources.

I Have A Disability And Need A Job - What Can I Do?

Find A Job Online As A Disability Person

If you're like most people, you've probably been searching for a job online. But if you have a disability, it can be difficult to find work that accommodates your needs. Fortunately, there are various ways to find a job online regardless of your disability. Here are four tips for finding a job online as a disabled person.

Recruitment Agencies

There are a number of online recruitment agencies that offer services specifically for disabled people. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Assistance in finding work or volunteering opportunities 
  • Help with CV writing and application processes 
  • Information and advice on accessing employment and training programmes 
  • Assisted search engines to find suitable job vacancies
  • Access to specialist disability support groups

Most of these agencies will cater for anyone with a disability, including those who have difficulty speaking or reading. They can also provide advice on how to access specific types of work or training programmes, depending on your needs.

You can use websites like Indeed.com or Monster.com to search for jobs in specific industries or locations. You can also use these websites to search for jobs that match your skills and interests.

Apply for a Disability Job Scheme

The government disability job schemes offer a great opportunity for people with disabilities to find new and exciting careers. These schemes provide financial assistance to those who are looking to start their own businesses or take on new roles in the public sector. The eligibility criteria for these schemes vary, but most require applicants to have a physical or mental impairment that prevents them from working in the conventional economy.

To apply for a disability job scheme, you first need to gather your official documentation. This includes your medical records, letters from your doctor or therapist stating that you have a physical or mental impairment, and any other supporting evidence. The application process can begin as soon as you have this information.

There are two main ways to apply for a disability job scheme: online or in person. Online applications are easy to complete and can be submitted from anywhere in the world. In person, applications are available in some areas but are more likely to be accepted if they are submitted through an online application process.

Once you have applied for a disability job scheme, you will need to wait for an acknowledgement letter from the government agency responsible for administering the scheme. 

Career Fairs For Disabled People

Attend career fairs and job fairs for people with disabilities. Attending career fairs can help you network with potential employers and learn more about the hiring process. Some of the employers proactively look to invite people for their job interviews at the event. You may be surprised how open businesses are to hiring people with disabilities.

Identify What You Can and Cannot Do

If you are looking for a job, and have a disability, be sure to identify what you can and cannot do. Below are five things to keep in mind when interviewing for a job:

Explain To Your Employer(s) In Detail

Identify What You Can and Cannot Do

Make sure that your potential employers know about your disability status. Be prepared to explain any limitations you have and be prepared to answer questions about them. Let them know if there is anything you need assistance with during the interview process, such as remembering questions or how to use the equipment. 

You may need help with some tasks. If you can’t lift heavy objects or stand for long periods of time, ask if the position requires those types of abilities. Tell them all about it.

Clarify The Accessibility 

Ask about accessible workspaces. Employers should make sure that any office space is accessible and compliant with federal laws, such as the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Ask if the employer has an accessible plan in places, such as a wheelchair ramp or an elevator.

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t feel like you need to hide your disability. Many people with disabilities are proud of their accomplishments and want to share them with potential employers. If you disclose your disability early in the interview process, it can make it easier for both you and the employer.

How Mentally Strong Are You?

The world today has a much better sense of diversity and integrity, compared to 10, 20 years ago. But discrimination is still there. There are always people who quietly look down on others, ignore them, and worse still, bully them for being different. If a vicious person gets in your way, you may not be able to change their stinking attitude. But you can train yourself to stay mentally strong, so nothing will bring you down.

Here are some general tips that can help anyone with a mental health condition find and keep a job.

  • Be honest about your condition with your manager. If you are applying for a job online, be sure to include information about your mental health condition in your application summary. This will help the hiring manager understand your strengths and weaknesses, and may help them to see you in a more positive light.
  • Don't shy away from interviews. Even if you don't feel 100% confident in your abilities, go ahead and try an interview. Many employers are now aware of the need to diversify their workforce and are open to considering candidates with mental health conditions. In fact, many companies now offer special support programs for employees who need assistance in dealing with their conditions.
  • Networking is key. Make connections with other people who have similar experiences as yours, and ask for advice. You may be surprised at just how much support you can find if you ask for it! And don't forget to stay positive - even if the job market isn't currently booming.

Work From Home With A Disability

Work From Home With A Disability

Disability can be a barrier to finding a job. However, there are many ways to work from home with a disability. Here are some tips:

  1. Get organised. Make a list of what you need in order to work from home: computer, internet access, email account, printer, scanner, and software.
  2. Research different work-from-home options. There are many programs that allow you to work from home, including web-based applications and virtual offices.
  3. Meet with a disability advocate. A disability advocate can help you find the right program and make sure you're getting the most out of your work-from-home opportunity.
  4. Get creative. If you don't have experience working from home, don't be afraid to try new things—there are plenty of online resources that can teach you how to do everything from creating a blog to selling products online.
  5. Ask family and friends for support. Let them know that you're looking for help with your work-from-home endeavour and ask if they might be willing to lend a hand once in a while.

Run a Business From Home

Running your own business can be an immensely rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to work independently and control your own destiny. Additionally, people with disabilities can enjoy many of the same benefits as those without disabilities.

Create A Disability Inclusion Blog and Monetise It

This is just an idea, but why don’t you start creating a disability inclusion-related blog site and aim to monetise it?

For example, you can blog about the practice of making sure everyone, regardless of their disability, has access to the same opportunities and resources. This includes everything from ensuring accessible housing to creating inclusive workplace policies.

Your blog can be valuable for businesses and organisations. It can help businesses identify and address any issues related to disability in their workplace. By understanding the diverse needs of people with disabilities, businesses can create a more inclusive environment that meets the needs of all employees.

Disability Inclusion

By spreading the awareness, you can help them;

  • Learn about and understand disability issues and create policies and practices that are sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Make their workplaces more accessible for people with disabilities. 
  • Avoid common mistakes and improve their overall approach to disability inclusion.
  • Raise awareness of disability issues in the wider community. Let them talk about issues openly and promote understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities further.
  • Encourage communication between business owners and people with disabilities. 

By sharing your stories and insights, everyone can learn from each other and build stronger relationships. By everyone means, all types of organisations and their stakeholders; their suppliers and customers, all employees, volunteer workers and local residents.

What Are Some Topics That Could Be Covered on a Disability Inclusion Blog?

Here are some ideas for topics you could write about on your own Disability Inclusion blog:

  • The history of disability and how it has been treated in society.
  • Different types of disabilities and their effects on individuals.
  • Disability advocacy and how to get involved.
  • Disability resources, including online and offline sources.
  • The importance of being an ally to disabled people and how to be one.
  • How does disability inclusion impact everyday life?
  • What are some of the most common disabilities?
  • What are some examples of discrimination against people with disabilities?
  • What are some ways that we can all become more disability inclusive?

But How Can You Monetise Your Blog?

There are a few ways that you can monetise your blog site.

Affiliate Marketing

You can promote disability-related affiliate products on your site and earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase. I'll talk more about it in a little while.

Print-On-Demand Dropshipping

Sell products with a slogan, such as t-shirts, mugs, stationery items, etc. Drop-shipping is where you work as a middle-person, so you don’t have to stock the actual products at home. When a customer places an order, you pass on the order to a retailer and it will take care of all the shipping for you.


By raising awareness on your blog this way, you may be able to build good relationships with business firms that can sponsor your campaigns.

Become An Affiliate Marketer

Become An Affiliate Marketer

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer, and so can you. Leveraging your blog and selling disability-related affiliate products can be the perfect solution for you. 

Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s products on their behalf and receive a percentage of commission upon sales. There are so many brands, retailers, and individual sellers in various types of niches who offer affiliate programs. 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living without having to work in a traditional office setting. All you need is an internet connection and the determination to succeed.

If you google by a product name and the phrase “affiliate program”, you will find a lot of opportunities. 

For example, if you have worked for an insurance company in the past, you may want to sell insurance as an affiliate. So google-search by the phrase “the best insurance affiliate program”. You will find a lot of them. 

Remember this; 

As an affiliate, you are not required to do any job that insurance brokers normally do. Because an affiliate marketer’s job is to recommend products, not to work on behalf of a seller or a company. 

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Make sure that the affiliate program you decide to join offers good commission rates and a wide range of products and services that fit your niche.

Once you have found an affiliate marketing program that suits your needs, it’s time to start promoting your products. You can create your own website or use an existing one that’s been designed specifically for affiliate marketing. 

When you have created your website, it’s time to start building your email list - it’s not as difficult as you imagine. Get a copy of your email marketing guide for beginners for free.

Earn with Neil Patel

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your products. You send out automated emails or create content-rich emails that will draw in potential customers. And once you have built up a list, it’s time to start selling your products.

What Kind Of Disability-Related Products Are There?

There are a variety of disability-related products available on the market, catering to a range of needs and interests.

  • Products that focus on making everyday tasks easier for people with disabilities. Devices that help people with vision impairments read books or newspapers, or devices that magnify small print.
  • Special home appliances that help people with disabilities live more independently.
  • Inspirational books.
  • Print-on-demand (POD) products; slogans or memes on t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, etc.

Search Amazon and see what’s available out there, because Amazon Associates (an affiliate program by Amazon) is open to any new affiliate marketer.

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“I Have A Disability And Need A Job - What Can I Do?” Conclusion

Don’t be afraid to change course or experiment. As with any new venture, there will be times when things don’t go according to plan. This is why it’s important to be flexible and open to trying new things. 

With the right planning and support, you can use your disability to your advantage and start up a successful business. 

I hope this article will outline the steps you need to take to get started and provide tips on how to market and sell your products. If you have any questions or something to say, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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